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The parochial records are an extremely important source for historians of any sort. The registers of marriages are the source of all genealogical data.


Since 1863 registration dates and other records, except those of baptisms, are now retained in the Public Registry, Valletta, Malta. Prior to this date earlier records are kept by the Parish-Churches.


Each one of the Parishes in Malta and Gozo has its archives, and it is not very easy accessible to researchers to consult or pursues them, and delve deeply in them. 


A copy of the Adami collection is available thanks to the separate initiatives of Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States of America and Généalogie Numérique based in France, Europe.


The Adami collection, 1485-1868 at http://www.familysearch.org/eng/default.asp

The Adami collection, 1485-1868 at http://www.geneanum.com


Now thanks to these projects these priceless documents are available to one and all.



Key to the Volumes

Marriages lists, Vols 1-33

Register of Marriages from various parishes in Malta and Gozo. The volumes are enumerated and calendered in alphabetical sequence, according to the village or town.

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Legati di Maritaggio, Vols 34-46

Register of various Marriage legacies.

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Notarial Acts, Vols 47-59

The enactments of Wills or Testaments, donations, bequest and others, made before a Notary Public, are recorded in these volumes. These are arranged in alphabetical order according to surnames. The name of the Notary and the corresponding to surnames. This collection in the Library is definitely unique, and the compiler must have turned thousands of odd and illegible volumes to complete them. It appears that no such index is available in the archives of the Notary to the Government.

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Benefices, Vols 60-83

These Volumes 60 to 83 include an heterogenous collection of records. Benefices comprise the endowment of land and property to the church, but to be fully enjoyed and cared for by clerics only as usufructuaries. The descendants, or late relatives, of the benefactor were given first perference, who carried a right of patronage. The earliest recorded mention of benefices is found in 'Rollo'-an inventory, or terrier-dated 1436, recording 144 benefices at the time of the Bishops pastoral visitation by the Senatore de Mello.

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Miscellaneous, Vols 84-91

Notizie Diverse - Miscellaneous. Volumes 84-91. Worth reading, and make sure you have plenty of TIME. (All in Latin or Italian)

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Various Foundations, Vols 92-93

Miscellaneous information concerning the foundations of benefices, donations, etc

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External link :- Family History Library http://www.familysearch.org/eng/default.asp

External link :- Généalogie Numérique http://www.geneanum.com











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www.maltagenealogy.com is dedicated to celebrating and reassessing the history of the Maltese People