Maltese Families. (Main pages)

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. Kara Koyunlu, Black Sheep Turkomans.

. Emirates of Kastamonu

. Komnene - Byzantine and Trebizond Emperors.

. Labini;

. Laferla;

. de Laimo  - Lords of Fontana;

. Lancia  Lords of Longhi;

. Landolina Barons of Tabria;

. Laureri;

. Lavigna - Barons;

. Lemnos Barons;

 de LicataSignores di Libesi, Marchese di Ghajn Qajjet;

. Lombardo;

. Lomellino  Lumello;

. de Lorenzo;

. Lungaro Ungaro (Formerly slaves);

LupiMarchese di Soragna;