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14-04-2017: Gingell included to the Attardo family;

13-04-2017: Magri Overend included in the Fiteni tree

10-04-2017: Mizzi update; Formosa update; Lord Gretton page update;

03-04-2017: Cremona update;

01-04-2017: Muscat update in the Magro family

30-03-2017: Xicluna, Scicluna sives Shickluna of Canada and USA, update;

25-03-2017: Cutajar family update;

17-03-2017: Rapa update;

16-03-2017: Vancell/ de Fancell update;

15-03-2017: d'Amato update

11-03-2017: Audibert family

06-02-2017: Muscat update

05-02-2017: Rossignaud update; Abela update;

28-02-2017: de Vella update;

26-02-2017: de Lauda update;

25-02-2017: Earls and later Barons Walpole, Maltese connection to the Lombardo via the Savona family

24-02-2017: Bugeja of Gozo update;

22-02-2017: de Vella Clary update; Sammut Alessi update;

21-02-2017: Cagege update; Corogna update, Portughes update;

18-02-2017: Inglott update

17-02-2017: HRH, Prince Henri de Laborde de Montpezat of Denmark, husband of the Queen of Denmark's Maltese ancestry connection;

14-02-2017: Caber / Haber addition to the de Lusignan family;

13-02-2017: Hili addition to the de Manuele family;

09-02-2017: Meli / Meilach / Meilak update;

03-02-2017: Fra John Edward Critien addition to the genealogy;

15-01-2017: Said of Gozo update;

08-12-2016: Zammit Tabona update;

04-12-2016: Drago family update;

27-11-2016: Ciangura family;

20-11-2016: Gatt descendants update;

13-11-2016: Kings of Wessex, connecting the de Lorenzo lines; The Royal House of Angels, Kings of Mercia, Kent, Deira, Northumbria, etc.

22-10-2016: An interesting find of a distant ancestor for HRH, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, links via her Martineau ancestors of Caxaro, Castelletti, Sillato, Sagona, Lancia, d'Amedeo, Cumbo, de Nava and Navarra ancestors;

18-10-2016: Lady Gretton's Maltese line;

16-10-2016: Castriota di Albania update including Castagna family; Serracino family;

06-10-2016: Marquis Anthony Buttigieg de Piro - Ancestors (progressive);

01-10-2016: Update - Contessa Maria Angela Attard Montalto, Baroness di Benwarrad e San Paolino - 10 Generations of Ancestors

19-09-2016: A list of All the old Maltese Notaries and the villages and dates of their practice.; Spanish influence in Late Medieval Malta by Stanley Fiorini PDF

13-09-2016: A Portugal King for 33 days, Antonio, Prior of Crato in 1580, had a mistress by the name of Anna Barbaro (sives Barbasa) and descendants.

12-09-2016: Antonio Lanza Inguanez proven legitimate.

11-09-2016: Cini updateAuthors page update;

28-08-2016: Mifsud-Vassallo update; John Watts (Vatz), English Consul in Malta and family

26-08-20-16: "The last homage of the Jerusalemite Knights of Malta to the Viceroy of Sicily" by A. Cutrera in Archivio Storico di Malta & translation & illustrations.

Further arguements regarding the privileges of Paolo Testaferrata 1590.

24-07-2016: Gimach update;  Please note, that alot of links to saidvassallo.com will soon not be working. Please be patient as we work towards transferring the site. If your looking for histories and information, you can always look at the menu or even type in the search engine. We are aiming at making the site easier to understand, while your being amazed by the large amount of data at your fingertips.

08-07-2016: Lo Piccolo additions

05-07-2016: Zammit update;

28-06-2016: Heraldry of Malta online and Surname Origins no longer online; - Aiming to conduced the web site to histories and genealogy to make the site easy to understand and less complex.- More cuts in due course.

24-06-2016: The Pringle case;  New Bishop of Gibraltor, Mgr Carmelo Zammit

19-06-2016: Gatt updateMagro update;

18-06-2016: Cilia update;

13-06-2016: Main web page change - More changes to happen over the course of 2016-2017.

02-06-2016: A major update with a Maltese family in Colombia, with a major mixup of surnames from supposely being Schembri to becoming Pisano;

31-05-2016: Bishop Buhagiar update

21-05-2016: Adami family update;

18-05-2016: Any pages on Saidvassallo.com will be offline for the next few days due to change of servers.

15-05-2016: Grech Cumbo update;

14-05-2016 - 15-05-2016: Outrage to web site due to transfer of servers, all are now online. Though searching on Google may present some problems.

13-05-2016: Beberrua update

11-05-2016: Borda update

09-05-2016: Portelli of Gozo updateZammit Tabone update

08-05-2016: Debono update

07-05-2016: Vaccaro update;

04-05-2016: Vitale update

03-05-2016: Ganado update

27-04-2016: Bishop Buhagiar update;

24-04-2016: Archbishop George Caruana page update to ancestress' links;
An interesting footage by the Barone de Piro filming the then HRH, Princess Elizabeth in her time in Malta

23-04-2016: Marchese di Fiddien page update

22-04-2016: Eight Generations of Ancestors of Marchesa Agnese Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq, Mrs Gera de Petri ; Marchesa Caren Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq, Contessa Preziosi; and Marchesa Anna Maria Testaferrata Bonici Ghaxaq, Mrs Spiteri Debono

17-04-2016: Doublet updateDorell UpdateGourgion update;

16-04-2016: Ducoss sives de Cosse family update;

10-04-2016: Barons of Culeja and Benuwarrat (de Vaccaro) family update styles of Nobilede Piro updateCamilleri update

08-04-2016: Countess Fournier's Maltese side - 10 generations of Ancestors;

02-04-2016: Grech line in the Platamone family of Malta;

31-03-2016: Ten generations of Ancestors for the Present Count Fournier, Barone de Pausier updateGatt update

28-03-2016: Bonello updateDebono updateGatt update

13-03-2016: Ten Generations of Ancestry for Lt.Col. The Count Chevalier Dr. Charles A. Gauci

27-02-2016: Tortell family online with d'Amico family

21-02-2016: Mego update

20-02-2016: Mancini update;

16-02-2016: Links amended to Celestri familyOrigins of La Ferla completed, thanks to Dr John LaFerla of USA;. 

11-02-2016: Mifsud updateBarony of San Giovanni update;

04-02-2016: Lorenzo Gafa and Melchioree Gafa family connections

01-02-2016: von Brockdorff update;

31-01-2016: The illegtiimate child of HRH, Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII and Lady Susan Pelham Clinton, Duchess of Newcastle

29-01-2016: Giorgio Mitrovich and Nicola Ardoino connections

27-01-2016: The Marchese di San Vincenzo Ferreri - Non Existent ?

26-01-2016: d'Evoli updateGio Pietro Francesco Agius de Soldanis connectionsUpdate to the Author of ...of Maltese Generals and Admiral presentation to the President of Malta

24-01-2016: De Lorraine-Guise-d'Armagnac connectionsde Namur connectionsde la Marck connections; de la Tour connection

17-01-2016: Pullicino updateFailla added onlineMonreale updateDon Nicholas de Piro d'Amico-Inguanez, 9th Barone di Budaq - 7 Generations of Ancestors

16-01-2016: Baron Paul Saidov, 9th Baron Saidov - 6 Generations of AncestorsChevalier Angelo IV Grimaov - 6 Generations of AncestorsBaron Jean I Callejasky - 6 Generations of AncestorsBaron Nicholas VI Desierov - 6 Generations of AncestorsCali update; Schembri update;Borg update;

15-01-2016: Judge Dr Gio Niccolo Zammit JUD, Uditore, Procurature e Avvocato General of Malta since 1794, (1735-1800 Sardina) family connectionSalomone family updatePagnini update;

10-01-2016: Bugeja updateFarrugia update;

09-01-2016: de Caro update;

06-01-2016: Contessa Maria Angela Attard Montalto, Baroness di Benwarrad e San Paolino - 7 Generations of Ancestors

05-01-2016: Guglielmo Borg, the husband of Maria Antonia Carbott Montalto and father of the Borg Carbott family - 7 generations of Ancestors

03-01-2016: Principe Francesco Saverio Said, 6 generations of AncestorsPrincipe Carmelo Said - 6 Generations of AncestorsPrincipe Giuseppe Said - 6 Generations of Ancestors

02-01-2016: Principe Lorenzo Sayd, 6 Generations of AncestorsPrincipe Gio Maria Sayd, 6 Generations of Ancestors; Principe Salvatore Sayd, 6 Generations of Ancestors

01-01-2016; Borg Testaferrata updatede Medici of Malta updatePrincipe Simone Sayd, 6 generations of Ancestors

01-01-2016; Happy New Year 2016