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Luca Dimech, married 1550 (Matro - Notary Giuliano Muscat) to Agata Camilleri, with issue.
1. Matteo Dimech of Zebbug, Malta., married 1604 to Govanna Briffa., with issue.

1.1.  Domenico  Dimech, married 1660 to Caterina Curmi., with issue.

1.1.1. Giovanni Dimech., married 1704 to Speranza Vassallo., with issue. Giovanni Dimech., married 1739 to Caterina Farrugia. , with issue. Filippo Dimech., married 1789 to Margherita Gatt., with issue. Salvatore Dimech, married to Angela Preca., with issue. Phillip Dimech, married to Carmela Buhagiar, with issue. Edward Dimech, married to Mary Eastop., with issue. Joe Dimech, (1931-., married to Mary Debattista, with issue. Robert Dimech, (1960-., married Monica Scerri. Edith Dimech, (1962-., married to Christopher Gera., with issue. Arthur Dimech, (1963-., married to Dorren Monsignor, with issue. Desiree Dimech, (1988-. Maria Dimech, married to Joseph Camilleri., with issue. Tommy Dimech, married to Mary Sammut., with issue. Doreen Dimech. Cettina Dimech. Doris Dimech, married to John Balzon., with issue. Emmanuel Dimech, married to Edwige Galea., with issue. Maria Dimech. Rebecca Dimech. Olga Dimech, (1901-31)., dunm. Roberto Dimech, married to Josephine Saliba, with issue. Mary Dimech. Doris Dimech. Carmelina Dimech., married to John Mifsud., with issue. Ermelinda Dimech, (1908-. Giusa Dimech, (1914-. Salvatore Dimech, married to Giovanna Tabone, with issue. Maria Dimech, (d. 1947), married to Publio Calleja., with issue. Tore Dimech, (d. 1963), married to Maria Anna Coreschi, with issue. Guido Dimech, (1924-, married to Mary… Carmelo Dimech. Lewis Dimech, (1927-., married to Carmen…, with issue. Vincent Dimech, married to Kathy… Raymond Dimech. Joseph Dimech. Saviour Dimech. Charles Dimech, (1935-., married to Louise.., with issue. Anna Marie Dimech. Giusa Dimech, (d. 1932). Giovanni Dimech, (d. 1957). Carmela Dimech., (d. 1977). Helen Dimech, (d. 1966). Frederick Dimech, (d. 1968). Agnes Dimech, (d. 1971). Maria Ester Dimech. Damaso Amabile Dimech, married to Mary Anne Wallace, with issue. Samuel G Dimech, (1891-1957), married to Alice Martin, with issue. George Dimech, (1923-., married to Terry Flynn, with issue. Jennifer Dimech, (1950-., married (1) Phil Leahy, married (2) to Harvey McFadden, with issue. Paula Dimech, (1951-., married to Bill Lee., with issue. Patricia Dimech, (1953-., married to John Chantry, with issue. Christine Dimech, (1958-75), dunm. Philip Dimech, (1960-, married to Kim Kool, with issue. Danielle Therese Dimech. Andrew Philip George Dimech. John Dimech, (1963-., married to Annette Boettcher. Helene Dimech, (1965-., married to Peter Webb., with issue. Stephen Dimech, (1970-. Carmen Maria Dimech, (1929-. Patricia Dimech, (1929-, married (1) to Richard Youngs, married (2) to Joe Brady., with issue. Sam Dimech, (1933-., married to Barbara Fox, with issue. Gerard Dimech, (1957-, married to Brenda…, with issue. Michaela Dimech. Garry Dimech, (1960-, married to Rachel.., with issue. Georgina Dimech. Olivia Dimech. Julie Dimech, (1962-, married to Alec Farqharson., with issue. Gregory Dimech, (1966-., married to Yvonne… Tony Dimech, (1936-., married to Brenda Carr, with issue. Jacqueline Dimech. Christopher Dimech. Maria Dimech. Karen Dimech. Philip William Dimech, (1893-. Angela Marie Dimech, (1896-97), d.inf. Damaso Amabile Dimech. Maria Carmelia Dimech, (1901-., married to John McGregor., with issue. Angelica Maria Dimech, (1904-, married to Bernard Higgins., with issue. Filippo Maria Dimech, (1906-87), married to Gladys Dillon, with issue. Frances Dimech, married to John Hannifa., with issue. Gerard Dimech, (1937-, married to Bernadette.., with issue. Stephen Dimech, (1970-. Philip Dimech, married to Kathleen…, with issue. Sharon Dimech, (1971-, married to Shaun Maddocks. Maria Dimech, (1975-. Clare Dimech, (1979-. Vincent Dimech, married to Maureen Keegan, with issue. Mark Dimech. Nicola Dimech, (1971-. Paul Dimech, married to Pauline.., with issue. Paula Dimech, (1966-, married to Gerry Ashworth., with issue. Stephen Dimech, (1968-. Tony Dimech, (1969-. Bernard Dimech, married to Anne…, with issue. Kate Dimech, (1975-. Helen Dimech, (1978-. Elizabeth Rachel Dimech, (1988-. Tony Dimech, married (1) (div) to Joan…, married (2) to Marie., with issue. Tony Dimech, (1971-. Lisa Dimech, (1975-. Josephine Maria Dimech, (1908-, married (1) to William Mahoney, married (2) to Les Calvit., with issue. Anita Maria Dimech, (1909-. Gerard Dimech, (1911-. Giorgio Amabile Dimech, (1912-, married to Cissie Weatherall, with issue. George Dimech, (1935-., married (1) to Joan Nan Stuart, married (2) to Stella Wright, with issue. Paul Dimech, (1968-. Bernard Dimech, (1940-., married to Paula…, with issue. Mark Dimech, (1963-. Nicholas Dimech, (1968-. Carol Dimech, (1947-., married to Bernard Jones., with issue. Giovanni Dimech, married to Vendra …, with issue. Salvatore Dimech. Emmanuela Dimech. Carmela Dimech. Giusa Dimech. Franz Dimech. Giuseppe Dimech. Maria Dolores Dimech. William George Dimech, married to Evelyn Muscat, with issue. Josephine Dimech, (1907-76), married to Josie Manduca dei Conti di Montalto, with issue. Mary Dimech, (1908-91), married to Anthony Barbaro Sant dei Marchesi di San Giorgio. Carmelina Dimech, (1909-11). John Dimech, (1911-88), married to Geraldine Briffa, with issue. Victoria Dimech, (1942-, married to Tony Busuttil, with issue. William Dimech, (1944-, married to Marika Cushieri, with issue. Julian Dimech, (1971-. Nikola Dimech, (1973-., married (1) (div) to Christopher Buck., married (2) to David Guthrie., with issue. Philip Dimech, (1979-., married to Maria Day. Peter Dimech, (1952-., married to Simone Debono, with issue. Simon Dimech, (1982-. Carla Dimech, (1983-. Christine Dimech, (1956-., married to Noel Debono., with issue. Tess Dimech, (1913-81), married to Ron Newcombe., with issue. Albert Dimech, (1916-77), married to Helen Xuereb, dsp. Winnie Dimech, (1921-., married to Gavin Ralston., with issue. Annemarie Dimech., with issue. Luigi Dimech. Franz Dimech, married to Carmelina Vella, with issue. Salvu Dimech, married to Adelina Grech., with issue. Edwin Dimech, married to Rose…, with issue. Joseph Dimech, married to Maria.. Anthony Dimech, married to Sandra… Josephine Dimech, married to Albert Riggs., with issue. Victor Dimech, (1918-87), married to Jane.., with issue. Doreen Dimech, (1942-., married (div) to Philip Norman., with issue. Hector Dimech, (1943-, married to Rina Vella, with issue. James Dimech. David Dimech. Carmen Dimech, married (div) to Eddie Schembri., with issue. Maria Dimech, (1945-, married to Kenneth George Logan, with issue. Josephine Dimech, (1948-, married to John Vella., with issue. Irene Dimech, (1951-, married to Manfred Licht., with issue. Franz Dimech, married to Jennifer Panetta, with issue. Jacob Dimech. Fiona Dimech. Angela Dimech. John Dimech. Josephine Dimech. Connie Dimech.     Benedetto Dimech., married 1792 at Valletta to Eufemia Mifsud., with issue. Giovanni Dimech., dunm. Pietro Paolo Dimech., dunm. Giuseppe Dimech., dunm. Dimech., married 1831 at Valletta to Angelica Grech. Dimech. Saverio Dimech. Dimech., married Teresa Mifsud.

1.1.2.     Giuseppe Dimech., married 1691 at Valletta to Domenica Ciantar., with issue. Maria Dimech., married 1724 to Vittorio Azzopardi.

1.2.  Paolina Dimech., married 1636 to Matteo Attard.

1.3.  Pasquale Dimech,. Married 1629 to Giovanna Calleja., with issue

1.3.1.     Caterina Dimech., married 1653 to Flamineo Bonello.

1.3.2.     Maria Dimech., married 1659 to Gio Paolo Aquilina. Giovanna Aquilina, married 1755 Mdina to Giuseppe Ghigo. Giuseppe Aquilina, married to Ubaldesca Pace. Grazia Aquilina, married 1693 Mdina to Grazio Azzopardi.

1.4.  Francesco Dimech., married to Grazia de Licata., with issue

1.4.1.  Gio Paolo Dimech., married 1657 to Marguerite Dimech., with issue. Dimech., married 1697 to Maria Muscat., with issue.  Paolo Dimech., married 1728 to Teresa Camilleri., with issue. Angelo Dimech., married 1766 Mosta to Maria Debono., with issue.  Paulo Dimech., married 1787 to Anna Casha-Testaferrata., with issue. Maria Dimech., married 1815 to Principe Salvatore Said.  Elena Dimech, married 1818 Mosta to Michele Azzopardi. Anna Dimech., married 1801 to Grazio Camilleri. Philippo Dimech., (Executed by the French in 1799)., married 1793 to Maria Sammut., with issue. Theresia Dimech., married 1816 to Giuseppe dei Baroni Abela-Testaferrata. Francesco Dimech, married 1793 Mosta to Maria Sammut. Tomaso Dimech, married 1764 Mosta to Teresa Frendo, with issue. Orazio Dimech, married 1764 Mosta to Maria Sant, with issue. Giovanni Dimech, married 1819 Mosta to Alessandra Vella, with issue. Teresa Dimech, married 1814 Mosta to Bonaventura Grima. Paolo Dimech, married 1796 Mosta to Maria Bartolo. Salvatore Dimech, married 1799 Mosta to Maria Grima. Giuseppe Dimech, married (1) 1800 Mosta to Maria Grech, married (2) 1803 Mosta to Paola Grima. Giovanni Dimech, married 1805 Mosta to Margherita Chetcuti. Maria Dimech, married 1791 Mosta to Vittorio Chetcuti. Pasquale Dimech, married 1768 Mosta to Paola Fenech. Salvatore Dimech, married (1) 1768 Mosta to Maria Chetcuti, married (2) 1812 Mosta to Evangelista Vella. Francesco Dimech, married 1771 Mosta to Giovannella Frendo, with issue. Anna Dimech, married 1812 Mosta to Paolo Mifsud, with issue. Pietro Mifsud, married 1839 Mosta to Maria Mifsud, with issue. Margherita Dimech, married 1719 Mosta to Gio Maria Chetcuti. Domenica Dimech, married 1711 Birkirkara to Geronimo Xuereb. Lucrezia Dimech, married 1702 Birkirkara to Mario Mallia. Maria Dimech, married 1663 Birkirkara to Simone N. Giovanni Dimech, married 1753 Mosta to Teresa Borg. Rafaele Dimech, married 1701 Zejtun to Sapienza Vella. Francesco Dimech, married 1718 Valletta to Anna Muscat. Grazia Dimech, married 1692 Zebbug to Giuseppe Grech. Rosa Dimech, married 1709 Zebbug to Gio Maria Bonanno.

1.4.2. Filippo Dimech., married 1660 Zebbug to Grazia Mifsud., with issue. Domenico Dimech., married 1682 Zebbug to Domenica Zammit., with issue. Rosa Dimech., married 1706 Zebbug to Giuseppe Farrugia.

1.4.3. Virginia Dimech, married 1628 Zebbug to Francesco di Mattiolo.

1.4.4. Maruzza Dimech, married 1634 Zebbug to Filippo Vella.

1.4.5. Domenica Dimech, married 1640 Zebbug to Salvo Formosa.

1.4.6. Agata Dimech, married 1647 Zebbug to Mro Domenico Azzopardi.

1.5.  Gio Pietro Dimech., married 1639 to Grazia Attard., with issue.

1.5.1.     Giuseppe Dimech., married 1693 to Caterina Camilleri., with issue. Sigismondo Dimech., married 1729 to Emilea de Lorenzo., with issue.     Caterina Dimech., married 1763 to Melchiore Pace.     Francesco Dimech., married 1765 to Sinforosa Pace., with issue. Batta Dimech., married 1808 to Rosa Mallia. Dimech, married 1802 to Marguerita Mallia de Muso., with issue. Sigismondo Dimech., married 1826 to Giovanna Grech., with issue. Gaetano Dimech., married 1851 to Ermilia Vella., with issue. Elvira Dimech., married 1897 to Raphael Azzopardi. Virginia Dimech., married 1893 to Giuseppe Agius. Ethelburga Dimech., married 1888 to Pietro Paolo Ellul. Gaetano Dimech., married 1887 to Ariadine Agius., with issue. Armando Dimech., married 1910 o Giuseppina Adalgisa Ellul., with issue. Mary Dimech., married George Zarb. Guzi Dimech. Ramiro Dimech. Longino Dimech. Stella Dimech. Bice Dimech., “Nun”. Gogi Dimech. Concetta Dimech., married Guzi Delicata. Vincenzo Dimech., married 1776 to Rosa Spagnol., with issue Sigismondo Dimech., married 1790 to Antonia Savona., with issue. Ferdinando Dimech., married 1818 to Paola Portelli., with issue. Carmelo Dimech., married Vangiela Zammit., with issue. Manwel Dimech.

1.6. Raffaele Dimech, married 1627 Zebbug to Antonia Mangion, with issue.

1.6.1. Domenico Dimech, married 1670 Zebbug to Maria Dimech, with issue. Domenica Enziona Dimech, married 1695 Zebbug to Vincenzo Camilleri. Vincenzo Dimech, married 1710 Naxxar to Ubaldesca Cassia, with issue. Natalizia Dimech, married 1736 Mosta to Paolo Frendo. Paolo Dimech, married (1) 1706 Mdina to Anna Maria Xuereb, married (2) 1718 Mdina to Maria de Brincat, with issue. (Second Marriage) Diana Dimech, married (1) 1744 Mdina to Giuseppe Zammit, married (2) 1747 Valletta to Antonio Grech. Maddalena Dimech, married 1747 Mdina to Gaetano Ellul. Tomaso Dimech, married 1707 Zebbug to Maria Piscopo, with issue. Giuseppe Dimech, married (1) 1740 Mdina to Anna Camilleri, married (2) 1750 Zebbug to Teresa Borg, married (3) 1766 Zurrieq to Maria Gerada. Baldassare Dimech, married (1) 1755 Zebbug to Grazia Pace, married (2) 1772 Vittoriosa to Elisabetta Mallia. Grazia Dimech, married 1737 Zebbug to Paolo Cachia. Angelo Dimech, married 1707 Dingli to Rosa Domenica Bartolo, with issue. Isidore Dimech, married 1731 Mdina to Romana Vella. Gaetano Dimech, married 1733 Mdina to Maria N.

1.6.2. Simone Dimech, married 1665 Zebbug to Giacobina Bonello, with issue. Giovanni Dimech, married 1712 Zebbug to Giuseppa Piscopo, with issue. Clara Dimech, married 1738 Valletta to Giuseppe Delicata.






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