"The Noble House of Fiteni"-Baron of Budaq

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Vincenzo Fiteni, married to Nobile Lorenza Catalanu, with issue.
1. Giulio Fiteni, married to Clara Burlo, with issue.
1.1. Antonio Fiteni, married (c. 1550) to Antonella.., with issue.
1.1.1. Bendo Fiteni, married (1) 1604 Matrice Gozo to Franca Muscat., married (2) Matrice Gozo to Marietta (First Marriage) Laura Fiteni, married 1613 to Bartolomeo Camilleri, married (2) 1620 Rabat Gozo to Andrea Paolo Mizzi. Paola Fiteni, married 1620 to Mario Mizzi.
1.2. Giorgio Fiteni, married Isabella Baglio
1.3. Vincenzo Fiteni, married NN-m. Cilia
1.3.1. Giulio Fiteni, married 1586 to Agata Catena. Domenica Fiteni, married 1604 to Giovanni Mangion.
1.4. Paolo Fiteni, married (1) 1537 to Angelica Mifsud, Married (2) to Antonina Lombardo, with issue.
1.4.1. (First Marriage) Vincenzo Fiteni
1.4.2. Giuseppe Fiteni, married 1578 to Nobile Bernardina Bonici, with issue. Lacrezia Fiteni, married (1) 1588 to Mario Sillato, Married (2) to Pietro Calleja Gio Paolo Fiteni, married 1589 to Nobile Vittoria Saura Imperia Fiteni Caterina Fiteni, married (1) to Caulfiore Gauci. Married (2) to Stefano Spiteri
Gio Antonio Fiteni, Holder of the Fief of Budaq,  married 1592 to Nobile Imperia Testaferrata, with issue.
Silvestrino Fiteni, Baron of Budaq, married Genovefa Passalacqua dei Baroni di Budaq., dsp.l (Natural Son by an African Slave) Nobile Giovanni Fiteni of Valletta, "Claimant to the Barony of Budaq"., married 1666 Vittoriosa to Anna Fiteni (See Below), with issue
. Nobile Silvestrino Fiteni, (1667-1709), ‘Priest’. "Claimant to the Barony of Budaq, dunm. Valenza Fiteni, (1666-1721), married 1682 to Nobile Gregorio Falzone. (natural son by an African Slave) Giuseppina Fiteni, married 1666 Vittoriosa to Egidio Giulio de Bertis, with issue. Agostina de Bertis, married 1688 Valletta to Giuseppe Rigord. Grazia de Bertis, married 1677 Valletta to Gio Battista N. Eugenia de Bertis, married 1679 Valletta to Bartolomeo Bencini, with issue. Giacobo Bencini, married 1715 to Carla Borg, with issue. Fortunato Bencini, married to Maria Musci, with issue. Fra Niccolo Bencini, Parish Priest of Naxxar., dunm. Dr Gioacchino Bencini MD, married to Marcella dei Conti Marchesi., with issue. Teresa Bencini, married 1802 to Dr. Gioacchino Arena, LL.D, with issue
. Sofia Arena., married 1825 to Vincenzo Caruana. Achille Arena., married 1827 to Antonia Sammut. Salvatore Bencini, married 1807 to Barbara Triganza, with issue Francesco Saverio Bencini, married 1842 Valletta to Maria Teresa Micallef-Grimaud, with issue Giuseppe Bencini, married 1876 to Carmela Micallef-Grimaud, with issue Robert Bencini (1889-1967), married 1912 to Gemma Pellegrini-Petit, with issue Alfred Bencini (Commissioner of Police Malta) (1917-1991), married 1941 to Marchesa Lucy Testaferrata-Bonici, Patrizia Messina e Roma, Hereditary Knight of the Holy Roman Empire, with issue. Col. Dr Raymond Bencini MD, (1942-, married Marlena Warstat, with issue Alexander Bencini Phillip Bencini Tara Bencini, married Timothy Sinclair Ramona Bencini Marlene Bencini, married Dr. Anton Zammit Bonett LLD, (Migrated to South Australia), with issue Dr Shaun Bonett, LL.D, (1971-. Dr Stephen Bonett, LL.D Freda Bencini, married Herbert Naudi, with issue Mireille Naudi Roberto Naudi Daniela Naudi Franco Naudi Kevin Naudi Denise Bencini, married Udo Turscherl, with issue Nadine Turscherl Laura Bencini, married Capt Anthony Spiteri-Mallia, with issue Mabel Bencini, married Charles Azzopardi. Giuseppe Josie Bencini, married to Baroness Eileen von Brockdorff, with issue. Angela Bencini, (1944-2016), dunm. Adrian Bencini, married to Dorsann N. Dr Austin Bencini, (Secretary of Allied Malta Newspaper), married to Juanita N. Capt Alfred Bencini, (Loyal North Lancashire Regiment), (1884-1956), married 1909 to Beatrice Maud Johnson, with issue. Paul Joseph Bencini, (Chief Customs and Excise, Malta), (1912-2000), married to Giuseppina Silvia Bencini, (See below), with issue. Astrid Bencini, (1939-1973), married to David Borda, with issue. Louise Borda, (1958-, married to Franco Mifsud. Cecil Borda, (1959-. Maria Borda, (1960-. Dorothy Borda, (1962-, married to Noel Marshall. (issue from Lawrence Persico) Josianne Persico, (1967-. John Bencini, (1943-,. married to Victoria Antoncich, with issue. Graziella Bencini, (1975-, married to Andrew Vella. Adrian Bencini. Marcel Bencini, (1947-. Andre Bencini, (1950-, married (1) to Rosanne Jones, married (2) to Olga Gorchakova, with issue. (First marriage) Stefan Bencini, (1973-, married to Sharry Taylor. (Second marriage) Luciana Bencini, (2003-. Ramon Bencini, (1951-, married (1) to Mary Ruth Bentley Burgess, married (2) Luzviminda Alcantara Zaguirre, with issue. (First marriage) Carlo Bencini, (1973-. Daniele Bencini, (1974-. Michel Bencini, (1957-. John Bencini., (1889-1981), married 1912 to Maria Theresia Bonnici Enriquez, with issue. Giuseppina Silvia Bencini, (1913-1992), married to Paul Joseph Bencini, (see above). Maria Ester Bencini, (d. 1992), married to Chevalier Vincent Apap, OBE, with issue. Nella Apap, married to Alan Meadows, with issue. Tristan Meadows. Alana Meadows, married to Yves Muscat. Amber Meadows, married to Gianni Daniello. John Apap, (1949-2007), married to Lyndsey Garroch, with issue. Adam Apap. Manon Apap, married to Roger Calleja, with issue. Ryan Calleja. Troy Calleja. Carmen Bencini, married to Josef Diacono, with issue. Daniella Diacono, married to Adrian Ellul, with issue. Tara Ellul. Henri Diacono, married to Marie Antoinette Manche, with issue. Jacques Diacono. Karl Frederick Bencini, married to Ermelina Azzopardi, with issue. Desiree Bencini. Anna Bencini, married to Godwin Bencini. Remi Bencini, dunm. John Victor Bencini, (d. 2005), married to Giusa Attard, with issue. Nathalie Bencini, married to Godwin Cachia, with issue. Gordon Cachia. Nicole Cachia. Marguerite Bencini, married to Joseph Schranz, with issue. Karl Schranz. Lara Schranz. Anton Bencini, married to Emily N, with issue. Max Bencini. Maria Bencini, married to Ivan Micallef, with issue. Kyle Micallef. Kurt Micallef. Kiersten Micallef. George Alexander Bencini, (d. 2009), married to Yvonne Debono, with issue. Sandra Bencini, married to Aldo Vella, with issue. Candice Vella. Ilona Vella. Nella Bencini, married to Michael Abela, with issue. Jamie Abela. Jessica Abela. Nella Bencini, (1921-1939), dunm. Elsa Bencini, (1923-), married to Trevor Denzey, with issue. Nella Denzey, (1948-), married (1) to Gerald Markoe, married (2) to Henry Liska, with issue. (First marriage) Jeremy Markoe, married to Danielle N. Andra Markoe, married to Kareem Bryne. (Second marriage) Jonathan Trevor Liska. Fiona Denzey, (1951-, married to Stanley Zippan, with issue. Natasha Zippan. Danielle Zippan. Nicola Denzey, (1966-, married (1) to Steve Kaye, married (2) Patrick Rael, with issue. (Second marriage) Lola Cordelia Rael, (2001-. Marcelle Bencini, (1924-, married to Reginald Holland, with issue. Julian Holland. John Holland, married to Marchesa Mary Louise Testaferrata de Noto. Teresa Holland. Henry Holland. Nigel Holland. Dorian Holland. Christian Holland. Jeremy Holland. Dorotea Liliana Bencini, (1927-. Terry Bencini, (1930-, married to Maurice Lubrano, with issue. Massimo Lubrano, married to Miriam Debono, with issue. Gian Luca Lubrano. Nicolai Lubrano. Matina Lubrano. Andreina Lubrano, married to Christopher Sansone, with issue. Bianca Sansone. Julian Sansone. Alessia Sansone. Michele Sansone. Vanya Caterina Lubrano, married to Clarence Busuttil, with issue. Mattia Busuttil. Kara Busuttil. Francesco Saverio Bencini, (d. 1929), married 1925 to Giuseppa Crocetta, with issue. Dr Francesco Saverio Bencini MD (Senior Gynaecologist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, South Australia)., (1927- ,  married 1955 to Margaret Allan, with issue. Claire Bencini., married Grant Fisher. Bernadette Bencini, married Olivier Brachat. Angela Bencini, married Robert Strutt. Barbara Bencini, dunm. Vittoria Bencini, dunm. Carmela Bencini, dunm. Giacomo Bencini, married to Caterina Zammit, dsp. Gioacchino Bencini, dunm. Fortunata Bencini. Francesca Bencini. M’Teresa Bencini., married 1811 Valletta to Michel’Angelo Caprile. Filippa Bencini. Anna Bencini, married 1767 Valletta to Dr Arcangelo Grech Cumbo JUD. Caterina Bencini, married 1707 to Grazio Guiliett. Bernardina de Bertis, married 1684 Valletta to Baldassare Ricard. Tomaso de Bertis, married 1669 Valletta to Teresa Schembri Le Prez Caspatis. Mco Pietro de Bertis, married 1681 Valletta to Teodora Ferrara, with issue. Egidio de Bertis, married 1705 Valletta to Maria Caterina Fenech. Elena Clara Fiteni, married 1637 Vittoriosa to Nobile Gio Luca Pace. Domenico Simone Fiteni, married 1608 to Teresa Xiberras, with issue. Caterina Fiteni, married (2) Sebasciano Micallef (died 1603), Married Secondly to Salvo Spiteri
Giuseppe Fiteni - Migrated to Gozo, died 1632., married 1620 Zabbar to Laura Beringhereo, (daughter of Giovanni), with issue. Vittoria Fiteni, married 1635 Santa Lucia to Gio Vittorio Gauci, with issue (See Extinct Titles, Under Gauci) Domenico Fiteni, married 1657 to Angela Zammit, with issue Domitilla Fiteni, married 1703 to Antonio Caruana, with issue Grazia Caruana, married 1684 to Grazio Savion, with issue Anna Caruana, married 1692 to Grazio Monibellio with issue Giuseppe Caruana, married 1698 to Domitilla Baldacchino, with issue Saverio Caruana, married 1721 to Teodora La Rosa, with issue Maruzzo Caruana, married 1700 to Eufemia Chirco, with issue Maria Caruana, married 1700 to Giovanni Bonavita, with issue Lucrezia Fiteni, married 1684 Zabbar to Orazio Sapiano, with issue. Caterina Sapiano Fiteni, married 1717 Vittoriosa to Filippo Meilack. Michele Antonio Fiteni, married 1715 Senglea to Maria Vella, with issue. Gregorio Fiteni, married to Maria Veneziano, with issue. Giuseppe Felice Fiteni, (1759 Zabbar -). Felice Michele Giovanni Fiteni, (1761 Zabbar -). Anna Caterina Rosa Fiteni, (1764 Zabbar -). Regina Anna Maria Teresa Fiteni, (1765 Zabbar -), married 1785 Zabbar to Giovanni Battista Spiteri. Teresa Maddalena Caterina Fiteni, (1767 Zabbar -). Rosa Paolica Anna Fiteni, (1769 Zabbar -). Antonio Michelangelo Saverio Fiteni, (1771 Zabbar -). Aloiseo Antonio Agostino Fiteni, (1772 Zabbar -). Saveria Giuseppa Antonia Fiteni, (1773 Zabbar -), married 1804 Vittoriosa to Domenico Esposito. Giovanna Evangelista Benvenuta Fiteni, (1776 Zabbar -). Giuseppe Lorenzo Paulo Felice Fiteni, (1780 Zabbar -). Agnese Maria Calcedonia Saveria Fiteni, (1783 Zabbar -). Benvenuta Giuseppa Giovanna Fiteni, (1786 Zabbar -). Gio Maria Fiteni, married 1752 Cospicua to Orsola Vella, with issue. Giuseppa Fiteni, married 1772 Cospicua to Federico Delia. Anna Maria Fiteni, married 1776 Cospicua to Giuseppe Cassar, with issue. Vincenza Cassar, married 1809 Cospicua to Paolo Cauchi. Rosa Maria Cassar, married 1808 Cospicua to Michele Angelo Mizzi. Maria Teresa Cassar, married 1797 Cospicua to Gaetano Azzopardi. Antonia Cassar, married 1804 Cospicua to Francesco Azzopardi Vincenza Fiteni, married 1779 Cospicua to Giuseppe Damo, with issue. Saverio Fiteni, married 1812 Senglea to Maria Xicluna. Felice Fiteni, married 1763 Kirkop to Anna Maria Ellul. Anna Fiteni, married 1694 Zabbar to Grazio Montibello. Martino Fiteni, married (1) 1648 Zabbar to Maddalena Bonnici, married (2) to Francesca Franco, , with issue (First Marriage) Giovanni Fiteni, married 1682 Zabbar to Speranza Cachia, with issue Giuseppe Fiteni, Arbitante of Mdina, married 1711 Zabbar to Maria Zammit Grazia Fiteni, married (1) 1742 to Giuseppe Bonnici, Married (2) 1747 to Giovanni Galea. Anna Fiteni, married 1746 to Giovanni Bonnici. Antonia Fiteni, married 1744 to Gio Maria Borg. Gio Maria Fiteni, married 1759 Birkirkara to Caterina Borg, with issue. Maria Fiteni, married 1784 Birkirkara to Giorgio Schembri. Giovanni Fiteni, married to Paolica Agius, with issue. Gaetano Fiteni, married 1784 Cospicua to Teodora Cachia, with issue. Paola Fiteni, married 1810 Zabbar to Michele Grech. Maddalena Fiteni, married 1710 to Maruzzo Ellul. Clara Fiteni, married 1651 Cospicua to Mco Giovanni Calleja, with issue. Graziulla Calleja, married 1680 Valletta to Francesco Minardi Franco, with issue. Isabella Minardi Franco, married 1707 Valletta to Antonio Grioli, with issue. Raimondo Grioli, married (1) 1729 Valletta to Maddalena Mutet, married (2) 1762 Valletta to Maria Bugeja, with issue. (First Marriage) Rosa Grioli, married 1757 to Conte Gio Francesco Preziosi. Maria Grioli, married 1753 Valletta to Emmanuele Caruana. Antonia Grioli, married 1766 Valletta to Lorenzo Sammut. (Second Marriage) Clemente Grioli, married 1780 Valletta to Lucrezia Tagliana. Geronima Fiteni, married 1648 Zabbar to Nobile Francesco Caruana. Agostino Fiteni, married 1620 to Laura Lia, with issue Domenico Fiteni, married 1657 to Angela Zammit Domitilla Fiteni, married 1703 to Antoine Caruana Maria Fiteni, married 1700 to Giovanni Bonavita Grazia Fiteni, married 1680 to Grazio Savion Anna Fiteni, married 1692 to Grazio Montebello. Giuseppe Fiteni, married 1678 to Domitilla Baldacchino Saverio Fiteni, married 1761 to Teodora Lauron Maruzzo Fiteni, married Eufemia Chirco Martino Fiteni, married 1668 to Maddalena... Giovanni Fiteni, married 1682 to Speranza... Giuseppe Fiteni, married 1711 to Maria Zammit Maddalena Fiteni, married 1710 to Maruzzo Ellul Malliotio Fiteni, married Sapienza dei Conti Wizzini-Paleologo Pietro Paolo Fiteni, married 1687 to Grazia D'Armenia Elena Fiteni, dunm Agostino Fiteni, married (1) Mina Xeberras, Married (2) 1636 to Congrazuila Farrugia (Second Marriage) Maria Fiteni, married 1654 to Domenico Madiona Don. Bartolomeo Madiona, 'Priest', dunm. Dorothea Cilia Teodora Cilia, married 1660 to Domenico Paulucci Romano Battista Fiteni, married 1591 Vittoriosa to Noble Giuseppe Testaferrata.

1.4.3. Alfonso Fiteni, married (1) Anna Abela, Married (2) Geronima d'Arena (Second Marriage) Battista Fiteni, married 1591 to Giuseppe Testaferrata Canon. Valerio Fiteni, dunm. Lorenzo Fiteni, married 1614 to Giovanella de Lucca Plena Fiteni, married Gregorio Zahra, with issue. Simone Zahra, Founder of Legacy, dunm. Giovanna Zahra, married to Paolo Giuseppe Randun, with issue. Mro. Francesco Randun, married to Andreanna Genvese, with issue. Laura Randun, married to Leonardo de Lauda., with issue. Ippolito Zahra, married to Imperia N. Pietro Fiteni, married NN Andrea Fiteni Pasquale Fiteni, married Catarinella... Bartolomeo Fiteni, married (2) Grazia Cottomuri Vincenza Fiteni, married 1633 to Nicholas Grech, with issue. Speranza Grech., married 1684 to Gioacchino Schiavone, with issue. Natalizia Schiavone, married 1677 Senglea to Giovanni Guglio. Giuseppe Schiavone, married to Margareta NN., with issue. Paolo Schiavone, married to Eufemia.., with issue. Caterina Schiavone, married 1742 Valletta to Dr Gio Francesco Mensville JUD, with issue. Irene Mensville. Elizabetta Mensville. Giuseppa Mensville., married 1792 Matrice Gozo to Dr Giuseppe Grima JUD. Vincenzo Mensville. Eufemia Mensville, married 1769 Valletta to Giuseppe Triosi. Battistia Schiavone, married 1716 Senglea to Francesco Lardi, with issue. Giuseppe Lardi, married 1743 Senglea to Caterina Livero. Andrea Fiteni, married Argentina Cauchi Not. M'Antonio Fiteni, married 1663 to Barbara Bonici Genovera Fiteni, married 1701 to Gio Batta Vivier Anna Marie Vivier, married to Michele Angelo Brignuni, with issue Angelica Brignuni, married 1771 to Carlo Tedesco Anna Marie Brignuni, married 1738 to Gaspare Pagari Teresa Fortunata Pagari, (b1770) Margarita Pagari, married 1783 to Vincenzo Tedesco Carmela Tedesco, (c1845), married 1824 to Fortunato Bonard Labatie. Bianca Tedesco, married 1808 to Vincenzo Xerri, with issue Teresa Xerri, married 1840 to Giuseppe Criscuolo, with issue Bibania Criscuolo, (c1849) Domintella Criscuolo Emmanuele Xerri, married Grazia Micallef Carmela Xerri, married Giuseppe Piscopo Catarina Xerri, married Federico... Antonio Xerri, married 1842 to NN Xerri Emmanuela Tedesco., married 1825 to Giovanni Bonici Catarina Pagari, married 1791 to Gaetano Muscat., With issue. Maria Teresa Muscat., married 1822 to Dr Antonio Grillet JUD. Antonia Pagari, married 1814 to Aloisio Brignone Maddalena Fiteni, married 1705 to Biagio Dinelle Maddalena Fiteni, married Dr. Filippo Idoneo JUD, with issue Pietro Paolo Idoneo, married Petronilla N, with issue. Anna Idoneo, married 1700 Valletta to Matteo d'Amato. Catarinuzza Idoneo, married 1687 to Adrien Farrugia, with issue Giuseppe Farrugia, married 1725 to Grazia Brigida Hibejer, with issue Anna Marie Farrugia, married 1718 to Gio Paolo Caruana. Girolama Fiteni, married Vincenzo Ruspoli Costanza Fiteni, married 1645 to Leonardo Carbon Mattia Domitilla Carbon, married 1677 to Giacobo Signoret Alfonso Carbon, married to Teresa Aurillo, with issue Catarina Carbon, married Giovanni di Martino Veronica Carbon, married 1710 to Giorgio La Speranza Domitilla La Speranza, married 1750 to Gio Batta di Carlo Maddalena La Speranza, married 1737 to Andrea Azzopardi Teresa Azzopardi, (c1741) Flora Azzopardi, married 1763 to Emmanuele Migiari Francesco Migiari, married 1794 to Antonia Gauci Maria Migiari,(c1835) Michele Migiari, married 1835 Carmela Liberi Loretta Migiari, (c1839) Veronica Migiari, (c1766) Elizabetta Carbon, married 1691 Vittoriosa to Cesare Dina, with issue. Maria Dina, married 1729 Vittoriosa to Guillelmo Alfonso de Lucca. Veronica Carbon, married 1671 to Battista di Germano. Stefano Fiteni, married NN. Matteo Fiteni, married 1594 to Caterina Camilleri Giuseppa Fiteni, married 1632 to Alessandro Portelli Maddalena Portelli, (c1681) Natalizia Portelli, married Alessandro Pagies Teresa Pagies, married Giovanni Agius Salvatore Pagies, married Elisabetta Rocco Teresa Pagies, (c1734) Generosa Pagies, married Vincenzo Zuiglio Maria Zuiglio. Francesco Pagies, married to Maria N, with issue. Maddalena Pagies, married 1700 Valletta to Giuseppe Despasquale. Ubaldesca Portelli Maria Fiteni, married Giuseppe Xuereb Andrea Fiteni, married Valerio.. Caterina Fiteni
1.4.4. Vincenzo Fiteni, married Agata , with issue Carlo Fiteni, married 1604 Zejtun to Grazia Baldacchino, with issue Dominichella Fiteni, married Teodoro d'Adriano, with issue Mastro Francesco Fiteni, married 1639 Vittoriosa to Clercia Camilleri, with issue Gio Mattia Fiteni, married 1664 Vittoriosa to Speranza Xerri, with issue Paola Fiteni, married 1684 Vittoriosa to Francesco Foti, with issue Angela Foti, married Domenico Viaggio, Barone di Santa Reale of Sicily , with issue Anna Maria Foti, married Filippo Raitano, with issue. Angelica Fiteni, married 1679 Zabbar to Bartolomeo Friggeri, with issue. Francesco Friggeri, married 1701 Zabbar to Caterina Vella, with issue. Lorenzo Friggeri, married 1727 Vittoriosa to Nobile Domenica Testa d'Arcuri, Patrizia Messina,, with issue. Francesca Friggeri, married 1747 Vittoriosa to Andrea Dimech. Publio Friggeri, married 1771 Valletta to Maddalena Fenech Bonici, with issue. Concepta Friggeri, married 1801 Vittoriosa to Nicola Grima. Lorenza Friggeri, married 1792 Vittoriosa to Nicola Farrugia. Salvatore Friggeri, married 1809 Valletta to Contessa Maria Borg, with issue. Carlo Friggeri, married 1816 Rabat Gozo to Giovanna Chetcuti, with issue. Antonio Friggeri, married 1856 Attard to Francesca Calleja. Graziulla Friggeri, married 1846 Vittoriosa to Gio Maria Callus. Margarita Friggeri, married 1855 Vittoriosa to John Overend of England, with issue. Rachelle Overend, (1860 Vittoriosa -), married 1883 Valletta to Giovanni Magri, with issue. Carmela Magri Overend, married to Oreste Diacono, with issue. Eveline Diacono, (1918-1986), married to Victor Miller. Ermina Magri Overend, married to Emanuele Portainier. Marietta Magri Overend, (d. 1964), married to Arthur Bonello, with issue. Edwin Bonello, (1921-, married 1949 to Mary Margaret Mamo. Rosy Bonello, (1923-, married 1948 to Carmelo Zammit La Rosa. Margot Bonello, (1925-. Durante Magri Overend, (1890 Valletta - 1951 Cairo, Egypt), married 1915 to to Melita Evelina Frendo Mannarino, with issue. Ivan Magri Overend, (1916 Cairo, Egypt - , President of the Assocation of the Maltese communities of Egypt, married (1) 1938 Cairo, Egypt to Ermina Bonello, married (2) 1945 Port Said, Egypt to Maria Cuccovillo. Harold Magri Overend, (1917 Cairo, Egypt - 1975 Tooting, England). Nelly Clelia Rachelle Magri Overend, (1927 Cairo, Egypt - , married 1954 Cairo, Egypt to Victor Ragi. Joseph Magri Overend, (1892 -1981), married to Amelia Bartolo, with issue. Reginald Magri Overend, (1938-1976), married 1960 to Lilian Vella. Maria Overend, married 1884 Valletta to Alfredo Magri, with issue. John Magri Overend, married to Melita Gatt, with issue. Wilfred Magri Overend, married to Valerie Bonello. Edwin Magri Overend, married to Yvonne Bonello. Gustav Magri Overend, (1883 -1971 Salisbury, Rhodesia), married 1913 Sliema to Stella Ripard, with issue. Violet Magri Overend, (1914 Cairo, Egypt), married to Joseph Seisun. Ethel Magri Overend, (d in Johnannesburg, South Africa), married to Albert Debono. Mabel Magri Overend, married to Harry Miller. Edith Magri Overend, (d. in Durban, South Africa), married to Wallace Murray. Lily Magri Overend, (1926 Cairo, Egypt - 1986 Durban, South Africa), married 1956 to John South Addison. Edmea Magri Overend, married 1920 to William Galea. Elizabeth Overend. Carlo Overend, married to Giuseppa d'Armenia, with issue. Salvino Overend, married to Marietta Zammit Marmara, with issue. John John Overend. Edwin Overend, (d. 1974), married to Vincenza Rigillo. Yvonne Overend, married to Joseph Muscat. Charles Overend, married to Agnese N, with issue. Charles Vincent Overend, (d. 1973), married to Adele N. Agnes Overend, married 1972 to Oscar Ladner. Oreste Overened, (1900-1973), maried to Edna N, with issue. Jun Overend, married to Benjamin Peters. Edward Overend, married to Carmen Cachia, with issue. Walter Overend, married to Lily Gusman. Iris Overend, married to Edwin Gatt. Violet Overend, married to Henry Piccinino. Arthur Overend, married to Stella Vella. Maurice Overend, married to Vivian Mallia. Joyce Overend, married to Gaetano Piccinino. Charles Overend, married to Carmen Spiteri. Francesco Friggeri, married (1) 1824 Valletta to Francesca Camenzuli, married (2) 1836 Vittoriosa to Lorenza Calleja. Teresa Friggeri, married 1767 Vittoriosa to Michele Gatt. Paola Friggeri, married 1755 Vittoriosa to Gaetano Costa. Maria Friggeri, married (1) 1758 Vittoriosa to Gio Antonio Bonnici, married (2) 1765 Vittoriosa to Davide Mughales. Barbarica Fiteni, married Mastro Grazio Russo, with issue Maria Fiteni Vincenza Fiteni, married 1642 to Francesco d'Maria of Senglea. Paolo Fiteni, married to Caterina Ellul, with issue. Lazzaro Fiteni, married Caterina de Lorenzo., with issue. Michelina Fiteni, married 1646 to Gio Maria Vella., with issue. Battistina Vella., married Giovanni Vella. Giovanni Battista Fiteni, married 1656 to Maria Mallia., with issue. N.N. Fiteni., married 1690 to Mario Mallia. Grazia Fiteni., married 1639 to Giovanni Caruana. Antonia Fiteni., married Antonio Cassar., with issue. Giovanni Cassar., married 1679 to Maria Ellul, with issue. Angelo Cassar., married Teresa Coleiro., with issue. Francesco Cassar., married Natalizia Cilia., with issue. Teresa Cassar., married Paolo Borg., with issue. Orsola Borg., (c. 1850). Angelica Borg. Speranza Cassar., married 1706 to Giovanni Briffa. Giovanni Cassar., married 1745 to Geronima ..., with issue. Enrigo Cassar., married 1780 to Martia Zammut., with issue. Rosa Cassar., married 1818 to Giovanni Ellul., with issue. Marguerita Ellul. Luca Cassar. Andrea Cassar., married 1670 to Maria Camenzuli., with issue. Giovanni Cassar., married 1692 to Ariela Vella., with issue. Margherita Cassar., married to N.N. Zammit. Maria Cassar., married 1716 to Salvatore Moserta. Grazia Cassar., married 1691 to Giovanni Paolo Mifsud. Gaetano Cassar., married 1699 to Maria Psaila., with issue. Grazio Cassar., married 1721 to Giovanna .. Giovanni Cassar., married 1713 to Maria Mifsud. Giovanni Paolo Cassar., married 1724 to Grazia Briffa. Teresa Cassar, married 1680 Luqa to Francesco Cassar. Antonio Fiteni, married 1626 Tarxiem to Marietta Bondin, with issue. Grazia Fiteni, married 1676 Mdina to Giuseppe Galea, with issue. Alessandro Galea, married 1702 Zejtun to Vittoria Carabott, with issue. Giuseppe Galea, married 1727 Zejtun to Maria Azzopardi, with issue. Giacobo Galea, married (1) 1753 Ghaxaq to Caterina Spiteri, married (2) 1756 Zejtun to Rosaria Azzopardi, with issue. (Second marriage) Angela Galea, married 1786 Zejtun to Nobile Benigno Abela. Evangelista Galea, married 1750 Vittoriosa to Gio Maria de Gafa.

1.4.5. (Second Marriage) Angela Fiteni, married 1555 to Tomaso Prat.
1.5. Pasquale Fiteni, married 1547 to Giovanna Abela., with issue.
1.5.1. Mro. Leonardo Fiteni, married 1567 to Margherita Portelli.
Matteo Fiteni, married 1507 to Lena Caruana, with issue.
2.1. Agata Fiteni, married 1536 to Giovanni Agius.
2.2. Grazia Fiteni, married 1548 to Mro. Dionisio Paseus.
3. Paola Fiteni, married 1507 to Demetrio Caruana.
4. Ismeralda Fiteni, married 1518 to Gregorio Zahra.
5. Matteo Fiteni, married 1526 to Caterina Farrugia., with issue.
5.1. Giovanni Fiteni, married 1557 to Beatrice Massia.
5.1.1. Marino Fiteni, married Imperia Farrugia, with issue. Francesco Fiteni, Married (1) 1642 to Geronima Rossi, Married (2) 1659 to Susanna d'Arena, with issue. (First marriage) Mro. Massimiliano Fiteni, married 1685 to Prudenza Borg. Gio Matta Fiteni, married 166. to Speranza Xerri. (Second Marriage) Lorenzo Fiteni, married 1671 to Anna Maria Frances...

5.1.2. Gio Paolo Fiteni, married to Maruzza N, with issue. Mro Giuseppe Fiteni, married 1630 to Graziulla Calurilti, with issue. Anna Fiteni, married 1665 to Giovanni Fiteni. (See Above).

5.2. Paolo Fiteni, married to Caterina N, with issue.

5.2.1. Lazzaro Fiteni, married 1612 Valletta to Caterina de Lorenzo, with issue. Antonia Fiteni, married 1645 Luqa to Antonio Cassar.




Adami Collection, Vol 35, pages 68-69.



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