Joseph Grech of Balzan., Bishop of Sanhurst, Victoria, Australia.

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1. Domenico Grech of Curmi, married 1601 to Margarita "sives Mattia" de Vassallo, with issue.

1.1. Alberto Grech,  married 1640 Mdina to Angelica Farrugia, with issue.

1.1.1. Gio Maria Grech,  married 1691 Mdina to Caterina Tonna, with issue. Paolo Grech, married 1725 Valletta to Imperia Muscat, with issue. Angelo Grech, married 1745 Vittoriosa to Veronica Farrugia, with issue. Giuseppe Grech, married 1782 Vittoriosa to Angela D'Armenia, with issue. Angelo Grech, married 1815 Vittoriosa to Maria Vella, with issue. Antonio Grech, married 1856 Vittoriosa to Giuseppa Gatt, with issue. Carmelo Grech, married 1886 Vittoriosa to Maria Micallef, with issue. Alfonso Grech, married 1921 Senglea to Maria Marmara, with issue. Lorenzo Grech, married 1947 Birkirkara to Maria Yvonne Borg, with issue. Joseph Grech of Balzan., (1948-2010)., Bishop of Sanhurst, Victoria, Australia. Gio Maria Grech, married 1754 Valletta to Maria Farrugia. Salvatore Grech, married (1) 1751 Valletta to Rosa di Lorenzo, married (2) 1774 Valletta to Teresa Camilleri. Caterina Grech, married 1741 Valletta to Fortunato Portelli.

1.1.2. Santo Grech, married 1664 Mdina to Laurica Calabro.

1.1.3. Teresa Grech, married 1664 Mdina to Crispino Callus.

1.2. Vittorio Grech, married 1643 Mdina to Maria di Marzo, with issue.

1.2.1. Giuseppa Grech, married 1673 Mdina to Mario Casha.

1.2.2. Domenico Grech, married 1667 Curmi to Paolina Zammit, with issue. Andrea Grech, married 1699 Valletta to Giovanna de Brincat, with issue. Maria Grech, married 1718 Valletta tp Giuseppe Mizzi. Giacobina Grech, married 1680 Valletta to Gio Maria Galea. Anna Grech, married 1690 Curmi to Giovanni Micallef.

1.2.3. Giuseppe Grech, married 1673 Curmi to Gioannella N, with issue. Caterina Grech, married 1719 Curmi to Giorgio Falzon. Margherita Grech, married 1695 Curmi to Antonio Xeberras.

1.2.4. Pietro Grech, married 1679 Curmi to Grazia Psaila.

1.3. Domenica Grech, married 1639 Mdina to Bartolomeo Borg.

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