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According to Stanley Fiorini, Grima stems from Grimaldi.

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Rainero Grimaldi, (c. 1336), married to Andreola Grillo with issue.


1. Johannes Grimaldi sives Grima, (mentioned in the Milita List 1418-1419), married with issue.

1.1. Andrea Grimaldi, sives Grima, (mentioned in the Milita List 1418-1419 in Qormi), married (c. 1410), with issue.

1.1.1. Giovanni Grima, (c. 1415-1470), married with issue. Ranieri Grima, (c. 1445-1490), married with issue. Federico Grima, (c. 1475 -1530), married with issue. Tomaso Grima, (c. 1505 -1565), married (c. 1520) to Gioannella N, with issue. sives Cataldo Grima, married 1545 Notary Don Brandino Caxaro to Nobile Caterina Bartolomea de la Barba, with issue. Pietro Grima, married 1535 Notary Giorgio Buttigieg to Caterina Dimech, with issue. Giovanni Grima, married 1562 Notary Angelo Bartolo to Margherita Attard, with issue. Mro Pietro Grima, married 1600 Notary Ferdinando Ciappara to Nobile Vincenza Bonnici, with issue. Vittorio Grima, married 1635 Zebbug to Anna Bartolo, with issue. Giacobina Grima, married 1659 Zebbug to Pasquale Cila. Pietro Grima, married (1) 1664 Zebbug to Nobile Grazia Bonnici, married (2) 1688 Zebbug to Domenica Sammut, with issue. (First marriage) Giovanni Grima, married 1700 Valletta to Angela Sammut, with issue. Raimondo Grima, married 1728 Valletta to Giovanna Micallef, with issue. Angela Grima, married 1760 Valletta to Nobile Francesco Montaldo. Giovanni Grima, married 1780 Ghaxaq to Veneranda Zahra, with issue. Pietro Grima, married 1803 Zejtun to Veronica Barbara, with issue. Giovanni Grima, married 1861 Ghaxaq to Sofia Giordano. Anna Grima, married 1831 Ghaxaq to Antonio Decelis. Clementina Grima, married 1834 Ghaxaq to Pietro Bonnici. Giovanna Grima, married 1840 Ghaxaq to Michele Angelo Spiteri. Saveria Grima, married 1843 Ghaxaq to Antonio Galea. Maria Anna Grima, married 1801 Ghaxaq to Nobile Felice Drago. Saveria Grima, married 1777 Valletta to Felice Sagona. Gaetano Grima, married 1751 Cospicua to Margherita Attard. Maria Grima, married 1688 Zebbug to Antonio Tanti. (Second marriage) Maria Grima, married 1710 Zebbug to Francesco Calleja. Maria Grima, married (1) 1665 Valletta to Claude Colomber of France, married (2) 1681 Valletta to Ambroglio Dimech. Marietta Grima, married (1) 1631 Zebbug to Matteo Vella, married (2) 1631 Zebbug to Matteo Vassallo. Caterina Grima, married 1637 Zebbug to Giacomo Muscat, married (2) 1665 Valletta to Francesco Calleja. Mario Grima, married 1599 Qormi to Margherita Azzopardi, with issue. Crispino Grima, married 1635 Qormi to Vennera Balzan. Martino Grima, married 1634 Valletta to Paulica Mifsud. Domenico Grima, married 1620 Qormi to Domenica Martines, with issue. Teodora Grima, married 1681 Mdina to Bartolomeo Vassallo. Marietta Grima, married 1599 Qormi to Marco de Natolia, an Armenian, with issue. Geronimo de Natal, married 1634 Vittoriosa to Clemenza Bugeja, with issue. Natale de Natal, married 1677 Senglea to Olimpia Servillo, with issue. Geronimo de Natal, married 1709 Rabat Gozo to Giovanna Portelli, with issue. Maddalena de Natal, married 1732 Valletta to Carlo di Rocco, with issue. Lorenzo di Rocco, married 1800 Valletta to Nobile Giovanna Peralta, with issue. Margherita di Rocco, married 1768 Valletta to Antonio Damanio. N. di Rocco, married 1775 Valletta to Francesco Borg. Giovanna di Rocco, married 1757 Valletta to Gio Battista Agius. Francesco de Natal, married 1710 Senglea to Maria Psaila. Antonio de Natal, married 1710 Valletta to Filippina Conti. Rosa de Natal, married 1696 Senglea to Giuseppe Dimech. Anna Maria de Natal, married 1707 Vittoriosa to Serafino Piccinino, with issue. Andrea Piccinino, married 1758 Valletta to Vincenza Xicluna, with issue. Claudia Piccinino, married 1798 Valletta to Paolo Axiach. Claudio Piccinino, married 1760 Valletta to Orsola Alunna. Rosa Maria de Natal, married 1657 Vittoriosa to Giacinto Galea. Margherita de Natal, married 1662 Vittoriosa to Nicola Rizzo. Grazia de Natal, married 1629 Vittoriosa to Paulo Gandolfo. Vennera Grima, married 1601 Valletta to Simone Zifo, of Spain, with issue. Angelo Zifo, married 1646 Valletta to Margherita Azzopardi. Geronima Grima, married 1604 Cospicua to Salvatore Matteola, an Armenian, with issue. Argentina Matteola, married 1620 Cospicua to Antonio Psaila. Domenica Grima, married 1604 Zebbug to Giuseppe Schiavone, with issue. Valenza Schiavone, married 1631 Zebbug to Giuseppe Grima, (s/o Giacomo and Margherita). Biagio sives Bartolomeo Grima, married 1564 Qormi (Notary Vincenzo Cagege 1567) to Gioannella Camenzuli, with issue. Benedetto Grima, married 1604 Attard to Nobile Grazia Debono, with issue. Antonio Grima of Casal Lia., married (1) 1641 Mosta to Domenica Vella, married (2) 1650 Attard to Domenica Muscat, married (3) 1683 Mosta to Maria Frendo, with issue. (First Marriage) Geronimo Grima, married 1678 Naxxar to Maria Borg. (Second Marriage) Matteolo Grima, married 1680 Mosta to Imperia Vella, with issue. Paolina Grima, married 1752 Mosta to Saverio Cortis. Evangelista Grima, married 1738 Mosta to Poalo Busuttil. Caterina Grima, married 1740 Mosta to Pietro Muscat. Maria Grima, married 1742 Mosta to Maruzzo Deguara. Gio Maria Grima, married 1717 Mosta to Rosa Chetcuti, with issue. Michele Grima, married 1745 Nadur Gozo to Graziulla Mercieca, with issue. Rosa Grima, married 1781 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Buttigieg. Giuseppe Grima, married 1777 Xaghra Gozo to Margherita Sultana, with issue. Grazia Grima, married 1810 Matrice Gozo to Giuseppe Xuereb. Giorgio Grima, married 1781 Nadur Gozo to Giovanna Attard. Francesco Grima, married 1790 Xewkija Gozo to Rosa Galea, with issue. Antonio Grima, married 1813 Rabat Gozo to Angliolina Calleja. Grazia Grima, married 1829 Valletta to Giovanni Farrugia. Grazio Grima, married 1747 Nadur Gozo to Maria Graziulla Bugeja, with issue. Maria Grima, married 1771 Valletta to Giovanni Borg. Rosa Grima, married 1780 Valletta to Michele Fenech. Giovanni Grima, married (1) 1779 Valletta to Caterina Azzopardi, married (2) 1801 Valletta to Teresa Grima (d/o Grazio and Maria Spiteri), with issue. (First Marriage) Paola Grima, married 1812 Valletta to Salvatore Agius. (Second Marriage) Grazia Grima, married 1831 Valletta to Paolo Camilleri. Lorenzo Grima, married 1787 Sannat Gozo to Maria Saliba, with issue. Margherita Grima, married 1817 Sannut Gozo to Michele Angelo Mercieca. Paola Grima, married 1836 Sannat Gozo to Battista Attard. Salvatore Grima, married 1822 Sannat Gozo to Maria Cassar. Felice Grima, married 1778 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Vella, with issue. Antonia Grima, married 1815 Valletta to Francesco Bugeja. Francesco Grima, married 1806 Cospicua to Teresa Formosa. Lazzaro Grima, married 1760 Mdina to Maria Mifsud, with issue. Gio Maria Grima, married 1784 Mosta to Liberata Vella, with issue. Anna Grima, married 1808 Mosta to Gio Maria Borg. Maria Grima, married 1806 Mosta to Andrea Zammit. Lazzaro Grima, married 1815 Mosta to Paola Muscat, with issue. Gio Maria Grima, amrried 1839 Mosta to Maria Galea, with issue. Lazzaro Grima, married 1875 Balzan to Annunziata Grixti, with issue. Giuseppa Grima, married 1905 Mosta to Giuseppe Vella. Rosa Grima, married 1777 Mosta to Don Publio dei Principi Sayd. Laurica Grima, married 1788 Mosta to Francesco Mifsud. Grazia Grima, married 1799 Mosta to Paolo Galea. Alessandra Grima, married 1762 Mdina to Salvatore Bartolo.  Gio Paolo Grima., married (1) 1686 Naxxar to Aloisea Mifsud, married (2) 1693 Lija to Grazia Vella, married (3) 1694 Casal Lia to Caterina Bondin., with issue. (First Marriage) Maria Grima, married 1716 Lija to Gregorio Mifsud. (Third marriage) Michele Grima., married (1) 1737 Mosta to Teresa Bonnici of Mosta, married (2) 1764 Mosta to Alessandra Bezzina, with issue. (First Marriage) Gio Maria Grima,   married 1773 Mosta/Mdina to Contessa Maria dei Conti Fenech-Bonnici, with issue. Angelo Grima., married (1) 1810 Mosta to Anne Deguara., married (2) 1824 Mosta to Modesta Debono., with issue. (First Marriage) Teresa Grima, married 1831 Mosta to Gio Maria Vella. Domenica Grima, married 1852 Mosta to Michele Vella. Gio Maria Grima, married 1843 Mosta to Maria Borg. Giuseppa Grima, married 1846 Mosta to Francesco Muscat. Maria Grima, married 1846 Mosta to Antonio Borg. (Second Marriage) Giovanni Grima, married 1856 Mosta to Rosa Muscat. Filomena Grima, married 1878 Mosta to Gio Maria Galea Giuseppe Grima, married (1) 1848 Qormi to Margherita Xuereb, married (2) 1859 Qormi to Maria Saliba, married (3) 1881 Mosta to Maria Frendo.  Michele Grima (d.1831), Created 1799 Hereditary Knight of the Russian Empire and of St John of Malta in Russia married 1799 to Princess Marie Czartoryski, with issue. Chevalier Angelo Grimaov, 2nd Knight, (1801-69), married 1822 St Petersburg to Anastasia Zerafov, with issue. Chevalier Michele II Grimaov, 3rd Knight, (1824-84), married 1845 to Georgina Borgski, with issue. Chevalier Angelo II Grimaov, 4th Knight, (1849-1907), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia, dunm. Chevalier Alexis Grimaov, 5th Knight, (1853-1927), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia. Chevalier Anton I Grimaov, 6th Knight, (1860-1943), married 1890 to Baroness Nathalie Balkisky, with issue. Chevalier Angelo III Grimaov, 7th Knight, (1891-1954), married 1925 to Baroness Marie Balksiky, with issue. Chevalier Carlo Grimaov , 8th Knight, (1927-99), President of the Chamber of Nobility in Exile 1979 -1984., married 1952 to Princess Tatiana Axacov, with issue. Tatiana Grimaov, (1953 -, married 1972 to Baron Ugolino Callejasky. Ursula Grimaov, (1954-., married 1987 to Baron Andrea Mielov. Octavia Grimaov, (1957-. married 1988 to Baron Enrico Callejasky. Natalia Grimaov, (1960-, married 1985 to Aurelio Bresson, with issue. Karl Bresson, (1988-., married 2010 Paris to Aurelia de Yves, with issue. Isabella Bresson, (2011-. Thomas Bresson, (2015-. Henri Bresson, (1991-. Chevalier Anton II Grimaov, 9th Hereditary Knight of St John of Malta in Russia, (1934- 2012)., married 1964 to Baroness Vincenza Callejasky, with issue. Chevalier Angelo IV Grimaov, (1965-, 10th Hereditary Knight of St John of Malta in Russia, (Six Generations of Ancestors), 50th President of The Russian Maltese Chamber of Nobility 2018-, married 2008 to Louise Broch (Younger daughter of Simone Broch and Nathalie Grimaov), with issue. Nathalie Grimaov, (2009-. Tamara Grimaov, (2011-. Alexandria Grimaov, (2013 -. Chevalier Carlo Grimaov, (1973-, married 2006 to Baroness Michele Mielov, with issue. Louise Grimaov, ( 2008-. Chevalier Michele Grimaov, (2010-. Chevalier Anton Grimaov, (2012-. Chevalier Michele Grimaov, (1899-1971), married 1923 to Baroness Marie Saidov, with issue Nathalie Grimaov, (1925-2009)., married 1952 to Simone Broch. Antonella Grimaov, (1929-2011), married 1955 to Alexandre le Graverend. Natalia Grimaov, (1851-1899), married 1894 to Count Cornelius O'Rouke, dsp. Leonora Grimaov, (1857-1915), married 1896 to Baron Nicholas Korn, dsp. Elizabetta Grimaov, (1862- 1924), married 1893 to Dimitry Buturlin, with issue. Michael Buturlin, (1895 - 1962), married with issue. Chevalier Carlo Grimaov, (1826-91), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia, dunm. Marie Grimaov, (1827-), married 1846 to Chev. Baldassare Borgski. Chevalier Tommaso Grimaov., (1802-99), Knight of St John of Malta in Russia., dunm. Catherine Grimaov., (1804-), married 1822 to Chevalier Gregori Speranov. Tatiana Grimaov., (1805-)., married 1824 to Chevalier Giovanni Portughesky. Anastasia Grimoav., (1808-)., married 1828 to Chevalier Igor Scivolisky Giovanni Grima, married 1765 Mosta to Nobile Grazia Cappello. (Second Marriage) Maria Grima, married 1785 Mosta to Gio Maria Galea. Antonio Grima., married 1733 Mosta to Barbara Galea. Filippo Grima, married (1) 1727 Lija to Margherita Oliva, married (2) 1732 Mosta to Paolina Bezzina. Clara Grima, married 1726 Lija to Ignazio Vassallo. Grazia Grima, married 1734 Lija to Arcangelo Muscat. Serafina Grima, married 1738 Lija to Gio Maria Chetcuti. Teodora Grima, married 1738 Lija to Antonio Chetcuti. Gio Maria Grima, married 1693 Mosta to Alonsa 'sives Anna' Chetcuti, with issue. Pietro Grima, married 1736 Gharghur to Anna Mula. Antonio Grima, married 1738 Mdina to Maria Bugeja, with issue. Lorenzo Grima, married 1755 Mdina to Maria Grima (d/o Gregorio and Anna). Gio Maria Grima, married 1764 Mdina to Giovanna Gauci. Giovanni Grima, married 1692 to Anna Fenech, with issue. Gio Maria Grima, married 1720 Mosta to Maria Galea, with issue. Giovanni Grima, married 1741 Mosta to Annunziata Attard, with issue. Angelo Grima, married 1776 Siggiewi to Anna Borg, with issue Grazia Grima, married 1814 Mosta to Niccolo Grech-Testaferrata. Paola Grima, married 1819 Mosta to Giorgio Bezzina. Annunziata Grima, married 1806 Mosta to Giuseppe Mangion. Paolo Grima, married 1724 Mosta to Paolina Bezzina, with issue. Clemenzia Grima, married 1754 Mdina to Giovanni Calleja. Maria Grima, married 1742 Mosta to Lazzaro Chetcuti. Pietro Grima, married (1) 1640 Lija to Maria Seichel., married (2) 1664 Lija to Domenica Micallef, with issue. (Second Marriage) Alvaro Grima, married 1698 Rabat Gozo to Anna Maria Cutajar, with issue. Michel Angelo Grima, married 1724 Valletta to Maria Farrugia. Lutio Grima, married 1732 Mdina to Maria d'Orlando. Caterina Grima, married (1) 1656 Attard to Giulio Sammut of Gozo, married (2) 1658 Attard to Carlo Mifsud. Margherita Grima, married 1631 Attard to Domenico Galea. Maria Grima, married 1647 Attard to Leonardo Xiberras. Marietta Grima, married 1655 Attard to Antonio Barberi. Giuseppe Grima, married 1598 Lija to Imperia Attard, with issue. Gio Maria Grima, married (1) 1621 Lija to Agata Ciantar, married (2) 1636 Lija to Margherita Xerri, with issue. (First Marriage) Giuseppe Grima, married 1654 Lija to Maria Agius, with issue. Gio Battista Grima, married 1683 Lija to Antonia Bugeja. Tomaso Grima, married (1) 1689 Mdina to Giovannella Vella, married (2) 1711 Zebbug to Sapienza Cilia, with issue. (First Marriage) Filippo Grima, married 1717 Mdina to Speranza Mifsud, with issue. Felice Grima, married 1754 Valletta to Diana Randon, with issue. Orsola Grima, married 1775 Valletta to Francesco Aquilina. Maria Grima, married 1775 Valletta to Giuseppe Portelli. Vincenza Grima, married 1783 Valletta to Vincenzo Portelli. Silvestro Grima, married 1724 Attard to Rosa Mifsud, with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1757 Mdina to Elizabetta de Lorenzo. Natalzia Grima, married 1730 Cospicua to Giovanni Borg. Angelica Grima, married 1747 Attard to Giovanni Pisano. Domenica Grima, married 1754 Attard to Pasquale Sammut. Valenzia Grima, married 1683 Lija to Antonio Pisano. Marietta Grima, married 1661 Lija to Pietro Sant. Caterina Grima, married 1666 Lija to Pasquale Agius. Lorenzo Grima, married 1630 Lija to Maria Damini, with issue. Pasquale Grima, married 1656 Siggiewi to Caterina Calleja, with issue. Lazzaro Grima, married 1695 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Gatt, with issue. Michel Angelo Grima, married 1738 Gharb Gozo to Anna Cauchi, with issue. Felice Grima, married 1769 Gharb Gozo to Maria Spiteri, with issue. Teresa Grima, married 1797 Gharb Gozo to Francesco Cassar. Salvatore Grima, married 1769 Rabat Gozo to Vittoria Xerri, with issue. Nicola Grima, married 1784 Zejtun to Angela Xuereb, with issue. Nicola Grima, married 18198 Zejtun to Marianna Farrugia. Margherita Grima, married 1806 Zejtun to Vincenzo Tabone. Giuseppe Grima, married 1785 Zejtun to Caterina Bonnici. Grazia Grima, married 1797 Matrice Gozo to Francesco Attard.. Antonio Grima, married 1772 Zebbug Gozo to Anna Attard, with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1800 Gharb Gozo to Alfonsa Vella. Felice Grima, married (1) 1825 Sannut Gozo to Graziulla Grima (d/o Publio and Maria Attard), married (2) 1835 Sannat Gozo to Maria Debono. Michel Angelo Grima, married 1811 Rabat Gozo to Grazia Manueli. Maria Grima, married 1794 Gharb Gozo to Francesco Frendo. Maria Grima, married 1765 Matrice Gozo to Gio Maria Pace. Gio Maria Grima, married 1741 Xewkija Gozo to Lorenza Celestri. Francesca Grima, married 1741 Matrice Gozo to Carlo Busuttil. Maria Grima, married 1737 Rabat Gozo to Francesco Teuma. Rosa Grima, married 1729 Rabat Gozo to Saverio Dimech. Graziulla Grima, married 1716 Rabat Gozo to Agostino Teuma. Teresa Grima, married 1738 Rabat Gozo to Angelo Zahra. Domenico Grima, married 1696 Rabat Gozo to Geronima Gatt, with issue. Marcello Grima, married 1730 Matrice Gozo to Caterina Vella, with issue.  Rosa Grima, married 1784 Rabat Gozo to Giuseppe Falzon. Michele Grima, married 1766 Rabat Gozo to Grazia Spiteri, with issue. Nicola Grima, married 1789 Zebbug Gozo to Maria Haber, with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1818 Rabat Gozo to Maria Mizzi. Salvatore Grima, married 1738 Gharb Gozo to Anna Formosa, with issue. Clemenzia Grima, married 1765 Gharb Gozo to Giuseppe Caruana. Michele Grima, married 1773 Gharb Gozo to Maria Cauchi, with issue. Gio Maria Grima, married 1814 Sannat Gozo to Graziulla Bajada. Francesco Grima, married 1815 Sannat Gozo to Maria Xiberras. Francesco Grima, married 1739 Matrice Gozo to Caterina Bonnici, with issue. Francesco Grima, married 1763 Xewkija Gozo to Lucrezia Azzopardi, with issue. Regina Grima, married 1811 Xewkija Gozo to Adeodata Azzopardi. Giovanna Grima, married 1800 Xewkija Gozo to Giuseppe Galea. Teresa Grima, married 1794 Xewkija Gozo to Alessandro Cassar. Giuseppe Grima, married 1789 Xewkija Gozo to Graziulla Cassar. Michele Grima, married 1788 Xewkija Gozo to Orsola Debono. Orsola Grima, married 1692 Rabat Gozo to Lorenzo Tabone. Alberto Grima., married 1660 Lija to Margherita Sammut, with issue. Maria Grima, married 1696 Mdina to Salvatore Spiteri. Giovanni Grima, married 1635 Mdina to Giovannella Agius, with issue. Francesco Grima, married 1665 Mdina to Viva Xerri. Maria Grima, married 1670 Lija to Lorenzo Gauci. Gio Paolo Grima, married 1594 Zejtun to Ciara Cassar, with issue. Giuseppe Grima, married 1633 Tarxiem to Caterina Farrugia, with issue. Domenico Grima, married (1) 1663 Tarxiem to Nobile Antonia Barbara, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married (2) 1682 Mdina to Maria Griscti, with issue. (First Marriage) Nobile Maria Grima, Hereditary Noble of Hungary, married 1696 Mdina to Arcangelo Librat. (Second Marriage) Dorotea Grima, married 1718 Tarxiem to Pietro Mifsud. Tomaso Grima, married 1658 Senglea to Grazia Psinga. Pasquale Grima, married 1618 Zjetun to Argentina Farrugia. Dulcia Grima, married 1573 Mdina to Nobile Michele Sillato, (Testamento 1579).

2. Salvatore Grimaldi, sives Grima, (mentioned in the Milita listing 1418-1419), married with issue.

2.1. Jacobinu Grima, (mentioned in the Milita Listing 1418-1419), married with issue.

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