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1. Mro Leonardo Magro, married to Dona Francia dei Baroni Inguanez, with issue.
1.1. Giacomo Magro, married 1568 Zebbug to Caterina Allegritto, with issue.
1.1.1. Nicola Magro, married 1605 Zebbug to Giovanna Mangion, with issue. Bernardo Magro, married 1630 Zebbug to Maria Saliba, with issue. Giuseppe Magro, married 1674 Zebbug to Maria Dalli, with issue Conte Capt. Giorgio Magro (1681 Zebbug - 1749 Rome), Knight of St Gregory Created Count for Life by Papacy in 1730. Married in 1725 to Catarina di Savoie di Susa , illegitimate Grand Daughter of the King of Sardinia, Catarina died giving birth in 1730, with issue. Giovanni dei Conti Magro di Susa, (1726 Roma, died 1727 Roma), d.inf. Antonio dei Conti Magro di Susa, Styled Conte Magro di Susa (1727 Roma, died 1774 Rabato, Malta), married 1763 Mosta to Contessa Diane dei Conti Sant, she later married the Marquis di Fiddien with further issue. Grazia (Teresa) dei Conti Magro Sant ( 1764 Mosta - died 1827 Mosta), married 1783 Mosta to Don Giorgio Xuereb Azopardi Capt. Giorgio Magro Sant, (1765 Mosta - died 1818 Calabra, Sicily), Styled Conte Magro di Susa, Capt of the Sicilian Army, dunm. Eduardo Magro Sant (1767 Mosta-died 1828 Palermo, Sicily), Styled Conte Magro di Susa, Capt of the Sicilian Army, married 1799 at Palermo to Cristina Capece-Lastro dei Duchi della Siano Antonio Magro Capece (1800 Palermo-died 1869 Messina), Styled Conte Magro di Susa, "Priest" dunm. Maria Antonia Magro Capece (1803 Palermo-Died 1885 Calabre) "Nun", dunm. Maria Catarina Magro Capece (1804 Palermo-Died 1849 Trapani, Sicily), married 1820 to Mario dei Baroni Sampieri Carlo Giorgio Magro Capece (1806 Palermo-1859 London), Sicilian Navy and served with the British Navy and retired to England, married about 1825 to Elizabeth Flint, with issue. Edward George Magro Capece later changed surname to Magrin, (1828 London - 1867), served the British Navy, dunm. Anthony George Magro Capece, later changed surname to Magrin, (1833 London - 1878), Styled Conte Magro di Susa, served the British Navy. Charles George Magro Capece, later changed surname to Magrin, (1836 London - 1858), served the British Navy. Catherine Magro Capece, (1831 London - 1861), married 1850 to John Sumners, Esq. Jane Magro Capece, (1837 London - 1894), married 1855 Paris France to Amaury Charles Saladin, (relative of the Barons Saladin in France). Antonio dei Conti Magro Sant (1769 Mosta-died 1772 Mosta) Elvira dei Conti Magro Sant (1772 Rabato, died 1775 Rabato) Antonio dei Conti Magro Sant (1775 Rabato, died 1777 Sliema) Grazia dei Conti Magro di Susa (1729 Roma, died Roma several weeks later) Guiseppe dei Conti Magro di Susa ( 1730 Roma, died 1800 Rabato ), married Marie Calrc, with issue. Guiseppe Louis Magro (1758-1841), Monk in Sicily, dunm. Pasquale Magro, married 1713 Valletta to Angelucuzza Grech. Gio Battista Magro, married 1739 Cospicua to Orsola Farrugia. Valenza Magro, married 1659 Zurrieq to Poalo Zerafa, with issue. Ignazio Zerafa, married 1704 Zebbug to Rosa Mangion, with issue. Giuseppe Zerafa, married 1733 Birkirkara to Giovanna Balzan, with issue. Francesco Zerafa, married 1763 Valletta to Maria Frendo. Maria Zerafa, married 1768 Valletta to Michele Zammit. Francesco Zerafa, married 1738 Valletta to Graziulla Cutajar. Maria Zerafa, married 1696 Zebbug to Vincenzo Imbroll
. Caterina Magro, married 1667 Zurrieq to Domenico Galea. Maruzza Magro, married 1672 Zurrieq to Domenico Vella. Marietta Magro, married 1627 Zebbug to Michele Axac (s/o Giovanni).
1.1.2. Leonardo Magro, married 1597 Zejtun to Domenica Xuereb, with issue. Valerio Magro, married (1) 1619 Zurrieq to Caterina Camilleri, married (2) 1637 Zurrieq to Veronica Mizzi, with issue. (First marriage) Gio Maria Magro, married 1653 Zurrieq to Maria Zammit, with issue. Mro Domenico Magro, married 1688 Zebbug to Caterina Gambin, with issue. Gio Maria Magro, married 1716 Zebbug to Lucrezia Tanti, with issue. Gio Domenico Magro, married 1751 Naxxar to Grazia Fenech, with issue. Anna Magro, married 1780 Naxxar to Giovanni Muscat, with issue. Stefano Muscat, married 1816 Gudja to Maria Rosa Galea, with issue. Angelo Muscat, married 1839 Gudja to Angela Mifsud, with issue. Salvatore Stefano Giuseppe Apolinari Muscat, (1840 Gudja -), married 1865 Ghaxaq to Giovanna Abela. Rosa Caterina Teresa Theodora Clementina Muscat, (1844 Gudja -)., married 1866 Gudja to Gaetano Dalli. Grazia Maria Muscat, (1846 Gudja -), married 1869 Gudja to Giovanni Dalli. Stefano Grazio Giovanni Muscat, (1848 Gudja -), dunm. Giovanna Maria Birigitta Muscat, (1850 Gudja -). Giovanna Victoria Giuseppina Muscat, (1853 Gudja -). Francesco Muscat. Maria Grazia Teresa Muscat, (1858 -). Antonio Muscat, (1860 Gudja -1939 Gudja), (Visited Tunis, Gibralter, Turkey), married 1884 Gudja to Francesca Farrugia, with issue. Salvino Angelo Francesco Muscat, (1885 Gudja -)., d.inf. Salvino Giuseppe Vincenzo Muscat, (1886 Gudja -1968)., dunm. Carmino Francesco Michel'angelo Muscat, (1889 Gudja -). Giovanna Carmina Grazia Muscat, (1891 Gudja -)., married to Augustino Coreschi. Maria Loreta Francesca Giovanna Muscat, (1893 Gudja -)., married 1890 Gudja to Carmelo Sghendo, with issue. Giuseppe Sghendo, (1915 Gudja -). Carmelo Sghendo, (1917 Gudja -). Maria Assunta Sghendo, (1919 Gudja -). Giovanni Carmelo Angelo Giuseppe Maria Sghendo, (1920 Gudja -). Emanuela Sghendo, (1922 Gudja -). Gelarda Sghendo, (1923 Gudja -). Rosa Angela Melita Sghendo, (1925 Gudja -). Francesca Sghendo, (1926 Gudja -). Salvino Sghendo, (1928 Gudja -). Carmelo Sghendo, (1930 Gudja -). Francesca Sghendo, (1932 Gudja -). Teresa Giuseppa Grazia Sghendo, (1935 Gudja -). Grazia Muscat, (1895 Gudja -)., d.inf. Maria Carmina Giuseppa Gaetana Muscat, (1896 Gudja -)., married to Giuseppe Scicluna, with issue. Rita Scicluna. Paolo Scicluna. Nina Scicluna. Giovanni Scicluna. Francesco Scicluna. Giuseppe Scicluna. Salvino Scicluna. Manuela Scicluna. Maria Scicluna. Alfred Scicluna. Leila Scicluna. Angela Maria Spirantia Muscat, (1898 Gudja -)., d.inf. Grazio Muscat, (1900 Gudja -)., married to Giuseppa Calleja, with issue. Giovanna Muscat. Francis Muscat. John Mary Muscat. Peter Muscat. John Muscat. Giuseppe Muscat. Anthony Muscat. Grazia Muscat. Angela Caterina maria Muscat, (1902 Gudja -)., married 1931 Gudja to Angelo Xerri, with issue. Maria Xerri, (1932-. Joseph Xerri, (1932-. Giovanna Xerri, (1933-. Anna Xerri, (1934-. Francesca Xerri, (1936 -. Alfred Xerri, (1937-. Paolo Xerri, (1940-. Nazarena Muscat, (1904 Gudja -1978 Marsa)., married to Publio Attard, with issue. Maria Attard, (1924-. Francesca Attard, (1926 -. Giovanna Attard, (1930 -. Giuseppe Attard. Angelo Attard, (1936 -. Evelyn Attard, (1939-. Antonio Attard, (1942 -). Maria Giuseppa Angela Carmina Muscat, (1905 Gudja -)., married 1930 Gudja to Eduardo Spiridon Pietro Scicluna, with issue. Caterina Francesca Teresa Maria Scicluna, (1930-. Francesca Angela Enrika Scicluna, (1932-. Giuseppe Alfonso Paolo Francesco Scicluna, (1934-. Giovanna Scicluna, (1936-. Carmelo Angelo Paolo Francesco Scicluna, (1938 -. Antonio Giuseppe Carmelo Francesco Scicluna, (1939 -. Maria Loreta Giovanna Scicluna, (1941-. Maria Filippa Paola Francesca Scicluna, (1943-. Simone Muscat, married 1841 Gudja to Anna Azzopardi. Angela Muscat, married 1846 Gudja to Francesco Chetcuti. Anna Muscat, married 1847 Gudja to Giuseppe Caruana. Saveria Muscat, married 1849 Gudja to Angelo Pace. Gio Domenico Magro, married 1824 Naxxar to N. Vittoria Magro, married 1809 Naxxar to Pietro Sammut. Gio Maria Magro, married 1778 Mosta to Maria Vella. Filippo Magro, married 1747 Zebbug to Francesca Sammut. Antonio Magro, married 1743 Zebbug to Rosa Galdes. Francesco Magro, married 1746 Zebbug to Rosa Buhagiar. Giovanni Magro, married 1748 Zebbug to Maria Barbara. Tomaso Magro, married 1680 Zurrieq to Maria Farrugia. Giovanni Magro, married 1624 Gudja to Sapienza Hellul.
1.1.3. Luca Magro, married (1) 1603 Valletta to Susanna Romano, married (2) 1645 to Aloisetta Mangion, with issue (First Marriage)
Rev. Can Domenico Magri, (1604-72), (Created 1650 by Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor, Count of the Holy Roman Empire). A Maltese Theologist and linguist who for many years served in Rome. This oriental mission by direction of Cardinal Virginio Orsini started out from Rome in December 1623 and went via Gaete, Naples, Messina, Malta, Crete, Alexandria, and Aleppo before it reached Mount Lebanon in June 1624. The expedition visited Tripoli, Beirut and Saida and returned to Rome in November that same year. The aim of the mission was to inform the Patriarch of the Maronite church about the circumstances in the country and also to find students to bring back to the Maronite college in Rome. Emir Fakhreddine II, Ruler of the Druze, part of the mountains 1590-1635 is known as the founder of modern Lebanon and renowned for his great religious tolerance. He opened the door to Christians in particular in the area of the Chouf Mountains. This rare account gives much information about the places visited, the inhabitants and their customs and manners. Contessa Anna Magro, married 1627 Senglea to Pietro Muxi. Contessa Francesca Magro, married 1623 Valletta to Francesco de la Cassiera. Contessa Giorgia Lucrezia Magro, married 1633 Valletta to Giovanni Cremona.
. (Second Marriage) Contessa Maruzza Magro, married 1668 Zorrico to Salvatore Testaferrata.
1.1.4. Simone Magro, married 1600 to Caterina Saliba, with issue. Mro Chco. Domenico Magro, married 1629 Zurrieq to Maria Camilleri, with issue. Grazia Magro, married 1652 Zurrieq to Gio Angelo Saliba. Maurizza Magro, married 1652 Birkirkara to Maurizio Bonan. Caterina Magro, married 1671 Lija to Mro Pietro Cuzkeri. Salvatore Magro, married 1629 Siggiewi to Imperia Azzopardi, with issue. Andrea Magro, married 1666 Qrendi to Maria Bugeja.
1.1.5. Giacobo Magro, married 1602 at Micabila to Caterina Zammit, with issue Domenico Magro, married  1623 Zurrieq to Petronilla Zammit, with issue. Vincenzo Magro, married 1666 to Domemichella Crispo. Giuseppa Magro Crispo, married 1674 Dingli to Gioacchino Spiteri.
1.1.6. Domenica Magro, married 1633 Zurrieq to Antonio Recupero, with issue. Pasquale Recupero, married 1680 Gharghur to Cleria Xerri, with issue. Giuseppe Recupero, married 1701 Gharghur to Battistina Bartolo, with issue. Clara Recupero, married 1742 Gharghur to Pietro Balzan. Maria Recupero, married 1681 Vittoriosa to Antonio Randon.
1.2. Mro Dioniso Magro, married to Grazia N, with issue.
1.2.1. Mro. Marino Magro, married to 1631 Senglea to Flaminea Darmanina, with issue. Caterina Magro, married 1659 Zurrico to Mro Giovanni Griscti-Macedonia, with issue. Mro. Gio Domenico Griscti, married 1683 Gudia to Maria Camilleri, with issue. Anna Maria Griscti, married 1715 Mdina to Maruzzo Zammit, with issue. Geltrude Zammit, married 1750 Mdina to Notary Camillo Gonzi Angela Griscti, married 1680 Casal Luca to Domenico Azzopardi, with issue. Giuseppe Azzopardi, married 1725 Casal Luca to Lorenza Grech, with issue. Anna Maria Azzopardi, married 1761 Valletta to Salvatore Camilleri., with issue. Saveria Camilleri, married 1809 Valletta to Randolfo Vassallo, with issue. Virginia Vassallo, married 1869 Curmi to Pietro Paolo Mifsud Bonnici. Veronica Magro., married 1653 to Pasquale Agius., with issue. Gio Maria Magro., married 1691 to Maria Ciappara., with issue. Anna Magro., married 1724 to Giuseppe Zammit., with issue. Giovanni Zammit., married 1741to Maddalena Debono., with issue. Giuseppe Zammit., married to Clara.., with issue. Giovanni Zammit., married 1801 to Innocenza Sacco., with issue. Dr Giuseppe Zammit JUD. Giuseppa Magro, married 1666 Senglea to Pietro Vella, with issue. Lorenza Magro, married 1710 Senglea to Antonio Cremona.
1.3. Paola Magro, married 1568 Gudja to Gabriele Rodriches, with issue.
1.3.1. Agnese Rodriches, married 1612 Gudja to Antonio Xicluna.
1.3.2. Michele Rodriches, married 1625 Gudja to Veneranda (former wife of Carlo Galea).
1.3.3. Beatrice Rodriches, married 1588 Gudja to Tomaso Psaila.
1.3.4. Domenica Rodriches, married 1600 Gudja to Domenico Bonello.
1.3.5. Maria Rodriches, married 1604 Gudja to Giovanni Psaila.
1.3.6. Caterina Rodriches, married 1609 Gudja to Domenico Mallia.

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