"Malaspina dei Marchesi di Montefalcone Family"

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Marchese Corrardo Malaspina, Marchese di Mulazzo, married to Costanza de Suevia, with issue.

1. Marchese Alberto Malaspina, (c 1266), Marchese di Trebbia, married with issue.

2. Marchese Morello Malaspina, 1272 Marchese di Mulazzo e Madrignano, married to Berlenda Cicala, with issue.

2.1. Marchesa Elena Malaspina, married to Giberto da Correggio, Signore di Parma.

.2. Marchese Manfredo Malaspina, dunm.

2.3. Marchese Francesco Malaspina, (d. 1313), married with issue.

2.3.1. Marchese Giovanni Malaspina, (d. 1343), Marchese di Mulazzo, married to Caterina Castracani dei Signori di Lucca, dsp.

2.3.2. Marchese Gabriele Malaspina, dunm.

2.3.3. Marchese Morello Malaspina, 1344 Marchese di Mulazzo, (d. 1365), married to Alagia Malaspina dei Marchesi di Giovagallo, with issue. Marchese Galaezzo Malaspina, (c. 1398), married with issue. Marchese Benedetto Malaspina, Abbott Commander of Capparana, dunm. Marchese Ghisello Malaspina, dunm. Marchesa Margherita Malaspina, married to Obizzo Malaspina, Marchese di Lusollo. Marchese Antonio Malaspina, 1390, Marchese di Mulazzo, Godano e Bollano, (d. 1407), married to Beatrice Buzzacarini, with issue. Marchese Antonio Malaspina, (c.1442,), married with issue. Marchese Morello Malaspina, 1393 Marchese di Mulazzo, married to Francesca Malaspina dei Marchesi d'Oramala, dsp. Marchese Gian Bernabo Malaspina, dunm. Marchese Galeazzo Malaspina, (c. 1455), dunm.l. Marchesa Teodorina Malaspina, married 1434 to Tommaso Fregoso, Doge of Genoa. Marchese Azzone Malaspina, (d. 1473), 1421 Marchese di Mulazzo, Groppoli, Monteregio e Villa e Costeoli, married with issue. Marchese Morello Malaspina, (d. 1489), married to Eleanora Malaspina dei Marchesi di Treschietto, with issue. Marchese Girolamo Malaspina, (c. 1512), dunm. Marchese Visconte Malaspina, (c. 1502), married with issue. Marchesa N. Malaspina, married to Conte Noceti. Marchesa Teodorina Malaspina, married to Gianspinetta Malaspina, Marchese di Villafranca. Marchese Raffaele Malaspina, Abbott Commander in Cepparana 1484), dunm. Marchese Federico Malaspina, dunm. Marchese Paolo Malaspina, (d. 1517), Marchese di Mulazzo, married with issue. Marchese Bonifazio Malaspina, 1523 Marchese di Madrignano, (d. 1550), married (1) to Nicoletta Spinola, married (2) Grazia d'Africano Calcagnini, with issue. Marchese Stefano Malaspina, Priest, (d. 1550), dunm. Marchese Morello Malaspina, 1560 Marchese di Montegio e Pozzo, (d. 1573), married to Caterina Malaspina dei Marchesa di Gragnola,with issue. Marchesa Aurante Malaspina, married to Conte Carlo Tedeschi. Marchese Francesco Antonio Malaspina, 1573 Marchese di Mulazzo, married to Mattea Malaspina dei Marchesi di Podenzana, with issue. Marchesa Margherita Malaspina, married to Claudio d'Ajano. Marchese Galaezzo Malaspina, Knight of the Order of St John of Malta, (d 1605), dunm.l. Marchese Giampaolo Malaspina, 1577 Marchese di Monteregio, married to Marchesa Taddea Malaspina dei Marchesi di Monteregio, with issue. Marchese Leonardo Malaspina, 1596 Marchese di Monteregio, dunm. Marchese Giulio Cesare Malaspina. Marchese Mro Carlo Malaspina, Knight of the Order of St John, married to Maria Bonnici., with issue. Marchese Geronimodelfa Malaspina, married 1625 Valletta to Diana Ramozetta, with issue. Marchese Geronimo Malaspina,  married 1659 Birgu to Diana Dudley dei Duchi di Northumbria, with issue. Marchesa Diana Malaspina, (1659-. Marchesa Maria Antonia Malaspina, (1663 -. Marchese Geronimodelfa Malaspina, (1665-. Marchesa Cassandra Malaspina, (1669-. Marchesa Maddalena Malaspina, married 1628 Senglea to Domenico Cruci, with issue. Angelica Cruci, married 1652 Senglea to Grazio Cuscinello, with issue. Evangelista Cuscinello, married 1675 Cospicua to Giuseppe Chetcuti, with issue. Teresa Chetcuti, married 1710 Cospicua to Andrea Camilleri, with issue. Vincenzo Camilleri, married 1758 Valletta to Anna Gusman, with issue. Giuseppe Camilleri, maried 1796 Valletta to Anna Carbone, with issue. Notary Emmanuele Giuseppe Camilleri, married 1818 Valletta to Paolina Rancati, with issue. Emilia Camilleri, (1829-1897), married 1853 Floriana to Edward Tonna, with issue. Edward Tonna, (1854-1925), married (1) 1883 London to Eleanore Turner,. married (2) 1897 Sliema to Marietta Biasini dei Conti di Bahria, with issue. John Albert Tonna, married to Maria Carmena Stagno Navarra dei Conti di Bahria e Cassandola, with issue. Mima Tonna. Caroline Tonna, married to Henry Scicluna. Giuseppe Camilleri, married 1845 Valletta to Ursola Imbroll. Daniele Camilleri, married 1839 Valletta to Maria Anna Grech. Salvatore Camilleri, married 1813 Valletta to Maria Xuereb. Maria Camilleri, married 1842 Valletta to Lorenzo Gouder, with issue. Alfredo Gouder, married 1867 Valletta to Grazia Zahra. Felicita Camilleri, married 1818 Valletta to Antonio Roediger. Carmela Camilleri, married 1834 Valletta to Guglielmo Mirabella. Teresa Camilleri, married 1834 Valletta to Bartolomeo Carbone. Tomaso Camilleri, married 1788 Valletta to Elizabetta Caruana.. Francesca Chetcuti, married 1704 Cospicua to Vincenzo Cachia, with issue. Antonia Cachia, married 1735 Cospicua to Michele Angelo Mallia. Maddalena Chetcuti, married 1704 Cospicua to Pietro Camilleri. Maruzza Cruci, married 1651 Senglea to Leonardo Grech. Aniesa Cruci, married 1657 Senglea to Giuseppe di Giovanni. Marchesa Isabella Malaspina, married 1617 Cospicua to Giuseppe Borg, with issue. Francesco Borg, married 1676 Cospicua to Onorata Sibilia. Marchesa Maria Malaspina, married 1624 Senglea to Andrea Pangales, with issue. Maria Pangales, married 1639 Birgu to Don Ferdinando Dudley di Northumbria. Marchesa Caterina Malaspina, married 1633 to Luca Heffner. Marchesa Angelica Malaspina, married 1639 to Marcello Heffner. Marchesa Costanza Malaspina, married to Lombardino Stanchi. Marchese Gian Vincenzo Malaspina, 1595 Marchese di Monteregio, married to Marchesa Margherita Malaspina dei Marchesa di Liciana, with issue. Marchesa Susanna Malaspina, married to Marchese Francesco Malaspina, Marchese di Tresana. Marchese Gian Vincenzo Malaspina, 1619 Marchese di Monteregio, married to Isabella Sanvitale dei Conti di Fontanellato, with issue. Marchesa Maria Malaspina, married to Marchese Francesco Antonio Palavicino, Marchese di Varano. Marchesa Margherita Malaspina, married to Ciro Pallavicino, Marchese di Solignano. Marchese Ottavio Malaspina, 1646 Marchese di Monteregio, married to Matilde Malaspina dei Marchesa di Muluzzo, dsp. Marchese Carlo Malaspina, Abbott, dunm. Marchese GianGiacomo Malaspina, (d. 1550), married with issue. Marchese Manfredi Malaspina. Marchese Cristoforo Malaspina, 1457 Marchese di Villafranca e Mulazzo, married with issue. Marchese Olivero Malaspina, dunm. Marchese Corrardo Malaspina, dunm. Marchese Leonardo Malaspina, 1478 Marchese di S. Stefano, dunm. Marchesa Benedetta Malaspina, married to Gasparo Federici. Marchese Giacomo Malaspina, dunm. Marchese Antonio Malaspina, (d. 1523), married with issue. Marchese Giacomo Malaspina, Abbott, dunm. Marchesa Diamante Malaspina, married 1412 to Azzo Malaspina, Marchese di Pietragra. Marchese Ghisello Malaspina, (c. 1456), married with issue. Marchese Azzone Malaspina, (c. 1390), married to N. Fregoso, (d/o Tommaso, Doge of Genoa), dsp. Marchese Barnabo Malaspina, (c. 1390), dunm.

2.2.4. Marchese Giacomo Malaspina, dunm.

2.2.5. Marchese Guglielmo Malaspina, Sepolto, dunm.

2.3. Marchesa Beatrice Malaspina, married to Nicola Malaspina, Marchese di Filattiera.

2.4. Marchesa Barnabo Malaspina, (1294-), Bishop of Luni 1321.

3. Marchese Federico Malaspina, Marchese di Villafranca, married to Agnesedu Cremolino dei Marchese del Bosco, with issue.

3. Marchese Manfredo Malaspina, Marchese di Giovagallo, married with issue..




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