"The Noble House of Meysionet"

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1. Antoine Meysionet, Sire de Meysionet of France., married Margarete Ganon., with issue.

1.1.  Odilio Meysionet, Sire de Meysionet., married 1590 to Brunetta von Galem. With issue.

1.1.1. Antonia Meysionet., married 1612 to Giacomo Agius.

1.1.2. Valerio Meysionet., married 1616 to Girolama d’Arena., with issue. Teresa Meysionet., married 1649 Valletta to Francesco Le’Coq., with issue.  Anna Le’Coq., married 1673 to Pietro Petit., with issue. Gio Batta Petit., married Teresa La Balna. Dr. Baldassare Petit JUD., married 1713 to Polixemia Farrugia., with issue.      Dr Felice Petit JUD., married 1739 to Teresa Caxaro., with issue. Chco. Antonio Petit-Caxaro., married Vincenza Grugnett., with issue. Adelaide Petit., married 1822 to Benedetto Pellegrino. Maria Petit-Caxaro., married 1765 Mdina to Giuseppe Alford., with issue.      Maria Anna Alford., married 1800 to Conte Luigi dei Conti Teuma-Castelletti., with issue.      Elisabetta Alford., married 1806 to Conte Giuseppe dei Conti Teuma Castelletti.      Polixemia Petit-Caxaro.      Com. Fra. Pierro Petit-Caxaro, Knight of Malta, dunm.      Calcedonio Petit-Caxaro., married Elizabetta They., with issue.. Dr Gio Andrea Petit Caxaro, married 1804 to Vincenza Grognet de Vasse, with issue, (See Meimun in Extinct for Descendants) Maria Teresa Petit., married 1800 to Dr Bartolomeo Scifo JUD. Aloiseo Petit., married Giuseppina Lombardo. Rosalea Petit., married Dr Bernardo Lombardo JUD. Com. Fra. Ermenegileo Petit., Knight of Malta, dunm. Odolio Meysionet, married 1661 to Domenica Mizzi. Veronica Meysionet, married 1655 Valletta to Jean Raymondin. Petronailla Meysionet, married 1647 Valletta to Giorgio Barral of France., with issue. Nicolina Margherita Barral, married 1673 Valletta to Giovanni Fabri.

1.1.3.      Clara Meysionet., married Franco Bonamico., with issue. Maria Bonamico., married 1660 Valletta to Mro Francesco Sartre. Com. Fra. Giacomo Bonamico, Knight of Malta, dunm. Dr. Gio Franco Bonamico JUD., married 1666 to Orsola Cangialanza., with issue.  Anna Bonamico., married Dr Guglielmo Pipers JUD., with issue. . Elizabetta Pipers., married 1718 to Filippo Antonio Crespi. Rosalea Bonamico., married 1714 to Conte Giuseppe Preziosi., with issue. Niccolo Bonamico, ‘Abbott’, dunm. Rosa Bonamico. Lucia Bonamico., married 1643 Valletta to Giovanni Gucciardi., with issue,. Dr Pietro Gucciardi JUD., married 1669 to Teodora Theuma., with issue. Veronica Gucciardi., married Baldassare Gristi., with issue. Anna Gristi., married Andrea Verano., with issue. Anna Verano., married Gio Antonio Crispo, De-Jure Duke of the Naxos Islands., with issue. Chco. Eugenio Gucciardi. Gio Batta Gucciardi., married 1703 to Francesca Revest., with issue. Partemia Gucciardi., married 1744 to Pietro Paolo Teuma Castelletti. Francesco Gucciardi, married 1732 to Caterina Attard. Veronica Gucciardi, married 1664 to Baldassare Gristi. Giovanni Gucciardi, married 1674 to Nataliza Barbara,11th Baroness di Bucelli in Sicily, with issue. Maria Gucciardi, 12th Baroness di Bucelli in Sicily, married 1722 to Gaspare Signorello. (Barons of Bucelli)

1.1.4. Pierro Meysionet, Sire de Meysionet., married Angelica Farrugia., with issue. Dr Domenico Meysionet JUD. Aloisea Meysionet., married 1647 to Battista Dorel. Persia Meysionet., married Giovanni Olivier. Dr Giuseppe Meysionet JUD., married Agata Cassia. Giovanellara Meysionet., married Dr Massilano Balzano JUD Michele Meysionet., married Marguerite Canuili, with issue. Franca Meysionet., married Dr Aloiseo Olivier JUD, dsp. Maddalena Meysionet., married 1694 to Aloiseo Sulneu. Antonio Meysionet., married 1665 to Levastuila Aqulina, with issue.  Anna Maria Meysionet., married 1706 to Dr Pietro Paolo Caxaro JUD. Maddalena Meysionet., married 1690 to Francesco Battaylle., with issue. Aloiseo Battaylle., married (1) 1744 Valletta to Camilla Garrone., married (2) 1756 Valletta Maria Tanti., with issue. (First Marriage) Don Matteo Battaylle, dunm. Francesco Battaylle., married (1) 1808 Valletta Caterina Cachia, married (2) 1817 Valletta to Vincenza Aquilina, with issue. (First Marriage) Rosina Battaylle., married 1784 Gharghur to Chco. Giuliano Cachia., with issue.  Felice Maria Cachia. Gio Andrea Cachia. Maria Teresa Cachia. Giuseppe 1814 Valletta to Pasqualina Farrugia. (Second Marriage) Notary Leopoldo Battaylle., married 1780 Rabat Gozo to Gisuarda Cordona.,  married (2) 1801 Rabat Gozo to Orsola Zammit, with issue. (First Marriage) Aloiseo Battaylle, married 1807 Valletta to Caterina Fabri, with issue. Remigio Battaylle, married 1831 Valletta to Grazia Abela. Eugenia Battaylle, married to Michele Abela. Calcedonia Battaylle. Antonia Battaylle. Pietro Paolo Battaylle, married 1781 Valletta to Angela Sagin.

1.1.5.  Maddalena Meysionet., married 1615 to Giovanni deCos (sives Decos)., with issue.



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