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The Noble Family of Sagona

This family is listed as a noble family in “Descrittione di Malta” (1647).

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“Di questa famiglia, che fu’ delle primarie, non meno in Malta, che nel Gozo, ritorviamo esere stato Giurato della nostra Citta Bernardo nel 1471. Nardo pure Giurato nel 1476. Nicolo’ similmente Giurato negl’ anni 1513, 1514, 1517, 1520, 1521, 1522, 1526 & 1531. Cittadino di molta bonta’, e rettitudine, come si puo’ far conseguenza dall’ essere stato eletto per tanti anni, ad amministrare quel carico, masimamente ch’allora, co’ l suffragio di certo numero di Cittadini, si faceva lo scrutinio degli’ officiali. Nardo Sagona sopraintendente alla publiche fabriche della Citta’ allora chiamato Marammeri nel 1487. Cola Sagona Vicesegreto nel Gozo, per privilegio concedutogli dali Regi Giovanna, e Carlo l’anno 1516, dato in Bruselles a’ 30 di Settembre v. Ind. E Giuliano Sagona Capitano del. Gozo nel 1548. ” (From Abela’s “Della Descrittione di Malta del Commendatore Abela” (1647))



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1. Matteo Sagona, was recorded as witness to various notarial deeds dated 1465, 1486 and 1487. He was dead by 1500. He held the right of juspatronatus., married to Isolda Caxaro, with issue.

1.1. Pinus Sagona served as rector of the several sinecures. In 1501 he was Vicar Foraneus for Gozo, died 1528.

1.2. Leonardo (sive Nardus) Sagona, served as Juror of Gozo in 1471 and 1476, and in 1487 as sopraintedente alle publiche fabriche della Cittá allora chiamato Marammeri. In 1463, was appointed one of the Gozitan Acthapani, married (1) to Betta dei Baroni di Bordino, married (2) to Beatrice Vagnolo, with issue.

1.2.1. (First Marriage) Nicoló Sagona served as eight terms as Juror of Gozo during the period 1513-31. Giovanni Francesco Abela in 1647 described him as Cittadino di molta bontá, e rettidudine, come si puó far conseguenza dall'essere stato eletto per tanti anni, ad amministrare quel carico, massimamente ch'allora, co'l suffragio di certo numero di Cittadini, si faceva lo scrutinio degl'officiali. Giovanni Pietro Francesco Agius de Soldanis in 1746 wrote that in 1543, the nobleman Nicholas Sagona was secretary in Gozo. This is what he wrote about himself: 'Nicoló Sagona Vice-Secretary in Gozo by a privilege granted to him by Queen Giovanna and King Charles in 1516, from Brussels, on 30 September 1516'. He married to Violante dei Baroni Inguanez, dsp.

1.2.2. Franciscus Sagona – was endowed with the benefices at Ta’ Bingemma, Ta’ Don Gorg, Tas-Sewda, Tal-Pellegrino, and Il-Wilga delli Karcipuli. In 1496, he was still a cleric and carried out duties of witness in notariald eeds during that year. In 1512, he had to with stand Don Antonius Busutill who had managed to obtain for himself the second one of the benefices. Franciscus Sagona died sometime around 1517 when the Vicar General assumed control of his spoils which were eventually returned to Franciscus’s relatives by Bishop Catagnano.

1.2.3. Vincenza Sagona, married to Notary Graziano Vassallo.

1.2.4. Gioanna Sagona, married to Rogerio Caxaro.

1.2.5. Mazzullo Sagona, married to Patrazzia di Siciliano, with issue. Lucchina Sagona, married to Franco Laureri. Leone Sagona, married 1545 to Betta dei Baroni Montagnu. Isabella Sagona, married 1560 to Ambrosio Vagnolo Angelo Saguna, married 1570 Matrice Gozo to Laurica Micallef, with issue. Imperia Saguna, married 1617 Matrice Gozo to Domenico Farrugia. Martino Saguna, married 1622 Matrice Gozo to Gioalla Grech, with issue. Lazzaro Saguna, married 1638 Matrice Gozo to Domenica Zammit, with issue. Maria Saguna, married 1669 Matrice Gozo to Giulio Rapa. Giuseppe Saguna, married 1679 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Mercieca, with issue. Domenico Saguna, married 1720 Sannut Gozo to Grazia Buttigieg, with issue. Teresa Saguna, married (1) 1754 Gozo to Lorenzo Grima, married (2) 1797 Gozo to Giuseppe Cassar. Orsola Saguna, married 1767 Gozo to Giovanni Cini. Margherita Saguna, married 1759 Gozo to Francesco Gatt. Maria Saguna, married 1746 Gozo to Francesco Gauci. Mario Saguna, married 1751 Rabat Gozo to Speranza Cauchi, with issue. Ignazio Saguna, married 1786 Valletta to Maria Sacco, with issue. Vincenzo Saguna, married 1812 Valletta to Ursola Camilleri, with issue. Giuseppe Saguna, married 1845 Vittoriosa to Margherita Cassano, with issue. Ursola Saguna, married 1879 Vittoriosa to Davide Gatt, with issue. Amelia Gatt, married 1924 Vittoriosa to Vincenzo Grech. Pietro Saguna, married 1707 Xewijka Gozo to Grazia Farrugia. Maria Saguna, married 1707 Gozo to Domenico Buttigieg. Grazia Saguna, married 1648 Matrice Gozo to Pietro Pace. Caterina Saguna, married 1648 Matrice Gozo to Giovanni Conti. Isabella Saguna, married 1651 Matrice Gozo to Pasquale Formosa. Ambrosio Saguna, married (1) N, married (2) 1651 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Cauchi. Marietta Saguna, married 1655 Matrice Gozo to Pietro Micallef. Maria Saguna, married 1659 Matrice Gozo to Ignazio Galea. Domenico Sagona, married (1) 1602 Zebbug Malta to Giovanna Buhagiar, married (2) 1636 Zebbug Malta to Gioannella Dimech, with issue. (Second Marriage) Salvo Sagona, married 1641 Zebbug to Paolina Agius, with issue. Domenica Sagona, married 1659 Valletta to Domenico Borg. Imperia Sagona, married 1635 Zebbug to Gio Paolo Zammit. Giulio Sagona "sives Savona", Governor of Gozo (r. 1548-49), married 1547 to Donna Vincenza Teresa Sayd, with issue. Leonardo Savona, married (1) 1588 Senglea to Vittoria Carbott, (2) 1605 Senglea to Elena di Maria, with issue. (Second Marriage) Cinsia Jane Savona, married 1645 Senglea to Vito John Lombardo., (migrated to France - Reference: The Complete Peerage, Vol XII, page 329, (b)), with issue. Teresa Lombardo, married 1680 Senglea to Emmanuele Manoli "sives Nevazuli". Pietro Pierre Lombard, of Burnham Thorpe, (1657 - 1725), French Refugee to England, married (1) 1672 Cospicua to Maria Mamo, married (2) 1693 to Marianna Ernault sives Renault, with issue. (Second Marriage) Mary Magdalen Lombard, (1695-1783), married 1720 to Horatio Walpole, created Baron Walpole of Wolterton, UK 1756, with issue. Horatio II Walpole, (1723-1809), 2nd Baron Walpole of Wolterton, created 1806 Earl of Orford in UK, married 1748 to Lady Rachel Cavendish, with issue. Horatio III Walpole, (1752-1822), 2nd Earl of Orford, married (1) 1781 to Sophia Churchill, married 1797 to Catherine Tunstall, with issue. (First marriage) Horatio IV Walpole, (1783-1858), 3rd Earl of Orford, married 1812 to Mary Fawkener, with issue. Horatio V Walpole, (1813-1894), 4th Earl of Orford, married 1841 to Harriet Bettina Pellew, with issue. Lady Dorothy Walpole, (1842-1921), married to Don Ernesto del Balzo, 7th Duca di Caprigliano, Duca del Balzo. Lady Maude Walpole, (1844-), married to Conte Salvatore Grifeo, Principe Palagonia Grandee of Spain. (illegitimate with Lady Susan Douglas Hamilton, Duchess of Newcastle) Horatio Walpole, (1849 - 1919), dunm. Hon Henry Walpole, (1818-1876), married 1845 to Cecilia Elizabeth Macalister, dsp. Hon Frederick Walpole, (1822-1876), married to Laura Sophia Walpole, with issue. Robert Walpole, 5th and Last Earl of Orford, 6th Baron Walpole of Wolterton, 8th Baron Walpole of Walpole, (1854-1931), married (1) 1888 to Louise Melissa Corbin, married (2) 1917 to Emily Gladys Oakes, with issue. (First marriage) Horatio Walpole, (1891-1893), d.inf. Lady Dorothy Walpole, (1889-1959), married 1916 (Div 1933) to Capt Arthur Mills, dsp. (Second marriage) Lady Gladys Walpole, (1918-1919), d.inf. Lady Anne Walpole, (1919-), married (1) 1939 to Col Joseph Palmer, CBE, married (2) 1990 to Robert James Berry. Hon Clare Walpole, (1858-1906), married to Ann Gardner, with issue. Amye Walpole, married to Hugh Wheelwright. Lady Amye Rachel Walpole, married 1872 to Henry Charles Manners Sutton, 4th Viscount Canterbury, with issue. Henry Frederick Manners Sutton, 5th Viscount Canterbury, (1879-1918), dunm. Lady Rachel Walpole, married 1842 to John Charles Savile, 4th Earl of Mexborough, with issue. John Horace Savile, (1843-1916), 5th Earl of Mexborough, married (1) 1867 to Venetia Stanley Errington, married (2) 1906 to Nobile Sylvia Cecelia de Ser Antoni, married (3) 1916 to Anne Holmes Belcher, dsp. Lady Dorothy Walpole, married 1847 to Reginald Henry Neville. Lady Maria Walpole, married 1817 to Martin John West. Lady Harriet Walpole, married 1817 to Sir William Hoste, 1st Baronet, with issue. Rear Adm Sir William Hoste, 2nd Bt, (1818-1868), married 1859 to Caroline Dorothea Prideaux, with issue. Sir William Hoste, 3rd Bt, (1860-1902), married 1884 to Alice Healy, with issue. Sir William Hoste, 4th Bt, (1895-1915), dunm. Dorothy Hoste, married 1891 to John Bevill Fortescue, with issue. George Grenville Fortescue, (1892-). John Grenville Fortescue, (1896-). Theodore Hoste, (1819-1835 Malta), dunm. Wyndham Horatio Hoste, (1825-1906), dunm. Caroline Harriet Hoste, married 1857 to Rev David Ray, D.D. Psche Rose Hoste, (d. 1904), dunm. Priscilla Anne Hoste, dunm. Lady Georgiana Walpole, married 1827 to Rev Joseph Wolff, DD, LLD.. (Second marriage) Lady Mary Walpole, (1757-), married 1777 to Thomas Hussey. Hon George Walpole, (1758-1835). Hon Mary Walpole, (1726-), married to Capt Maurice Suckling. Hon Thomas Walpole, (1727-1803), married to Elizabeth Vanneck, with issue Thomas Walpole, (1755-1840), married 1803 to Lady Margaret Perceval, with issue. Rev Thomas Walpole, (1805-1881), married 1833 to Margaret Mitchell, with issue. Henry Spencer Walpole, later Vade Walpole, (1837-1913), married 1877 to Frances Selina Bourke, with issue. Thomas Henry Vade Walpole, (1879-1915), dunm. Horatio Spencer Vade Walpole, later Walpole (1881-1918), married 1906 to Dorothea Molyneux Montgomerie, with issue. Robert Henry Montgomerie Walpole, (1913-1989), 7th Baron Walpole of Wolterton, 10th Baron Walpole of Walpole, married 1937 to Nancy Louisa Harding Jones, OBE, with issue. Robert Horatio Walpole, (1938-), 8th Baron Walpole of Wolterton, 11th Baron Walpole of Walpole, married 1962 (Div 1979) to Sybil Judith Schofields, married (2) 1980 to Laurel Celia Ball, with issue. (First marriage) Hon Jonathon Robert Walpole, (1967-, married 2006 to Eilen Margaret Sean Quinn. Hon Benedict Thomas Walpole, (1969-, married 2000 to Eleanor Hawkes, with issue. Thomas Charles Walpole. Albert Vincent Walpole. Dorothea Isobel Walpole. Hon Alice Louise Walpole, (1963-, married 1990 to Dr Angel Cesar Carro. Hon Emma Judith Walpole, (1964-, married 1998 to Timothy Walsh. (Second marriage) Hon Roger Horatio Walpole, (1980-, married 2008 to Lesly Rosalind Walker. Hon Henry William Walpole, (1982-. Hon Grace Mary Walpole, (1986-. Hon Jonathan henry Walpole, (1951-1961), dunm. Hon Mary Walpole, (1948-), d.inf. Hon Phillida Ann Walpole, (1950-, married (1) 1973 (Div 1918) to Clive Grainger Morgan-Evans, married (2) 1983 to Anthony Hurn. Hon Pamela Frances Walpole, (1908-), OBE, MBE, dunm. Horatio John Walpole, (1842-1924), dunm. Ralph Charles Walpole, (1844-1928), married 1924 to Emily Fraser, dsp. Henrietta Elizabeth Walpole, married 1856 to Major John James Irby. Spencer Horatio Walpole, (1806-1898), married 1835 to Isabella Perceval, with issue. Sir Robert Walpole, KCB, (1808-1876), married 1846 to Gertrude Ford, with issue. John Vade Walpole, (1810-1892), married 1841 to Henrietta Browne Smith, with issue. Charles Vade Walpole, CB, (1813-1891), married 1846 to Annette Provost, with issue. Catherine Margaret Walpole, married 1861 to James, 1st Baron de Teissier in France, dsp. Sophia Frances Walpole, married 1849 to Rev Edward Riou Berens, dsp. Lambert Theodore Walpole, (1757-1796), married 1788 to Hon Margaret Clive, with issue. Hon Richard Walpole, (1728-1798), married to Margaret Vanneck, with issue. Susan Walpole, (1730-1732), d.inf. Hon Henrietta Walpole, (1731-1824). Hon Anne Walpole, (1733-1797). Caroline Walpole, (1734-1737), d.inf. Hon Robert Walpole, (1736-1810), married (1) 1780 to Diana Grosset, married (2) 1785 to Sophia Stert, with issue. Elizabeth Lombard, married 1720 to Isaac Le Heup MP, with issue. Mary le Heup, married to Sir Edward Williams, 5th Baronet, with issue. Edward Williams, (1757-1800). Mary Williams, (1752-1820), married to Thomas Wood. Graziulla Lombardo, married 1663 Vittoriosa to Anastasio Palamita. Maria Lombardo, married 1672 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Parson. Caterina Lombardo, married (1) 1678 Vittoriosa to Stamati di Dimitri, married (2) 1680 Vittoriosa to Francesco Cabre, with issue. (Second marriage) Elizabetta Cabre, married 1706 Vittoriosa to Silvestro de Giorgio, with issue. Maruzzo de Giorgio, married 1726 Zebbug to Grazia Farrugia. Palma Cabre, married (1) 1711 Vittoriosa to Nicolo de Giorgio, married (2) 1720 Vittoriosa to Giovanni de Benedicti. Gaspare Savona, married 1648 Senglea to Maruzza di Basili., with issue. Antonio Savona. Aloiseo Savona, married 1640 Valletta to Speranza Dalli., with issue. Antonio Savona, married 1697 Valletta  to Rosa Farrugia, with issue. Bernardo Savona, married 1729 Valletta  to Rosalia Damato, with issue. Salvatore Savona., married 1786 Valletta to Francesca Azzopardi, with issue. Francesco Savona, married 1822 Valletta to Margerita Letard, with issue. Salvatore Savona, married 1867 Valletta to Rosa Azzopardi, with issue. Giuseppe Savona, (1877-1957), married 1923 Valletta to Florinda Meli, with issue. Giacinta Savona, married 1855 Floriana to Giusto Mamo. Vincenzo Savona, married 1848 Floriana to Giacinta Farrugia, with issue. Francesco Savona. Paolo Savona, (1855-., married 1885 Valletta to Carmela Costa, with issue. Nina Savona, married to Benjamin Brincat. Nellie Savona, married to George Magro. Perra Savona, married 1925 Tunis to Vito Genovese. William Savona, (1889-1964), married 1915 Humrun to Carmela Busuttil, with issue. Giovanna Savona, married at Humrun to Carmel Camilleri. Viva Savona, married to Tony Abela. Rita Savona, married Humrun to Carmel Portelli. Mary Savona, married Humrun to George Bezzina. Salvinu Savona, married Humrun to Marija Calleja. Joseph Savona, (1916-70), married to Antonia Magri., with issue. Avon Savona. Winney Savona. Joseph Savona, (1951-, married to Giorgia N, with issue. Joseph Savona, (1981-. Tessie Savona. Gejta Savona. Janey Savona. Alfred Savona, (1958-, married to Marlene N, with issue. Ritianne Savona, (1983-. Gilbert Savona, (1989-. Agnese Savona. Allan Savona. Michael Savona, (1927-), married 1954 Kalkara to Angelica Ventura, with issue. Prof Charles Savona Ventura, (1955-, married 1980 at G'Mangia Malta to Maria Carmela Simler, with issue. Kristian Savona Ventura, (1983-. Stephanie Savona Ventura, (1988-. Renato Savona Ventura, (1960-., married 1988 B'Kara to Giorgette Grech, with issue. Elisa Savona Ventura, (1991-. Yvonne Savona Ventura, (1995-. Rosalea Savona, married 1810 Valletta to Giacomo Afich of Ragusa. Teresa Savona, married 1812 Valletta to Vittorio Degaetano. Caterina Savona, married 1804 Valletta to Gio Battista Pisorno of Genoa Italy. Claudio Savona, married 1794 Cospicua to Margherita Benave. Gabriele Savona, married (1) 1764 Valletta to Anna Balzan, married (2) 1800 Senglea to Maddalena Desira. Tomaso Savona, married 1648 Senglea  to Angeluzza di Basili, with issue. Leonardo Savona, married 1688 Valletta to Anna Genuis. Innocenza Savona, married 1638 to Antonio Montesi of Portugal. Caterina Savona, married 1639 to Vincenzo Gavi, with issue. Flava Gavi, married to Sebastiano Portier, with issue. Margherita Portier. Caterina Portier., married to Onoratio Grimani. Rosa Portier. Persia Gavi, married 1681 Borgo to Silvestrino Capponetto, with issue. Vincenzo Capponetto, married to Elena N, with issue. Modesta Capponetto. Anna Maria Capponetto. Scolastica Capponetto, married 1715 Borgo to M'Angelo Tonna, with issue. Carlo Tonna, married 1735 Valletta to Rosa Fenech, with issue. Vincenzo Tonna, married 1757 Valletta to Vincenza Debono, with issue. Rosa Tonna. Giacobina Tonna, married 1770 Valletta to Rafaele Haxac, with issue. Elizabetta Haxac. Marianna Haxac. Rosa Haxac, married at Valletta to Damiano Albanisi. Eufemia Capponetto. Petronilla Gavi, married to Salvatore d'Arcuri. Carlo Savona, married to Veronica Garsin, with issue. Aloisetta Savona, married 1670 Valletta to Andrea Debono, with issue. Eufemia Debono, married to Bernardo Delatra. Petronilla Debono, married 1699 Valletta to Giuseppe de Corrazier, with issue. Ursola de Corrazier, married 1732 Valletta to Giovanni Falzon, with issue. Tomaso Falzon, married at Matrice Gozo to Rosaria Vella, with issue. Adeodata Falzon. Francesca de Corrazier, married 1738 Valletta to Giovanni Mallia. Giuseppe Savona, dunm. Graziulla Savona, married 1675 Senglea to Ignazio Liberi, with issue. Francesco Livri, (d. 1709), married 1699 Senglea to Maria de Lauda, with issue. Grazia Liberi, (1700-1774 Bormla), married (1) 1715 Senglea to Antonio Schiavone, married (2) 1730 Bormla to Salvatore Giulia. Leonardo Luisi Liveri, (d. 1700), married 1681 to Speranza Farrugia. Giacomo Libri. Giuseppe Savona, married 1689 Vittoriosa to Teresa Grixti, with issue. Saverio Michele Savona married (1) 1712 to Rosa Contreras (2) Elena Risbi, with issue.  (1st marriage) Filippo Savona married Margherita Decandia (Senglea 1723) d/o Gaetano Decamdia & Carmela Gajun, with issue. Ignazio Savona married Teresa Fenech, with issue. Giuseppe Savona married (1) Giuseppa Camilleri, (2) Saveria Zammit (Valletta 17-2-1810) d/o Giuseppe Zammit & Maria Debono, with issue. (2nd marriage) Salvatore Savona married to Carmela Muscat or Messina (Valletta, 1834), with issue; occ. Box-office Attendant Manoel Theatre, with issue. Sigismondo Savona MLP, RMA (1837-1908), married Filomena Caruana (Valletta, 1862), with issue. occ. Politician, administrator. William Savona MLP, RMA, (1865-1937), Ist President of the Labour Party., married Angelica sive Nusa Rosenenbush, with issue. Dr. Edgar Savona MD., dunm. Victor Savona married; deported to Uganda during WWII; emigrated to UK, with issue: 2 sons (twins ? one died) and 2 daughters+ Eduarda Savona married to Eria Arthur Martin (Sliema 1916) [s/o Walter Joseph Martin & Adac Costanza Violet Jackson; British Naval Officer]; emigrated to the Federated Malay States Anne Martin married NN Conyngham. NN Savona,dunm. NN Savona,dunm. Edward Savona, RMA., married to Georgina Ganado, with issue. Lucy Savona, married to Dr Giovanni Curmi LLD., with issue. Ilaena Curmi. Mary Savona, married to Robert Demarco, dsp. Genoveffa Savona. Ethelbert Savona, married to Rachel Barnet, with issue. George Savona, married 1969 to Suzanne Burford, with issue. Alice Savona, (1972 -., with issue. (from Nathan Holmes). Reuben Savona-Holmes, (2004 Melbourne, Australia -. (from Nathan Holmes). Remy Savona-Holmes, (2010 Melbourne, Australia -. Jake Dominic Savona, (1976 -. Pio Savona RMA, married to Emma Ferro, with issue. Bro. Anthony Savona SJ, (1911-. Sr. Mary Emman Savona. Joseph Savona, (1913-., married to Maria Garcia Diacono, with issue. Gerald Savona, (1942-, married to Rose Marie Camilleri, with issue. Jacques Dominque Savona, (1970-. Francesca Savona, (1970- Joy Savona, (1977-. Muriel Savona (1938-, married to Brig. Maurice Calleja; with issue. Meinrad Calleja Patrick Calleja Clarissa Calleja Josianne Savona (1940-,  married to Ian Colpitts; with issue. Christian Colpitts Rebecca Colpitts Solange Savona (1948-, married to Jean Pierre Goyneau; with issue. Laurent Goyneau Karin Goyneau Mary Savona, dunm. Bice Savona., dunm. Raffaela Savona., married Alfred Dandria., with issue. Mons. Enrico Dandria MP, (1892-1932), dunm. Vincenzo Savona. N.N. Savona., married N.N. Sacco., with issue. Maria Sacco m. Prof. Joseph Ellul [Professor of Midwifery] Annina Sacco dunm. John Sacco Gaetano Sacco Rosina Savona, dunm. (2nd marriage) Gaetano Savona married 1804 Senglea to Maria Galea (2nd marriage) Teresa Savona married 1787 Senglea to Francesco Gilio. Giuseppa Savona married Giuseppe Bezzina Vincenza Bezzina., married Stanislao Xicluna. Niccolo Bezzina., married Evangelista Cordina. Gaetano Savona, married 1804 Valletta to Contessa Maria Galea, with issue. Contessa Teresa Savona, married 1831 Senglea to Aloiseo Portughes. Antonio Savona, married 1736 Senglea to Margherita Dimech, with issue. Saverio Savona, married 1754 Valletta to Anna Maria Portelli, with issue. Bonvenuto Savona, married 1791 Valletta to Bonvenuta Abejer, with issue Paolo Savona, amrried 1811 Valletta to Antonia Schembri, with issue. Vincenzo Savona, married 1838 Valletta to Rosaria Mallia, with issue. Paolo Savona, married 1869 Floriana to Filomena Camilleri, with issue. Vincenzo Savona, married 1898 Zejten to Maria Carmela Calleja, with issue. Giuseppe Savona, married 1937 Valletta to Elizabeth Zammit La Rosa.. Giovannia Rosaria Savona 'sives Saguna', married 1786 Valletta to Paolo Gambin. (Second Marriage) Felice Saverio Savona, married 1762 Cospicua to Elena Tortella, with issue. Magco. Paolo Savona, married 1784 Cospicua to Marianna Bertis. Maria Teresa Savona, married 1802 Cospicua to Gio Batta Scolaro, with issue. Concetta Scolaro, married 1833 Valletta to Giovanni Schranz. Sapienza Savona, married (1) 1791 to Felice Vella, married 1800 to Paolo Grazzi. Viva Savona, married to Pietro Burlo, with issue. Margherita Burlo, married 1687 Senglea to Valerio Desira, with issue. Teresa Desira, married to Claudio Cotrone. Generosa Desira. Gregorio Desira, married 1713 Senglea to Margherita Attard, with issue. Valerio Desira, married 1741 Senglea to Elisabetta Adamo. Gerolama Burlo. Gio Dominco Burlo, married 1716 Borgo to Caterina N, with issue. Rosa Burlo. Margherita Burlo, married 1742 Borgo to Notary Gio Andrea Vella, with issue. Elizabetta Vella. Giorgio Burlo, married (1) to Caterina N, married (2) 1728 Senglea to Anna Maria Strafrag, with issue. Tomaso Burlo, married 1772 Cospicua to Maria Pajas. Teresa Savona, married to Giuseppe Barbara. Antonia Savona, married 1583 Matrice Gozo to Antonio Pietro Teuma. Nicolo Savone "sives Saguna", (1) 1587 at Rabat, Gozo to  Giulia Micallef,  daughter of Antonio Micallef, an ex-slave of Ethopia, Married (2) 1589 at Rabat Gozo to Grazia Meliach., Married (3) 1595 Rabat Gozo to Anne Soltana (Descendant of Isidore Sultana)., with issue (1st Marriage - House of Sultana). (Second Marriage) Anna Soltana., (1592-). Lorenza Soltana., (1592-94)., d.inf. (Third Marriage) Rev. Filippo Soltana, (1597-1649)., Priest., dunm. Agostino Soltana., “Monk”, dunm, (1599-1654)., dunm. Tinara Soltana., (1600-36) Giuseppe Savona, married 1604 Zebbug Malta to Domenica Grima. Antonio Sagona, married to Margherita Zammit.

1.3. Margarita Sagona, married toMatteo Rapa.

1.4. Preziosia Sagona, married to Panrazio Vassallo.

1.5. Isabella Sagona, married 1476 to Bernardo Cassar.




1. Francesco Savona, married to Fortunata Briffa, with issue.

1.1. Remigo Savona, married 1813 Valletta to Emmanuela Xuereb., with issue.

1.1.1. Antonio Savona, married 1844 Valletta to Benedetta Pizzuto.


1. Francesco Savona, married to Carolina Mangiaforte, with issue.

1.1. Marianna Savona, married 1829 Valletta to Filippo Zampa.

1.2. Paolo Savona, married 1848 Floriana to Calcedonia Grech.

1.3. Melita Savona, married 1841 Valletta to Gio Batta Vidal.







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