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The Noble Family of Ariuna (a.k.a Arjona or Aulesa)

This family is listed as a noble family in “Descrittione di Malta” (1647).

Updated 23-02-2018.

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“Gonsalvo Ariona Giurato nel 1432 ” (From Abela’s “Della Descrittione di Malta del Commendatore Abela” (1647))







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Cav. Gaston d’Aulesa., married to Yolanda Lancia, with issue.
1. Johannes d'Aulesa, Scribe of the Royal House-hold of the Sicilian Monarchy, created Barone di Budaq 1398.,(Reference: Documentary Sources of Maltese History - Part II - Documents in the State Archives Palermo; No 1. Cancelleria Regia 1259 -1400: edited by Stanley Fiorini, Malta University Press 1999, page 242-245, 311-312), married to Muna Unginat., with issue.
1.1.  Bartolomeo d’Aulesa., Barone di Budaq married c.1430 to Eleanora Bagna., with issue.
1.1.1. Johannes d’Aulesa. Barone di Budaq, married to Lucia Cauchi, with issue. Eleanora d'Aulesa, Heiress to the fiefdom of Budaq, married to Bartolomeo Cauchi (See below). Maria d'Aulesa, "Nun", dunm.
1.1.2. Johanna Vennera d’Aulesa, married 1460 to Andrea Cauchi, with issue
. Bartolomeo Cauchi, married to Eleanora d'Aulesa, Heiress to Budaq, with issue. Andrea Cauchi, married to Vennera de Nave, with issue. Damiano Cauchi, married 1543 (Notary Don Brandino Caxaro) to Bernardina Bonavia, with issue. Mro Gregorio Cauchi, (Testo 1653 Matteo Cauchi), married 1615 Vittoriosa to Contessa Vincenza di Cristoforo, with issue. Mro Mariano Cauchi, married (1) 1640 (Notary Matteo Cauchi) to Paolina Sammut, married (2) 1652 (Notary Matteo Cauchi) to Maria Gauci, with issue. (First marriage) Domenico Cauchi, married 1658 (Notary Simone Attard) to Caterina Vella. Caterina Cauchi, married 1666 (Notary Fabrizio Bigeni) to Maruzzo Bonnici. Speranza Cauchi, married 1658 (Notary Nicola Allegrito) to Domenico Azzopardi. (Second marriage) Grazia Cauchi, married 1671 (Notary Gio Pietro Fenech) to Lucio Xiriha. Gregorio Cauchi, married 1677 (Notary Matteo Cauchi) to Caterina Mula, with issue
. Giuseppe Cauchi, married 1714 Lija to Grazia Buhagiar. Rosa Cauchi, married 1717 Gharghur to Bartolomeo Xiberras. Anna Cauchi, married 1717 Gharghur to Giacomo Aquilina. Maria Cauchi, married 1706 Gharghur to Giovanni Sammut. Giovanni Cauchi, married 1644 (Notary Simone Attard) to Domenica Sant, with issue. Gio Domenico Cauchi, married 1684 Gharghur to Giovannella Vassallo. Evangelista Cauchi, married 1673 Gharghur to Matteolo Mifsud. Candida Cauchi, married 1691 Gharghur to Gio Maria Domenico Camilleri. Andrea Cauchi, married 1648 (Notary Matteo Cauchi) to Lorenza Mifsud, with issue. Maria Cauchi, married 1681 Valletta to Maruzzo Conti. Biagio Cauchi, married 1537 (Notary Giorgio Buttigieg) to Clara Greco
. Giovanni Cauchi, married 1548 to Contessa Eleanora Maria di Cristoforo, with issue. (Cauchi of Gozo line)
1.1.3. Zuna d’Aulesa.
1.1.4. Muna d’Aulesa., married 1460 to Don Manfredo Blundo..
1.2. Gonslavo d'Aulesa, Jurat of Malta 1432.
2. Nina d’Aulesa., married Milite. Jaimes Lavagna.





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