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The Noble Family of Cagege


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1. Notary Gullelmus Cagege, married (c. 1350) to Nobile Eva Ragusa. , with issue.
1.1. Enrico Cagege, married (c. 1380) to Donna Eleanora Desguanech, with issue.

1.1.1. Guglielmo Cagege, married (c. 1440) to Nobile Paola de Calimara, with issue. Enrico Cagege, married (c. 1480) to Maria Attardo, with issue. Guglielmo Cagege, Priest, dunm.l. (Slave mistress called Muna) Milite Enrico de Cagege, (legitimized in will), married (c. 1530), to Anna Maria Attardo, with issue. Guglielmo Cagege, Priest, dunm. Mco Vincenzo Cagege, married (c. 1550) to Leonora Attardo, with issue. Marietta Cagege, married (1) to Nobile Mario Attard, married (2) 1573 Mdina to Antonio Xerri, married (2) 1613 Mdina to Geronimo Xuereb. Vincenza Cagege, Nun. Gio Paolo Cagege, married to Isabella N, with issue. Marietta Cagege, married 1615 (Notary Andrea Allegritto) to Nobile Domenico Geronimo Xuereb. Eleanora Cagege, Nun. Carlo Cagege, Priest Abbott, dunm. (Slave mistress called Muna) Stefano de Cagege, Priest, dunm. Stefana Cagege, Nun. Enrico Cagege, Priest. Massimilano Cagege, Priest, dunm. Patrizio Cagege, Abbott. Vincenza Cagege, married (c. 1480) to Gio Maria Attardo.

1.1.2. Davide Cagege, Abbott.

1.1.3. Eleanora Cagege, Nun.
1.2. Massmiliano Cagege, married to Elvira Delie, with issue.

1.2.1. Eva Cagege, married (c. 1440) to Giudice Matteo Delie.
1.2.2. Maria Cagege, Nun.

1.2.3. Agnese Cagege, Nun.

1.3. Stefana Cagege, married to Milite Matteo Delie.
1.4. Eleanora Cagege, married (c 1380) to Fabinea de Licata.
1.5. Carlo Cagege, Priest.





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