"Burlo 'Sives Cagliares' family".

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Franco Burlo detto Cagliares, (Inherited an estate from a Spanish commander stationed in Malta and took his name), married c. 1510 to Margarita Azzopardi, with issue.
1. Angelica Cagliares, married Giuliano Barbara
2. Dr. Melchiore Cagliares,  married Orsola Falsone, with issue
2.1. Marietta Cagliares, 'Nun'.
2.2. Fulgenzia Cagliares, 'Nun'
Dr. Baldassare Cagliares, Auditore General of Malta, later Bishop of Malta.
2.4. Maddalena Cagliares, married 1589 to Dr. Domenico Vella, (See Vella for ancestry), with issue
2.4.1. Antonia Vella Cagliares, married Pietro Xara
2.4.2. Orsolica Vella Cagliares, married (1) Baron Marco Inguanez, Married (2) Ugolino Bonici, Married (3) Dr. Gio Maria Abela
2.4.3. Dr. Gio Batta Vella Cagliares, Vicar-General of Malta, dunm.
2.4.4. Dr. Melchiorre Vella Cagliares JUD,  married Cusmania Cumbo Navarra, with issue Ignazio Vella Cagliares, 'Jesuit', dunm. Caterina Vella Cagliares, married 1645 Valletta to Nobile Bartolomeo Moncada.
2.4.5. Maria Vella Cagliares, 'Nun'.
2.5. Beatrice Cagliares, married Dr Paolo Macusio, JUD.
2.6. Fra. Gio Batta Cagliares
3. Chiara Cagliares, married 1551 to Salvo Pontremoli, with issue



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