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The Noble Family of Calavirisi

This family is listed as a noble family in “Descrittione di Malta” (1647).

Updated 01-08-2017.

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“Francesco Calavirisi e’ stato Giurato della nostra Citta nel 1462” (From Abela’s “Della Descrittione di Malta del Commendatore Abela” (1647))




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1. Bernardo Concellu, Jurat of Malta 1438, married to Lucrezia Cancellu, with issue.
1.1. Imperia Cancellu, married to Milite Giovanni de Laimo, with issue.
1.1.1. Notary Corrado de Laimo, married Nobile Sibilla la Barba, 6th Signora di Fontana ., with issue. Simona de Laimo, married Cafa Baldes. Giovanni de Laimo, 7th Signore di Fontana,  married Nobile Garita Calava, with issue. Antonella de Laimo, married 1522 to Fabiano Zammit. Federico de Laimo, 8th Signore di Fontana, married Nobile Margherita Imbroll, with issue. Giovanni de Laimo, (1574-1613), 9th Signore di Fontani, Monk, dunm. Andreanna de Laimo, (1577- 1643), 10th Signorina di Fontani, married 1593 Mosta to Nobile Alberto Fenech, with issue. Caterina Fenech de Laimo, (1595-1651), 11th Signorina di Fontani, married 1613 Mosta to Antonio Madiona, married (2) 1618 Mosta to Don Giuseppe Sayd. Francia de Laimo, married Salvo Cassar. Don Lorenzo de Laimo., dunm. Not. Pietro de Laimo, 'Ambassador to Gozo'., married Angela Vassallo, with issue. Imperia de Laimo, married Marco Gallo, with issue. Antonio Gallo. Chiara de Laimo, married Andrea Xara. Isabella de Laimo, married Bartolomeo de Astis. Antonino de Laimo, married with issue. Lucrezia de Laimo, married 1569 Mdina to Mro Ferrando Spiteri. Angelica de Laimo, married to Giovanni de Fancell.
1.1.2. Perna de Laimo, married to Bartolomeo Bizziano, Jurat of Malta 1491.
1.2. Isabella Cancellu, married to Francesco Calavirisi, Jurat of Malta 1462, with issue.

1.2.1. Clemenza Calavirisi, married 1581 (Notary Antonio Angelo Falzon) to Mro Gio Pietro Fenech.




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