Hereditary Distinctions of Maltese Citizens  

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1366: - * Malta, 17 April 1366. Barthucius Piche and his son Johannes are granted the status of ROYAL FAMILARITAS.

1366: - * Malta, 17 April 1366. Jacobus de Perregrino is accorded the status of Royal Familiarities by the King

1369: - * Messina, 22 June 1369. Johannucius Gatto of Malta is granted the privilege of Familiarities in the royal household.

1372: - * Malta, 11 November 1372. The privilege of Royal familiarities is granted to Francesco Attard of Malta

1375: - * San Calogero, Sicily, 21 July 1375. Thomasius Maltensis, living in Paterno, is granted the status of Familiaris and domesticus to the royal household.


1487:  * Tomeo Xuereb, Created the status of Nobile by the King and Viceroyal of Sicily.


1485: Prince (Shahzada) Djem Sayd, Formerly Sultan of Turkey, Hereditary Shahzada of Turkey and its Territories, Created Patrician of Ferrera and Reggio, Genoa, Rome and Hereditary Knight of the Holy Roman Empire.


1553: Mariano Testaferrata, Patrician of Messina.



1590: Mgr. Leonardo Abela, Placido Abela, Ascanio Abela, Pietro di Ferro, Ascanio Surdo, Paolo Testaferrata: Patricians of Rome.



1637: Giacomo Testaferrata de Robertis, Hereditary Knight of the Holy Roman Empire.



1674: Mario Testaferrata de Robertis, Roman Patrician.



1698: Massimiliano Balzano, Hereditary Knight of the Holy Roman Empire.


1725:  Baron Antonio Inguanez and the Baroness Inguanez, Baron Fabrizio Testaferrata, Baroness Beatrice Testaferrata  "Illustrissimo" and "Nobile" ("Most Illustrious" and "Noble")


1735: Conte Ignazio Francesco Wizzini-Paleologo, Roman Patrician.



1792: Marquis Mario Testaferrata-Castelletti, Daniel Testaferrata, Pandolfo Testaferrata, Barone Pietro Paolo Testaferrata Abela:  Patrician of Messina.

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