Pierre Louis Ovide Doublet and his descendants.

Pierre Jean Louis Ovide Doublet left a book, Mémoires Historiques sur l'Invasion et l'Occupation de Malte par une Armée Française, en 1798, in which he tells of his experience. The first part is an analysis of the reign of Grand Master Emmanuel de Rohan; the second part reports the invasion and the occupation of Malta by the French. In 1832, when Sir Walter Scott wrote his work about the occupation of Malta by the French, someone presented Doublet's manuscript to him; it was not published until 1883. The father of Ivanhoe and Rob Roy will affirm he acted with good intent and left the most complete report on these events that had been given to him. This work most probably constitutes a kind of plea pro domo and some will suggest that Doublet could have portrayed himself in a more important role than in fact it actually was.

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Web-Master's Note About Parishes and Marriages

Louis Doublet, Procureur au Parlement de Paris en 1583, married to Marie de Villers, with issue.

1. Nicolas Doublet, Seigneir de Persan, married 1654 to Anne Lair, with issue.

1.1. Nicolas Doublet.

1.2. Pierre Doublet., Maitre des Requetes en 1711, created Marquis de Bandeville en 1704, married 1704 to Francoise de Pollart with issue.

1.2.1. Nicolas Doublet, dunm.

1.2.2. Pierre Doublet, dit le Marquis de Persan, married to melle Garnier de Salins, with issue. Nicolas Doublet, married to Marie Frezeau de la Frezeliere, with issue. Anne-Nicolas Doublet, Marquis de Persan, created 1764, (d. 1828), married to Melle de Wargemonte, with issue. Guy Doublet, Marshall of the Army (1730-1802), married to Melle de Rambeaux, with issue.

2. Louis Doublet, Seigneur d'Allott c. 1646, Secretaire du roi en 1655, married with issue.

2.1. Louis Doublet, Seigneur de Breuilpont c. 1746.

2.2. Jean Doublet - See Below.




Jean Doublet, married 1713 Montigny St Aignan, Orleans to Anne Gouault, with issue.

1. Jean Louis Ovid Doublet of Orleans, France, married 13 February 1747 St Catherine Orleans France to Jeanne Desir, with issue.
Dr Pierre Louis Ovide Doublet JUD, secretary to Grand Master Hompesch and secret agent for the French. Later Commissioner of Malta under the French. Nov 1799 - Sep 1800 (Born 25-08-1749 Beaugency, Orleans, France (Baptism Certificate attached) and Died on 4-02-1824 Valletta, Malta), married 19 April 1784 to Elizabetta Magri-Scicli, with issue
1.1.1. Vincenzo Doublet, married 1817 Valletta to Vittoria Mizzi, with issue. Capt. Giuseppe Alfonso Doublet, (1837-), married 1868 Cospicua to Rosa Beringo, with issue. Armando Carmelo Doublet, (1869-), married 1894 Birkirkara to Tommasina Agius, with issue. Maria Rosina Felicita Doublet, (1894-), married 1913 Msida to Guglielmo Ardoino, with issue. Emilia Carmela Ardoino, (1920-), married 1941 Sliema to Samuel Doak., with issue. Elizabetta Doublet, married 1876 to Charles Gingell. Clotilde Doublet, married 1856 Valletta to Giuseppe Fabri. Luigi Ovide Doublet, married 1852 Cospicua to Contessa Giovanna Ruggier, with issue. Vincenzo Doublet, (1853 - ), married to Eugenia Cilia, with issue. Carmelo Doublet, married to N. Hadley. Beatrice Virginia Carmela Vittoria Doublet, married to Giovanni Ebejer, with issue. Carmelo Ebejer Doublet, married to Carmela N, with issue. Lilly Ebejer. Victor Ebejer. Rev Armando Ebejer Doublet, Priest, dunm, Giuseppe Ebejer Doublet, married to Maria Portelli, with issue. Doris Ebejer. Rose Ebejer. Carmen Ebejer. Grace Ebejer. Mario Ebejer. Maria Ebejer Doublet, married to Giuseppe Bezzina, with issue. Monica Bezzina. Tereza Bezzina. Jeremy Bezzina. Alexander Bezzina. Amadeo Bezzina. Jayne Bezzina. Joseph Bezzina. Cecilia Bezzina. Giuseppe Ebejer Doublet (later changed surname to Doublet), (1931-, married to Doreen Elizabeth Guy, with issue. Georgina Doublet. Pauline Doublet. George Doublet, married to Loise Deacon. Pamela Doublet. Maria Doublet. Steve Amadeo Doublet, (1956-, married to Susan Smith, with issue. Ben Doublet, (1988-. Jason Doublet, (1993-. David Anthony Doublet, (1958-, married 1979 to Rose Mary Highman, with issue. Maria Doublet, married to Michele Ebejer, with issue. Savina Ebejer Doublet, Nun, dunm. Jessica Ebejer Doublet. Edmond Ebejer Doublet. Paulina Doublet, married to Alberto Zammit, with issue. Lino Zammit Doublet. Miriam Zammit Doublet. Edwin Zammit Doublet. Frederick Zammit Doublet. Theodore Doublet, married to Rena N. Luigia Doublet, married to Frederick Charles Anstee, with issue. Vincent Anstee. Charles Frederick Anstee.

1.1.2. Maria Doublet, married 1816 Valletta to Vincenzo Mamo.
1.1.3. Regina Doublet, married 1817 Valletta to Paolo Portelli, with issue. Aloiseo E. Portelli, married 1848 to Maria Vaffradacchi. Giuseppe Portelli., married 1851 to Margarita Debono.
1.1.4. Napoleon Alessandro Doublet, married (maybe in Egypt or France) to Nobile Giuditta Ciccarelli, with issue. Paolo Doublet, (1857- ), married 1877 Valletta to Nobile Vittoria Inguanez, with issue. Marie Doublet, (died 1993)., married 1918 Bournemouth England to Charles Pressey, with issue. Victor Paul Charles Pressey, (1918-97), dunm. Alice Dolores Pressey, (1921-., married 1947 to Martin William McDonell, with issue. Marion May McDonell. Kathryn Mary McDonell. Lynette Ann McDonell. Pauline Antoinette Pressey, (1930-2014), married to Neville Thomas Bailey, with issue. Glenda Maree Bailey. Geoffrey Bailey. Carmelo Frederico Atthilius Doublet, (1887-), married 1911 Durham England to Sarah Hall, with issue. John Paul Alexander Doublett, (1912-70), married 1939 Durham England to Mary Thomas, with issue. Philip John Doublett, (1940 -), married (1) 1964 to Margery N, married (2) Patricia Jamieson, with issue. (First or Second Marriage) Andrew John Doublett, (1968-. Ian James Doublett, (1971-. Judith Mary Doublett, (1944-., married to Hans Joachim Leonard Kaminski, with issue. Christa Mary Kaminski, (1972-. Francis Carmelo Doublett, (1914-), married at Durham England to Agnese Thomas, with issue. Geoffrey Doublett. Yvonne Doublett. Elaine Doublett. Elizabeth Victoria Doublett, (1915 Durham England - 2008 Redcliffe Queensland Australia), married 1937 Durham England to Cecil Simpson., with issue. Geoffrey Cecil Simpson, (1938 Durham UK -), married 1963 Redcliffe QLD to Joan Starkey, with issue. Cecilie Ann Simpson, (1941 Durham UK -), married 1959 to David Nicholson, with issue. Charles William Simpson, (1948 Durham UK-). Stephen John Simpson, (1949 Durham UK-), married (1) 1971 to Jennifer Dianne Griffiths, married (2) 1991 to Teresa Barbara Soong. Geoffrey William Gerard Doublett, (1918 Durham England -), married to Jessica McVicar., with issue. Paul Doublett, married to Judith Ross, with issue. Jason Doublett. Byron Doublett. Jerome Holland Doublett, married to Norah Raewyn Winklemann, with issue. Simone Jessie Doublett, married to David Bull, with issue. Nathan D'Amico Doublett, (1985-1985), dunm. Carmerono Inguanez Doublett. Victor John Doublett, married to Karen Battersby, with issue. Michelle Doublett. Katerina Doublett. Philip Doublett. Florence Eleanore Mary Doublett, (1922 Durham England  -), married to Richard Pinion., with issue. Charles Pinion, (1947-. Peter Pinion, (1949-. Richard Pinion, (1954-. Francis Pinion. Cecil Holland Doublett, (1925 Durham England -), married to Margaret N., with issue. Simon Doublett. Francois Doublet, dunm during WWI. Antonia Doublet, (1898- 1962 Toronto Canada), married to Anthony Gafa, with issue. Maria Gafa, (died 1991 in Malta), married to Henry Tabone., with issue. Mary Louise Tabone. Mario Tabone. Joseph Daniel Tabone, (1923 Senglea - 1984), married San Diego California USA to Patricia N., with issue. Michael Gafa. Yvonne Gafa. Peter Gafa. Lorenza Gafa, (1926 Senglea -), married to Sebastian Zachari, with issue. Rita Zachari, (1956 Toronto Canada - 1973 Toronto Canada), dunm. Anna Zachari, (1958 Toronto Canada -), married 1978 to Mark Williams, with issue. Anthony Zachari, (1961 Toronto Canada -), married 1980 Toronto Canada to Teresa Spoffard, with issue. Charles Doublet, (1852 -).
1.1.5. Bonaventura Doublet, married 1854 Vittoriosa to Giovanna Fenech.
1.1.6. N. Doublet.

1.2. Jacques-Francois Doublet, married 1786 St Catherine Parish Orleans to Anne Clinard.





Reference: Grand Armorial de France. tome III COE-FIE, Henri Jougla de Morenas, pg 211.





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