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The Noble Family of Lemnos.

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Milite Guglielmo Lemnos of Palermo, married c. 1360 to Donna Maria Carafa, with issue.
1. Literris Lemnos.
2. Fra. Agostino Lemnos, (1368 - 1440), Created Barone Lemnos 1416, dunm.
3. Milite Jacobo Lemnos, (d. 1435), married to Petra de Tarsia, with issue.
3.1. Maria Lemnos, married to Giovanni Sillato.
3.2. Fra. Agostino Lemnos, 2nd Barone Lemnos, (d. 1452), dunm.
3.3. Agnese Lemnos, married to Leonardo Attardo.
3.4. Pina Lemnos, 3rd Baronessa Lemnos, married to Noble Agostino Burlo.





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