"Pignatelli"-Barons of Marsa

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Hector Pignatelli, 1st Baron di Marsa, (cr;1531), 1st Duca di Monteleone of Sicily, (Died 1534), married Hippolyta dei Conti Gusualdo with issue
1. Camillo Pignatelli, 2nd Baron di Marsa-1537, Conte de Borello of Sicily, Married Julia dei Conti Carafa with issue.
1.1. Hector II Pignatelli, 3rd Baron di Marsa-1569, 2nd Duca di Monteleone of Sicily, married Firstly Diane de Cardona de Conti Golifano, with issue. Married Secondly to Emilia Vintimiglia, with further issue.
1.1.1. (First Marriage) Camillus III Pignatelli, 3rd Duca di Monteleone of Sicily, married Hieronyma Colonna dei Duchi di Palliano, with issue Hector IV Pignatelli, 4th Duca di Monteleone, (Died 1622), married Catherina Caracciola dei Conti S.Angelo, with issue Camillus Pignatelli, died as an Infant. Anna Pignatelli, married Francesco Marie Carafa, Duc de Nocera, dsp. Hieronyma Pignatelli, 5th Duchess of Monteleone, Contessa di Borrello, married Fabritio Pignatello, Marquis di Cerchiaro, with issue Ettore Pignatelli, (1620-74), 4th Principe di Noja, 6th Duca di Monteleone, married Giovanna Tagliava d'Aragona, Duchessa di Terranova, Princessa di Castelvetiano, with issue Didacus Pignatelli de Aragona, Marchese de Avola, dunm. Andrea Pignatelli de Aragona, Duca di Monteleone, married Theresia Pimentel dei Conte di Benevente, with issue Joanna Pignatelli de Aragona, Duchess di Monteleone e Terranova, married Nicolo Pignatelli, Duca de Monteleone,(d. 1679), with issue Jofephus Pignatelli, Marchese del Valle, dunm. Didacus Pignatelli, Marchese del Valle, dunm. Ferdinandus Pignatelli Antoinio Pignatelli Fabritius Pignatelli Maria Theresia Pignatelli, married Philippo Eugene de Merode, Marchese de Westerloe, with issue Stephania Pignatelli, married Jofepho San Severino, Conte de Claromonte Catharina Pignatelli Rofalia Pignatelli Rosalea Pignatelli de Aragona, Married Inici de la Cruz Manrique de Lara Arellano, Conte de Aguilar, with issue Giovanna Pignatelli, married Francesco Ventimiglia, 5th Principe di Castelbuono, with issue Hieronyma Pignatelli, married Firstly to Francesco Marino Caracciolo, Principe di Avellino, with issue. Married Secondly to Julio Pignatelli, Duca de San Mauro, with further issue Marina Pignatelli,(d. 1681), married Jacobi Francesco Fernandez Sarmiento de Silva, Duc de Hijar, with issue Stephanie Pignatelli, married Ferdinand de Zuniga, Duca di Pennaranda, with issue Zenobia Pignatelli, dunm. Catherine Pignatelli, dunm. Julius Pignatelli, Marchese de Sabuca Francesco Pignatelli, Abbot, dunm. Carolus Pignatelli, Cleric, dunm. Andrea Pignatelli, dunm, inf. Antonio Pignatelli, Knight of St John of Malta, dunm. Angelica Pignatelli, dunm. Giovanna Pignatelli, married Firstly to Don Carlos II Taglavia d'Aragona, 3rd Duca di Terranova of Sicily, with issue. Married Secondly to Petro de Toledo, Duca di Ferrandina, Marchese di Villafranca with issue.
1.1.2. (Second Marriage) Isabella Pignatelli, married Petro Borgia, Principe di Squillace, with issue. (See Borgia-Interesting Connections)
1.1.3. Catherine Pignatelli, married Joanna Baptiste Spinello, Principe di Scalea, with issue
1.2. Fabritius Pignatelli.
1.3. Hieronymus Pignatelli, Barone di Trentola, married Laura dei Conti Carafa.
1.4. Catherine Pignatelli, married Francesco de Moncado, Conte de Caltanaffeda, with issue
1.5. Hippolyta Pignatelli, married Petri Antonio Spinelli, Conte di Seminara, with issue
1.6. Camilla Pignatelli, married Caesar Cajetano, Marchese de Sortino, with issue
2. Caesar Pignatelli, dunm.
3. Constantina Pignatelli, married Jacobo Marie Cajetani de Aragon, Conte de Morcone, with issue
4. Isabella Pignatelli, married Firstly to Paulo Siscare, Comte de Ajello, with issue. Married Secondly to Jo. Francesco de Capua, Conte Palena, with further issue.


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