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Mro Martino Albano, married to Nobile Eleanora Siciliano, with issue

1. Mro Francesco Albano,  married to Nobile Caterina Siciliano, with issue.

1.1. Mro Gio Pietro Albano, married 1616 Valletta to Angelica Calleja, with issue.

1.1.1. Salvatore Albano.

1.1.2. Carlo Albano.

1.1.3. Nardo Albano.

1.1.4. Agostino Albano, married 1640 Valletta to Imperia dei Baroni Colonna of Sicily., with issue. Rafaele Albano. Gioacchino Albano, married to Paolina NN, with issue. Giovanna Albano. Modesta Albano. Teresa Albano. Caterina Albano.

1.1.5. Grazia Albano, married 1636 Valletta to Angelo Tuma, with issue.. Teresa Tuma, married to Giuseppe Prudenti, with issue. Diana Maria Prudenti, married to Don Mro Gaetano dei Baroni Orsini, with issue. Donna Caterina Orsini, married 1724 to Domenico dei Conti Russo. Donna Agata Orsini, married to Sebastiano Carceppi. Don Carmelo Orsini, married 1716 Syracuse Sicily to Donna Antonia dei Principe Orsini, with issue. Don Giuseppe Orsini, married 1753 to Rosaria Mattisi. Don Sebastiano Orsini, married 1752 to Rosa Partexano, with issue. Donna Giuseppa Orsini., (1756-). Don Gaetano Orsini, (1758-). Don Sebastiano Orsini, married 1729 to Donna Isabella dei Conti Ruffo.

1.1.6. Matteo Albano, married 1666 Valletta to Marianna Cutajar, with issue. Errigo Albano, married 1700 to Teodora d'Anna, with issue. Anna Maria Albano, married 1743 Valletta to Saverio Grech. Maddalena Albano, married 1742 Valletta to Geronimo Debono. Giovanna Aloisea Albano, married 1732 Valletta to Michele Zarb. Teresa Albano, married 1730 Valletta to Natale Caruana. Diegio Albano, married 1705 Valletta to Giovanna Pulino. Rafaele Albano, married 1712 Cospicua to Teresa Parnis. Giuseppe Albano, married 1712 Cospicua to Maria Bartolo, with issue. Teresa Albano, married 1731 Valletta to Onorato Tabone.

1.1.7. Serafina Albano, married (1) 1671 Valletta to Nobile Stefano Inguanez, married (2) 1678 Cospicua to Damiano Cachia, married (2) 1707 Valletta to Domenico Zaghara.

1.2. Mro Leonardo Albano, married 1609 Valletta to Vincenza Xiberras, with issue.

1.2.1. Tommaso Albano, married 1642 Valletta to Maruzza Mamo.

1.3. Gioannuzza Albano, married 1616 Valletta to Paolo de Piro.

1.4. Gio Antonio Albano, married 1616 Valletta to Domenica Calleja, with issue.

1.4.1. Maria Albano, married 1634 Valletta to Antonio Grech.

1.4.2. Angelica Albano, married 1636 Valletta to Francesco Angtonio Bongibino.

1.5. Speranza Albano, married 1622 Valletta to Simone Grech.

1.6. Mro Filippo Albano, married 1620 Valletta to Caterina Corcop, with issue.

1.6.1. Grazia Albano, married (1) 1636 Valletta to Claude Sale, married (2) 1647 Valletta to Francesco Brun.

1.6.2. Domenica Albano, married (1) 1640 Valletta to Giovanni Arnau, married (2) 1656 Valletta to Hercules N., with issue. (First Marriage) Alosieo Arnau, married 1664 Cospicua to Eufemia Marmara. Francesco Arnau, married 1676 Valletta to Ninfa de Sumara. Tomaso Arnau, married 1676 Valletta to Emilia Bonnici. Aloisea Arnau, married 1668 Valletta to Aloiseo Snippa.

1.6.3. Maddalena Albano, married 1659 Valletta to Candeloro Villanova, with issue. Cosmino Villanova, married (1) 1687 Valletta to Caterina Oliva, married (2) 1707 Valletta to Caterina Cauchi, with issue. (First marriage) Rosa Villanova, married 1730 Valletta to Francesco Vassallo (s/o Giuseppe and Francesca). (Second Marriage) Margherita Villanova, married 1740 Valletta to Gregorio Perrone. Maria Villanova, married 1746 Valletta to Claudio Borg, with issue. Giovanni Corrardo Borg, married 1773 Valletta to Giovanna Vassallo (d/o Francesco and Veronica). Vincenzo Borg, married 1784 Valletta to Maria Antonia Biancardi. Gaetano Borg, married 1795 Valletta to Francesca Morani.

2. Caterina Albano, married 1607 Mdina to Matteo Cuzkeri..



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