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1. Chco. Niccolo d'Anastasio, "came with the Knight of St John in 1530" and settled in Gozo., married to Beatrice..., with issue.
1.1. Michele-Giovanni d'Anastasio, left issue.

1.1.1. Giacoba d’Anastasio., married 1576 to Ambrozio Gambino, with issue. Ambroglio Gambino,  married 1610 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Cutajar, with issue. Angelo Gambino, married 1645 Rabat Gozo to Marietta N. Salvo Gambino, married 1627 Rabat Gozo to Paolina Abdilla, with issue. Caterina Gambino, married 1649 Rabat Gozo to Giulio Xerri. Filippa Gambino, married 1660 Rabat Gozo to Domenico Briffa. Silvestro Gambino, married 1664 Rabat Gozo to Teresa Formosa, with issue. Maria Gambino, married 1683 Rabat Gozo to Salvatore Grech. Jacobo Gambino, married 1667 Rabat Gozo to Grazia Vella. Matteolo Gambino, married 1654 Rabat Gozo to Giovannella N, with issue. Salvatore Gambino, married 1686 Rabat Gozo to Vittoria Mizzi, with issue. Caterina Gambino, married 1721 Rabat Gozo to Ignazio Vella. Grazia Gambino, married 1726 Rabat Gozo to Grazio Pace. Teresa Gambino, married 1733 Rabat Gozo to Lorenzo Caruana. Pietro Gambino, married 1735 Rabat Gozo to Anna Cremona, with issue. Tomasa Gambino, married 1773 Rabat Gozo to Paolo Spiteri, with issue. Giuseppe Spiteri, married 1805 Rabat Gozo to Caterina Farrugia. Salvatore Gambin, married 1772 Rabat Gozo to Evangelista Pace, with issue. Edoardo Gambin, married 1798 Zebbug Gozo to Rosaria Aquilina, with issue. Marianna Gambin, married 1814 Rabat Gozo to Paolo Grech. Domenica Gambino, married 1611 Rabat Gozo to Giovanni Maria Attardo. Giacobo Gambino, married 1591 Rabat Gozo to Giovanna Cancun, with issue. Caterina Gambino, married 1651 Rabat Gozo to Ignazio Mangion. Bellica Gambino, married 1608 Rabat Gozo to Antonio Grech.

1.1.2. Margherita d’Anastasio., married 1583 to Angelo Chad.

1.1.3. Domenico d’Anastasio., married 1606 to Caterina Bongibino.

1.2. Ferdinando d'Anastasio of Gozo, married Isabella..., with issue
1.2.1. Caterina d'Anastasio, married (1) 1617 to Notary Giacomo Xiberras, married (2) to Giuseppe Apap.
1.2.2. Isabella d'Anastasio, married Giuliano Mallia.
1.2.3. (Illegimate issue) M'Angelo d'Anastasio
1.2.4. Niccolo d'Anastasio, married to Betta Axac, with issue. Dr. Ferdinando d'Anastasio JUD, married 1637 to Vincenza Cumbo, with issue. Anastasia d'Anastasio, married 1674 to Dr. Baldassare Teuma JUD. Teresa d'Anastasio, married Dr. Tomaso Torrensi JU
D. Giovanni d'Anastasio, married 1638 Birkirkara to Vennera Borg.
1.3. Paolo d'Anastasio, married to Desiata Sanctu (See Sant)., married (2) 1605 to Margherita Grima., with issue.
1.3.1. (First Marriage) Gabriele d'Anastasio, married 1570 at Matrice Gozo to Margarita Parnis, with issue. Emilio d'Anastasio, married 1644 to Lucrezia Magro, with issue. Dr Fabrizio d'Anastasio JUD, married 1652 to Anna Bererd, with issue. Giacomo d'Anastasio, 'Jesuit'. Carlo d'Anastasio, Knight of St John. Alessandro d'Anastasio, 'Priest'. Claudio d'Anastasio, married 1693 to Ninsa Bugeja, with issue Gio Domenico d'Anastasio, married 1752 to Diana Bagini. Domenico d'Anastasio, married 1721 to Anna Cortis, with issue Rosa d'Anastasio, married 1744 to Lorenzo Mifsud. Maria d’Anastasio., married 1762 to Pietro Paolo Mensville. Annetto d'Anastasio, married 1693 to Maddalena Borg., with issue. Maria d'Anastasio, married 1752 Rabat Malta to Pietro Debattista. Grazia d’Anastasio., married 1654 to Angelo Falzone. Caterina d'Anastasio, married Dr Vincenzo Moscati JUD. Dr Gio Angelo d'Anastasio, JUD,  married 1594 to Marietta Bonici, with issue. Paola d'Anastasio Giovanna d'Anastasio, married 1613 to Giovanni Cumbo. Dr. Paolo d'Anastasio JUD,  married Imperia Abela, with issue. Eugenia d'Anastasio, married Barone Petro Cassia. Perna d'Anastasio, married Barone Antonio Cassia. Chco. Salvo d’Anastasio.,  married 1625 to Marietta Ruggiero, with issue. Grazia d'Anastasio, married 1654 Matrice Gozo to Angelo Falzone.

1.3.2. Ludovico d'Anastasi (Migrated to Messina and resettled in Malta after his second marriage)., (sives d'Anastasio), married (1) 1578 Antonella Parnis, married (2) 1609 Natala Caterina Gatto (of Sicilian line), with issue. (First Marriage)  Paolo d'Anastasi, married and settled in Messina. Enrico d'Anastasi, married and settled in Messina. Johannes d'Anastasi, married and settled in Messina. Ludovico d'Anastasi, married and settled in Messina. (Second Marriage) Alessandro d'Anastasi, settled in Malta with his father., married (1) 1661 Cospicua to Maddalena Arnemi, married (2) 1670 Cospicua to Maria Farrugia., with issue. (First Marriage) Santoro d'Anastasi. Theodora d'Anastasi. (Second Marriage) Andrea d'Anastasi, married 1700 to Maria Clerica Cuscheri, with issue. Niccolo d'Anastasi, married 1733 Cospicua to Anna Rizzo, with issue.  Lorenzo d'Anastasi, married 1776 Senglea to Teresa Cachia, (d/o Gio Domenico and Teodora), with issue. Giuseppe d'Anastasi, (1780-., married 1802 Valletta to Anna Micallef, with issue. Joseph d'Anastasi, (1804-. Maria d'Anastasi, (1806-. Marianna d'Anastasi, (1809-. Consolata d'Anastasi, (1814-. Salvatore d'Anastasi, (1820-1885), married (1) 1842 to Marianna Decelis, married (2) 1848 Lia to Paola Muscat, with issue. (First Marriage) Giuseppe d'Anastasi, (1845-1874), married 1866 to Maria Carmela Camilleri. Maria d'Anastasi. (Second Marriage) Carmelo d'Anastasi, (1848-., married 1869 Valletta to Filomena Grima, with issue. Maria Anastasi, (1869-1914), dunm. Salvatore Anastasi, (1871-1915), dunm. Elisa Anastasi, (1875-1958). Vincenzo Anastasi, (1871-1910), married 1905 to Angiolina Sultana, with issue. Emmanuele Anastasi, (1905-1906), d.inf. Carmelo Anastasi, (1907-), d.inf Maria Antonia Anastasi, (1908-, married 1945 to Hector Saliba. Maria Anna Anastasi, (1910-1991), married to Giuseppe Camilleri-Ellul-Bonici. Giuseppe Anastasi, (1878-1950), married 1909 to Maria Pace, with issue. Joseph Anastasi, (1910-49), married 1935 to May Agius-Vadula, with issue. Sonia Anastasi, (1936-, married to Richard Camilleri. Joanna Anastasi, (1939-, married 1964 to Alexander Borg-Bartolo, with issue. Joseph Borg-Bartolo, (1964-. Nicola Borg-Bartolo, (1965-, married 1987 to Simon Camilleri. Thomas Anastasi, (1944-., married (1) to Doreen O'Donohoe, married (2) to Felicity Ann Roome, with issue. (First Marriage) Tamsia Anastasi, (1979-. Maria Antonia Anastasia, (1912-1977), married 1943 to Peter Xuereb, with issue. Aida Xuereb, (1961-. Margherita Anastasi, (1913-., married 1936 to Giuseppe Curmi, with issue. Berta Curmi, (1936-., married 1959 to Mario Caruana Dingli. Lucy Curmi, (1938-, married 1969 to Alistair Percival Maxwell, with issue. Fiona Percival Maxwell, (1970-. Mark Percival Maxwell, (1976-. Thomas Anastasi, (1914-., married to Tita N. Theresa Anastasi, (1924-, married 1947 to Joseph Farrugia, with issue. Gillian Farrugia, married to Carmelo Vella. Anne Farrugia, married to John Cachia. Louise Farrugia. Monica Grazia Farrugia. Riccardo Anastasi, (1880-1950), married 1905 to Giorgia Pace, with issue. Domenico Anastasi, (1906-), d.inf. Edoardo Anastasi, (1907-1929), dunm. Filomena Anastasi, (1908-), d.inf. Carmelo Anastasi, (1909-1986),. married to Maria Sammut. Maria Anastasi, (1910-1912), d.inf. Emmanuele Anastasi, (1883-1884), d.inf. Giovanni Anastasi, (1884-1937), married 1911 to Salvina Mercieca, with issue. Maria Anastasi, (1912-., married 1940 to Edgar Casolani, with issue. Walter Casolani, (1943-, married to Josette Montanaro, with issue. Bertha Casolani, (1947-, married to David Radmilli, with issue. Mark Radmilli, (1976-. Robert Radmilli, (1981-. Victor Anastasi, (1913-, married 1943 to Carmen Bianchi, with issue. Elena Anastasi, (1915-1986), married 1937 Zebbug to Edgar Micallef, with issue. Giovanna Micallef, (1938-, married 1964 to Anthony Apap, with issue. Christine Apap, (1965-, married (Sep) to Brian Tortell, with issue. Edward Tortell. Peter Apap, (1969-, married to Christine N, with issue. Lisa Apap. Simon Apap. Margherita Micallef, (1940-., married 1961 to Albert Borg Costanzi, with issue. Roberta Borg Costanzi, (1962-, married 1987 (Sep) to Emanuel Farrugia, with issue. Michael E. Farrugia, (1989 -. Kristina Farrugia, (1992 -. Susannah Farrugia, (1996 -. David Borg Costanzi, (1966-., married 1993 to Joanna Borg, with issue. Edward Borg Costanzi, (1995 -. Andrew Borg Costanzi, (1998 -. Mark Borg Costanzi, (1966-., married 1990 to Sharon Agius, with issue. Jack Borg Costanzi, (1996 -. Kate Borg Costanzi, (1998 -. Sarah Borg Costanzi, (1999 -. Elena Borg Costanzi, (1975-., married 2005 to Renzo di Rubbo, with issue. Francesco di Rubbo, (2006 -. Carlo di Rubbio, (2009 -. Rosemary Micallef, (1942-, married 1971 to Louis Buttigieg, with issue. Michael Buttigieg, (1973-., married to Roberta N, with issue. Sean Buttigieg. Ivan Buttigieg, (1977-. Karl Buttigieg, (1977-, married to Tania Scicluna. Theresia Micallef, (1949-, married 1974 to John Anthony Psaila, with issue. Andrew John Psaila, (1976-), d.inf. John Psaila, (1977-., married to Katrina N,  with issue. Jeanne Psaila. Emma Psaila, (1981-., married to Alex Mizzi, with issue. Bettina Mizzi. Salvatore Anastasi, (1916-), d.inf. Giorgio Anastasi, (1917-1991), married to Maria Anna Farrugia, with issue. Madeleine Anastasi, (1945-. Joan Anastasi, (1945-, married 1971 to Robert Pace Bonello, with issue. Louis Pace Bonello. Simon Pace Bonello. Denise Anastasi, (1950-, married to Anthony Caruana, with issue. Daniella Caruana, (1976-. Ugo Anastasi, (1920-., married 1942 to Rita Yvonne Micallef, with issue. Anna Anastasi, (1943-. Helena Anastasi, (1945-., married 1971 to Patrick Caruana Dingli. Joseph Anastasi, (1924-., married 1947 to Vivienne Wood, with issue. Maria Aloisia Anastasi, (1949-., married 1970 to Joseph Ellul, with issue. Sean Ellul, (1971-. Keith-Benjamin Ellul, (1976-. Carmela Anastasi, (1925-. Franca Anastasi, (1930-1979), dunm. Paolo Anastasi, (1933-1944), dunm. Domenico Anastasi, (1886-1938). Rosaria Anastasi, (1888-1960). Lorenzo d'Anastasi, (1850-1922), married 1872 to Virginia Grima, with issue. Salvatore Anastasi, (1873-1874), d.inf. Giuseppe Anastasi, (1874-1958), married to Maria Sapienza Azzopardi, with issue. Giorgia Anastasi, (1906-1985), married 1930 to Carmel Vassallo Ph.C. Carmelina Anastasi, (1908-., married 1936 to Dr Joseph Bugeja MD, with issue. May Bugeja, (1939-., married 1962 to James Kenneth Lawson, with issue. Ian Lawson, (1965-., married to Caroline Matlock. Winifred Bugeja MRCP, (1940-., married to Neville Platt. Vincent Marius Bugeja, (1944-, married to Pamela Janet Kemp. Josephine Bugeja, (1947-. Rita Bugeja, married 1972 to Timothy Seymour Bourne, with issue. Alec Bourne, (1973-. Nichola Bourne, 1975-. Agnese Anastasi, (1911-., married 1947 to Alfred J. Ciappara, with issue. Maryla Ciappara, (1948-., married 1983 to Murray James Hannon. Cecilia Ciappara, (1949-. Concetta Ciappara, (1952-. Virginia Anastasi, (1912-1992), married 1938 to Dr George Dacoutros LLD, with issue. Lucrezia Dacoutros, (1939-. John George Dacoutros, (1941-. Peter Dacoutros, (1951-. Joseph Anastasi, (1921-1989), married 1945 to Elizabeth Ellul-Mattei, with issue. Carmelo Anastasi, (1876-1906), married 1899 to Antonia Vella, with issue. Dr John Anastasi MD, (1903-1979), married 1935 to Margaret Bird, with issue. Dr Valerie Anastasi MD, (1936-., married 1960 to Dr Misael Cassar MD, with issue. Dr David Cassar MD, (1961-. Josabeth Cassar, (1962-. Felicity Cassar, (1963-. Joseph Cassar, (1966-. Rupert Anastasi, (1937-., married 1968 to Wendy Morrish, with issue. (Adopted) Katie Anastasi, (1970-. (Adopted) Carl-John Anastasi, (1973-. Dr Monica Anastasi MD, (1940-. Cynthia Anastasi, (1943-. Daniele Anastasi, (1905-1981), married 1931 to Maria Stella Samuele, with issue. Antonia Anastasi, (1932-, married 1954 to Emmanuele Anastasi (Cousin). Connie Anastasi, (1934-. Josephine Anastasi, (1936-. Mary Anastasi, (1938-. George Anastasi, (1943-. Alfred Anastasi, (1947-. Domenico Anastasi, (1877-1940), married (1) 1899 to Elizabeth Blye, married (2) 1903 to Carmela Toglia, with issue. (First Marriage) Ines-Maria Anastasi, (1900-1901), d.inf. (Second Marriage) Ersila Anastasi, (1904-1977), married 1932 to Harry Craig. Mary Anastasi, (1906-, married 1932 to Infantino Testa. Ivo Anastasi, (1907-1970), married 1943 to Lilian Micallef Trigona, with issue. Arturo Anastasi, (1910-1967). Salvatore Anastasi, (1879-1970), married 1939 to Emmanuela Blye, with issue. Joseph Anastasi, (1941-., married (1) to Connie Zammit, married (2) 1964 to Joan Stephenson. May Anastasi, (1943-. Antoinette Anastasi, (1946-., married 1974 to Charles Galea, with issue. Charles Galea. Karelle Galea. Paola Anastasi, (1881-1960), married 1905 to Antonio Mercieca, with issue. Joseph Mercieca, (1906-, married 1929 to May Darmanin Demajo. Mary Merceica, (1908-1993), married 1936 to Chev Oscar Vella, Ph.C, with issue. Connie Vella, B.Pharm, (1937-., married 1965 to Edward Mallia. Rev. Salvino Vella, (1938-. Dr Anton Vella MD, (1942-, married 1974 to Maria Antoinette Balzan. Rita Vella, B.Pharm, (1944-., married 1970 to Dr Carmel Schembri MD. Victor Vella, (1945-., married to Carmen Cini. Antida Vella, (1947-., married to Francis X. Vella. Pietro Vella, (1949. Virginia Mercieca, (1913-1956), married 1943 to John Debono. Antonio Mercieca, (1924-, married 1952 to Mary Bezzina, with issue. Anthony Mercieca, (1953-. Mario Mercieca, (1954-. Martin Mercieca, (1956-. Anne Pauline Mercieca, (1961-. Pio Anastasi, (1883-1941), married 1914 to Lucia Grima, with issue. Alfred Anastasi, (1915-1964), married to Mary Meli, with issue. Andrew Anastasi, (1950-., married 1974 to Patricia Borg Olivier, with issue. Christopher Anastasi, (1976-. David Anastasi, (1979-. Karl Anastasi, (1980-. Roberta Anastasi, (1982-. Angele Anastasi, (1953-, married 1978 to Dr Peter Xuereb LLD, with issue. Simon Xuereb, (1985-. Matthew-Alex Xuereb, (1989-. Aida Anastasi, (1916-1992), married 1943 to Edward Gingell-Littlejohn, with issue. John Gingell-Littlejohn, (1943-. Victor Gingell-Littlejohn, (1945-, married 1971 to Anne Amato-Gauci, with issue. Vanni Gingell-Littlejohn, (1947-, married 1969 to Vivianne Fenech, with issue. John Edward Gingell-Littlejohn, (1971-. Johanna Gingell-Littlejohn, (1974-. Andrew Gingell-Littlejohn, (1978-. Anna Gingell-Littlejohn, (1949-, married 1972 to Raymond Manduca. Edward Gingell-Littlejohn, (1952-, married 1976 to Alida Rosso, with issue. Edward Gingell-Littlejohn, (1977-. Rebecca Gingell-Littlejohn, (1982-. Daniel Gingell-Littlejohn, (1988-. Isabella Gingell-Littlejohn, (1954-, married 1973 to Norman Borg, with issue. Lukan Borg, (1978-. Jody Borg, (1982-1997), dunm. Raymond Gingell-Littlejohn, (1956-, married 1977 to Maggie Briffa, with issue. Marc Gingell-Littlejohn, (1979-. Deborah Gingell-Littlejohn, (1981-. Joseph Gingell-Littlejohn, (1957-, married 1980 to Rosanna Tabone, with issue. Simon Gingell-Littlejohn, (1981-. Erika Gingell-Littlejohn, (1984-. Edward Anastasi, (1918-, married 1943 to Mary Despott, with issue. Marco Anastasi, (1944-, married 1973 to Dorothy Mifsud-Bonnici, with issue. Ingrid Vanessa Anastasi, (1977-. Mark Anastasi, (1981-. Marguerite Anastasi, (1946-., married 1975 to David Alcock, with issue. Alexander Alcock, (1976-. Benjamin Alcock, (1978-. Mariella Alcock, (1990-. Alexandria Anastasi, (1947-1951), d.inf. Bernadette Anastasi, (1949-, married 1981 to George Dalli, with issue. Alexandra Dalli, (1974-. Robert Anastasi, (1952-, married 1979 to Simon Privitera, with issue. Matthew Privitera, (1983-. Martin Anastasi, (1954-., married 1976 to Rita Bohner, with issue. Mario Anastasi, (1978-. Manuel Anastasi, (1981-. Anne-Maraike Anastasi, (1985-. Mario Anastasi, (1956-1964), dunm. Patrick Anastasi, (1957-, married 1985 to Maryse Barbara. John Anastasi, Judge of the Courts in the Maltese Islands, (1920-1995), married 1949 to Maud Carabott, with issue. Adriana Anastasi, (1951-, married 1979 to Francis Spiteri-Paris, with issue. Julia Spiteri-Paris, (1981-. Roberto Spiteri-Paris, (1984-. Michela Spiteri-Paris, (1984-. Alfredo Anastasi, (1953-, married 1985 to Anna Sammut, with issue. Tina Anastasi, (1986-. Nikki Anastasi, (1989-. Franca Anastasi, (1954-., married 1979 to Edgar Tabone, with issue. Christopher Tabone, (1982-. Rebecca Tabone, (1989-. Luciano Anastasi, (1962-., married 1989 to Roberta Cauchi, with issue. Alexia Anastasi, (1992-. Francesca Anastasi, (1993-. Carla Anastasi, (2002-. John Anastasi, (2002-. Victor Anastasi, (1923-1943), dunm. Joseph Anastasi, (1927-, married 1950 to Anne Debono, with issue. Victor Anastasi, (1952-, married 1977 to Anna Azzopardi, with issue. David Anastasi, (1979-. Michael Anastasi, (1980-. Claire Anastasi, (1982-. Marceleine Anastasi, (1954-, married 1980 to Dr Paul Gauci-Maistre LLD, with issue. Austin Gauci-Maistre, (1982-. Joanna Gauci-Maistre, (1984-. Robert Gauci-Maistre, (1985-. Mary Anastasi, (1964-. George Anastasi, (1930-, married 1954 to Rosina Attard, with issue. Antonio Anastasi, (1955-. Roberto Anastasi, (1957-, married (1) to Frances Said, married (2) to Karin Fischer, with issue. (First Marriage) Gabriella Anastasi, (2002-. Marcello Anastasi, (1959-, married 1986 to Magdalena Paris, with issue. Marcello Anastasi, (1994-. Pierino Anastasi, (1962-, married 1988 to Lorraine Spiteri, with issue. Ylenia Anastasi. Kyle Anastasi, (1990-. Angela Anastasi, (1971-, married 1996 to Pierre Debono. Marisa Anastasi, (1934-, married 1958 to Joseph Coleiro, with issue. Carmelina Coleiro, (1959-, married 1982 to Jean Pierre Ellul-Castaldi, with issue. Francesca Ellul-Castaldi, (1984-. Martina Ellul-Castaldi, (1987-. Lucienne Coleiro, (1961-, married 1986 to David Grima, with issue. Alexia Grima, (1987-. Carla-Maria Grima, (1988-. Jessica Grima, (1992-. Massimo Coleiro, (1963-, married 1987 to Victoria Borg, with issue. Steve Coleiro, (1994-. Emma Coleiro, (1997-. Mark Coleiro, (1965-, married 1992 to Patricia Mizzi, with issue. Michael Coleiro. Max Coleiro, (2004-. Rebecca Coleiro,(2004-. Giorgia Anastasi, (1885-1960), married 1908 to Fedele Farrugia, with issue. Joseph Farrugia, (1911-1982), married 1938 to Carmela Galea, with issue. Mary-Rose Farrugia, (1948-. Frederick Farrugia, (1950-., married 1972 to Margaret Vella, with issue. Fitz Farrugia, (1973-. Fabien Farrugia, (1973-. Benjamin Farrugia, (1978-. Maria-Cristina Farrugia, (1985-. Lorenzo Farrugia, (1912-, married 1935 to Beatrice Said, with issue. Miriam Farrugia, (1936-., married to Frank Pitts. Mary Farrugia, (1915-., married 1940 to Ignazio Falzon. Giovanna Farrugia, (1927-, married 1949 to Joseph M. Bugeja, with issue. Marlene Bugeja, (1950-, married to Emanuele Lautier. Georgette Farrugia, (1953-1982), married 1978 to John Agius. Ignazio Anastasio, (1887-1967), married 1912 to Carmela Apap, with issue. Giuseppa Anastasi, (1913-1995), married 1944 to Joseph Attard, with issue. Monica Attard, (1946-. Adrian Attard, (1948-, married 1975 to Anna Cachia, with issue. Alan Attard, (1976-. Alexia Attard, (1976-. Alison Attard, (1977-. Rita Attard, (1949-, married 1988 to Edward Caruana, with issue. Dr Alexander Attard MB, (1958-, married 1982 to Dr Sandra Balva, with issue. Joseph Anthony Attard., (1987-. Thomas Michael Attard, (1988-. Sofia Attard, (1993-. Carmelo Anastasi, (1914-, married 1951 to Helen Harvey, with issue. Carol Anastasi, (1952-, married to Livio de Simone, with issue. Anastasi, (1979-. Robert Anastasi, (1955-., married 1982 to Maria Pia Bonello Ghio, with issue. Elisa Anastasi, (1987-. Stephanie Anastasi, (1989-. Julia Anastasi,(1993-. Marc Anastasi, (1958-, married 1980 to Alessandra Osnato, with issue. Electra Anastasi, (1987-. Anastasi, (1966-, married to Sophia Backlund, with issue. Bianca Anastasi, (1996-. Emily Anastasi, (1915-, married 1948 to James Kenneth Lawson, with issue. Peter Joseph Anastasi, (1950-, married 1975 to Teresa Fenech, with issue. Quentin Anastasi, (1976-. Brooke Anastasi, (1981-. Rita Anastasi, (1917-. Oreste Anastasi, (1918-1944), dunm. Frances Anastasi, (1920-., married 1948 to Nicolina Bondin, with issue. Patricia Anastasi, (1949-., married 1969 to John Mousu, with issue.  Kenneth Mousa, (1970-. Jennifer Mousa, (1972-. Gwendolen Nicola Mousa, (1977-. Josef Anastasi., (1950-., married 1977 to Theresa Symes, with issue. Maureen Anastasi., (1953-, married 1975 to Richard Micallef. Cyril Anastasi, (1956-., married 1982 to Margaret Saliba, with issue. Luisa Philippa Anastasi, (1988-. Paula Francesca Anastasi, (1990-. Marianna Anastasi, (1922-1953), dunm. Irene Anastasi, (1924-2002), married to Dr Crescenzo d'Alicandro MD, with issue. Philip d'Alicandro, (1961-, married to Gianna Taschino, with issue. Crescenzo d'Alicandro, (1982-. Theresa Anastasi, Ph.C, (1926-1998), married 1950 to Dr Raphael Cefai MD, with issue. David Cefai, M.Sc, (1950-., married 1979 to Runica Mary Connell, with issue. Rebecca Cefai, (1981-. Deborah Cefai, (1983-. Tamara Cefai, (1987-. Daphne Cefai, B.Pharm, (1953-., married 1977 to Giovanni Corrieri, with issue. Jonathan Corrieri, (1980-. Andrew Corrieri, (1981-. Simon Corrieri, (1990-. Raffaella Corrieri, (1993-. Christopher Cefai, (1956-, married to Angela Hall, with issue. Alexandra Rose Cefai, (1986-. Frances Cefai, (1987-. Roberta Cefai, (1993-. Stephen Cefai, (1995-. Dr Martin Cefai MD, (1962-., married 1987 to Theresa Ciappara, with issue. Jennifer Cefai, (1988-. Michelle Cefai, (1993-. Victor Anastasi, (1930-, married 1955 to Beryl Lois Crawshaw, with issue. Sandra Carmela Anastasi, (1956-. Stephen Anastasi, (1957-., married to Jenny de Larve, with issue. Alexis Jean Anastasi, (1985-. David Anastasi, (1986-. Scott Anastasi, (1988-. Benjamin Anastasi, (1990-. Catherine Anastasi, (1961-. Gregory Anastasi, (1966-., married to Jody Taylor, with issue. Lucy Anastasi, (1997-. Joel Anastasi, (1998-. Consolata Anastasi, (1889-1979), married 1912 to Giovanni Hass, with issue. Mary Hass, (1913-. Lucy Hass, (1914-., married 1944 to Cecil-Percival Jones, with issue. Miriam Jones, (1947, married to Gaetano Grech. Rosanne Jones, (1950-, married to Andre Bencini. Martin Jones, (1953-., married to Petrina Mizzi. Claude Jones, (1954-1986), married to Marika Cachia. Teresa Anastasi, (1890-1893), d.inf. Anastasio Anastasi, (1893-1976), married 1915 to Carmela Busuttil, with issue. Ines Anastasi, (1916-., married 1941 to Maurice Busietta, with issue. Maria Busietta, (1942-. Alfred Busietta, (1945-., married 1972 to Lydia Incorvaja, with issue. Joseph Busietta, (1949-., married 1975 to Marie-Lov Zarb-Mizzi, with issue. Mary Anastasi, (1918-. Dolores Anastasi, (1919-1985), married 1940 to Frederick Darmanin, with issue. Joseph Darmanin, (1941-., married 1965 to Philippa Pullicino, with issue. Michael Darmanin, (1966-. Joanna Darmanin, (1967-. Paul Darmanin, (1968-. Marie-Therese Darmanin, (1943-. Bernedette Darmanin, (1951-., married 1972 to Marquis Louis Apap Bologna. Gladys Anastasi, (1923-. Yvonne Anastasi, (1925-1927), d.inf. Samuele Anastasi, (1895-1963), married 1919 to Maria Grima, with issue. Ermina Anastasi, (1922-. Carmelo Anastasi, (1923-), d.inf. Marianna d'Anastasi, (1852-), d.inf. Teresa d'Anastasi, (1853-), d.inf. Emanuele d'Anastasi, (1855-1920),. married to Giuseppa Grech, with issue. Marianne Anastasi, (1879-1955), married 1903 to Giuseppe Vella, with issue. Bernarda Vella, (1904-1976). Emmanuele Vella, (1905-1988). Victor Vella, (1906-1968). Maria Vella, (1910-. Carmelo Vella, (1913-1932). Francis Vella, (1916-. Edgar Vella, (1916-. Lucia Vella, (1921-. Rita Vella, (1924-. Giuseppe Anastasi, (1882-1883), d.inf. Salvatore Anastasi, (1883-1934), married 1907 to Cecilia Inguanez, with sisue. Giuseppa Anastasi, (1908-., married 1936 to Alfredo Spiteri. Maria Stella Anastasi, (1910-1911), d.inf. Emmanuele Anastasi, (1911-2004), married 1936 to Maria Melita Ritchie, with issue. Salvina Anastasi, (1938-, married 1959 to Paul Cauchi, with issue. Noel Cauchi, (1960-. Sandro Cauchi. Robert Cauchi. Giovanna Anastasi, (1937-1940), d.inf. Maria Louisa Anastasi, (1940-., married to George Bonello, with issue. Moira Bonello, (1972-. Ian Bonello, (1976-. Kenneth Bonello, (1974-. Adelina Anastasi, (1941-., married 1963 to Anthony Muscat, with issue. Brian Muscat. Romina Muscat. David Muscat. Cecilia Anastasi, (1943-., married 1967 to Saviour Micallef, with issue. Karen Micallef, (1968-. Gabriel Micallef, (1970-. Carmela Anastasi, (1945-., married 1968 to Alexander Cachia, with issue. Davina Cachia, (1970-. Alexis Cachia, (1973-. Margaret Anastasi, (1949-., married 1979 to Nadya Vella, with issue. Claudia Anastasi, (1981-. Mauro Anastasi, (1984-. Domenico Anastasi, (1951-., married to Mary Fatima Bartolo, with issue. Anastasia Anastasi, (1977-. Nicola Anastasi, (1980-. Mia Anastasi, (1981-. Luis-Emanuele Anastasi, (1988-. John Martin Anastasi, (1957-1986), married to Amanda Minogue, with issue. John Michael Anastasi, (1985-. Raymond Anastasi, (1955-., married to Sheryl Cameron-Webb, with issue. Rebecca Anastasi, (1979-. Carina Anastasi, (1983-. Carmelo Anastasi, (1914-., married 1939 to Grazia Camilleri, with issue. Saviour Anastasi, (1943-. Alfonso Anastasi, (1943-. Josephine Anastasi, (1945-. Rita Anastasi, (1947-. Giovanni Anastasi, (1951-. Maria Stella Anastasi, (1915-. Antonio Anastasi, (1916-1990), married 1952 to Antonia Ciantar, with issue. Cecilia Anastasi, (1953-., married 1974 to Philip Caruana, with issue. Adrian Caruana. Claudia Caruana. Maria Anastasi, (1918-., married 1937 to Giuseppe Micallef. Maria Rosanna Anastasi, (1921-1922), d.inf. Vincenza Anastasi, (1922-., married 1944 to Carmelo Briffa, with issue. Lino Briffa. Anthony Briffa. Saviour Briffa. Francesco Saverio Anastasi, (1924-, married to Maria Genovese, with issue. Giulietta Anastasi, (1955-. Silvio Anastasi, (1957-. Alfred-Paul Anastasi, (1960-. Carmelo Anastasi, (1893-), d.inf. Maria Stella Anastasi, (1895-), d.inf. Gisueppe Anastasi, (1897-1948), married (1) 1921 to Giulia Galea, married (2) to Giovanna Attard, with issue. (First Marriage) Maria Anastasi., (1922-, married 1945 to John Cachia. Giorgiana Anastasi, (1899-. Riccardo d'Anastasi, (1857-1924), married 1884 to Concetta Frendo, with issue. Salvatore Anastasi, (1885-1947), married (1) 1905 to Elena Mascoli, married (2) to Carmela Xuereb, with issue. (First Marriage) Maria Concetta Anastasi,(1906-. Innes Maria Anastasi, (1907-1908), d.inf. Riccardo Anastasi, (1911-. Giorgio Anastasi, (1912-), d.inf. Giuseppa Anastasi, (1913-., married 1936 to (Cousin) to Antonio Anastasi. Maria Rosaria Anastasi, (1924-1922), d.inf. Carmela Anastasi, (1917-), d.inf. (Second Marriage) Elena Anastasi, (1920-), d.inf. Carmelo Anastasi, (1921-), d.inf. Salvina Anastasi, (1922-), d.inf. Marianna Anastasi, (1923-1924), d.inf. Maria Anastasi, (1925-), d.inf. Elena Anastasi, (1890-1892), d.inf. Nicola d'Anastasi, (1760-., married 1776 Valletta to Teresa Catania, with issue. (Second Marriage) Antonio d'Anastasi, (1787-. Salvatore d'Anastasi, (1792-. Michel'Angelo d'Anastasi, (1795-. Caterina d'Anastasi, (1797-. Vincenzo d'Anastasi, (1803-., married 1826 to Elena Callus. Marianna d'Anastasi. Evangelista d'Anastasi. Rosaria d'Anastasi, "Nun".

1.3.3. (Second Marriage) Agata d’Anastasio., married 1630 to Pietro Attard.

1.3.4. Caterina d’Anastasio., married 1635 to Rocco Busuttil.



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