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The Noble Family of Baglio

This family is listed as a noble family in “Descrittione di Malta” (1647).

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“ Lorenzo Baglio fu’ Giurato negl’ anni 1525, 1529 & 1530, nacque da Stefano, come alresi Giuliano padre di Matteo, e d’Isabella, apparisce cio’ nel testamento di Stefano, ove Lorenzo fu’ lasciato erede universale l’anno 1515.” (From Abela’s “Della Descrittione di Malta del Commendatore Abela” (1647))





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Ponzo Baglio, married to Nobile Zirona Bartolo, (setup a fondation 1462 by Notary Antonio Falzon), with issue.


1. Milite Matteo Baglio, married to Isabella Baldes, with issue.

1.1. Angela Baglio, married 1531 to Dr Pietro Cassar JUD.

1.2. Milite Stefano Baglio, married with issue.

1.2.1. Barone Lorenzo Baglio, Jurat of Malta 1525, 1529, 1530., married to Antonia Xara, with issue. Isabella Baglio, married to Giorgio Fiteni. Giuliano Baglio, married to Beatrice Calava.

1.3. Sigismondo Baglio, married to Agnese Cassia, with issue.

1.3.1. Caterina Baglio, married to Franco Fantino.

1.3.2. Salvo Baglio.

1.4. Isabella Baglio, married 1533 to Pietro Cassia.

1.5. Bernardo Baglio, married to Dianora Bonnici, with issue.

1.5.1. Margherita Baglio, married 1547 to Leonardo Falzone.

1.6. Petruccia Baglio, married 1515 to Domenico Moscati.





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