"Bonavia family including Hon Edgar Bonavia"

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1. N. Bonavia, with issue.

1.1. Antonio Bonavia (c. 1560), married with issue.

1.1.1. Gio Paolo Bonavia, "Founder of the Foundation".

1.1.2. Vincenzo Bonavia., married 1599 Valletta to Nobile Domenica Malatesta., with issue. Matteo Bonavia., married to Nobile Teresa Torrensi., with issue. Fra. Fabrizio Bonavia., dunm. Maria Bonavia, married 1686 to Fabrizio Buttigieg. Gio Angelo Bonavia, married 1658 Axiaq to Marietta Formosa, with issue. Alfonso Bonavia, married 1690 Axiaq, to Grazia Imbroll, with issue. Giovanni Bonavia, married 1729 to Alfonsa Bonnici. Bartolomeo Bonavia, married 1685 Zeitun to Valenzia Cachia, with issue. Gio Maria Bonavia, married 1718 Axiaq to Caterina Abela. Maddalena Bonavia, married 1757 Axiaq to Salvatore Busuttil. Orazio Bonavia, married 1728 Axiaq to Anna Dimech. Giuseppe Bonavia, married 1736 Axiaq to Rosa Dimech, with issue. Chco. Giovanni Bonavia, married 1802 Cospicua to Teresa Simiara. Felice Bonavia, married 1797 Valletta to Serafina Cachia. Valerio Bonavia, married to Angela N, with issue. Petruccio Bonavia, married (1) to Grazia N, married (2) 1704 Mdina to Anna Maria Gristi. Francesco Bonavia, married 1641 Valletta to Geronima Sammut, with issue. Maruzza Bonavia, married (1) 1673 Valletta to Giuseppe Panfilo, married (2) 1679 Valletta to Carlo Farrugia. Barbara Bonavia, married 1639 Valletta to Domenico Valletta. Margherita Bonavia, married 1632 Valletta to Leonardo Muscat. Alessandra Bonavia, married 1626 Valletta to Roberto Clement of France. Giovanna Bonavia, married 1614 Valletta to Antonio di Battista of Venice.

1.1.3. Pasquale Bonavia, married 1609 Vittoriosa to Innocenza Abela, with issue. Andrea Bonavia, married 1691 to Caterina Azzopardi, with issue. Giacomo Bonavia, married to Maria NN. Andrea Bonavia, married 1662 Zeitun to Giovanni Busuttil. Marco Antonio Bonavia, married with issue. Maria Bonavia, married 1665 Gudia to Giovanni Bezzina. Chco Gio Andrea Bonavia, married to Maruzza Falzon, with issue. Maruzzo Bonavia. Giuseppe Bonavia. Gio Domencio Bonavia, married to Elena NN, with issue. Rosa Bonavia, married 1697 to Gio Maria Attard, with issue. Maria Attard, married 1726 Mdina to Andrea Abdilla. Andrea Bonavia, married to Cleria NN, with issue. Michele Bonavia. Dominchella Bonavia. Grazia Bonavia, married 1724 Zebbug to Gio Maria Farrugia. Maria Bonavia. Francesco Bonavia, married 1690 to Anna Baldacchino. Giovanella Bonavia, married to Tomaso Haxiach. Elena Bonavia, married to Domenico Vella., with issue. Alessio Bonavia, married to Maria Barbara. Giovanella Bonavia, married to Baldassare Testaferrata.

1.1.4. Filippo Bonavia, married 1609 Zeitun to Graza Abela, with issue. Bernardina Bonavia, married 1630 Birgu to Angelo Fenech. Giovanna Bonavia, married 1646 Birgu to Blasco Busuttil.

1.2. Ferdinando Bonavia, married 1561 Mdina to Donna Isabella Calimera (d/o Giovanni), with issue.

1.2.1. Matteo Bonavia, married (1) to N, married (2) 1612 Tarxiem to Marietta Farrugia, with issue. (First marriage) Grezio Bonavia, married 1625 Gudja to Caterina Delorenzo (d/o Vincenzo), with issue. Clemente Bonavia, married 1665 Luqa to Evangelista Bondi (d/o Giovanni and Angelica Falzon), with issue. Matteo Bonavia, married 1718 Zurrieq to Veneranda Formosa (d/o Lorenzo and Petronilla Magro), with issue. Giuseppe Bonavia, married 1745 Luqa to Caterina Mamo (d/o Carlo and Rosa Azzopardi), with issue. Matteo Bonavia.(1748-1823),”Architect”.,  married 1774 Luqa to Liugia Psaila (d/o Angelo and Angelica Bonnici), with issue. Calcedonio Bonavia, married 1829 Valletta to Mary Hobson, (d/o Francesco and Caterina Bonibard), with issue. George Bonavia., ‘Portrait Painter’. Joseph Bonavia, 'Architect', married 1851 Valletta to Anne Gatt., with issue. Chev. Edgardo Bonavia CMG, married 1892 Valletta to Camilla Vassallo., with issue. Colonel Victor Bonavia RAMC., married 1923 to Vera Clara von Fraenkel, with issue. Olga Camilla Bonavia, married 1944 to John Malcolm Arbuthnot Younger, with issue. Veronica Mary Younger, (1946-. John Michael Damian Younger, (1946-., married 1981 to Elizabeth Thomson, with issue. Alice Younger, (1983-. Dr Eugenie Younger (1987-. Lavinia Younger, (1991-. Tanya Bonavia, married 1948 Toronto Canada to Paul McLaughlin, with issue. Madeleine McLaughlin. Victoria McLaughlin. Alix McLaughlin. Terrence (Terry) McLaughlin. Francis (Frank) McLaughlin. Emanuele Bonavia. MD, (1823-1908), married Anna.., with issue. Catherine Bonavia., married Sir Ferdinand Vincent Inglott., with issue. Eliza Bonavia., married Henry Caruana. Emmanuele Bonavia, married 1820 Valletta to Anna Rutter. Giuseppe Bonavia, married 1801 Cospicua to Anne Maria Borg. Caterina Bonavia, married 1814 Valletta to Luigi Caruana. Rosa Bonavia, married 1781 Valletta to Giovanni Xiberras. Giovanni Bonavia, married 1700 Zabbar to Maria Fiteni, with issue. Cornelia Bonavia, married 1753 Mdina to Giuseppe Borg. Agata Bonavia, married 1747 Mdina to Gio Maria Gatt. Maria Bonavia, married 1648 Luqa to Mario Bonnici. Grazia Bonavia, married 1627 Mdina to Alessandro Griscti. Domenico Bonavia, married 1629 Mdina to Grazia Zhendo (d/o Batta), with issue.  Gio Maria Bonavia,  married 1660 Mdina to Guilia Cauchi, with issue. Luigi Bonavia,   married 1705 Mdina to Grazia Scicluna, with issue. Giacobo Bonavia, married 1733 Mdina to Maddalena Camenzuil, with issue. Giovanni Bonavia, married 1756 at Mdina Malta to Anna Sghendo, with issue. Marguerite Bonavia, married 1789 at Mdina to Constantine dei Baroni Galea. (See San Marciano) Maria Bonavia, married 1758 Mdina to Saverio Sillato of Valletta. Giovanni Bonavia, married 1728 Mdina to Maria Mizzi, with issue. Cornelia Bonavia, married 1753 Mdina to Giuseppe Borg. Agata Bonavia, married 1747 Mdina to Gio Maria Gatt. Maria Bonavia, married 1708 Mdina to Pasquale Allegritto. Domenico Bonavia, married 1684 Dingli to Maria Grima, with issue. Andreanna Bonavia, married 1714 Mdina to Gaetano Vella. Aloisetta Bonavia, married 1723 Mdina to Mro Tommaso Zahra. Marco Bonavia, married 1677 Mdina to Domenica Camilleri, with issue. Grazia Bonavia, married 1706 Mdina to Clemente Vella. Pietro Bonavia, married 1721 Mdina to Andreanna Xuereb, with issue. Anna Bonavia, married (1) 1747 Mdina to Matteo Fenech, married (2) 1758 Mdina to Michele Gauci. Publio Bonavia, married 1758 Mdina to Anna Axisa. Grazia Bonavia, married 1761 Mdina to Salvatore Grima. Mario Bonavia, married 1619 Mdina to Andreanna Caci. Clemenzo Bonavia, married 1632 Mdina to Imperia Curmi. (Second marriage) Alonsica Laurica Bonavia, married 1632 Senglea to Alessandro Seichel, with issue. Capitano Andrea Seichel sives Seychel, married (1) 1664 Senglea to Elena Ciuccala, married (2) 1676 Senglea to Graziosa Caterina Baldacchino, with issue. Notary Gio Battista Seychel, married 1727 Cospicua to Mattea Cauchi, with issue. Caterina Seychel, married 1775 Valletta to Michelangelo Virtu, with issue. Gio Battista Virtu, married 1801 Valletta to Benedetta Pizzuto, with issue.

1.2.2. Paolina Bonavia, married to Paolo Zingheir, with issue. Simone Zingheir, married 1600 Zurrieq to Margarita Cutajar, with issue. Paolina Zingheir, married 1636 Ghaxaq to Battista Zahra, with issue. Gioacchino Zahra, married 1663 Ghaxaq to Clerica Gatt, with issue. Sifessa Zahra, married 1687 Ghaxaq to Domenico Vella, with issue. Maria Vella, married 1720 Axaq to Pasquale Borg. Mro Pasquale Zingheir, married 1615 Zejtun to Leonora Busuttil, with issue. Caterina Zingheir, married 1638 Valletta to Domenico Barbara.

1.3. Pietro Bonavia, married 1559 Mdina to Marietta Gambino (d/o Sapian), with issue.

1.3.1. Maria Bonavia, married 1577 Mdina to Ambrosio Zammit.

1.3.2. Francesco Bonavia, married 1587 Mdina to Marietta Kachem "sives Cachia" (d/o Mro Matteo), with issue. Salvatore Bonavia, married to Valenza N, with issue. Gabriele Bonavia, married 1631 Mdina to Isabella Fenech. Giovanni Bonavia, married 1612 Senglea to Angelica Curmi, with issue. Francesca Bonavia, married 1651 Senglea to Matteo Eugenio Arnaud, with issue. Vincenzo Arnaud, married 1683 Valletta to Giovanna Russo, with issue. Angelo Arnaud, married 1740 Senglea to Paola Camilleri, with issue. Rosa Arnaud, married 1789 Senglea to Pasquale Sebastiano Calleja, with issue. Vincenza Calleja, married 1819 Vittoriosa to Francesco Barbara.

1.4. Paolo Bonavia, married to Nobile Geronima Hachem, with issue.

1.4.1. Dionsio Bonavia, married 1594 Mdina to Geronima Borg.

1.4.2. Isabella Bonavia, married 1572 Mdina to Giuliano Mallia.

1.4.4. Fri Francesco Bonavia, married 1589 (Notary Giuseppe Caxaro) to Nobile Marietta Hachem.




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