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Ugolino Bonici's ancestry-Press Here

Sig. Nobile Ugolino Bonnici,  married 1786 to Eugenia dei Marchesi Mamo-Mompalao, with issue.
1. Sig. Nobile Gio Batta Bonici Mompalao, married 1810 to Antonia Teuma Castelletti dei Conti di Ghajn Tuffieha, with issue.
1.1. Nobile Dr. Pietro Paolo Bonici Mompalao JUD, married 1830 to Maria Teresa Sceberras Bologna dei Conti della Catena, with issue.
1.1.1. Nobile Luisa Bonici Mompalao, (1833-1907), married Commander Walter Strickland, R.N, with issue -See Catena.
1.2. Nobile Ugolino Bonici Mompalao, married (1) Grazia Magrin., married (2) Agostina Spiteri, with issue.
1.2.1. (First Marriage) Nobile Antonio Bonici Mompalao, married 1864 Birkirkara to Giovanna Mifsud Speranza, with issue. M'Concetta Bonici Mompalao
Marietta Bonici Mompalao Elvira Bonici Mompalao Amible Bonici Mompalao Giuseppina Bonici Mompalao Ursola Bonici Mompalao
Nobile Gioranimo Bonici Mompalao, married Carmela Mercieca, with issue
Nobile Francis Bonici Mompalao
Nobile Francesca Bonici, married Giuseppe Ellul, with issue. Margherita Ellul.
Nobile Syridrone Bonici Mompalao, married Anna Spiteri, with issue
Nobile Ugolino Bonici Mompalao
Nobile Giorgio Bonici Mompalao
Nobile Maria Bonici Mompalao
Nobile Grazia Bonici Mompalao
Nobile Ersilia Bonici Mompalao
Nobile Tomaso Bonici Mompalao
Nobile Ferdinand Bonici Mompalao, 'Celibe', dunm.
Nobile Serafina Bonici Mompalao, married Giuseppe Lebrun, with issue.

1.5.1. Francesco Lebrun.

1.5.2. Carmelo Lebrun.

1.5.3. Antonio Lebrun.

1.5.4. Elizabetta Lebrun, married to Salvatore N.
Nobile Adelaide Bonici Mompalao, 'Celibe', dunm.
Nobile Carmela Bonici Mompalao, married Antoine Micallef, with issue.

1.7.1. Orazio Micallef, married to Eliza Mallia.
Nobile Angelica Bonici Mompalao, 'Celibe', dunm.
Nobile Achilles Bonici Mompalao, married Teresa Speranza, with issue
Nobile Antonio Bonici Mompalao
Nobile Bernardo Bonici Mompalao., (Migrated to USA c. 1905 settled in Delaware), married 1876 to Antoinette Sant Cassia, (d. 1912)., with issue. Nobile Achilles Bonici (1882- 1947)., married (first cousin) 1915 to Phyllis Sant., with issue. Nobile Bernard Bonici, (1918 Delaware USA - 1998), married 1945 to Daniella Said., with issue. Nobile Octavius Bonici, (1949  Delaware USA -), married 1980 to Veronica Hay, with issue. Nobile Janet Bonici, (1982 Delaware USA -. Nobile Louise Bonici, (1985 Delaware USA -. Nobile Natalie Bonici, (1988 Delaware USA -. Nobile Bernard Bonici, (1955 Delaware USA - 1974 Vietnam), dunm. Nobile Mary Rose Bonici, (1921-., married 1944 to Robert Walters, with issue. Nobile Stefania Bonici, (1925- 2008), married 1946 to Anthony John Madison, with issue. Nobile Maria Teresa Bonici, (1886-., married (first cousin) 1915 to Carlino Sant., with issue.
1.9.3. Nobile Carmela Bonici Mompalao.
1.9.4. Nobile Rinaldo Bonici Mompalao, married 1884 to Vincenza Rolando Speranza, with issue Nobile Ugo Bonici Mompalao, married 1916 St Juliens to Contessa Maria Assunta Vassallo
, with issue.
Conte Rinaldo Bonici Momapalao, (1924-, married 1943 Rabat, Malta to Frances Pace-Zerafa, (1923-2002), with issue
Conte Maurizio Bonici Momapalao, d.inf.
Conte Ugo Bonici Mompalao, (1948-2008), married 1971 to Connie Borg, with issue.
Conte Charles Bonici Mompalao, (1976-, married 1998 to Joan Galea., with issue. Conte Jamie Bonici Mompalao, (2006-. Contessa Emma Bonici Mompalao, (2010-.
Contessa Pauline Bonici Mompalao, (1973-, married 1996 to Joseph Vella, with issue.
Contessa Mariah Vella, (1999-
Contessa Jane Bonici Mompalao, (1949-, married 1971 Cospicua to Mario Livori, with issue. Conte Stephen Livori, (1972-. Contessa Connie Livori, (1975-1984), d.inf. Contessa Connie Livori, (1986-. Conte Noel Livori, (1987-. Contessa Annalise Livori Bonici Mompalao, (1992-.
Conte Walter Bonici Mompalao, (1924-, married 1952 to Victoria White, with issue.
Conte Michael Bonici Mompalao, (1953-, married 1981 to Yvonne Aokley, with issue
Contessa Sharon Bonici Mompalao, (1957-
Contessa Aloga Bonici Mompalao, (1924-, married 1952 to Ralph Stone, with issue.
Contessa Beatrice Bonici Mompalao, (1924-2007), married 1940 to Angelo Camilleri, with issue. Contessa Maria Eleonora Camilleri, (1941-, married to Alfred Vella. Contessa Rosalie Camilleri, (1945-, married to Ray Jackson. Contessa Dorothy Camilleri, (1947-1954), d.inf. Conte Ugo Camilleri, (1952-, married 1974 to Tereza Azzopardi, with issue. Contessa Maria Theresa Camilleri, (1975-, married (Sep) to Frank Portelli, with issue. Contessa Christianne Portelli, (1998-. Contessa Marthese Camilleri. (Born to David D'Emanuele) Elisa D'Emanuele, (2012-. Contessa Dorothy Camilleri, (1981-.
Nobile Maria Teresa Bonici Mompalao, married 1806 to Salvatore Ellul., with issue.

2.1. Gius Ellul-Bonici, married 1844 to Maria Mangion, with issue.

2.1.1. Maria Teresa Ellul-Bonici, married 1870 to Gio Maria Mallia Tabone, 4th Marquis of Fiddien.

2.1.2. Salvatore Ellul-Bonici, married 1873 to Maria Vella, with issue. Gius Ellul-Bonici, married 1935 to Evelyn Harding., with issue. Salvatore Ellul-Bonici, married 1960 to Maria Dolores Attard-Portughes, with issue. Kevin Ellul-Bonici, (1961-., married (1) 1983 Moscow, Russia to Karina Kohanevitch, married (2) 1993 to Sharon Ellul, with issue. (First Marriage) Cheryl Ellul-Bonici, (1984 -. (Second Marriage) Stevey Ellul-Bonici, (1992 -. Jamie Ellul-Bonici, (1994 -. Zakk Ellul-Bonici, (1995 -. Steven Ellul-Bonici, (1964 - 1990), dunm. Glorianne Ellul-Bonici, (1966 -. Leonard Ellul-Bonici, (1967 -. Moira Ellul-Bonici, (1967 -, married 1995 to Stephen Plumpton, with issue. Ben Plumpton, (1998 -. Geraldine Ellul-Bonici, (1967 -, married 1993 to Antoine Galea, with issue. Etienne Galea, (1995 -. Tristan Galea, (1999 -. Josef Ellul-Bonici, (1975 -. Giovanna Ellul-Bonici, married to Marquis Carlino Bugeja. Walter Ellul-Bonici, married 1904 to Maria dei Conti Bugeja., with issue. Antonia Ellul-Bonici, married 1898 to Edward dei Conti Bugeja.
2.1.3. Giuseppa Ellul-Bonici, married 1884 Zurrieq to Vincenzo Carmelo Camilleri, with issue. Giuseppe Camilleri-Ellul-Bonici, married to Maria Anna Anastasi, with issue. Vincent Camilleri-Ellul-Bonici, (1937-., married 1961 to Marie Louise Darmanin, with issue. Alexandria Camilleri-Ellul-Bonici, (1962-, married to Dr Jose Herrera LLD, MP, with issue. Miguel Herrera. Martina Herrera. Edward Camilleri-Ellul-Bonici, (1963-. Victoria Maria Camilleri, (1941-, married 1966 to Victor Attard-Bondi, with issue. Denis Attard-Bondin. Anthony Camilleri-Ellul-Bonici, (1944-, married 1969 to Priscilla Fynn, with issue. Robert Camilleri-Ellul-Bonici, (1971-. Nichola Camilleri, (1976-. Maria Fatima Camilleri, (1950-, married 1973 to Anthony Camilleri.

3. Nobile Chev. Antonio Bonici Mompalao, married Marianna Caracciolo, with issue.
3.1. Nobile Michele Bonici Mompalao, married 1860 to Teresa Panzetta, with issue.
3.1.1. Nobile Carmela Bonnici Mompalao, married 1888 to Dr. Gius Camilleri MD.
3.2. Nobile Emilea Bonici Mompalao, married 1858 to Luigi dei Conti Ciantar Preziosi.
3.3. Nobile Chev. Saverio Bonici Mompalao, married 1851 to Maria Azopardi Zamit dei Conti Buleben, with issue.
3.3.1. Nobile Ignazio Bonici Mompalao, (1853-) , married 1880 to Enrietta Alessi., with issue. Nobile Saverio Antonio Bonici Mompalao, (1883 Athens Greece -), married 1909 Athens to Baroness Louisa von Pilar, with issue. Nobile Carmela Bonici, (1884 Athens Greece -), married 1909 to William Mallia. Nobile Susanna Bonici, (1887 Athens Greece -), married 1908 to Carlo Muscat.
3.3.2. Nobile Teresa Bonici Mompalao, 'Nun', dunm.
3.3.3. Nobile Filomena Bonici Mompalao, married the 7th Count Preziosi.
3.3.4. Nobile Vincenza Bonici Mompalao. , married 1908 to Scipone Costanzo dei Duchi di Pagnacia.
4. Nobile Felicita Bonici, married 1815 to
Gio Batta Agius. (See Agius).

5. Nobile Daniele Bonici Mompalao., married 1806 to Maddalena Apap dei Marchesi di Gnien is-Sultan., with issue.

5.1. Nobile Agnese Bonici, (1808-), marrid Daniele Bonici.

5.2. Nobile M’Anna Bonici, (1810-), married Gio Batta Giappone.

5.3. Nobile Gio Batta Bonici, (1811-), married to Nathalie Scicluna, with issue.

5.3.1. Nobile Daniele Bonici, (1849 - Cairo -), married 1860 to Baroness Camilla von Brockdorff, with issue.

5.3.2. Nobile Thomas Bonici, (1853 Cairo -), married 1867 to Donna Angela von Pileri, married (2) to 1879 to Kathleen Delicata, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, with issue.

5.3.3. Nobile Evangelista Bonici, (1856- Cairo -), married 1871 to Don Antonio Mariani.

5.3.4. Nobile Vittoria Bonici, (1858 Cairo -), married 1871 to Don Aloiseo Mariani.

6. Nobile Pietro Paolo Bonici Mompalao., married 1800 to Maria Aloisea Apap dei Marchesi di Gnien is-Sultan., with issue.

6.1. Nobile Ugolino Bonici Mompalao, (1804-), married to Elizabetta Carbott, with issue.

6.1.1. Nobile Pietro Bonici, (1835 London -), married 1851 to Marianna Azopardi dei Baroni di Buleben.

6.2. Nobile Elvira Bonici Mompalao, (1808-).

7. Nobile Giuseppe Bonici Mompalao., married (1) Valletta 1819 to Maria Eugenia Gatt dei Conti di Beberrua.,  married (2) 1861 Mdina to Feliciana Montanaro, with issue.

7.1. (First Marriage) Nobile Filomaria Bonici-Gatto.
Nobile Elena Bonici-Gatto. , married Carmelo Sammut.
Nobile Elisabetta Bonici-Gatto, married 1863 to Don Godfredo Mariani.
Nobile Paolina Bonici-Gatto., dunm.
Nobile Lucia Bonici-Gatto., "nun"., dunm.
Nobile Daniela Bonici-Gatto., "nun"., dunm.


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1. Victoria Mompalao, (1918 - 2012), married to Saviour Psaila, with issue.

1.1. Cettina Psaila, married to Judge Maurice Caruana Currans.

1.2. Joe Psaila, married to Mary Jane N.

1.3. Mary Psaila, married to Louis Aquilina.

1.4. Frank Psaila, married to Rose N.

1.5. Walter Psaila, married to Marie Christine N.

1.6. Antoinette Psaila.

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