Borda Family

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1. Guglio Borda, married 1602 Zejtun to Domenica Mallia, with issue.

1.1. Giacomo Borda, married 1637 to Maruzza Vella, with issue.

1.1.1. Luigi Aloisio Borda, married 1677 Senglea to Nobile Francesca Rizzo, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, with issue. Giovanni Borda, married 1731 Senglea to Speranza Attard, with issue. Giuseppe Giovanni Borda, married 1768 to Teresa Bonavia, with issue. Antonio Borda, married 1802 Cospicua to Vincenza Deidun-Caja, with issue. Michele Borda, married 1822 Valletta to Maria Scarpello, with issue. Giuseppe Borda, married to Maria Vincenza Gauci, with issue. Giovanni Battista Borda., (1843-). , married 1869 Vittoriosa to Rosina Xuereb (d/o Alberto and Angela Bonnici), with issue Antonio Borda, (1875-), married Rosa Abela  with issue Mary Borda married Walter Caruana  (of  Capt A Caruana) with issue Joseph Caruana married Iris Caruana with issue Bernardette Caruana, married Nino Angeli with issue Therese Caruana., married Anthony Zammit with issue Walter Caruana Marie Caruana married to Philip Tabone with issue Rosemarie Caruana married to Armando Sansone Lillian Caruana. Joseph A Borda (1901-1959) married Pauline Busuttil (1904 -1990) with issue Rose Borda (1925 – married Capt Louis Ellul Sullivan RMA with issue Joseph Ellul Sullivan  (1950 – married Denise Fava Boffa Paul Ellul Sullivan (1952 - married Anouk Camilleri with issue Vibeke Ellul Sullivan (1983 – married David Pace with issue Pace (2010-. Ida Pace, (2013-. Greta Ellul Sullivan (1987 -, married to Daniel Tabone, with issue. Eva Tabone. George Ellul Sullivan (1954 -), married Sangeeta Dua, (d. 2014), dsp Marie Ellul Sullivan (1959 -  married to Michael Micallef Trigona. Marion Borda  married Major Joe Mizzi KOMR with issue Gordon Mizzi married Anna Camilleri Kenneth Mizzi married Simone Caruana Curran with issue Matthew Mizzi Paul Mizzi NN Mizzi Veronique Mizzi married Wolf Krantz with issue Daniel Krantz (d. 2003) Eliza Krantz married NN Emily Angele Mizzi married Claude Calleja with issue Nicholas Calleja Michael Calleja Corinne Mizzi married to Philip Apap Bologna, Marquis of Gnien-is-Sultan. Helen Borda  married Dennis Degiorgio with issue Victoria Degiorgio married Anthony Wetz with issue Alexia Wetz Sarah Wetz, married to Dieter Falzon Maria Wetz Theresa Degiorgio married Walter Bonnici with issue David Bonnici Nicola Bonnici Lucienne Degiorgio married Peter Gatt with issue Mark Gatt Christopher Gatt Denise Degiorgio married (1 to Mario Schembri, married (2) to Steve Rizzo, with issue (First Marriage) Christina Schembri, married to Conrad Zammit. Andrew Schembri. Helen Degiorgio married Gordon Axiaq. Gordon Axiaq Matthew Axiaq Anthony Borda, (1932-2017), married Louise Earley (d. 2010) with issue Anna Borda married Vincent Rizzo with issue Mark Rizzo married Christine nn Peter Rizzo John Borda married Edwige Navarro with issue Anthony Borda Miguel Borda Malcolm Borda (twin with Miguel) Joseph Borda married Diane Grech, with issue. Adam Borda Kurt Borda Emma Borda Maria Borda married Mario Cachia with issue Andrew Cachia Louise Cachia Bernard Borda married Rosemarie Schranz with issue Borda Sandra Borda married Stephen Pandolfino with issue Kristina Pandolfino Andrew Pandolfino James Borda married Lydia nn  with issue Borda Julia Borda.. Mary Borda, b. 13/3/1886 Kalkara married to Dr Alfred Fabri MD. Felice Borda, b.19/11/1888 Kalkara - Calcara 1956), married to Theresa Said-Styles, b. Port Said 23/8/1893 with issue. Rosina Borda b. 14/11/1912 married to Emmanele Said, with issue. Joseph Borda b.26/4/ 1913 Kalkara, married to Teresa Rota. Ines Borda b. 3/8/1917 Kalkara Arrigo Borda b. 1916, married to Emily Massa, with issue. Therese Borda, (1945- 2008)., married 1966 Malta to Michael Mallia, with issue. Pierre Mallia, married to Amanda Vella. Stefano Mallia, married to Faye Piccinino. Gabriella Mallia. Charles Borda, married to Doris Harmer, with issue. Ian Borda. Ruth Borda. Christine Borda, married to Ronald Vella, with issue. Andre Vella, married to Daniela Grech. Claude Vella, married to Stephanie Bugeja, with issue. Luca Vella. Bernard Vella, married to Mairi Scriberras. Tanya Borda, married to Manuel Ciappara, with issue. Sarah Ciappara. Roberto Ciappara. Harry Borda, married to Grace Bacon, with issue. Edward Borda. Amy Borda. Yana Borda. Nadette Borda, married to Anton Schiavone, with issue. Peppino Schiavone. Luigi Schiavone. Stephanie Borda, married to Lawrence Cassar, with issue. Rebecca Cassar. Elena Cassar. Eric Cassar. Michael Borda. John Borda b. 6/6/1925 George Borda b. 14/6/1921 Port Said Herbert Borda b. 13/12/1930 Michele Borda married nn with issue John Baptist Borda, (1904 Kalkara- Emanuel Borda, (1907 Kalkara-. Giorgina Borda, (1909-. Lorenzo Borda, married 1869 Vittoriosa to Angela Bonnici, with issue. Antonio Borda, married (1) to Giuseppinaa Sceberras, married (2) 1900 to Maria Sceberras, with issue. (First Marriage) Maria Borda, married to Joseph Camilleri. Joyce Camileri, married to Wilfred Pillow. Lina Camilleri, married to Joseph Carbonese. Reynaud Camilleri, married to Irene N. (Second Marriage) Giuseppina Borda, dunm. Paolo Borda. Emanuela Borda, married to Angelo Borda, with issue. Lina Borda, married to Denis Ghirlando. Rosie Borda, married to John Ridewood. Carmela Borda, dunm. Dionizio Borda. Lorenzo Borda. Salvino Borda, (1918-2013), married to Giuseppina N, with issue. Maria Antoinetta Borda. Renata Borda. Melita Borda, married 1950 to Antonio Buhagiar, with issue. Marie Buhagiar, married 1980 to Godfrey Demicoli, with issue. David Demicoli, married 2008 to Rebekah Micallef Anastasi, with issue. Anna Lynn Demicoli, (2009-. Elena Maria Demicoli, (2011-. Kirsten Demicoli, married 2009 to Noble David Robert Darmanin dei Marchesi di Fiddien e Bugeja. Lawrence Buhagiar, (1954-1994). Antonio Borda. Andrea Borda, married 1847 Vittoriosa to Maria Concetta Gauci, with issue. Ludgarda Borda., married 1876 Vittoriosa to Lorenzo Mallia, with issue. Maria Concetta Mallia, married 1900 Kalkara to Conte Saverio Alfonso Teuma Castelletti. Antonio Mallia, (1890-1966), married to Catherina Pule, with issue. Lawrence Mallia, (1918-44), Steward on the H.M.S Talbot. Died on board which was torpedoed and sunk by enemy forces off the coast of Sardinia. Buried in the civil cemetery, Maddalena Island, Sardinia. Paul Mallia, (1920 Kalkara -2009 Cardiff, Wales), married 1946 to Nicolina Gauci, with issue. Mary Dolores Mallia. Carmen Mallia. Lawrence Mallia. Anthony Mallia. Maria Mallia. Paula Mallia. Joseph Mallia, (1923-2001), married to Yvonne N. Emmanuele Mallia, (1925-1993), married to Mary Grech, with issue. Concetta Mallia. Carmel Mallia. Antoine Mallia. Dorothy Mallia. Rita Mallia. Mary Mallia. Vivienne Mallia. Lawrence Mallia. Alfred Mallia, married to Josephine Demicoli, with issue. Doris Mallia. Natalie Mallia. Raymond Mallia. Carmen Mallia, (1927-2006), dunm. Maria Mallia, (1928-), d.inf. George Mallia, (1930-2015), married to Evelyn Attard, with issue. Enrico Mallia, (1935-, married to Miriam Busuttil., with issue. Natasha Mallia. Katia Mallia. Censina Mallia, married to N. Kent. Lorenza Mallia. Paola Mallia, married to Vanier N. Rosa Borda, married 1877 Vittoriosa to Giovanni Poggi. Vincenzo Borda, married 1861 Vittoriosa to Philomena Borg, (d/o Francesco and Maria Azzopardi), with issue. Michele Borda, (1864-, married to Katerina Chircop, with issue. John Baptist Borda, (1904 Kalkara -. Emanuele Borda, (1907 Kalkara -. Giorgiana Borda, (1909 -. Rosa Borda, married 1841 Cospicua to Paolo Bonavia, with issue. Giuseppina Bonavia, married 1866 Cospicua to Antonio Zammit Ta'Bona. Lorenzo Borda, married 1829 Valletta to Maria Bonnici. Magdalena Borda, married 1831 Cospicua to Lorenzo Falzon. Joachim Borda, married 1834 Cospicua to Aloisia Gatt. Paolo Borda, married 1792 Cospicua to Maria Saliba, with issue. Teresa Borda, married 1813 Cospicua to Calcedonio Scerri. Natalizia Borda, married 1816 Cospicua to Antonio Pisani. Margareta Borda, married 1814 Valletta to Fortunato Galea Giglio. Rosaria Borda, married 1803 Senglea to Antonio Massa, with issue. Antonio Carmelo Massa, married 1832 Senglea to Teresa Fiorentino. Maddalena Massa, married 1825 Senglea to Lorenzo Caruana. Giovanni Borda, married 1793 Cospicua to Rosaria Azzopardi, with issue. Maria Giuseppa Borda, married 1809 Cospicua to Salvatore Cassar. Antonio Borda, married 1759 Valletta to Maria Frendo. Francesco Borda, married 1741 Senglea to Giacobina Fenech, with issue. Teresa Borda, married 1770 Senglea to Antonio Caruana. Pasquale Borda, married 1770 Senglea to Anna Maria Gonzi. Graziulla Borda, married 1705 Senglea to Giuseppe de Farrugia, former slave, with issue. Tomaso de Farrugia, married 1741 Senglea to Anna de Sira, with issue. Saverio Farrugia, married 1783 Cospicua to Argenta Mallia, with issue. Giuseppa Farrugia, married 1804 Cospicua to Angelo Bezzina. Anna Maria Farrugia, married 1775 Senglea to Gabriele Federico. Antonio de Farrugia, married 1744 Cospicua to Maddalena Suli, with issue. Benedetto Farrugia, married 1769 Vittoriosa to Anna Maria Martinelli, with issue. Giuseppe Farrugia, married 1792 Vittoriosa to Paola Fabri, with issue. Teresa Farrugia, married 1824 Vittoriosa to Giuseppe Abela. Giovanni Farrugia, married 1826 Cospicua to Margherita Lavanzin. Lorenzo Farrugia, married 1816 Cospicua to Maddalena Caruana, with issue. Michelina Farrugia, married (1) 1840 Cospicua to Richard Penichet of England, married (2) 1852 Cospicua to Vincenzo Diacono. Marianna Farrugia, married 1841 Cospicua to Robert Joseph Gamb. Maria de Farrugia, married 1769 Cospicua to Francesco Calleja. Teresa Borda, married 1710 Senglea to Salvatore Mangano, with issue. Antonio Mangano, married 1732 Zebbug to Anna Maria Bonnici, with issue. Basileo Mangano, married 1768 Dingli to Anna Vella, with issue. Giuseppe Mangano, married 1788 Mdina to Maria Deguara, with issue. Basileo Mangano, married 1813 Mdina to Vincenza Agius. Poalo Mangano, married 1807 Mdina to Anna Ciappara. Lorenzo Mangano, married 1749 Senglea to Maddalena d'Amato. Graziulla Mangano, married 1751 Senglea to Giuseppe Riggio. Elizabetta Mangano, married 1761 Vittoriosa to Andrea d'Amato.

1.1.2. Grazia Borda, married 1656 Senglea to Matteo Buccier.

1.2. Filippo Borda, married 1666 Zejtun to Marietta Abela.

1.3. Domenico Borda, married 1637 Cospicua to Angelica Belin, with issue.

1.3.1. Maruzza Borda, married 1679 Cospicua to Giacomo Grimani.

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