Sir Giuseppe Borg Olivier, G.C.M.G., 1818, Chief Justice of Malta and the title of Prince of Selimbria of Greece., also Hon Dr George Borg Olivier, Prime Minister of Malta.


Sir Giuseppe Borg Olivier G.C.M.G. - Chief Justice of Malta r. 1814 - 1818.  and Giorgio Borg Olivier, Prime Minister of Malta.

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Click here to understand how to send updates and corrections. Carlo Borg,   married 1705 (Notary Bartolomeo de Pasquale) to Nobile Angelica Olivier de Puget Fra Salvatore Borg Olivier, Priest, dunm. Dr Guiseppe Borg Olivier de Puget JUD, married 1734 to
Teresa Gatto, with issue Gio Carlo Borg Olivier de Puget, married 1754 to
Maria Maddalena Mallia-Tabone Emanuele Borg Olivier de Puget, married 1790 to
Maria Guiseppina Gatto Dr Gio Carlo Bog Olivier de Puget J.U.D, married 1815 Valletta  to
Maria Bonavita, Mgr. Luigi Borg Olivier de Puget, dunm. Gaetano Borg Olivier de Puget, married
Marianna Mamo-Mompalao Giovanni Borg Olivier de Puget, married to Georgina Parnis, with issue. Dr Gaetano Borg Olivier de Puget LL.D, married
Emilia Peralta, and dsp. Giuseppa Borg Olivier. Emmanuele Borg Olivier. Vincenzo Borg Oliver. Luigi Borg Olivier. Guiseppe Borg Olivier de Puget, married (1) 1854 to
Maria Regina Chapelle dei Conti Ciantar-Paleologo dei Principe della Selimbria , married (2) Clementine Chapelle dei Conti Ciantar Palaeologo dei Principe della Selimbria.  (First Marriage) Mgr. Can. Gio Carlo Borg Olivier de Puget Paleologo, (d.1913) dunm. Mgr. Can Francesco Borg Olivier de Puget Paleologo,(d.1920)  dunm. Olivier Borg Olivier de Puget Paleologo (1866-1939), 
Titular 21st Prince of Selimbria married (1) 1897 to Rosa Amato-Pace , married (2) to Maria Stella Medati., with issue. (First Marriage) Dr Joseph Borg Olivier de Puget Paleologo (1866-1974)
Titular 22nd Prince of Selimbria , married 1930 Helen Lowell, (See Maltese Families) Dr Albert Borg Olivier de Puget Paleologo LL.D,
Titular 23rd Prince of Selimbria, (1934-2017), dunm. Rosemarie Borg Olivier de Puget Paleologo, (1931- Monica Borg Olivier de Puget Paleologo (1934- Hon Dr George Borg Olivier de Puget Paleologo LL.D, Prime Minister of Malta (r. 1962--71), (c 1911-80), married 1943 to Countess Alexandra Mattei,
with issue Countess Angela Borg Olivier (1946-2008)., married NN. Simonds., with issue. Conte George Simonds, (1975-. Count Dr. Alexander Borg Olivier B.A., LL.D, LL.M ( Columbia USA ),  Titular 24th Prince of Selimbria, (1946-, married Kathleen Bonello, with issue. Count Nicolai Borg Olivier, (d. 2017), dunm. Countess Karina Borg Olivier, (1976-, married to Alexander Lambert, with issue. Contessa Amelia Lambert. Contessa Eloise Lambert. Count Peter Borg Olivier, (1950 - 2012), married to Ursula N, with issue. Count Stefano Borg Olivier, (1990-, Titular heir to the Principe di Selimbria. Conte Jean-Claude Borg Olivier, married to Katrina Lanzon. Paolo Borg Olivier., (d. 1986), married with issue. Anton Borg Olivier., married with issue. Paolo Borg Olivier., married with issue. Anna Borg Olivier. Paul Borg Olivier, Mayor of Valletta. Rev. Olivier Borg Olivier. Mario Borg Olivier., dunm. Edgar Borg Olivier., (died 1966), married with issue. Gloria Borg Olivier, (1936-, married to Joseph Zammit, with issue. Capt George Borg Olivier, (1937-2017), Former Honourable Consul for Malta in Queensland, Australia, married to Marie Coreschi, with issue. Simon Borg Olivier, (1960-, married 2003 to Vitoria Martins, with issue. Amalia Borg Olivier, (2004-. Eric Drue Borg Olivier, (2007-. Suzanne Borg Oliver, (1962-. Giovanni Borg Olivier., (d. 1953), dunm. Robert Borg Olivier., (d. 1975)., married with issue.  Adrian Borg Olivier., married with issue. Kristian Borg Olivier. Roberto Borg Olivier, married to Sarah NN. Grace Borg Olivier., married NN. Demarco. Alfredo Borg Olivier., (d. 1958), dunm Mary Borg Olivier. (d. 1986), married NN. Muscat., with issue. Rosa Muscat., married NN. Buttigieg. (Second Marriage) Rev. Edward Borg Olivier. Federico Borg Olivier. (d. 1933), married Giulia NN., with issue. Giuseppe Borg Olivier., (d. 1966), married with issue. Joan Borg Olivier., married to Joe Gaffiero. Frederick Borg Olivier, (1947 - 2012), married to Marisa Micallef Trigona dei Baroni di Castel Cicciano, with issue. John Borg Olivier. Mark Borg Olivier. Giselle Borg Olivier, married Paul McKenna, with issue. Nicholas McKenna. Thomas Oliver McKenna, (2014 -. Vivienne Borg Olivier, married to Victor Galea Pace. Patricia Borg Olivier, married to Andrew Anastasi. Arturo Borg Olivier., (d. 1957), married with issue. Joan Borg Olivier., married NN. Gaffiero. Vivienne Borg Olivier., married NN. Galea-Pace. Frederick Borg Olivier. Patricia Borg Olivier., married NN. Anastasi. Edward Borg Olivier., (d. 1961), married with issue. Josette Borg Olivier., married Albert Zammit-Maempel.  Robert Borg Olivier, married to Anne Trench, with issue. Lauren Borg Olivier. Maria Pia Borg., married NN. Gargiulo., with issue. Angelo Gargiulo. Giulia Gargiulo. Elena Borg Olivier., dum. Maria Carmela Borg Olivier., d.inf. (Second Marriage)  Emanuele Borg Olivier., married with issue. Maria Borg Olivier. (d. 1979), married Edward Pace., with issue. Vanna Pace., married NN. Arrigo. Lilian Pace., married NN. Stellini. Marlene Pace, married to Maurice Anthony Micallef, (d. 2008), with issue. Janice Micallef, married 1979 to Baron Hugh von Brockdorff Jacqueline Micallef, married to Kenneth Attard, with issue. Sharon Attard, married 2016 Mdina to Andrew de Giovanni. Edward Attard. Victor Pace., (d. 1987)., married to Antoinette NN with issue. Claire Pace., married NN. Gambin. Nigel Pace. Karen Pace., married NN. Mifsud. Salvatore Borg Olivier,  (d. 1937) dunm. Enrico Borg Olivier., (d. 1955), dunm. Francesco Saverio Borg Olivier., married 1845 Valletta to Maria Anna Mirabella. Marianna Borg Olivier de Puget , married
Enrico Mallia-Tabone. Caterina Borg Olivier de Puget , married 1848 to
Guiseppe Bruno-Olivier, with issue Vincenza Borg Olivier de Puget, married 1853 Valletta to Salvatore Borg. Rosa Maria Borg Olivier de Puget , married 1811 to Giacomo Bruno, with issue Federico Borg Olivier, married 1824 to Rose Borg. Clara Borg Oliver, married 1823 Valletta to Felice Uber. Maria Borg, married 1786 Mdina Malta to Orazio Schembri. Giuseppe Borg Olivier, married 1775 Cospicua to Anna Saliba. Giuseppa Borg, married 1743 Valletta to Francesco Adriano Montana, with issue. Nicola Montana, married to Teresa Moresco, with issue. Rosaria Montana, married 1807 Valletta to Ignazio Domenico Ferro of Genoa, with issue. Chev Raffaele Ferro, Consul for Prussia in Malta, married (1) 1825 Valletta to Baroness Maria Antonia von Kern, married (2) 1836 Valletta to Baroness Carolina von Kern, with issue. Elisabetta Ferro, married 1873 Valletta to Federico Gatt. Rosa Ferro, married to Emmanuele Tagliaferro.


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