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"Barons von Brockdorff"

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'Under Germanic Law, all sons of a Baron are entitled to the style of Baron as their sons. This Branch is of the Maltese descendants."

For further genealogy on the von Brockdorff view this page: http://gw1.geneanet.org/fholbek?lang=en&m=NG&pz=finn&nz=holbek&ocz=0&n=brockdorff&t=N

* Hildevus Brockdorff of Osterrada, Holstein, (1220), married with issue.

1. Marquard I von Brockdorff, (c. 1336), Knight, married to N. Ahlefeldt, with issue.

1.1. Heinrich I von Brocdorff, (c. 1373), d. 1392), Knight, married to N. von Rantzau, with issue.

1.1.1. Marquard II von Brockdorff, married with issue. Henrich II von Brockdorff, Knight of the Holy Roman Empire, created 23rd April 1432 Freiherr von Brockdorff by Emperor Sigismund of the Holy Roman Empire,(d. 1449), married to Anna von Heesten, with issue. Freiherr Sievert I von Brockdorff, (d. 1500), married to Anna von Buchwald, with issue. Freiherr Detlev I von Brockdorff, (d. 1538), married to Margaretha von der Ursch, with issue. Freiherr Henrich III von Brockdorff, (1559-1628), married to Magdalene von der Ursch, with issue. Freiherr Detlev II von Brockdorff, (1559-1628), married 1600 to Margarethe von Blume, with issue. Freiherr Cai I von Brockdorff, (1595-1619), married (1) to Ida Rantzau, married (2) to Marguerite von Rantzau, with issue. (First Marriage) Freiherr Cai Bertram von Brockdorff, (1619-1689), married (1) 1644 to Eufanna Amalie von Musfter, married (2) 1671 to Hedwig von Rantzau, with issue. (First Marriage) Freiherr Cai Lorenz von Brockdorff, (1646-1725), married 1674 to Sophie Amalie, Countess von Gchah, with issue. Freiherr Christian Friedrich von Brockdorff, (1679-1750), married 1720 to Ulrica Eleanora von Walferfam, with issue. Freiherr Christian Ulrich von Brockdorff, (1724-1808), married 1758 to Anna Georgine Christine von Hahn, married 1787 to Georgine Luisa von Sabn, with issue. Freiherr Ludwig von Brockdorff, Graf von Brockdorff, (1760-1820). Freiherr Christian von Brockdorff, (1762-1821), married 1809 N. Baroness Dorothea von Brockdorff, (1596-1630). Baroness Magdalene von Brockdorff, (1596-1670). (Second Marriage) Freiherr Henirch von Brockdorff, (1600-1671). Freiherr Joachim I von Brockdorff, (1607-1680), married 1639 to Baroness Anna Margarethe von Rantzau, with issue. Freiherr Detlev III von Brockdorff - See Below. Baroness Catherina von Brockdorff, (1644-1673). Baroness Anna Magdalene von Brockdorff, (1649-1695). Baron Wulf von Brockdorff, (1651-1732). Baron Ditlev von Brockdorff, (1599-1645). Baron Didrick von Brockdorff, (1599-1627). Baroness Ida von Brockdorff, (1600-1668). Baron Theodosius von Brockdorff, (1610-1671).


* Baron (Freiherr) Detlev III von Brockdorff, (1642-1732), Hereditary Knight of the Holy Roman Empire, married (1) to Baroness Margarethe Olga von Ahlefeldt, married (2) 1711 to Baroness Bertha Catherine von Ahlefelt, with issue.                                    

1. (First Marriage) Baron Cai Frederich von Brockdorff, (1670-1736), married to Baroness Anna Catherine von Ahlefeldt, with issue.

1.1. Baron Henrick Frederick von Brockdorff, (1698-1781), married 1725 to Margarethe Ollegaard Levetzau, dsp.

1.1. Baroness Bertha Catherine von Brockdoff, (1701-39), married Baron Hans Rantzau.

1.2. Baroness Sophie von Brockdorff, (1704-71), married to Baron Wulf Blome.

1.3. Baroness Marrethee von Brockdorff, (1707-63), married to Baron Henrik von Ahlefeldt.

2. Baron Wulf Jasper von Brockdorff, (1673-1740), married 1699 to Baroness Catherine Christina von Ahlefeldt, with issue.

2.1. Baron Wulf Jasper von Brockdorff, (1702-61), married 1726 to Baroness Elizabeth Marie von Kleenau, with issue.

2.1.1. Baron Cai Frederich von Brockdorff, (1730-1809), married 1772 to Baroness Ursula Johannes Reussman, with issue. Baron Cai Frederick von Brockdorff – See Below. Baron Ludwig Henrick von Brockdorff, (1776-1846), married to Thomasa Morlter, with issue. Baroness Johanna von Brockdorff. Baroness Lucia von Brockdorff. Baron Louis von Brockdorff, (d. 1852). Baroness Thora Dorothea Luisa von Brockdorff.

2.2. Baron Hans Adolph von Brockdorff, (1706-1761), married 1756 to Baroness Charlotte Augusta von Brockdorff, (d/o Baron Henrik and Sophia Amelia Kielman von Kielmansegg).

3. Baron Joachim von Brockdorff, (1685-1714), married to Baroness Charlotte Amalie von Brockdorff, with issue.

3.1. Barone Ditlev von Brockdorff, (1708-90), married (1) to Countess Anna Emerentia von Ahlefedt, married (2) to Henriette Fredericke Blome, with issue.

3.1.1. (Second Marriage) Baron Otto Benedict von Brockdorff, (1767-1839), married to Margrethe Christiane Boeslund, with issue. Baron Ditlev Friedrich von Brockdorff, (1794-1858).

3.1.2. Baroness Sophia Henninga von Brockdorff, (1758-1830), married to Fredericke Henrick von der Wisch.

4. Baroness Catherine von Brockdorff, (1679-1711), married to Baron Daniele von Rantzau.

5. Baroness Dorothea Sophie von Brockdorff, (1686-1755), married to Count Frederik Reventlow., with issue.

5.1. Count Conrad Detlev von Reventlow, (1704-50), married 1731 to HH Princess Wilhelmine Agusta von Holsten-Sonderborg-Ploen.

5.2. Count Christian Detlev von Reventlow, (1710-55), married 1737 to Johanne Sophie Fredericke Baroness Bothmar.

5.3. Countess Christine Armgard von Reventlow, (1711-79), married 1730 to HH, Prince Frederik Carl von Holsten-Sonderborg-Ploen., with issue.

5.3.1. HH, Duke Christian Karl, *Plön 2.11.1738, +Plön 27.2.1740

5.3.2. HH, Duchess Sofie Christine Luise von Holsten-Sonderborg-Ploen, a nun at Quedlinburg, *Plön 5.11.1732, +Quedlinburg 18.3.1757

5.3.3. HH, Duchess Friederike Sophie Charlotte von Holsten-Sonderborg-Ploen, *Plön 18.11.1736, +Schönberg 4.1.1769; m.Plön 1764 Georg Ludwig II, Gf zu Erbach-Schönberg (*Schönberg 27.1.1723, +Plön 11.2.1777)

5.3.4. HH, Duchess Charlotte Amelie Wilhelmine von Holsten-Sonderborg-Ploen, *Plön 23.4.1744, +Augustenburg 11.10.1770; m.Reinfeld 26.5.1762 Duke Friedrich Christian I von Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg (*6.4.1721, +13.11.1794) Duke Friedrich Christian II of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg, *Augustenburg 28.9.1765, +Augustenburg 14.6.1814; m.Copenhagen 27.5.1786 Pss Luise Augusta of Denmark (*Horsholm 7.7.1771, +Augustenburg 13.1.1843) Duke CHRISTIAN Karl Friedrich August of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg, *Copenhagen 19.7.1798, +Primkenau 11.3.1869, renounced his rights to his son; m.Braaby 18.9.1820 Gfn Lovisa-Sophie von Danneskiold-Samsoe (*Gisselfeld 22.9.1797, +Primkenau 11.3.1867), dau.of Konrad Christian Gf von Danneskiold-Samsoe by Johanna Henrietta Valentine Kaas ALEXANDER Friedrich Wilhelm Christian Karl August von Schleswig-Holstein, *Augustenburg 20.7.1821, +Augustenburg 3.5.1823 Duke FRIEDRICH Christian August of Schleswig-Holstein (1863-80), *Augustenburg 6.7.1829, +Wiesbaden 14.1.1880; m.Augustenburg 11.9.1856 Pss Adelheid zu Hohenlohe-Langenburg (*Langenburg 20.1.1835, +Dresden 25.1.1900) Duke Friedrich Schleswig-Holstein, *Dolzig 3.8.1857, +Dolzig 29.10.1858 Duke Friedrich Viktor Leopold Christian GERHARD Schleswig-Holstein, *Dolzig 20.1.1862, +Dolzig 11.4.1862 Duke Ernst Günther of Schleswig-Holstein, *Dolzig 11.8.1863, +Primkenau 22.2.1921; m.Coburg 2.8.1898 Pss Dorothea of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (*Vienna 30.4.1881, +Taxis 21.1.1967) Duchess AUGUSTE VIKTORIA Friederike Luise Feodore Jenny Schleswig-Holstein, *Dolzig 22.10.1858, +Haus Doorn 11.4.1921; m.Berlin 27.2.1882 Emperor Wilhelm II of Germany (*Berlin 27.1.1859 +Haus Doorn 4.6.1941) Duchess Viktoria Friederike Auguste Marie KAROLINE MATHILDE, Schleswig-Holstein *Augustenburg 25.1.1860, +Grünholz 20.2.1932; m.Primkenau 19.3.1885 Duke Friedrich Ferdinand of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (*Kiel 12.10.1855 +Schloss Luisenlund 21.1.1934) Duchess Feodora LUISE SOPHIE Adelheid Henriette Amalie Schleswig-Holstein, *Kiel 8.4.1866, +Bad Nauheim 28.4.1952; m.Berlin 24.6.1889 Pr Friedrich Leopold of Prussia (*Berlin 16.11.1865 +Flatow 13.9.1931) FEODORE Adelheid Helene Luise Karoline Gustave Pauline Alice Jenny Schleswig-Holstein, *Primkenau 3.7.1874, +Oberasbach 21.6.1910 Friedrich CHRISTIAN Karl August Schleswig-Holstein, *Augustenburg 22.1.1831, +Schomberg House, London 28.10.1917; m.Windsor Castle 5.7.1866 Pss Helena of Great Britain (*Buckingham Palace 25.5.1846, +London 9.6.1923) CHRISTIAN VICTOR Albert Ludwig Ernst Anton Schleswig-Holstein, *Windsor Castle 14.4.1867, +Pretoria 29.10.1900 Duke ALBERT John Charles Frederick Arthur George of Schleswig-Holstein, *Frogmore House 26.2.1869, +Berlin 27.4.1931; he had one illegitimate child: Valerie zu Schleswig-Holstein, *Szent-Miklos 3.4.1900, +Mont-Boron 14.8.1953; 1m: 1935 (div 1938) Ernst Johann Wagner; 2m: Berlin 15.6.1939 Duke Engelbert Karl von Arenberg (*20.4.1899 +27.4.1974) Frederick Christian August Leopold Edward HARALD Schleswig-Holstein, *Cumberland Lodge 12.5.1876, +Cumberland Lodge 20.5.1876 VICTORIA Louise Sophia Augusta Amelia HELENA Schleswig-Holstein, relinquished her German titles in 1917 and was granted the title Pss Helena Victoria, *Frogmore House 3.5.1870, +London 13.3.1948 Franziska Josepha Louise Agusta Marie Christina Helena Schleswig-Holstein, relinquished her German titles in 1917 and was granted the title Pss Marie Louise, *Cumberland Lodge 12.8.1872, +London 8.12.1956; m.Windsor Castle 6.7.1891 (div 13.12.1900) Pr Aribert of Anhalt (*6.6.1864 +24.12.1933) Luise Auguste Schleswig-Holstein, *Augustenburg 28.8.1823, +Pau 30.5.1872 Karoline Amalie Schleswig-Holstein, *Augustenburg 15.1.1826, +Cairo 3.5.1901 Wilhelmine Schleswig-Holstein, *Augustenburg 24.3.1828, +Augustenburg 4.7.1829 Karoline Christiane Auguste Emilie HENRIETTE Elisabeth Schleswig-Holstein, *Augustenburg 2.8.1833, +Kiel 18.10.1917; m.(morg) Primkenau 28.2.1872 Johann Friedrich von Esmarch (Tönning 9.1.1823 +Kiel 23.2.1908) FRIEDRICH Emil August, renounced the rights of succession and was cr Fst von Noer 6.10.1864 by Austrian Emperor, *Kiel 23.8.1800, +Beirut 2.7.1865; 1m: Augustenburg 17.9.1829 Gfn Henriette von Danneskiold-Samsoe (*Gisselfeld 9.5.1806, +Paris 10.9.1858); 2m: (morg) Paris 3.11.1864 Mary Esther Lee (*New York 3.10.1837, +Hannover 4.7.1914) [1m.] FRIEDRICH Christian Karl August Gf von Noer, *Gottorp 23.8.1830, +Noer 25.12.1881; m.Hamburg 17.5.1870 Carmelita Eisenblat (*La Guayra, Venezuela 21.8.1848, +schloss Noer 11.8.1912) CARMELITA Luisa Henriette Laila Gfn von Noer, *Noer 22.4.1871, +Noer 9.5.1948; 1m: Noer 14.10.1894 (div Berlin 8.2.1916) Gf Ernst Ludwig zu Rantzau (*Schleswig 29.5.1869, +Annetenhöh 27.11.1930); 2m: Oberhof 7.9.1921 Rudolf Humbert (*Frankfurt a.M. 15.4.1880 +Noer 29.10.1954) LUISE Amelie Gfn von Noer, *Noer 1.11.1873, +Kiel 2.6.1955; m.London 26.11.1899 Pr Charles Vlangali-Handjeri (*Manerbe 28.7.1866, +Manerbe 1.11.1933) Christian Gf von Noer, *Noer 13.12.1832, +Noer 3.2.1834 [1m.] LUISE Karoline Henriette Auguste Gfn von Noer, *Schleswig 29.7.1836, +Manerbe 25.9.1866; m.London 24.10.1865 Pr Michael Vlangali-Handjeri (*Riga 1833 +Manerbe 11.8.1911) [1m.] Marie Gfn von Noer, *Schleswig 8.8.1838, +3.2.1839 Amalie Schleswig-Holstein, *Copenhagen 28.6.1796, +Copenhagen 9.3.1881; m.Augustenburg 22.5.1815 King Christian VIII of Denmark (*18.9.1786 +20.1.1848), with issue. HRH, Prince Christian Frederik of Denmark (b.and d.Schloß Plön 8 Apr 1807) FREDERIK VII Carl Christian, King of Denmark (Amalienborg 6 Oct 1808-Glücksburg 15 Nov 1863); on his death he was succeeded by Pr Christian of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg; m.1st Copenhagen 1 Nov 1828 (div 1837) Wilhelmine Pss of Denmark (1808-1891; above); m.2d Neustrelitz 10 Jun 1841 (div 1846) Caroline Dss of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (Neustrelitz 10 Jan 1821-Neustrelitz 1 Jun 1876); m.3d (morganatically) Frederiksborg 7 Aug 1850 Lovisa Christina, cr Lehnsgräfin Danner 1850 (Copenhagen 21 Apr 1815-Cannes [Genoa?] 6 Mar 1874), natural daughter of G. L. Köppen and of Juliane Caroline Rasmussen, dsp. Friedrich Karl Emil Schleswig-Holstein, *Augustenburg 8.3.1767, +Leipzig 14.6.1841; m.Leipzig 29.9.1801 Sophie Eleonore Friederike, Frn von Scheel (*Pinneberg 26.12.1778, +Leipzig 18.11.1836), dau.of Jürgen Erich Frhr von Scheel by Anna Dorothea von Ahlefeld Friedrich August Emil Schleswig-Holstein, *Leipzig 3.2.1802, +Copenhagen 31.1.1843 Christian August Schleswig-Holstein, adopted as Crown Prince of Sweden 1809 by King Karl XIII of Sweden, *Augustenburg 9.7.1768, +Kvidinge, Sweden 28.5.1810

5.3.5. HH, Duchess Luise Albertine Schleswig-Holstein, *Plön 21.7.1748, +Ballenstedt 2.3.1769; m.Augustenburg 4.6.1763 Fst Friedrich Albrecht von Anhalt-Bernburg (*15.8.1635, +9.4.1796)


* Baron (Freiherr) Cai Frederick von Brockdorff, Settled in Malta. (1775-1850), married to Josepha Sebastiana di Mecca from Messina, Sicily, with issue.

1. Baron Lewis Dominic von Brockdorff - See Below.
2. Baron Frederich von Brockdorff, married 1835 at Valletta to M’Antonia Ravazza Cassar, with issue.
3. Baron Joseph von Brockdorff, married 1859 to Serafina Pugliesevich, with issue.

3.1. Baroness Ersilea von Brockdorff., married 1880 to Barone Corrardo Sceberras Trigona.

3.2. Baron Alfredo von Brockdorff., (d. 1923), dunm.

3.3. Baroness Emilea von Brockdorff., (d. 1959), dunm.

3.4. Baroness Maria von Brockdorff., (d. 1944), dunm.

3.5. Baroness Valentina von Brockdorff., (d. 1967), dunm.

3.6. Baron Frederick von Brockdorff, married 1894 to Concetta Bartoli, with issue.
4. Baron Leopold von Brockdorff, (died 1873), married (1) 1842 to Christina Tomasi, married (2) 1854 to Emilia Schembri, with issue.
4.1. (First Marriage) Baron Frederick von Brockdorff, (1844- , married 1865 to Antonia Muscat.
4.2. Baroness Aloisea von Brockdorff, (1845- , married 1868 to Carlo Muscat.
4.3. Baron Camillo von Brockdorff, (1846-1905), married 1861 to Sylvia dei Baroni Orsini, with issue.
4.3.1. Baron Leopold von Brockdorff, (1879-1943), married 1918 to Antonia Russo, with issue. Baron George von Brockdorff, (1920-79), married 1949 to Susan Denton, with issue. Baron Leopold von Brockdorff, (1952-, married 1985 to Antonia Fusco, with issue. Baron George von Brockdorff, (1987- Baron Charles von Brockdorff, (1989- Baroness Susan von Brockdorff, (1991- Baroness Victoria von Brockdorff, (1955-2015), married 1979 to Anthony Cavendish, (with further issue). (Natural son of an English Aristocrat) Ralph von Brockdorff, (1976-2000), dunm. Yasmine Cavendish, (1980-, married to James Turner, with issue. Tatiana Cavendish, (1982-, married to Kristan Norton, with issue. Jacob Cavendish, (1985-, married to Rebecca Edmondson, with issue. Baron Anthony von Brockdorff, (1959-, married 1990 to Louise Starr, with issue. Baroness Jane von Brockdorff, (1994-. Baroness Sylvia von Brockdorff, (1919-, married 1941 to Albert Mizzi, with issue. Baroness Mary von Brockdorff, (1921-87), "Nun". Baroness Ethel von Brockdorff, (1923-, married Christian von Prussien, with issue.
4.3.2. Baron Alfonso von Brockdorff, (1881-, Migrated to the U.S.A., married 1912 to Jane Fetherngton, dsp.
4.3.3. Baron Camille von Brockdorff, (1885-, Migrated to the U.S.A., married 1907 to Antonio Stagno.
4.3.4. Baroness Sophie von Brockdorff, (1862-, married to Louis
Spadafora, with issue.
4.3.5. Baroness Maria Doris von Brockdorff, (1865-, married 1897 to Antonio Siciliano, with issue.
4.3.6. Baroness Maria Antonia von Brockdorff, (1871-, married 1899 to Capt. Frederick Olsen, with issue.
4.3.7. Baroness Maria Camilla von Brockdorff, (1875-99), "Nun".
4.3.8. Baroness Maria Stephanie von Brockdorff, (1877-.) "Nun".
4.4. Baron Daniele von Brockdorff, (1845- 1903)., dunm.
4.5. (Second Marriage) Baroness Camilla von Brockdorff, (1853-., married 1880 to Daniel Bonici..
4.6. Baroness Paola von Brockdorff, (1855-1942)., dunm.

4.7. Baron Giorgio von Brockdorff, married to Angelica Mifsud, with issue.

4.7.1. Baron Giuseppe von Brockdorff, married to Carmen Carbonara.

* Baron Lewis Dominic von Brockdorff, (1814-57), married 1837 to Joachina Micallef, with issue.

1. Baron Edward Charles von Brockdorff - See Below.

2. Baroness Antonia von Brockdorff, (1845-).

3. Baroness Sebastiana von Brockdorff, (1842-), married to Don Ferdinand Gravina Guttadiero.

4. Baron Saverio von Brockdorff.

5. Baroness Virgina von Brockdorff.

6. Baroness Elvira von Brockdorff.

* Baron Edward Charles von Brockdorff, (1848-1918), married 1873 to Elvira Bartolo, with issue

1. Baron Ulrid Tancred von Brockdorff, (1883-1938), married 1917 to Ida Gatt, with issue.

1.1. Baron Lt-Col Edward von Brockdorff, KOMR, (1921-2009), married 1950 to Margarent Ingham, with issue.

1.1.1. Baron Malcom (Toby) von Brockdorff, (1950-, married (1) 1986 (Div) to Annie Gleave Wray, married (2) 1989 to Aafke Wiarda Ferwerda, with issue. (Second marriage) Baroness Saskia von Brockdorff, (1991-. Baroness Xenia von Brockdorff, (1994-.

1.1.2. Baron Mark von Brockdorff, (1953-, married 1984 (Div) 1988 to Amanda Clare Vyvyan, (Her brother is the 13th Baronet Vyvyan of England), with issue. Baron Alexander Mark Edward John Vyvyan von Brockdorff, (1984-.

1.1.3. Baroness Alexie von Brockdorff, (1954-. (issue from luca Morsella) Aliha Morsella, (1994-.

1.1.4. Baroness Antonia von Brockdorff, (1956-.

1.1.5. Baroness Anthea von Brockdorff, (1957-, married (Div) to Giles Packshaw, with issue. Asha Packshaw. Alexe Packshaw.

1.2. Baroness Eileen von Brockdorff, married to Joseph Bencini.
2. Baron Hugh von Brockdorff, married
Dorothy Samut, with issue.
2.1. Baron Albert von Brockdorff, (1927-, married 1952 to Lina Xuereb, with issue.
2.1.1. Baroness Nicola von Brockdorff, (1953-, married 1979 to Richard Aquilina.

2.1.2. Baron Hugh von Brockdorff, (1956- , married 1979 to Janice Micallef, with issue Baron Alan von Brockdorff (1980-, married 2010 to Kristelle Vassallo (d/o Raymond and Mariella Vassallo), with issue. Baroness Zoe von Brockdorff, (2013 -. Baron Karl von Brockdorff (1982 -, married 2013 to Chloe Spiteri, with issue. Baroness Anastasia von Brockdorff, (2015-. Baron Kai von Brockdorff, (2016-.

2.1.3. Baroness Greta von Brockdorff, (1958-, married to Michael Camilleri Kamsky, with issue. Simon Camilleri Kamsky, (1978-, married to Marina Radesic. Francesca Camilleri Kamsky, (1980-, married to Steven Fille, with issue. Matthew Fille, (2005-. David Fille, (2007-. Jack Fille, (2014-. Rebekah Camilleri Kamsky, (1985-, married to Michael Redfearn. Andrew Camilleri Kamsky, (1990-.

2.1.3. Baroness Ana von Brockdorff, (1961-, married to Karl Hyzler, with issue. Stephen Hyzler, (1985-, married to Jennifer Steege, with issue. Sebastian Hyzler, (2015-. George Hyzler, (2017-. Matthew Hyzler, (1988-. Alexandra Hyzler, (1994-.
2.2. Baron Robert von Brockdorff (1944-, married 1967 to Elizabeth Galea, with issue.

2.2.1. Baroness Michelle von Brockdorff, (1968-, married to Lars Lundquist, with issue. Rebecka Elizabeth Lundquist, (1996-. Sofia Lundquist, (1996-.

2.2.2. Baron Matthew von Bockdorff, (1969-, married to Angela Borg Cardona, with issue. Baroness Sandy von Brockdorff, (1996-. Baron Christian von Brockdorff, (1999-.
2.3. Baron Bernard von Brockdorff, (1933- 2016), married to Marchesa Veronica Cassar Desain
, with issue.
2.3.1. Baron David von Brockdorff, (1961-, married Miriam N, with issue Baroness Sascha von Brockdorff Baron Adam von Brockdorff, (2001-
2.3.2. Baron Nicholas von Brockdorff, (1969-, married to Alina N.
2.3.3. Baroness Vanessa von Brockdorff, (1963-, married Ralph Asciak, (d. 2017), with issue Michael James Asciak. Nicola Asciak.
2.4. Baroness Patricia von Brockdorff (1936-2003), married Harry Pace, with issue

2.4.1. Roberta Pace, (1959-, has issue. Maxine Pace, (1988-.

2.4.2. Michael Pace, (1960-, married to Suzanne Radmilli, with issue. Andrew Pace, (1996-.

2.4.3. Celia Pace, 1965-, married Michael La Rosa, with issue. Jasmin La Rosa, (1990-.
2.5. Baroness Marguerite von Brockdorff, married Joseph Cachia, with issue

2.5.1. Anita Cachia, (1959-, married to Anthony Cachia, with issue. Rachel Cachia, (1988-.

2.5.2. Malcolm Cachia, (1962-, married to Natasha Blease, with issue. Diana Cachia, (1988-. Sandrina Cachia, (1990-. Felecity Cachia, (2004-.


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