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Vincenzo Bruno of Palermo, Italy., married Veronica.., with issue.

1. Giacomo Bruno, (Settled in Malta) married 1669 to Teresa Garrone, with issue.
1.1. Dr Domenico Bruno JUD,  married 1707 Borgo to Maria Curmi, with issue.
1.1.1. Dr Giacomo Bruno JUD,  married 1756 to Anna Maria Attard, with issue. Dr Giovanni Spiridon Bruno JUD, married 1787 Cospicua to Maria Teresa Maurin, with issue. Dr Giacomo Pantaleone Bruno JUD, married 1811 to Rosa Maria Borg Olivier. (See Maltese families under Borg), with issue. Giuseppe Bruno Olivier, married 1848 to Caterina Borg Olivier dei Principe di Selimbria, with issue. Temistocle Bruno Olivier, married to Contessa Carmela dei Conti Sant Barbaro, with issue. Countess Evelyn Bruno Olivier, married 1934 to Marchese George Douglas Barbaro Sant. Conte Joseph Bruno Olivier, (died 2004)., married Rossanna Menardi (d. 2010), with issue. Contessa Netta Bruno Olivier, married Anthony Axisa, with issue. Contessa Romina Axisa, married Rolan Micallef Attard, with issue. Conte Max Micallef Attard. Contessa Claudia Axisa, married Joe Brincat., with issue. Contessa Claudia Brincat. Contessa Rachel Axisa., married 2006 to Karl Grech. Contessa Eileen Bruno Olivier. Conte Frederick Bruno Olivier, (1922  - 2013), married Maud.., with issue. Conte Victor Bruno Olivier, married to Aida N. Contessa Elizabeth Bruno Olivier. Contessa Graziella Bruno Olivier, married to Damien N. Conte Merovee Bruno Olivier, (1855-. Vincenza Bruno Olivier (1839-1919), married Olof Frederick Gollcher of Sweden (1829-1889), 1858 Vice Consul for the Netherlands in Malta; 1874 Consul for Sweden in Malta., with issue. Gustav Gollcher, (1854-1922)., married Elise Balbi, with issue. Olof F. Gollcher OBE. (1889-1963), 1938 - Owner of Palazzo Falsone in Mdina, married 1938 London to Nella Prior, dsp. William Gollcher, 1899 Consul for Denmark in Malta, married Carmela Fleri Soler, with issue. Olof Frederick Gollcher, (1893-1913), married Evelyn Tabone, with issue. Helma Mary Gollcher, (1924-2017), married 1948 to Lt. Col. William Attard RMA, with issue. Wilhelmina Attard, married to Michele Sottile. George Attard. Martyn Attard, married to Seda N. Wilfreda Gollcher (died 2003), married 1933 to Dr. Filippo Apap Bologna LLD, Marchesino di Gnien is-Sultan. Lt. Frank Gollcher, (1896-1940), married to Fanny Marian Cockford. Fanny Gollcher, (1895-1984). Alessandro Gollcher, (1870-1927). Antoinetta Gollcher, (1869-1951). Rocco Gollcher, (1901-70). Achilles Bruno Olivier, married 1839 to Giovanna Mallia Tabone dei Marchesi di Fiddien., with issue. Giovanna Bruno Olivier, (1842-). Eliose Bruno Olivier, (1844-). Victoria Bruno Olivier, (1846-). Dr Luigi Bruno Olivier LLD, married to Cajetana Grungo, with issue.  Mary Bruno married to Antonio Briffa with issue Nellie Briffa  Ugo Bruno married to Carmela Attard with issue Giovanna Bruno, married to Sebastiano Liberto.   Dr Giuseppe Alberto Bruno LLD (b.1893-) married to Maria Tua (b.1898) with issue  Theodora Bruno married to Louis Camilleri with issue  Marisa Camilleri married to Raphael Farrugia with issue Philip Farrugia married to Fleur N with issue Not. Helena Farrugia married Dr.Edward Zammit Lewis LLD with issue  Justice Dr Gino Camilleri JUD, (1950-2014), married to Patricia N. with issue  Dr. Michael Camilleri LLD  Dr. Adrian Camilleri LLD, married to Elizabeth Ganado, with issue. Luke Camilleri. Ana Camilleri. Giulia Camilleri.  Johanna Camilleri married to Roberto Anfuso with issue Sebastiano Anfuso  Anna Camilleri married to Victor Zammit with issue  Martina Zammit Christopher Zammit  Ugo Bruno (1924-1999) (m.1948) to Maria sive Molly Cortis (1927-2008)with issue  Dr. Vanni Bruno LLD (b1949) (m.1977) to Ann Bartolo with issue (noted separated 1989)  Francesca Bruno (b.1979)  Jake Bruno (b.2003)  Roberto Bruno (b.1981)  Christina Bruno (b.1986) Yasmine Bruno (b.2007)

Issue with Colette Cumbo after separation from Ann Bartolo  Andrea Bruno (b.1992)  Anna Bruno (b1951) (m.1976) to Mario Spiteri Maempel, with issue Maria Pia Spiteri Maempel (b.1977) m. Josef Cardona Michaela Spiteri Maempel ( b.1979) m. Jean Borg Nicoletta Spiteri Maempel  (b. 1981) m. Dr.Simon De Gabriele MD  Giuseppe sive Beppe Spiteri Maempel (b.1988)  Alessandro Bruno (b.1955) (m.1978) to Loraine Diacono (b.1955) with issue Karl Bruno twin 1 (d.inf 1981)  Adrian Bruno twin 2 (d.inf 1981)  Karl Bruno twin 1 (b.1984) Adrian Bruno twin 2 (b.1984)  Franco Bruno (d.2006) married to Antonella Attard with issue Gabriella Bruno (b.1985), married 2010 St Julians to Andrew Spiteri. Luca Bruno  Vittorio Bruno (b.1965) - married to Sonia Cassar with issue Valentina Bruno  Michette Bruno  Luis Bruno married to Antonella Lanzon with issue  Graziella Bruno married to Joseph Delia with issue  Daniella Bruno married to Colin McHarg with issue  Lina Bruno married to Tancred Fleri Soler with issue  Dr Peter Fleri Soler LLD married to Caroline Bonello Du Puis with issue  Paula Fleri Soler Augusta Gollcher, married to Alfredo Denaro. Carolina Bruno., married 1811 to Michael Angelo Mamo. Maria Anna Bruno., married 1814 to Dr Antonio Pullicino JUD., with issue. Giovanni Pullicino, married 1846 to Francesca Caruana. Rosa Bruno, married 1797 Senglea to Vincenzo Schembri. Margherita Bruno, married 1790 Senglea to Claudio de Lauda.
1.1.2. Dr. Giovanni Bruno MD, married 1735 to Rosalea Casha, with issue. Dr. Fra. Gaetano Bruno JUD, (1740-1808), dunm., Uditore to the Grand Masters de Rohan and Von Hompesch.

1.1.3. Diane Bruno, married 1726 to Notary Giorgio Vella, with issue. Anna Maria Vella. Rosa Vella, married 1763 to Paolo Francia., with issue. Anna Francia,  married to Aloiseo Pace. Diana Francia, married to Giovanni Zorba. Rosaleo Francia, married 1787 Cospicua to Niccolo de Candia. Antonio Francia, married to Paola Carta. Nathalie Vella., married 1772 Cospicua to Dr Gaetano Pisano JUD.

1.1.4. Caterina Maddalina Bruno, married 1745 to Francesco Assenza.

1.2. Anna Bruno., married (1) 1695 Valletta  to Valenzo Gandolfo., married (2) at San Poalo Valletta to Gaspare Bonnici

1.3. Antonio Bruno, married 1706 to Anna Vivier.
2. Domenico Bruno (settled in Malta with his brother), married Andrianna Abela, with issue.
2.1. Angelica Bruno, married 1697 to Gregorio Cilia, with issue. (See Cilia)

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