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Roger Busutin of Mosta, (Milita List 1413), married with issue.

1.  Matteo Busutin of Axac, (c 1450), married with issue.

1.1. Lemo Busuttil of Axac, (c 1480), married with issue.

1.1.1. Masio Busuttil of Tarixem, married to Chuisa.., with issue. Antonio Busuttil, married (c. 1510)  to Nobile Giovanna Burlo, of Tarxiem, 4th Barone Lemnos-Burlo, with issue. Notary Pietro Busuttil, 5th Barone Lemnos- Burlo, married (c. 1540) to Enziona Abela, with issue. Giulio Busuttil, 6th Barone Lemnos- Burlo, married to Antonella Tabone, with issue. Mario Busuttil, 7th Barone Lemnos- Burlo, married to Angelica Cumbo, with issue. Antonio Busuttil, 8th Barone Lemnos- Burlo, married 1640 to Evangelista Mallia, with issue. Giulio Busuttil, 9th Barone Lemnos- Burlo, married 1669 to Alessia Bonici Testaferrata, with issue. Teodosio Busuttil, 10th Barone Lemnos- Burlo, married 1721 to Margherita Calleja Vassallo dei Baroni di San Cosimo, with issue. Maddalena Busuttil, 11th Baronessa Lemnos- Burlo- Busuttil, married 1743 to Michele Ducoss. Maria Busuttil, married 1746 to Dr Giuseppe Agius JUD Aurelia Busuttil, married 1695 to Dr Gio Batta Garsin JUD. Giuseppe Busuttil, married 1714 to Anna Abela. Maria Barbara Busuttil, married 1720 to Antonio Ferreri. Grazio Busuttil, married 1664 to Caterina (Aloisia) Psaila, with issue. Domenica Busuttil, married 1697 Senglea to Giuseppe Magro, with issue. Antonio Magro, married 1732 Valletta to Rosa Maria Zammit di Giovanni, with issue. Girolama Magro, married 1755 Valletta to Domenico de Tagliaferro. Giovanni Maria Busuttil, married 1675 to Grazia Parnis. Giacobina Busuttil, married 1666 to Zerafino Micallef. Aloiseo Busuttil, married 1657 to Francesca Debattista. Maria Busuttil, married 1672 to Grazio Muscat. Angelo Busuttil, married 1627 to Maria Bartolo. Enziona Busuttil, married 1639 to Chco. Domenco Agius. Giuseppe Busuttil, married to Veronica Xeibe, with issue. Speranza Busuttil, married 1627 to Filippo Gatt. Vincenzo Busuttil, married 1610 Cospicua to Caterina Capo de Modica, with issue. Mro Alessandro Busuttil, married 1642 Zejtun to Marietta Cassar, with issue. Flaminea Busuttil, married 1672 Mdina to Chco Geronimo Caruana. Mro Matteolo Busuttil, married 1644 Cospicua to Domenichella Pace, with issue. Gio Maria Busuttil, married 1689 Mdina to Maria Mifsud, with issue. Andrea Busuttil, married 1718 Gharghur to Paola Vella, with issue. Rosa Busuttil, married 1747 Mosta to Andrea Fenech. Matteo Busuttil, married (1) to Girolama Axach, married (2) 1610 to Valenza Formosa., with issue. (First Marriage) Vincenzo Busuttil, married 1612 Gudia to Paolina Grima, with issue. Gio Angelo Busuttil,  married 1648 Zurrieq to Bernarda Zammit, with issue. Vincenzo Busuttil, married 1681 Gudia to Clara Cachia, with issue. Antonio Busuttil, married 1717 Tarxiem to Maria Mifsud, with issue. Francesco Busuttil, married 1738 Tarxiem to Maria Montebello, with issue. Giuseppe Busuttil, married 1783 Zabbar to Anna Pulis, with issue. Rosaria Busuttil, married 1815 Cospicua to Salvatore Borg, with issue. Dr. Antonio Busuttil, (promoter with Felice Caruana, Dr. Paolo Inglott and Farmacista Gio Andrea Ros of a petition dated 18th May 1864 by the residents of the 3 cities for the installation of gas illumination in the Cottonera as per documents found at the National Archives, Santo Spirtu Rabat Malta,) married Maria Cannataci (silversmith family) with issue Giuseppe Ruggiero Busuttil b. 1839 d.30/6/1924, (Mentioned in the National Dictionary Bijo-Biblografiku by Robert Mifsud Bonnici, on page 68 published by the Department of Information Malta 1960 as author of essays on medical professionals Dr. Gio Battista Pullicino and Prof.Gavino Gulia), married Adelaide Giglio with issue Dr. Antonio Busuttil b. 8/11/1868 Maria Emilia Busuttil b. 14/11/1871 Dr.Ruggiero Busuttil b. 15/12/1873 d.1/5/1949, (Same as his father he is mentioned in the same publication on page 69 and referred to as a Professor in Anatomy at the Royal University of Malta, author of various conference papers of which 3 such writings were published by the Empire Press and to be found in the National Library in Valletta dated 1906, 1925 and 1933), married to Aristea Soler, with issue Antonio Busuttil b. 26/3/1907 Farmacista Edgar Busuttil b. 28/7/1875 d.13/6/1945 Emma Busuttil b.20/2/1895 married Dr. Giuseppe Sacco St. Lawrence 23/6/1918 , with issue. Maria Sacco, (1919-. Lina Sacco, (1920-. Lydia Sacco, (1928-. Dr Giorgio Busutti MD., (1882-), dunm. Antonia Busuttil married Francesco Vella with issue Flora Vella b. 22/10/1872 married Giuseppe M. Vassallo 19/6/1907 Antonio Vella b. 9/8/1879 d/11/10/1936 married Evelyn nn with issue .Dr. Antonio Martino Vella Marianna Vella b. 17/11/1881 married Salvo Scicluna Porto Salvo Valletta 27/4/1918 Marianna Busuttil married Giuseppe Ellul 1st marriage (b.1831) son of Farm Lorenzo Ellul and Maria nee Ellul with issue .Antonio Ellul b. Bormla 1869 d. 24/12/1951 married Maria Carmela nn with issue Joseph Ellul b. Bormla 18/9/1909 Carmelo Ellul b. Bormla 12/4/1903 Maria Concetta sive Concetta Ellul b. Bormla 3/4/1910 Amalia Ellul Dunm inf. Maria Ellul b. 1862 d. 18/1/1903 married Notary Salvatore Cauchi, Secretary of Prince of Wales Band Club in 1904. Also Secretary in 1899 of the Casino L’ Egualianza of 96 Strada San Giorgio Cospicua (renumbered in 1929 to 112) ((Ref. Guida Generale di Malta E Gozo 1899 Page 284)), with issue (1st marriage) Dr. Lorenzo Cauchi b. Bormla 4/10/1893 Dr. Giuseppe Cauchi Ellul b. Bormla 15/5/1889 , married 1896 St Julians to Giuseppina Gasciulli, with issue. Mary Cauchi Ellul, (1925-. Anna sive Marianna Cauchi b. 24/2/1897 married Giuseppe Cuschieri 27/11/1926 Il-Lunziata (San Dumiku) Birgu with issue Nancy Cuschieri married NN. Vincenti with issue .Edwina Vincenti married NN, with issue .NN Vincenti NN Vincenti Rachele Busuttil b. 1844 d. Bormla 29/5/1929 married Giuseppe Ellul (2nd marriage) Commerciane di Cotone Cospicua, (widower of Marianna ref. with issue Giovanni Ellul b. 1/4/1885 d.4/2/1939 Carmelo Ellul L.P. b.23.3.1882 d.27/9/1937 married Theresa Attard, with issue Maria Concetta Ellul b. 3/9/1916 Magistrate Lorenzo Ellul b. 9/4/1872 d.14/2/1945 Mdina, (President of St. Georges Band Club Cospicua up till his death. Was the official witness on the Coronation of the Immaculate Conception Altarpiece on the 20thJune 1905 with Dr. Felice Inglott. Ref. Sunday Times of Malta 19th June 2005 pages 56, 57,58) , married Theresa nn with issue Concetta Ellul b. 12/2/1906 married to dr. Edgar Ellul 18/2/1930 with issue Manola Ellul married Franco Masini from Gozo, (son of Dr. Francesco Masini and Lily Grech, author of various articles in a number of both local and international newspapers etc. ref. Dizzjunarju Bijo-Bibljografiku Nazzjonali by Robert Mifsud Bonnici published by the Department of Information Malta 1960) , with issue NN Masini NN Masini Dr. Jojo Ellul married Marlene Critien with issue Dr. Lawrence Ellul married nn with issue Kenneth Lawrence Ellul Marlene Ellul married Dr. Joseph Fenech Cabinet Minister PN from 1987 to 1996, with issue Dr. Mark Fenech Joanne Fenech married Dr. Kenneth Grima with issue Ivan Ellul, married to Joan N. Sylvana Ellul, married to Joachim Wihl. Evelyn Ellul b. 31/8/1911 married Alfred Delia 12/2/1950 Marianna Ellul b.15/1/1877 married to widower Not. Salvatore Cauchi (2nd marriage) Marianna was stepsister of Maria Ellul reference 1st wife of Not Salvatore Cauchi Mary Cauchi Ellul (dumn)                                                       Connie Cauchi Ellul (dunm) Farmacista Giuseppe Ellul b.1874 d 14/11/1922 married Carmela Zammit Gerada b.1880 d.1918 with Spanish flue pandemic, (a direct descendent of the Mariano Gerada the world famous sculptor. Her father Antonio Zammit Gerada was the nephew of Antonio Gerada, the son Giuseppe Gerada, brother of the said Marianu Gerada), with issue Carmelo Ellul married to Lily Xuereb with issue Albert Ellul (dunm) George Ellul married Antoinette Chetucti with issue .Natalie Ellul Dr. Frederick Ellul Cecil Ellul married to Antoinette Attard, with issue Stanley Ellul Susanne Ellul, married to Giuseppe Menta of Francofonte Sicily. Joseph Ellul b.20/3/1907 d.5/2/1985 married Ines Camenzuli 31/8/1939 Carmela Ellul b. 13/7/1909 d.16/4/1996 (dunm) Maria Concetta Ellul b. 3/12/1910 d. inf. Edgar Ellul b. 13/12/1913 d.26/1/1998 married St. Lawrence Vittoriosa Lucy Ellul b. 26/1/1916 d. 11/8/1990 with issue Joseph Ellul b. 7/6/1942 d. 6/9/2005 married Maria Grech with issue Joanna Ellul b. 8/9/1976 married Mosta Roger Bugeja Testaferrata Deasin with issue Valentina Bugeja Testaferrata Desain b.7/12/2007 Mater Dei Robert Ellul Maria Carmela sive Marlene Ellul b. 28/10/1943 d. 16/5/1999 (dunm) Margaret Mary Ellul b. 20/2/1945 Anthony Ellul b. 31/8/ 1946 married Doris Sacco 9/2/1975 Gudja, with issue Steve Ellul b. 20/5/1976 married Audrey Grech 6/10/2006 Silvaine Marie Ellul b. November 1978 , married 2008 Gudja to Steven Sargent, B. Eng. Eric Ellul b. January 1986 Vincent Ellul b. 11/5/1949 married Kalkara to Mary Said b 29/3/1946 on 12/1/1974 with issue Lawrence Ellul b. Attard 20/4/1975 married Mosta 21/9/2002 Michelle Mizzi (daughter of Ugo Mizzi of Vittoriosa and Josephine Azzopardi Xaghra Gozo) b. 14/2/1976 with issue Ellul b. 5/3/2004 Msida Nicole Ellul b. 6/8/2007 Victoria Gozo Perit Ennio Antonio Ellul b. 17/3/1979 St. Julians Amalia Ellul b. 11/12/1917 d.11/7/2003 Gio Domenico Busuttil, married 1650 Qormi to Maria Schembri, with issue. Giuseppe Busuttil, married (1) 1687 Qormi to Domenica Xerri, married (2) 1692 Zebbug to Maria Calleja, with issue. (Second marriage) Gio Maria Busuttil, married 1714 Mosta to Maria Grech, with issue. Giovanni Busuttil, married 1740 Qormi to Caterina Schembri, with issue. Giuseppe Busuttil, married 1761 Valletta to Anna Maronetti, with issue. Francesco Busuttil, married 1783 Cospicua to Diana Cascun. Gaetano Busuttil, married 1779 Cospicua to Teresa Cascun, with issue. Demetrio Domenico Busuttil, married 1820 Cospicua to Maria Chetcuti, with issue. Rosa Busuttil, married 1851 Cospicua to Nobile Lorenzo Falzon. Maria Busuttil, married 1765 Valletta to Paolo Muscat, with issue. Caterina Muscat, married 1796 Valletta to Aloisio Busuttil. Anna Busuttil, married 1768 Valletta to Michele Angelo Manueli. (Second Marriage) Enziona Busuttil, married 1631 to Domenico Agius. Pietro Paolo Busuttil, married 1588 to Lucrezia Tabone, with issue. Margherita Busuttil, married 1615 to Valerio Abela. Gio Paolo Busuttil. Antonia Busuttil, married 1590 to Giovanni Zammit. Zammit m. Catarina Spiteri Zejtun 2/5/1623 (d/o Lazzaro Spiteri and Appollonia Bonnici) Zammit m. Angelic Bonnici ex. Proc. Zammit m. Francesco Barbara Gudia 2/10/1674 Barbara m. Luca Ellul Gudja 27/8/1713 Domenico Ellul m. Teresa Grech San Paolo Valletta 23/6/1743 Ellul m. Vincenzo Dubblesine 11/4/1770 , Valletta. Dubblesine m. Maria Casha 31/5/1808 Caledonio Dubblesine. Concetta Dubblesine, married 1808 Valletta to Pietro Bonet. Imperia Busuttil, married 1572 to Noble Pietro Testaferrata. (illegitimate) Domenico Busuttil of Mqabba, married to Maria ..., with issue. (See Busuttil of Gozo) Matteo Busuttil. Andrea Busuttil, married 1533 to Agata Abela., with issue. Angela Busuttil, married  1564 to Domenico Caruana. Leonardo 'sives Gregorio' Busuttil, married (1) 1614 to Marietta Muscat, married (2) 1619 to Domenica Gatt, married (3) 1620 to Argentina Grima., with issue (First Marriage) Francesca Busuttil, married 1644 to Grazio Bartolo. (Second Marriage) Margherita Busuttil, married 1636 to Attilo Mallia. Giovanni Busuttil, married 1540 to Donna Bernardina Sayd. Perona Busuttil, married 1543 to Gio Francesco Serrer. Pietro Busuttil, married to Giovanna..., with issue. Salvatore Busuttil, married 1574 to Laura Burlo. Mattia Busuttil, married 1541 to Marianaro Pace. Giovanna Lanza Busuttil, married 1546 to Maddalena Burlo. Francesco Busuttil, married 1546 to Costanza Bonici. Orsola Busuttil, married 1545 Andrea Camilleri. Caterina Busuttil, married 1519 to Paolo Ciantar. Giovanna Busuttil, married 1505 to Inguterra Abela. Paolo Busuttil, married 1513 to Paola Mangiuni, with issue. Leonardo 'sives Costintino'  Busuttil, married to Antonia .., with issue. Andreanna Busuttil, married 1591 to Angelo Vella. Domenica Busuttil, married 1613 to Giovanni Farrugia. Salvatore Busuttil, married to Caterina.., with issue. Angese Busuttil, maried 1558 to Leonardo Muscat. Francesco Busuttil, married to Paola.., with issue. Giovanna Busuttil, married 1564 to Vincenzo Pachi.

1.1.2. Matteo Busuttil, married 1499 to Francia Barbara, with issue. Pasquale Busuttil, married 1538 to Bernardina Manguini. Vincenza Busuttil, married 1521 to Giovanni Bonici. Mariano Busuttil, married 1536 to Giovanna Zerafa., with issue. Geronimo Busuttil, married 1584 to Matthia Cassar., with issue. Mario Busuttil, married (1) 1601 to Giovanna Xara, married (2) 1624 to Giacobina Bonavia, with issue. Margherita Busuttil, married 1667 to Carlo Cassia.. Vittoria Busuttil, married 1602 to Giacomo Zammit. Domenico Busuttil, married to Giulia.., with issue. Salvatore Busuttil, married (1) 1629 to Domenica Vella, married (2) 1640 to Veronica Mercieca of Gozo, with issue. (First Marriage) Maria Busuttil, married 1654 to Lazzaro Galea. Domenico Busuttil, married 1650 to Eufemia Fenech., with issue. Maria Busuttil, married 1673 to Gio Maria Fenech. Grazio Busuttil, married 1682 Mosta to Maria Bartolo, with issue. Grazia Busuttil, married 1709 Mosta to Don Domenico dei Principi Sayd. (Second Marriage) Pietro Busuttil, married 1662 to Maria Axach.

2. Federico Busitun of Mosta and Zebbug. (Militia List 1413).

2.1. Mario Busutun of Mosta, (c 1450), married with issue.

2.1.1. Pietro Busuttil of Rabat and Mosta, married (1) to Isabella..., married (2) to Margherita..., with issue. (First Marriage) Mariano Busuttil of Dingli, married 1538 to Imperia Xerri., with issue. Salvatore Busuttil, married to Agata.., with issue. Paolo Busuttil, married 1607 to Marietta Camilleri. Giacomo Busuttil, married to Speranza., with issue. Domencia Busuttil, married 1669 to Alonso Galea. Maria Busuttil, married 1646 to Andrea Sammut. Manduccia Busuttil, married 1637 to Valerio Seichel. Gioanella Busuttil, married 1638 to Domenico Bezzina. Teresa Busuttil, married 1650 to Domenico Fenech. Gregorio Busuttil, married 1658 to Marietta Fenech. Alessandra Busuttil, married 1659 to Domenico Mangion. Margherita Busuttil, married 1542 to Pietro Mifsud. (Second Marriage) Teramo Busuttil, married 1543 to Paola Debono, with issue. Pietro Busuttil, married 1572 to Elena Sammut. Orazio Busuttil, married 1584 to Margherita Vella. Agata Busuttil, married 1584 to Pietro Vella Pietro Busuttil, married to Guagliarda .., with issue. Michele Busuttil, married 1572 to Caterina Ellul., with issue. Michele Busuttil, married to Eufemia Ramucci, with issue. Aloisetta Busuttil, married 1653 to Leonardo Sammut. (issue from Margherita...) Giovanni Busuttil, married 1645 to Domenica Borg., with issue. Maria Busuttil, married 1660 to Geronimo di Anna. Maria Busuttil, married 1643 to Blasio Spiteri. Nardu Busuttil, married 1554 to Agata Galea., with issue. Antonella Busuttil, married 1588 to Andrea Camilleri. Mariano Busuttil of Mosta, Arbitante of Gozo,  married 1583 to Caterina Bonici., with issue. Domenica Buxuttil, married 1614 to Mro Leonardo Gatt. Giuseppe Busuttil, married (1) 1626 to Margherita Galea., married (2) 1629 Attard to Gioannella Mifsud, with issue. (First Marriage) Clemente Busuttil, married 1647 to Domenica Fenech., with issue. Caterina Busuttil, married 1672 to Simone Agius, Arbitante of Rabat Malta. Maria Busuttil, married 1676 to Giovanni Fenech. Maruzio Busuttil, married 1673 to Margarita Agius. Clemenza Busuttil, married 1644 to Paolo Mifsud. (Second Marriage) Guglielmo Petruzzo Busuttil, married 1651 Valletta to Margherita Pastor, with issue. Pietro Busuttil Pastor, married 1672 Cospicua to Veronica Sapienza Caruzzo, with issue. Eugenio Busuttil, married 1714 Rabat Gozo to Maria Busuttil, with issue. Marcello Busuttil, married (1) 1739 Gharb Gozo to Flaminea Apap, married (2) 1742 Rabat Gozo to Veronica Bonavia, married (3) 1758 Valletta to Orsola Conti, with issue. (Third marriage) Eugenio Busuttil, married 1788 Valletta to Margherita Debono, with issue. Francesco Busuttil, married 1814 Valletta to Marianna Schembri, with issue. Carmela Busuttil, married 1846 Valletta to Daniele Galea. Maddalena Busuttil, married 1814 Valletta to Francesco Saverio Schembri. Angela Busuttil, married 1636 to Poalo Gilestro. Vincenzo Busuttil, married (1) 1620 to Lorenza Cutajar, married (2) 1631 to Paolina Fenech., with issue. (Second Marriage) Gio Angelo Busuttil, married 1647 to Bernarda Zammit.

2.1.2. Giovanni Busuttil, married with issue. Salvatore Busuttil, married 1545 to Giovanna Micallef. Simon Busuttil, married to Margherita.., with issue. Mario Busuttil, Vice Captiano della Sannat Gozo 1580-90, married 1564 to Noble Dorothy Surdo., with issue. Vincenzo Busuttil, married 1603 to Laurina Calleja with issue. Nicolo Busittil, married 1647 to Domenica Pace, with issue. Gio Maria Busuttil, married 1682 to Maria Mifsud, with issue. Matteo Busuttil, married 1716 to Flaminea Fabri, with issue. Gio Batta Busuttil, married 1755 to Flaminea Falzon, with issue. Michele Busuttil, married 1784 to Rosina Cassar, with issue. Luigi Busuttil, married 1814 Cospicua to Consolata Agius, with issue. Michele Busuttil, married 1848 Cospicua to Anne Busuttil, with issue. Salvatore Busuttil, married 1881 Tarxiem to Antonia Gauci, with issue. Rosina Busuttil, married 1906 Tarxiem to Michele Vella.

3. Marco Busutun of Curmi, (Militia List 1413), with issue.

3.1. Maurice Busutun of Zurricu, (Militia List 1413), with issue.

3.1.1. Andrea Busuttil, married Naura..., with issue. Bartolomeo Busuttil, married to Imperia.., with issue. Antonio Busuttil, married 1548 to Mariola Falsone, with issue. Tomaso Busuttil, married 1599 to Nobile Valenza Deanna of Sicily, with issue. Agata Busuttil Deanna, married 1616 to Tomaso Borg. Ambrosio Busuttil,  married (1) 1601 to Imperia Mangion, married (2) 1620 to Marietta Zghendo, with issue. (First Marriage) Agata Busuttil, married 1628 to Giuseppe Calleja. Andreanna Busuttil, married 1614 to Gio Paolo Curmi. Andrea Busuttil of Mosta, married 1620 to Domenica Vella, with issue. Grazia Busuttil, married 1649 to Domenico Debono. Maria Busuttil, married 1651 to Giacomo Borg. Damiano Busuttil, married 1628 to Domenica Muscat., with issue. Grazia Busuttil, married 1661 to Matteolo Galea. Domenico Busuttil, married 1666 Lia to Mattia Sammut, with issue. Matteolo Busuttil, married 1713 Mdina to Elena Azzopardi. Giuseppe Busuttil, married 1743 Mdina to Maria Casha., with issue. Elena Busuttil, married 1768 to Francesco Pace, 20th Barone di Ghajn Rihani. Natalizia Busuttil, married 1742 Mdina to Antonio Galea. Margherita Busuttil, married 1621 to Pietro Cuschieri. Caterina Busuttil, married 1639 to Mro Giuseppe Schembri. Domenico Busuttil, married 1669 to Francesca Schembri. Giovanni Busuttil of Mosta, married to Caterina..., with issue. Giovanni Busuttil, married (1) 1636 to Maria Fenech, married (2) 1636 to Domenica Cachia., with issue. (First Marriage) Gio Maria Busuttil, married 1668 to Caterina Micallef. Geronima Busuttil, married 1633 to Domenico Buhagiar. Prudenza Busuttil, married 1646 to Antonio di Milazzo. Francesca Busuttil, married 1543 to Ambroglio Torrana. Margherita Busuttil, married 1547 to Giovanni Stival. Perona Busuttil, married 1511 to Giorgio Pace. Caterina Busuttil, married 1503 to Giovanni Cassar of Borgo.





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