"Libro d'Oro di Melita"

"Barons of Calaforno and Tummarello"

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* Dr Mario Pietro Gaspare Cafici, LLD., 1st Baron of Calaforno and Tummarello, (Cr: 1770) Signor di Passaneto,  Married Maria Astuto di Licodia Eubea dei Duchi di Lucchese, with issue

1. Corrado Cafici, 2nd Baron of Calaforno and Tummarello, Signor di Passaneto, with issue. This Line became Extinct

1.1. Pietro Mario Cafici, 3rd Baron of Calaforno and Tummarello, Signor di Passaneto, dum. (c.1832).
1.2. Fr. Francesco Cafici, 4th Baron of Calaforno and Tummarello, Signor di Passaneto, dunm (c.1857).

1.3. Sr. Maria Antonella Cafici, dunm.

1.4. Enrico Cafici, dunm (c. 1829).

2. Enrico Cafici, 1st Baron of Gisira, (Cr: 1784), died 1809, with issue.
2.1. Croce Cafici, 2nd Baron of Gisira, married Dorothea Catalano dei Baroni di Melilli, with issue.
2.1.1. Corrado Cafici, married 1821 at Messina to
Maria Anna dei Principe Sayd Xiriha di Cristoforo, with issue. Lorenzo Cafici,
See Below.
2.1.2. Dr Enrico Cafici, JUD, 3rd Baron of Gisira, Signor di Pilaita, died 1827, married Floridia dei Baroni Cafici, with issue Croce Cafici, 4th Barone di Gisira, Signore di Pilaita, (1815-49), married Agata Caffarelli dei Baroni di Guzman, with issue Enrico Cafici, 5th Barone di Gisira, Signore di Pilaita, married Maria Bertone dei Baroni di Giandilandri, with issue Croce Cafici, 6th Barone di Gisira, Signore di Pilaita, Claimed via the 1926 Rule limited to females the titles of Barony di Calaforno e Tummarello, and the Lordship of Passaneto., married with issue Salvatore Cafici Agata Cafici Antonio Cafici Antonio Cafici Francesco Cafici Salvatore Cafici, married with issue Antonio Cafici Florida Cafici Vincenza Cafici Giuseppina Cafici Croce Cafici Giovanni Cafici

(Reference: Enciclopedia Storico-Nobiliare Italiana, Vol VII, pp 235)

* Lorenzo Cafici, 5th Baron of Calaforno and Tummarello,
Married 1839 to
Anna Maria Giappone Testaferrata, with issue.

1. Margherita Cafici, dunm.
2. Maria Cafici, Baroness-See Below.
3. Rosa Cafici, Married Dr Gioacchino  Giappone Testaferrata, with issue.
3.1. Corrado Giappone, dunm.
3.2. Giuseppe Giappone, dunm.
3.3. Margherita Giappone, married Major John Rutter, with issue.
3.3.1. John Rutter Giappone, married 1889 to Paolina Cauchi, with issue. Carmelo Rutter Giappone, married Carmela Falzon, and dsp. Victor Rutter, married Violetta Falzon, with issue.
HH, Mr Justice Anthony Rutter Giappone, LL.D, 7th Baron of Calaforno and Tummarello (1922-1983), Married 1951 to Rose d'Alessandro, with issue.
Dr Anthony Rutter Giappone LL.D, 8th Baron of Calaforno and Tummarello (1954-, Married 1989 to Ann Pullicino, with issue. Nicola Rutter Giappone, (1982 -., married to Malcom Borg, with issue. Izzy Borg Rutter-Giappone, (2011-. Karen Rutter Giappone, (1984- Sarah Rutter Giappone. Anna Rutter Giappone, (1952-2013), married 1980 to Notary Mario Rosaria Bonello, with issue. Krista Bonello-Rutter Giappone, (1982- Joseph Rutter, married 1956 to Elizabeth Vella, with issue. Vivien Rutter, Ph.C, married, with issue. Albert Rutter, (1934 - 2013), Consul for Colombia in Malta, Chairman and Founder of Unesco Club, Malta, married 1960 to Josephine Fenech, with issue. Victor Rutter, married to Mary Rose N, with issue. Trevor Rutter, (1990-. Stuart Rutter, (1991-. Simon Rutter , married to Yvette N, with issue. Kelvin Rutter, (1990-. Charmaine Rutter, (1993-. Joan Rutter, married to N. Zammit Tabona. Thomas Rutter, married Clotilde Rizzo, with issue. Edward Rutter Joseph Rutter
3.3.2. William Rutter, married Evelyn Grant, with issue. Jessie Rutter, married Charles Fleri Soler, with issue. Joseph Fleri Soler, married Beatrice Vassallo Grant, (d. 2015), with issue. Hugh Fleri Soler, married to Marvy N. Graziella Fleri Soler, married to Mario Spiteri. Simon Fleri Soleri, married to Romina N. Rose Rutter, married Paul Storace, with issue Chev.Wilfrid Storace-Rutter OSJ, married Jeannette Zammit, with issue
3.3.3. Henry Rutter, married (1) Marianna Belfronte, and (2-1909) to Anna Cefai. Both dsp.
3.3.4. Jessie Rutter, married Percy Phillips, with issue.



* Maria Cafici, (c1927), 6th Baroness of Calaforno and Tummarello, Lady of Passaneto,
Married 1882 to
Guglielmo Casolani, and dsp.




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