'Callus Family'

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Giacomo Callus, married (c. 1540) to Margherita Zammit, with issue.


Giovanni Callus, married 1561 (Matro by Notary Brandino Caxaro) to Margherita Spiteri, (Aunt of the Marriage Legacy Sebastian Vella founded 1594 "Ta Hanina), with issue.
1. Nicola Callus of Casal Milleri, married to Agata Psaila., with issue

1.1. Scipone Callus, married 1649 Valletta to Isabella Mitellino, with issue.

1.1.1. Natale Callus, married 1678 Valletta to Anna Cesal, with issue. Teresa Callus, married 1712 Valletta to Giovanni de Angelus, 'Manumesso de Barone Xiberras', with issue. Maddalena Xiberras, married 1745 Valletta to Nicola Bart, with issue. Dr Giuseppe Bart JUD, died in Vienna, Austria. Pasquale Callus, married 1733 Valletta to Maria Caruana, with issue. Margareta Callus, married 1757 Valletta to Filippo Schembri, with issue. Mro Giuseppe Schembri, married 1788 Valletta to Teresa Azzopardi. Salvatore Schembri, married 1804 Valletta to Grazia Xerri, with issue. Mro Filippo Schembri, married to Sophia Micallef, with issue. Carmela Schembri, married to Angelo Aquilina. Federico Schembri. Giovanna Schembri. Margareta Schembri, married to Lorenzo Pisani. Carmelo Schembri. Anna Schembri, married to Giacomo Mamo. Antonio Schembri, married to Luigi Cuschieri. Calcedonio Schembri. Lorenzo Schembri. Emmanuele Schembri. Vincenzo Schembri, married 1804 Curmi to Sapienza Bartolo, with issue. Maria Schembri, married to Gaetano Vella. Rosaria Schembri. Paula Callus, married 1765 Valletta to Paolo Vella. Salvatore Callus, married 1711 Valletta to Maria Gatt. Gio Battista Callus, married 1727 Valletta to Caterina Gatt.

1.1.2. Mario Callus, married 1688 Valletta to Maria Parnis.

1.1.3. Sebastiano Callus, married (1) 1675 Matrice Gozo to Ursola Galea, married (2) 1687 Matrice Gozo to Maria Portelli, with issue. (First Marriage) Maria Callus, married 1702 Valletta to Pietro Micallef.

1.1.4. Francesca Callus, married 1681 Valletta to Baldassare Squro.

1.1.5. Maria Callus, married (1) 1669 Valletta to  Domenico Micallef, married (2) 1675 Rabat Gozo to Grazio Micallef, with issue. (First Marriage) Imperia Micallef, married 1705 Valletta to Gio Paolo Farrugia. Diana Micallef, married 1708 Valletta to Filippo Cumbo. Margareta Micallef, married 1702 Valletta to Lorenzo Micallef. (Second Mariage) Giuseppe Micallef, married 1701 Valletta to Rosa Generva Azzopardi, with issue. Aloisea Micallef, married 1732 Valletta to Marco Antonio Morello, with issue. Maria Morello, married (1) 1753 Valletta to Santo Recondini, married (2) to Michele Xuereb. Beatrice Micallef, married 1722 Valletta to Giulio Gatt.

1.1.6. Petronilla Callus, married (1) 1675 Gharb Gozo to Francesco Cassar, married (2) 1680 Valletta to Claudio Cutulriura., married (3) 1700 Valletta to Giuseppe Munus "Manumesso".

1.2. Mariano Callus, married with issue.

1.2.1. Alfonso Callus, married to Giovannella N, with issue. Gio Paolo Callus, married to Natalizia N, with issue. Giuseppe Callus, married to Maria N., with issue. Grazia Callus, married 1698 to Paolo Farrugia, with issue. Lorenzo Farrugia, married to Maria N. Caterina Callus. Paolo Callus. Natalizia Callus. Anna Callus. Lorenzo Callus, married 1714 to Margareta Cherubini, with issue. Anna Maria Callus. Giovanni Callus, married to Margherita N, with issue. Grazia Callus, married to Agostino Camilleri., with issue. Agata Camilleri, married to Michele Cassar. Margherita Camilleri, married 1724 Valletta to Giovanni Bondi, with issue. Teresa Bondi. Barbara Bondi, married 1750 Valletta to Carlo Ludovico Visien Mayer (s/o Cristino Samuele and Teodora of Germany), with issue. Maria Teresa Wismajer, married 1771 Valletta to Mario Imbroll. Maria Wismajer. Federico Wismajer, married 1784 Valletta to Giuseppa Grima, with issue. Angela Camilleri.

2. Mario Callus, married 1606 Zurrico to Margherita Ciantar, with issue.

2.1. Caterina Callus, married 1644 Zurrico to Lorenzo Mizzi, with issue.

2.1.1. Vittoria Mizzi, married 1671 Zurrico to Ignazio Caruana.


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