"Carletto Family"

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1. Mario Antonio Carletto of Valletta, married Giovanna N, with issue.
1.1. Mario Antonio Carletto, married 1620 Zurrieq to Paolina Axach, with issue.
1.1.1. Eugenio Carletto, married 1660 to Maruzza Viani (See Maltese Titles under Tabria), with issue. Anna Carletto, married 1683 to Gabriele Tabone. Marino Carletto, married 1694 to Graziulla Spiteri, with issue "Tihee" Carletto, married 1731 to Barbara Calleja. Tomaso Carletto, married 1732 to Caterina Grech, with issue Giovanna Carletto, married 1763 to Salvatore Bondin. Rosa Carletto, married 1694 to Salvatore Bonet.
1.1.2. Carlo Carletto, married 1663 to Grazia Micallef.
1.2. Michele Carletto, 'Arbitante of Valletta'., married Grazia .., with issue
1.2.1. Mro. Paolo Carletto, married 1659 to Petra Schembri , Married (2) 1662 to Caterina Farrugia
1.2.2. Fiorenza Carletto, married 1685 to Giovanni Azzopardi.
1.3. Giovanella Carletto.
1.4. Petronilla Carletto.
1.5. Lorenzina Carletto.
1.6. Leonora Carletto.
1.7. Caterina Carletto, married to Francesco Gambalino, with issue
1.7.1. Sig. Giuseppe Gambalino, married 1647 Valletta to Geronima Imbert, with issue. Sig. Isidoro Gambalino, married 1678 Valletta to Diana Vivier, with issue. Giuseppe Gambalino, married 1729 Valletta to Diana de Garsia. Orsola Gambalino, married 1710 Valletta to Leopoldo Mutet.
1.7.2. Flora Gambalino, married 1654 Valletta to Gio Antonio "sives Marco Antonio" Carbott.
1.7.3. Graziulla Gambalino, married 1645 Valletta to Giovanni Vincenzo.
1.7.4. Maria Gambalino, married 1649 Valletta to Emmanuele de Adamo.


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