"Caruana Family 1"

Hereditary Nobles of Sicily (male to male descent only).

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 (His ancestors Press Here) Nobile Vincenzo Caruana, (Migrated to Gozo),  , married to Imperia N, with issue.

1. Nobile Salvatore Caruana, married (1) 1638 Matrice to Isabella Grech, married (2) 1670 Matrice to Natalizia Cauchi, with issue.

1.1. (First Marriage) Nobile Giuseppe Caruana, married 1670 Matrice Gozo to Aloisea Bigeni, (d/o Gio Maria and Angelina), with issue.

1.1.1. Nobile Grazio Caruana,  married 1696 Garbo Gozo to Caterina Formosa, (daughter of  Alessandro and Sapienza), with issue. Nobile Bernardo Caruana., married 1731 Rabat Gozo to Rosa Cassar (daughter of Andrea and Anna)., with issue.  Nobile Grezio Caruana., married 1765 at Xaghra, Gozo to Antonia Azzopardi. (Daughter of Pietro and Grazia Bigeni), with issue. Nobile Salvatore Caruana., married 1791 at Gharb, Gozo to Rosa Stivala., with issue.  Nobile Gio Maria Caruana, married 1820 at Gharb, Gozo to  Rosa Micallef, with issue  Nobile Dr. Annetto A. Caruana D.D., Th.D, Director of Education and Archaeologist, (1830-1905), married 1861 Valletta to Maria Metropoli, with issue. Nobile Professor Giovanni Caruana, (1866-1923) married Valletta to Giovanna Galizia, with issue. (See Desendants-Caruana Galizia) Nobile Maria Caruana, married 1815 Garbo Gozo to Gio Maria Spiteri. Nobile Caterina Caruana, married 1758 Garbo Gozo to Angelo Sultana. (s/o of Giuseppe and Orsola). Nobile Anna Caruana, married 1762 Garbo Gozo to Notary Franco Cauchi. Nobile Giuseppe Caruana, married 1768 Rabat Gozo to Maria Bugeja, with issue. Nobile Coronata Caruana, married 1809 Gharb Gozo to Gio Maria Zammit.

1.1.2. Nobile Lorenza Caruana, married 1700 Garbo Gozo to Domenico Formosa.

1.1.3. Nobile Michele Caruana, married 1701 Garbo Gozo to Natalizia N., with issue. Nobile Rosa Caruana, married 1729 Garbo Gozo to Pietro Paolo Debrincat. Nobile Clemenza Caruana, married 1734 Garbo Gozo to Giuseppe Camilleri.

1.1.4. Nobile Salvatore Caruana, married 1714 Garbo Gozo to Anna Asciach., with issue. Nobile Lucrezia Caruana, married 1768 Garbo Gozo to Angelo Gauci. Nobile Rosaria Caruana, married 1784 Garbo Gozo to Michele Vella.

1.2. Nobile Caterina Caruana, married 1654 Matrice Gozo to Mariano Spiteri.

1.3. Nobile Tomaso Caruana, married 1665 Matrice Gozo to Margherita Azzopardi, with issue.

1.3.1. Nobile Giuseppe Caruana, married 1693 Xewkija Gozo to Maddalena Attard, with issue. Nobile Gio maria Caruana, married 1718 Nadur Gozo to Rosa Tabone, with issue. Nobile Lorenzo Caruana, married 1743 Matrice Gozo to Rose Debono, with issue. Nobile Paolo Caruana, married 1790 Nadur Gozo to  Grazia Bonello, with issue. Nobile Angelo Caruana, married 1842 to Concetta Zammit. Nobile Andrea Caruana, married 1775 Matrice Gozo to Rosa Seichel, with issue. Nobile Lorenzo Caruana, married (1) 1812 Nadur Gozo to Caterina dei Principi Sayd, married (2) 1853 Nadur Gozo to Giovanni dei Prinipi Sayd, with issue. (First marriage) Nobile Maria Caruana, married 1838 Nadur Gozo to Giuseppe Bartolo.

1.3.2. Nobile Matteo Caruana, married to Orsola N, with issue. Nobile Bernarda Caruana, married 1713 Zebbug Gozo to Gio Maria Portelli, with issue. Lazzaro Portelli, married 1740 Matrice Gozo to Grazia Camilleri, with issue. Antonio Portelli, married 1788 Xaghra Gozo to Ursola Galea, with issue. Francesco Portelli, married 1817 Xaghra Gozo to Grazia Buhagiar, with issue. Giuseppe Portelli, married 1849 Sannat Gozo to Evangelista Farrugia, with issue. Paolo Portelli, married 1872 Matrice Gozo to Margarita Gatt.

1.3.3. Nobile Andrea Caruana, married 1713 Mqabba to Maria Mallia, with issue. Nobile Giovanni Caruana, married 1739 Valletta to Rosa Micallef, with issue. Nobile Giuseppe Caruana, married 1776 Valletta to Maria Teresa Marchett, with issue. Nobile Salvatore Caruana, married 1806 Valletta to Geronima Gemma. Nobile Pietro Paolo Caruana, Painter and Lithographer, (1793-1852), married with issue. Nobile Raffaele Caruana, Painter, (1820-1886). Nobile Salvatore Caruana. Nobile Maria Anna Caruana, (1828-). Nobile Emmanuele Caruana, married 1816 Valletta to Gaetana Aquilina. Nobile Vincenzo Caruana, married 1810 Valletta to Benuventa Micallef. Nobile Francesca Caruana, married 1809 Valletta to Fortunato Schembri de Pisano de Testaferrata,. Nobile Maria Caruana, married 1803 Valletta to Jerome German. Nobile Antonia Caruana, married 1806 Valletta to Salvatore Manse.

2. Nobile Maria Caruana, married 1632 Matrice Gozo to Mario Xuereb.

3. Nobile Mattiola Caruana, married 1642 Matrice Gozo to Pasquale Camilleri.

4. Nobile Nicolo Antonio Caruana, married 1638 Rabat Gozo to Gioannella Mangion, with issue.

4.1. Nobile Maria Caruana, married 1676 Matrice Gozo to Francesco Pace.


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