George Caruana, (1882-1951), Bishop of Puerto Rico, (r. 1921-51)., Archbishop of Sebasta, (r. 1925-51), also Papal Count (Cr:1948)

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1. Martino Caruana (Press here for Ancestry)., married 1604 Zejtun to Domenica Vella, with issue.

1.1. Santo Caruana, married 1661 Zejtun to Imperia Evangelista Bonnici, with issue.

1.1.1. Domenico Caruana, married (1) 1680 Zejtun to Caterina Cassar, married (2) 1694 Zejtun to Maria Spagnol, with issue. (First Marriage) Giovanni Caruana, married 1702 Zejtun to Giovanella Cachia, with issue. Martino Caruana,   married 1732 Qrendi to Teodora Bonello, with issue. Matteo Caruana, married 1757 Zejtun to Caterina Farrugia Delicata, with issue. Michele Caruana, married 1785 Zejtun to Maria Borg, with issue. Angelo Caruana, married 1821 Zejtun to Marianna Falzon Cachia, with issue. Giovanni Andrea Caruana, married 1846 Zejtun to  Marianna Castagna,  with issue.  Amabile Caruana, (1853-1904) of Zeitun, married 1880 Birkirkara to Carmela Sammut, (1856-1923)., with issue. (First Marriage)  Stella Caruana, (1881-1910), married Gaetano Ghirlando, with issue. Amabile Ghirlando. Felice Ghirlando. Anthony (Nosi) Ghirlando., (1908-64), married Emma Wright, with issue. George Caruana, (1882-1951), Bishop of Puerto Rico, (r. 1921-51)., Archbishop of Sebasta, (r. 1925-51). Created Papal Count about 1948. Received the Legion d’Honneur from France and the Grand Cross of the National Order of Merit in Cuba. Michelino Caruana, (1884-1928). Pio Caruana, (1886-1904). Antonietta Caruana, (1888-1907). Giuseppina Caruana, (1890-91), d.inf. Paolino Caruana, (1891-1915). Aida Caruana, (1894-1950), married Victor Grech A&C.E., with issue. Kitty Grech., (1921-. George Grech, (1923-2004). Lino Grech, (1925-1989). Dr. Emmanuele Caruana M.D, (1896-1961)., married to Giovanna Huber, (1898-1979)., with issue. George Caruana, (1926-85)., married Mary Manche, dsp. Albert Caruana, (1928-., married Joan Busietta, with issue. Christopher Caruana, (1961-., married Anna Maria Galdies., with issue. Sean Caruana, (1992-. Doranne Caruana, (1963-., married Simon Alden, with issue. Timothy Alden, (1991-. Alexandra Alden, (1994-.  Peter Caruana, (1965-., married Anne Marie Vella, with issue.  Nicholas Caruana, (1991-.  Benjamin Caruana, (1998-. Alfred Caruana, (1929-., married Valentina Borg-Barthet, with issue. Gabrielle Caruana, (1968-., married Karl Grech-Orr, with issue. Stephanie Grech-Orr, (1995-.  Christina Grech-Orr, (1998-. Paul Caruana, (1970-. Michael Caruana, (1931-37), d.inf. Joseph Caruana, “Changed surname to HUBER” (1932-., married Marlene Azzopardi., with issue.  Fiona Huber, (1959-., married Anthony Farrugia, with issue.  Roxanne Farrugia, (1985-.  Nicholas Farrugia, (1989-. Jason Huber, (1962-., married Geraldine Power, with issue. Mark Huber, (1988-.  Ellen Huber, (1990-.  Jordan Huber, (1992-.  Millicent Huber, (1994-. Francis Caruana, (1933-2001)., married Evelyn Storace-Rutter, with issue. Marcolette Caruana, (1959-., married Keith Baker, with issue. Marian Baker, (1986-. Dawn Baker, (1988-.  Martin Caruana, (1962-., married Angele Lupi, with issue. Nicola Caruana, (1990-. Daniel Caruana, (1992-. Claire Caruana, (1995-. George Caruana(1964-. Caruana, (1935-.  Maria Teresa Caruana, married 1809 Zejtun to Michele Ciangura. Vincenzo Caruana, married 1816 Zejtun to Maria Teresa Abela. Maria Caruana, married 1780 Zejtun to Giuseppe Barbara. Lazzaro Caruana, married 1787 Zejtun to Grazia Bugeja, with issue. Maria Teresa Caruana, married 1816 Zejtun to Aloiseo Camilleri. Giuseppe Caruana, married 1817 Zejtun to Giuseppe Caruana (s/o Paolo and Maria Fabri). Giuseppe Caruana, married 1757 Qrendi to Maddalena de Brincat, with issue. Michele Caruana, married 1790 Valletta to Caterina Azzopardi, with issue. Felice Caruana, married 1819 Valletta to Caterina Xicluna. Maddalena Caruana, married 1828 Valletta to Pietro Aqulina. Michele Caruana, married 1773 Zejtun to Teresa Vella, with issue. Paolo Caruana, married 1795 Qormi to Concetta Borg. Maria Caruana, married 1757 Qrendi to Vincenzo Farrugia. Maddalena Caruana, married 1766 Qrendi to Giovanni Farrugia. Maria Caruana, married 1732 Zejtun to Luca Caruana (s/o Sebastiano and Maria). Giovannella Caruana, married 1698 Zejtun to Aloiseo Attard. Angela Caruana, married 1705 Zejtun to Michele Angelo Scolaro. (Second Marriage) Clara Caruana, married 1705 Mdina to Leonardo Ellul, with issue. Margherita Ellul, married 1728 Zejtun to Nobile Michele Bonnici. Evangelista Caruana, married 1707 Zejtun to Giuseppe d'Orlando.

1.1.2. Geronimo Caruana, married 1672 Mdina to Romana Flaminea Busuttil, with issue. Maria Caruana, married 1698 Zejtun to Francesco Gerada. Imperia Caruana, married 1703 Zejtun to Bartolomeo Seichel. Alonzica Caruana, married 1709 Zejtun to Marcello Gusman. Silvia Caruana, married 1714 Zejtun to Pietro Azzopardi.

1.1.3. Domenica Caruana, married 1699 Zejtun to Gio Domenico Bonnici.

1.2. Grazia Caruana, married 1637 Zejtun to Francesco Ellul.

1.3. Lazzaro Caruana, married 1645 Zejtun to Maria Veneziano.

1.4. Mario Caruana, married 1652 Zejtun to Domenica Dalli.

1.5. Caterina Caruana, married 1643 Zejtun to Alessandro Azzopardi.

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