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1. Tommaso Caruana, married (1) 1635 Safi to Gioannella Vella, married (2) 1649 Ghaxaq to Nobile Eleanora Abela, with issue.

1.1. (Second Marriage) Gio Maria Caruana,  married 1669 Gudia to Speranza Guerrier-Valletta, with issue.

1.1.1. Domenico Caruana, married 1691 Mdina Malta to Grazia Spiteri, with issue. Giuseppe Caruana, married (1) 1724 Valletta to Elena Zarb, married (2) 1738 Valletta to Francesca di Natale, with issue. (First Marriage) Francesco Caruana, married 1755 at Porto Salvo Valletta to Giovanna Dingli, with issue.
1.1. Giuseppe Caruana-Dingli, (1765 -), married 1791 at Valletta  to Antonia Farrugia, (Often Confused with Nathalie Farrugia, who was no relation), with issue.  Professor Ferdinand Caruana-Dingli LLD, [1] (1797 –1870), (God-Father was the Grand Master von Hompesch), married 1839  Valletta  to Antonia Borg, (d.1894), with issue.  Major. Raphael Caruana-Dingil, RMA, (1844 -)., married to Martha Garroni, with issue Elena Caruana-Dingli  Maria Dolores Caruana-Dingli, (1879-), married 1902 to Gustav Adolph Otto Klose, with issue. Richard Klose, (1903 Malta -. Friedrich Wilhelm Klose, (1908 Algiers - 1988 Catania, Sicily), married 1941 to Filippa Carco, with issue. Maria Klose, (1942 Catania, Sicily -. Francesco Luigi Klose, (1951 Catania, Sicily -., married 1982 to Irene Maria Palidda, with issue. Alice Klose, (1985 Catania, Sicily -., married 2013 to Sebastian Karpf. Alice Klose, (1913 Algiers -).  Antonia sives Nina Caruana-Dingli, married (1) to Joseph Rizzo Marich, married (2) to George Bonello, with issue. Josephine Rizzo Marich, married to Walter Bonello. Mary Rizzo Marich, married to Edward Bellia. Effie Rizzo Marich, (1898-1913), dunm. Victor Rizzo Marich. Helen Rizzo Marich, married to Louis Vella, Chairman of the National Bank of Malta, with issue. Michael Alfred Vella, married to Rose Marie Mamo, with issue. Daphne Anne Vella, (1964-2017), Maltese Blogger, assassinated in a car bomb attack in 2017, married 1985 to Nobile Peter Caruana Galizia. Corinne Vella, married to Ondre N. Amanda Vella, married to Pierre Mallia. Helene Vella, married to Mark Asciak.  Lt. Edward Caruana-Dingli, OBE (1938), Renown Artist, 1876 –1950., married 1900 to Charlotte Falzon, (1880-1960)., with issue. Brigadier George Caruana-Dingli, (1902 -90), married to Mary de Domenico Melita Caruana-Dingli 1933 -, married to David Thompson Eileen Caruana-Dingli 1935 -, married (1) to Michael Williamson., married (2) to Cesare Vecchi., with issue. Andrew J. Williamson 1958-., married to Carey Nicholson, with issue. Brenna Nicole Williamson, (1994-. Michael Dingli Williamson, (1997-. Celia Caruana-Dingli 1944 -, married to Robert Wilhelm von Eckel  John Willhelm von Eckel Frederick Caruana-Dingli 1911 – 1958., married to Emanuela Azzopardi  Carlotta Caruana-Dingli 1955 -., married to Noel Mallia Edward Mallia Kay Mallia  Robert Caruana-Dingli 1882 –1940., married to Carmela Aquilina Helen Caruana-Dingli John Caruana-Dingli Hugh Caruana-Dingli 1917 -., married to Stella Attard (d. 2010), with issue.  Noel Caruana-Dingli, married to Marie N. George Caruana-Dingli, (1924 - 2006)., married to Joanna Scicluna David Caruana-Dingli, married to Susan Mandel, with issue. Adam Caruana-Dingli, (b. Canada -. Amber Caruana-Dingli, (b. Canada -., married to Kevin Bowen. Graham Caruana-Dingli. Mark Caruana-Dingli, . married to Linda Seward, with issue. Robert Caruana-Dingli, (1993 Toronto, Canada -. Thomas Caruana-Dingli, (1996 Toronto, Canada -. Mario Caruana-Dingli 1927 – 1992., married 1959 to Bertha Curmi, with issue. Dr Gordon Caruana-Dingli  MD, LRCP Edin, LRCS Edin, LRCP&S Glasg, FRCS Edin, FRCS RCP&S Glasg (Consultant Surgeon), 1960 -., married  1990 (Div 2012) to Michelle Gialanze, married (2) 2012 to Dr Petra Erika Bianchi BA Hons, MA, D Phil (Oxon), with issue. (First Marriage) Sarah Caruana-Dingli 1991 - Lisa Caruana-Dingli 1992 - Debbie Caruana-Dingli 1962 -., married to Michael Micallef-Eynaud  Stephen Micallef-Eynaud  George Micallef-Eynaud  Bruce Micallef-Eynaud Rosaria Caruana-Dingli, married Augusto Cassar-Torreggiani, with issue. Salvatore Caruana-Dingli 1841 -  Francesco Caruana-Dingli 1855 -., married to Giovanna Borg-Abela Nina Caruana Dingli Elena Caruana-Dingli ., married to Magistrate Dr Francis Wirth LLD, with issue. Maria Wirth ., married to Censu Tabone, President of Malta Anthony Wirth, (d. 2012), married to Anne Portanier, with issue
. Dr Sandra Wirth. Loraine Wirth, married to Dr Byran Flores Martin. Audrey Wirth, married Baron David von Brockdorff. Theresa Wirth, (died 2011), married to Wilfred Gatt, with issue. Vivian Gatt. Stephen Gatt, married to Georgette N. Lawrence Gatt. Elena Gatt, married to Maurice Tanti Burlo. Joanna Gatt. Sr Elena Wirth. Jeanine Wirth, married to N. Edington. Philip Wirth, married to Georgina N. Fra Robert Wirth SJ.  Marianna Caruana-Dingli  Paolo Caruana-Dingli 1795 – 1879., married to Marie Anne Cassar  Antonio Caruana-Dingli Abt 1835 – 1887., married to Giacinta Zahra - 1900  Antonia Caruana-Dingli 1868 -  Arrigo Caruana-Dingli  Francesco Caruana-Dingli Abt 1861 -1915.  Pio Napoleone Caruana-Dingli 1858 -., married to Margherita Zammit - 1932  Rachele Caruana-Dingli 1884 - Antonia Caruana-Dingli  Infant Caruana-Dingli 1886 -  Carmelo Caruana-Dingli 1887 -  Maria Caruana-Dingli 1894 -., married to Giovanni Debono  Maggie Debono., married to Censu Moran  Cynthia Debono  Giuseppe Caruana-Dingli 1896 – 1940., married (1) to Mary Curmi - Abt 1929., married (2) to Violetta Azzopardi., married (3) to Olympia Magri., with issue. (First Marriage) Anna Caruana-Dingli Frans Caruana-Dingli 1927 -., married to Mary Bond  Anna Caruana-Dingli 1962 -., married to Paul Bianco Stephen Bianco  David Bianco  John Bianco Joseph Caruana-Dingli 1964 -., married to Lilian …, with issue.  Edward Caruana-Dingli  Amy Caruana-Dingli .  Napoleone Caruana-Dingli (Third Marriage) Patrick Caruana-Dingli 1939 -., married to Elena Anastasi 1945 -  David Caruana-Dingli 1972 -., married to Isabelle Ann Camilleri 1972 -, with issue. Malcom Caruana Dingli  (2004- Alexia Caruana-Dingli 1976 -., married to Donald Tabone (1975-. Michael Caruana-Dingli 1995 -  Infant Caruana-Dingli 1898 - Nicola Caruana-Dingli 1899 - Infant Caruana-Dingli 1901 - Infant Caruana-Dingli 1902 -  Emilio Caruana-Dingli – 1941., married to Maria Borg - 1939  Romeo Caruana-Dingli – 1975., married to Josephine Cutajar - 1983  Salvatore Caruana-Dingli  Antonio Caruana-Dingli  Carmelo Caruana-Dingli , married to Sideria Gauci Chapelle, with issue.   Mary Caruana-Dingli Abt 1931 - Joseph Caruana-Dingli 1935 -., married to Frances Burtney, with issue.  Vincent Caruana-Dingli  X Caruana-Dingli. "Details suppressed" *3.  Monica Caruana-Dingli ., with issue.  Michael NN  Angela NN  Maria Adeodata Caruana-Dingli - 1977  Ugo Caruana-Dingli  Raphael Caruana-Dingli 1855 – 1936., married to Madeleine Zammit Charles Caruana-Dingli 1892 – 1973., married to Victoria Vella . George Caruana-Dingli , with issue. Roger Caruana-Dingli , with issue. Florence Caruana-Dingli 1985 - William Caruana-Dingli 1959 -  Serge Caruana-Dingli 1961 -, with issue. Carole Caruana-Dingli 2000 -  Florian Caruana-Dingli 2000 -  Martine Caruana-Dingli 1953 -, with issue.  Celine NN  Claire NN Henriette Caruana-Dingli  Madeline Caruana-Dingli  Jean Caruana-Dingli Lucien Caruana-Dingli Therese Caruana-Dingli  Marie Caruana-Dingli Giuseppe Caruana-Dingli., married to Giovanna Schembri Maria Anna Caruana-Dingli Raffaele Caruana Dingli. Rev. Francesco Caruana-Dingli. Therese Caruana-Dingli 1831 – 1895., married to Philipe Bonici, with issue. Joseph Paul Bonici 1859 – 1902., married to Marie Therese Vassallo - 1902, with issue.  Albert Louis Bonici 1889 – 1989., married to Yvonne Labore, with issue.  Roger Bonici 1920 – 1986., married to Gisele Vassallo, with issue.  Bernard Bonici 1948 -., married to Jocelyne Ruano, with issue.  Mathieu Bonici 1979 -  John Caruana-Dingli 1796 -  Francesco Caruana-Dingli   Fra. Luigi Caruana-Dingli 1801 – Dr Aloiseo Caruana Dingli LLD., married 1839 at San Paolo Valletta to Deodata Falzon. , with issue. Raffaele Caruana Dingli, (1851-1927).married 1886 to Eleanora Mallia Tabone dei Marchesi di Fiddien, with issue. Mons. Giuseppe Caruana Dingli. Filomena Caruana Dingli. Maria Concetta Caruana Dingli. Gaetano Caruana, married 1774 to Liberta Portelli, with issue. Michele Caruana, married 1811 Valletta to Maria Teresa Calleja. Carmelo Caruana, married (1) to Carmela N, married (2) 1860 Valletta to Carmela Borg. Vincenza Caruana, married 1796 Cospicua to Publio Pace. Felicita Caruana, married 1819 Valletta to Antonio Pace. Vincenza Caruana, married 1778 to Giuseppe Farrugia, with issue. Maria Farrugia, married 1802 Valletta to Francesco Calleja, with issue. Giovanna Calleja, married 1831 Valletta to Giuseppe Metropoli. Anna Calleja, married 1831 Valletta to Giuseppe Agius, with issue. Maria Agius, married 1857 Valletta to Francesco Zammit. Teresa Calleja, married 1835 Valletta to Saverio Balzan. Giovanna Farrugia, married 1802 Valletta to Angelo Calleja. Teresa Caruana, married 1750 to Aloiseo Ressiach. Gio Batta Caruana, married 1745 to Arcangela Saibra, with issue. Elena Caruana, married 1766 to Giorgio Scicluna. Angelo Caruana, married 1773 to Beatrice Muscat Giovanni Caruana, married 1749 Anna Maria Sammut. Dr Onorato Caruana JUD, married 1743 Attard to Anna Giuseppa Pace, with issue. Liberta Caruana, married 1775 Vittoriosa to Francesco di Majo. Maria Caruana., married 1770 Luqa to Onofrio Cilia Imbroll. (Second Marriage) Filippa Caruana, married (1) 1765 Valletta to Benedetto Amico, married (2) 1769 Valletta to Gio Battista Vidal, with issue. (Second Marriage) Giuseppe Vidal, (1782-), married 1812 Valletta to Emmanuela Tortel, with issue. Concetta Vidal, married 1832 Valletta to Gio Bartolomeo Guglielmo. Saveria Vidal, married (1) 1840 Valletta to Emmanuele Portelli, married (2) 1848 Valletta to Abela Vella. Annette Vidal, married 1864 Valletta to Fortunato Naudi. Enrico Vidal, married 1854 Floriana to Antonia Sultana, with issue. Giuseppe Vidal, married 1892 Valletta to Marietta Zahra, with issue. Carmelo Vidal, married 1928 Valletta to Maria Melita Scerri, with issue. Mario Vidal. Francesco Vidal, married1860 Mdina to Maria Zerafa., with issue. Emanuele Vidal, (1875-), married 1881 Hamrun to Maria Anna Zammit, with issue. Francis Vidal, (1909-1987), married 1946 Msida to Therese Azzopardi, with issue. Emmanuel Vidal, (1946 Msida -. Gio Battista Vidal, married to Matilda Savona. Maria Vidal. Saveria Vidal, married (1) to Emanuele Portelli, married (2) to Giuliano St John, with issue. Enrico St John, married 1873 Birkirkara to Elisabetta Borg Cesal. Francesco Vidal, (1786-), married to Vincenza Debono, with issue. Antonia Vidal. Concetta Vidal, married to Vincenzo Pisani. Giovanni Vidal. Salvatore Vidal, (1780-). Magdalena Vidal, (1778-). Marianna Vidal, (1776-), married 1796 Valletta to Fedele Agius. Maria Vidal, (1774-), married (1) 1790 Valletta to Giuseppe Pellegrino of Milan, married (2) 1809 Valletta to Stefano Regnaud, with issue. (First marriage) Benedetto Pellegrino, married 1822 Valletta to Adelaide Petit, with issue. Vincenzo Pellegrino, married 1828 Valletta to Vincenza Trapani. Carmela Pellegrino, married 1823 Valletta to Angelo Alberto Camilleri. Pricida Vidal, (1772-), married (1) to Filippo Caruana, married (2) 1796 Valletta to Pietro Angelo Agostini. Francesco Caruana, married 1722 Mdina to Bernarda Bonello, with issue. Elizabetta Caruana, married 1748 Valletta to Baron Antonio van Vellemuch of Holland.

1.2. (First Marriage) Bartolomeo Caruana, married 1662 Mdina to Paolina Vella, with issue.

1.2.1. Francesco Caruana, married 1702 Safi to Maddalena Caruana (d/o Giorgio and Maruzza), with issue. Paolo Caruana, married 1727 Qormi to Anna Xerri, with issue. Carmena Caruana, married 1752 Qormi to Saverio Galea. Michele Caruana, married 1727 Zejtun to Barbara Zahra, with issue. Francesco Caruana,. married 1770 Zejtun to Teresa Micallef, with issue. Barbara Caruana, married 1792 Zejtun to Giorgio Vella. Maria Caruana, married 1803 Zejtun to Michele Dalli. Maia Caruana, married 1749 Valletta to Giorgio Spiteri. Caterina Caruana, married 1764 Zejtun to Giacomo Gatt.

1.3. Maddalena Caruana, married 1682 Safi to Andrea Xiriha.



Footnotes: -


[1] - : The Sicilian Judge Nicolò Crescimanno (1803-1885) was appointed Professor of International Law at the University of Malta, following the retirement of Ferdinand Caruana Dingli in 1869. 
Professor Nicolò Crescimanno “studied law within the Faculty of Law at the University of Palermo. He was destined to reach the highest echelons of the Sicilian judicature, becoming judge in Palermo, Messina and Catania. He was appointed President of the Gran Corte Civile of Cosenza, President of the Gran Corte Criminale of Trapani, and Procuratore Regio (King’s Crown Advocate) to the Criminal and Civil Courts of Trapani. King Ferdinand himself described him as ‘a jewel’ among his Magistrates. He had one daughter, Maddalena, from his first marriage with Teresa Gennusa, and another eight children from his second wife Vincenza Girgenti. 
  Notwithstanding his distinguished career in his motherland, he was above all a patriot who fled from the political and religious turmoil that had raged the Italian peninsula for decades. As soon as the new government of King Vittorio Emmanuele came to power, Nicolò sought asylum in a favourite place of refuge – the British fortress-colony of Malta. When he was already in his 50s, he and his wife and their seven children trailed behind his first cousin, Judge Giacomo San Filippo who had married his daughter Maddalena, by boarding a ship ‘Elettrico’ en route to Malta. 
  After he set foot in Malta, King Vittorio Emmanuele’s Ministers invited him to return to Sicily and continue his work over there, but he refused. He was also asked to represent his compatriots in the new Italian Parliament, but he did not accept either. In 1862, he wrote to King Francesco asking him to be absolved of his loyalties as he was no longer able to perform the duties he had sworn to carry out. He received the reply which liberated him from his oath of allegiance in due course.”
From: Raymond Mangion, ‘Professors who Taught International Law within the Faculty of Laws, University of Malta’, in Serving the Rule of International Law: Essays in Honour of Professor David Joseph Attard, ed. by Norman A. Martínez Gutiérrez, vol. 1 (Malta: Mare Nostrum, 2009), p. 38

Further references:
Petra Bianchi, ‘Nicolò Crescimanno and Giacomo Sanfilippo: Sicilian Exiles in Malta’, in Sunday Times of Malta, 6 October 1996, pp. 44-45; Vincenzo Bonello, Bianca Fiorentini and Lorenzo Schiavone, Echi del Risorgimento a Malta (Malta: 1966)

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