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Conte's Ciantar

Acknowledged by King Louis XV of France in 1745, 1747 and 1761 and Queen Maria I of Portugal in 1739.

A copy of Recognition from Civil-Governor Cameron, acknowledging Luigi Ciantar, the Rightful Conte Ciantar.

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* Maria Teodora Wizzini Paleologo, (1696-1778), 2nd Countess Paleologo,
Married Count Gio Antonio Ciantar, (Created in 1739 in Portugal, and 1745 in France.), created Patrican of Rome 1744.

1. Contessa Bellarmina Ciantar Paleologo, married Count Baldassare Fenech Bonici, with issue.
2. Conte Giorgio Serafino Ciantar Paleologo, 3rd Count- See Ciantar-Paleologo. 
3. Conte Luigi Ciantar Paleologo, 2nd Conte Ciantar. - See Below .

* Luigi Ciantar Paleologo, 2nd Conte Ciantar.(Note: According to the Will of Count Gio Antonio Ciantar, Luigi inherited the Conte Title), married 1780 to Maria Teresa Vella Castiglione, with issue

1. Anne dei Conti Cianter Paleologo, married 18-3-1805 to Guiseppe Milanesi Santoro - See Ciantar-Paleologo.
2. Salvatore Ciantar Paleologo, (died 1846). 3rd Conte Ciantar,
- See Below .

* Salvatore Ciantar Paleologo, died 1846. 3rd Conte Ciantar, (See Note above), Married Firstly to Fortunata Brun, and dsp. Secondly 1831 to Vincenza Preziosi, (See Preziosi), with issue

1. Luigi Ciantar Preziosi, 4th Conte Ciantar married 1858 to Emilia Bonici Mompalao., with issue.

1.1. Salvatore Ciantar Preziosi, Patrizio Roma, (1859-60), d.inf.

1.2. Edwardo Ciantar Preziosi, Patrizio Roma, (1860-), d.inf.

1.3. Maria Anna Vincenza Ciantar Preziosi, Patrizia Roma, (1862-65), d.inf.
2. Teresa Ciantar Preziosi, Patrizia Roma, married Salvatore Debono, with issue.
Salvatore Debono Preziosi,  5th De-Jure Conte Ciantar, (died c. 1910).
2.2. Vincenza Debono Preziosi, dunm.
2.3. Marianna Debono Preziosi, (1879-1917),
6th De-Jure Contessa Ciantar.
3. Matilda Ciantar Preziosi, Patrizia Roma, dunm.
4. Maria Ciantar Preziosi, Patrizia Roma, married (1) Franco Pulis, with issue. (Married (2) to Giuseppe Nicosia, with issue.
4.1. (First Marriage) Ugolino Pulis, dunm.
4.2. (Second Marriage)
Alfred Nicosia-Ciantar, (1866-1927) 7th De-Jure Conte Ciantar, married to Milly Turnbull, with issue.
4.2.1. Violet Nicosia-Turnbull, (1898-1956), dunm.
James Joseph Nicosia-Turnbull, (1899-1963), 8th De-Jure Conte Ciantar, married Alice Bugeja, and dsp.
Joseph James Nicosia-Turnbull, (Migrated to Brisbane Australia), (1902-1964), 9th De-Jure Conte Ciantar, married 1939 to Dorothy Freeman, with issue
Joseph Malcom Nicosia-Turnbull, (1941-, 10th De-Jure Conte Ciantar, married 1964 to Mary Maloney, with issue Paul Nicosia-Turnbull, De-Jure Contino Ciantar, (1965-, married 1996 to Lisa Beth Smith, with issue Jemima Nicosia-Turnbull, (1998- Alexandra Nicosia-Turnbull, (2000-. Matthew Sydney Joseph Nicosia-Turnbull, (2002-. James Nicosia-Turnbull, (1967-, married 1999 to Melinda Rae Green, with issue. Lola Clare Turnbull, (2012-. David Nicosia-Turnbull, (1971-, married 1999 to Leisa Marie Prowse, with issue. Darcy Louis Nicosia-Turnbull, (2002-. Clancy Jacques Nicosia-Turnbull, (2006-. Christopher Nicosia-Turnbull, (1974-, married 2002 to Bernadette Crilly, with issue. Ciaran James Nicosia-Turnbull, (2010-. Inez Anne Nicosia-Turnbull, (1941-, married Fred Travis, with issue Brett Travis, (1966- Scott Travis, (1968- Mark Travis, (1970- Nikki Travis, (1972, married Russell Victor Sage
4.2.4. Walter Nicosia-Turnbull, ( 1907-85), dunm.
4.2.5. Inez Nicosia-Turnbull, (1896-1922), dunm.
4.2.6. Giorgio Nicosia-Turnbull, (1910-13), dunm.
4.2.7. Elena Nicosia-Turnbull, (1904-d.infant)
4.3. Monsignor NN Nicosia, dunm.
5. Saverio Ciantar Preziosi, Patrizio Roma, dunm.
6. Alfonso Ciantar Preziosi, Patrizio Roma, dunm.




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