Cav. Edward Ciantar CMG. 1889.   

Last Update: 15-11-2017.

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1. Sig. Paolo de Ciantar Paleologo,
Member of Government during the French rule in Malta 1798-1800,, married 1815 Valletta [2] to Carolina Teresa Thei, with issue.

1.1. Cav. Edward Ciantar, CMG, 1889., member of Council of the Government of Malta, Vice President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, (1832-1892)., married 1856 Alexandria, Egypt [2] to Victorine Lanzon, (d/o Carlo and Margherita), with issue

1.1.1. Henri Ciantar, (1863 Malta -), married to Emma Denaro, with issue. Gladys Ciantar, (1895-1959), married to Major Wolsey de Piro Cowley. Yvonne Ciantar, (1903-1954), married 1933 to Capt Geoffrey Dennis St Quentin Marescaux de Sabruit, RN [1], with issue. Alexis Godfrey Vere Marescaux de Sabruit, (1936-, married 1960 to Joy Laurenson Wold.

1.1.2. Richard Ciantar, (1866-1924), lived in Paris, France, married 1913 to Marcelle N, with issue. Maurice Ciantar, (1915-1990), Novelist - La Mongolique, 1949.

1.1.3. Umberto Ciantar.

1.1.4. Godfrey Ciantar, set up with Henri, a Company in UK and in Malta - Ciantar Bros.


[1]; Burkes Irish family records, 1976, page 786-787.
[2] Research carried out By David Lanfranco, Genealogist in Malta, 2017.

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