"Coen, sives Cohen family"

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1. Giuseppe Antonio Cohen "sives Coen", Neofito, (an ex jew from Smyrna Turkey) Rewarded for alerting a plot of murdering the Grand Master of Malta 1740, the reward  lasted till the end of the Knights in Malta, with his descendants., married Camilla N, with issue.

1.1. Giuseppe Coen, married 1746 Valletta to Maria Sarda, (d/o Abramo and Salvatora), with issue.

1.1.1. Stefano Coen,  married 1774 Valletta to Saveria Tagliaferro., with issue. Salvatore Coen, married 1820 Valletta  to Emmanuela Salamone. Lorenza Coen, married 1805 Valletta to Giuseppe Biancardi., with issue. Luigia Biancardi., married Fortunato Grech., with issue. Nicholas Grech-Biancardi, ADC., RVO., CMG., (1850-1913) Vincenza Biancardi., married 1821 to James Bond. Elizabetta Coen., married 1808 to Nicola Efner. Giuseppe Coen., married 1811 to Vincenza Pace-Coen. Antonia Coen., married 1812 to Sebastiano Lrafo-Morello., of Sicily. Saverio Coen., married 1821 to Giovanna Camilleri Debono, with issue. Giuseppa Cohen, married 1847 Valletta to Conte Carlo Maria Muscat, President of the Chamber of Commerce, with issue. Contessa Pauline Muscat, married to Dr Antonio Gasan JUD, with issue. Conte Joseph Gasan (1891-1976), married 1946 to Lilian Mercieca, with issue. Contessa Maria Concetta Muscat, married 1873 to Edward Tancredi Agius. Conte Major Joseph Muscat RMA, (d. 1908), married with issue. Conte Capt. Joseph Muscat RMA, married with issue. Contessa Sunny Muscat. Conte Carlo Muscat. M’Anna Coen., married 1817 to Sebastiano Nasso.

1.1.2. Emanuele Coen, "sives Cohen", migrated to Brighton England, married to Hannah N, with issue. Levy Emanuel Cohen, Proprietor of the Brighton Guardian Newspaper. Abraham Cohen, migrated to Sydney Australia, married 1837 to Sophia Cohen (First Cousin), with issue. Frederick Sydney Cohen, married with issue. Hon. Henry Emanuel Cohen, LLB, MLC, District Court Judge of Hunter districts in NSW, (1840-), married 1884 to Sophie Franks of Hanover, with issue. Edgar Henry Cohen, (1885-. Cecil Hope Cohen, (1888-. George Cohen, married with issue. Nathan Cohen, married with issue. Fanny Cohen, married 1857 to Sir Benjamin Benjamin Kt, MLC, with issue. Caroline Cohen, married to N. Joseph, with issue. Hannah Cohen, married to N Samuel, dsp. Sarah Cohen, dunm. Jenny Cohen, married to N. Marks, with issue. Minnie Cohen, married to N. Benjamin, with issue.




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