Paolo Darmanin, (1940-., 1st Bishop of Garissa, Kenya. (r.1984-.

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1. Giuseppe D'Armenia (Click here to See Ancestry), married 1769 Zabbar to Gerolima Schembri, with issue.

1.1. Michele Darmanin, married 1810 Zabbar to Maddalena Ellul, with issue.

1.1.1. Giuseppe Darmanin, married 1857 Zabbar to Marianna Chetcuti, with issue. Luigi Darmanin, married (1) 1883 Zabbar to Maria Anna Psaila, married (2) 1893 Zabbar to Margherita Xicluna, with issue. (Second Marriage) Salvatore Darmanin, married 1934 Zabbar to Angela Lia, with issue.  Paolo Darmanin, (1940-., 1st Bishop of Garissa, Kenya. (r.1984-.

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