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Updated: 22-12-2017.

The Denaro's originated from Genoa, but settled in Sicily where they owned large vineyards. Rosario Denaro was sent to Malta to look after the family's interests there, and he fell in love with the beautiful Mary. After their marriage in Malta, Rosario and Mary went to live in Riposto, Sicily near to the family estates. But when Mary became pregnant, she returned to Malta, so that her child would avoid conscription into the Italian Army. They settled in Malta for good.


Francesco Denaro, married to Maria dei Conti Russo, with issue.
1. Rosario Denaro,( Ancestor of all the Maltese Denaro) married 1856 to Mary Portelli O'Conner
1.1. Alfred Denaro, married Augusta Gollcher
1.1.1. Victor Denaro, married Nobile Maria Testaferrata Moroni Viani dei Baroni di Tabria e della Gomerino Marcelle Denaro (1922-), married 21-11-1943 to Joseph Bonici Mallia Marcelle Denaro (1922-), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 21-11-1943 to Joseph Bonici Mallia., with issue. Louisetta Bonici Mallia (1946-), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 24-4-1965 to Conte Chev .John Mary Sant Manduca. Dr John Bonici Mallia MD., (1945-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Paul Bonici Mallia (d.2000), Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married Margaret Curmi, with issue Simon Bonici Mallia, (1985-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Michael Bonici Mallia, (1988-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Victoria Bonici Mallia, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married Louis Camilleri, with issue Louisa Camilleri, (1981-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Juliana Camilleri, (1985-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Anna Bonici Mallia, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married Maurice Meli Bugeja Charmaine Bonici Mallia, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married David Attard, with issue Christopher Attard, (1983-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Adrian Attard, (1985-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Felicity Attard, (1989-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Dr Donald Denaro MD, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married May Camilleri Victor Denaro, (1956-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1983 to Elizabeth Mary Pace, with issue. Alex Denaro, (1984-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Marie Claire Denaro, (1986-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Helena Denaro, (1962-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Christianne Denaro, (1958-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary, married 1980 to Ian Wirth Trigona, with issue John Wirth, (1984-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Elaine Wirth, (1987-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Bernadine Wirth, (1992-, Hereditary Nobile of Hungary. Dr Ronald Denaro MD, married May Camilleri, (d. 2015), with issue. Victor Denaro, married to Elizabeth N. Helena Denaro., married to Andrew Mallia. Christianne Denaro, married Ian Wirth Trigona, with issue
1.2. Col. Frank Denaro, married Contessa Marie Aguis, with issue.
1.2.1. Conte Brigadier. George Denaro, (1902-68) (Commanded the Malay Forces), married 1946 to Peggy Garnett, with issue. Conte General. Arthur Denaro, (1948-. (Commandant of the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, Also served in the Gulf War), married 1980 to Maggi Acworth, with issue. Contessa Eila Denaro, (1982-. Conte George Denaro, (1985-.  Contessa Melita Denaro, (1950-.
1.2.2. Edith Denaro, (1908-99),  married 1939 to Michael Braithwaite, with issue. Philippa Braithwaite, (1940-, married 1967 to Charles Williamson, with issue. Lucy Williamson, (1968-. Robert Williamson, (1969-. Sarah Braithwaite, (1942-96), married 1967 to Francis Eymard, with issue.  Fabienne Eymard, (1973-, married 2006 to William Fraser-Allen, with issue. Pierre Fraser-Allen, (2007-. Jacques Fraser-Allen, (2008-.
1.2.3. Wilfred Denaro, (1902-75), dunm.

1.2.4. Rosario Denaro, (1905-), d.inf.

1.2.5. Arthur Denaro, (1914-44), dunm.

1.3. Emma Denaro, married Henri Ciantar, with issue.
1.3.1. Gladys Ciantar, married Major Wolsey de Piro Cowley.
1.3.2. Yvonne Ciantar, married Comd. Geoffrey Marescaux R.N. Alexis Marescaux
1.4. Charles Denaro, married Helena Cantacuzene
1.4.1. Iris Denaro, married Capt. Maurice Cavenagh Mainnaring R.N. Charles Mainnaring
1.4.2. Louis Denaro, married Julie Tyndale Rosemary Denaro, married Patrick Burke Daphne Denaro, married Christopher Broke-Smith Iris Denaro, married James Tracy

1.5. Elena Denaro, married 1886 Valletta to Alfredo Trapani.

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