"Libro d'Oro di Melita"

De Piro family (Marchional branches)

Spanish title of Marques de Piro (1742, rehabilitated in 1870 and again in 1987).

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* Vincenzo de Piro, (1736-99), 2nd Marques de Piro, 2nd Barone di Budaq, married 1757 to Maria Testaferrata Abela SEE: Testaferrata Branch #4  with issue
1. Don Antonio de Piro, (1758-1806), 3rd Marques de Piro, 3rd Barone di Budaq, married 1790 to Teresa Campanella nee dello Re.
1.1. Don Vincenzo de Piro (1785-1840), married 1810 to Loreta Mallia, with issue.
1.1.1. Don Giuseppe de Piro, married 1845 Matrice Gozo to Maria Antonia Mizzi, with issue Don Loreto de Piro, married 1878 Birkirkara to Annette Mizzi, with issue Dona Aida de Piro, married 1906 to Major. F. Stivala, with issue Alfred Stivala de Piro, (1912- , married Rose Saydon, with issue Francis Stivala, MOM, (1946-. (primogenial descendant in the line of Vincenzo De Piro) Marquerite Stivala (1944-, married Hon. Anton Tabone, MP. with issue Dr Anton Tabone. LLD, married 2006 to
Anne Marie Bianchi. Marc Tabone. Robert Tabone. Don Antonio de Piro, married firstly to Louisa Borg (with issue); Married secondly to Florence Cowley, with further issue. (First Marriage) Dona Emma de Piro, married with issue. (Second Marriage) Don Joseph de Piro, married Emily Bell-Irvine, with issue Don His Honour, Judge. Alan de Piro, Q.C. (Seniormost agnate of the De Piro family), married (1) 1947 to Mary Elliott, married (2) 1964 Marylebone Register Office, England to Mona Addington, with issue. Don 'Son' de Piro, married to N, with issue. Don Dr Tristram de Piro., (1974 -. Dona Tsara de Piro. Don 'Son' de Piro. Don Michael de Piro, dunm 1944, (Buried at Assisi, Italy - British Military Cemetery). Major Don Wolsey de Piro Cowley, married to Gladys Ciantar. Don Fortunato de Piro, married 1893 to Ersilia Leone-Ganado, with issue Don Joseph de Piro, married 1930 to
Antonia Caruana Dingli dei Marchesi del Fiddien, and dsp.  Dona Jane Giovanna Battista de Piro, married 1928 Valletta to Joseph Giuseppe Buttigieg, with issue. Don Anthony Buttigieg De Piro. Marquis de Piro (Revived 1987  see footnote) (1932- 2012), married 1959 to Alice Pace, (d. 2009), dsp. Don Capt Joseph Buttigieg De Piro, RMA, (1934-, Married 1969 to Corinne Eminyan, with issue. Don David Buttigieg De Piro, B.Sc (1974-., married 2005 to Priscilla Vassallo, B.Com. (Hons.), MBA, with issue. Don Isaac Buttigieg De Piro., (2005-. Don Malcom Buttigieg De Piro, (2007-. Don Jack Buttigieg de Piro, (2008-. Dona Victoria Jane Buttigieg De Piro (1971-., Married Roman Krejci., with issue. Pavel Jan Krejci-Buttigieg de Piro., (2004-. Petra-Olga Krejci-Buttigieg de Piro, (2010-. Don Cecil Buttigieg de Piro (1936 - 2009), dunm. Dona Victoria de Piro, married Paul Fenech-Gasan, with issue. Raymond Fenech Gasan, (1936-2016), married to Marie Louise Debono, with issue. Roberta Fenech Gasan, married to Dr Ramon Tonna. Angela Fenech Gasan, married to Christian Mifsud. Richard Fenech Gasan, married to Alison Attard.
1.1.2. Dona Antonia de Piro, married 1841 to
Gio Batta Mamo-Mompalao, with issue
1.2. Don Sir Giuseppe Maria de Piro GCMG, (1794-1870), Baron of Budaq, Married 1842 to
Antonia Moscati-Gatto, 3rd Baroness of Benwarred, dsp.

1. 2.1. (Natural issue from Concetta Tartaglia) Mons. N.N. Tartaglia.
1.3. Dona Francesca de Piro, Baroness of Budaq, (dunm. 1877)
1.4. (Natural issue by Saveria Moscati, De-Jure Baroness di Frigenuni (1760-97) Senatore Alexandre Moscati ( 1774-1826). Grew up in Valletta, Malta. Was forced to flee Malta, due to raping the Noble Maria Teresa Testaferrata dei Marchese della San Vincenzo Ferreri, wich sired a daughter. Alexandre, was a senator in Messina, Sicily.. He married firstly to a British Girl called Louisa Campbell, and sired several children from her. She died in 1802. He married secondly to the Noble Rosa d'Alessandro and sired several mored children. Alexander was also the dejure Marquis di Xrobb-il-Ghajn, "De-Jure" Baron di Frigenuni. (See issue-Press Here)
1.5. (Natural issue by Saveria Moscati, De-Jure Baroness di Frigenuni ( 1760-97) Capt.Carmelo Moscati de Piro ( 1778, Valetta- 1798 Frankfurt). Served in several Armies , though killed in battle in Frankfurt. Had sired one child by Henrietta Sophie von Bentheim zu Steinfurt.

2. Don Giuseppe de Piro-Gourgion, CMG. (died 1857), married 1810 to Gaetana Borg Madiona, with issue
2.1. Don Adriano de Piro-Gourgion, (1817-1866), dunm.
2.2. Don Dr Carmelo de Piro, MD,(1820-69), married 1844 to
Gerolama Sceberras D'Amico-Inguanez (See Djar il-Bniet and Buqana) , with issue. (See page 3).
2.3. Dona Teresa de Piro, married
Alessandro Sceberras D'Amico (See Castel Cicciano) and dsp.
Don Francesco Saverio de Piro, CMG, Marquis de Piro (Revived 1870  see  footnote), (1824-94), Married 1856 to Adelaide Testaferrata (SEE: Testaferrata Branch #1), with issue.
2.4.1. Don Giuseppe Lorenzo de Piro, CMG, (1858-1911), (holder of title see document of 1914, below) married 1891 to Georgina Galea Naudi, with issue Dona Adelina de Piro, (1892-1962), (holder of title but not recognized by British foreign office, see document of 1914, below)  Married to Kenneth MacPherson, and dsp.

3. Dona Anna de Piro, married Salvatore Testaferrata Olivier SEE Testaferrata Branch #3
4. Dona Veneranda de Piro, married
Emmanuele Moscati Cassia (See Grua)
5. Dona Maria de Piro, married
Salvatore Cassar Desain SEE Testaferrata Branch #3
6. Dona Antonia de Piro, married 1797 to
Romualdo Barbaro (See San Giorgio), dsp.



Footnote#1: Gio Pio De Piro was one of the very first recipients of the right to Illustrissimo e Nobile. Owing to a great abuse which had crept in, of notaries and lawyers giving the style of Nobile and Illustrissimo to many persons indiscriminately in public documents, the Grand Master de Vilhena issued a Pragmatic in the year 1725 in which he criminalized such unauthorized use. A copy verbatim of the Pragmatic dated 30th April 1725 is found in the sub-Enclosure in Enclosure No. 3 in the letter from Governor Simmons to The Earl of Derby dated 28 October 1884 which is published in Copies or Extracts of Correspondence with reference to the Maltese Nobility (In Continuation of C-3812) presented to the House of Lords by Command of Her Majesty, May 1886. In the said copy verbatim, there is what appears to be an exhaustive list of the persons who at different times received from the said Grandmaster and his successors, an exception from the aforesaid pragmatic, thereby allowing them the right to use the styles of Most Illustrious and Noble, namely: (1) Milite Barone Marc' Antonio Inguanez (See Djar il-Bniet) and his wife Baronessa Inguanez (See Gomerino) (30 April 1725); (2)Barone di Cicciano Fabritio Testaferrata (See:Castel Cicciano) and his mother the Baronessa di Gomerino Beatrice Cassia Testaferrata  (See Gomerino), (11 May 1725), (3) Marchese di San Vincenzo Ferreri Mario Testaferrata (See: San Vincenzo Ferreri) (9 July 1725), (4) Carlo Falson (See Falson), and Eleanora Testaferrata (See: Capo di Ferro) (13 June 1726), (5) Barone di San Marciano Diego Galea Feriolo (See: San Marciano), (2 September 1726), (6) Barone Gio Pio De Piro (See De Piro) (19 March 1727), (7) Canon Giuseppe di Costanzo (See Paganica), and Donna Rosa (See De Noto),widow of Gio Battista di Costanzo (24 May 1729), (8) Barone Isidoro Viani (See: Tabria), (27 June 1730), (9) D. Vincenzo Platamone (See Platamone),and Antonio Bonnici (??), (10) Baldassare Bonnici (13 January 1732), (11) Calcerano Mompalao (See: Mompalao)), Giuseppe and Caterina Cuschieri (See: Frigenuini) (6 March 1732), (12) Barone Saverio Gatt (See: Benwarrad) (23 August 1737), (13) Signor Ludovico Bianchi (See: Bianchi) (25 October 1741), (14) Dr.Ugolino Bonnici (5 September 1794), (15) Dr. Saverio Crispo (See:Crispo) (??)


Footnote#2: The Spanish grant The title of Marchese De Piro was conferred in Spain by Philip V, King of Spain, by a patent of the 6th November 1742 to Vincenzo’s grandfather Gio Pio De Piro (See: http://www.maltagenealogy.com/libro%20d'oro/depiro.html ). On the 8 October 1743 the same title was registered in Malta (Ref: Archives of the Order, National Library, Malta Ref. AOM 627, unpaginated), thereby satisfying the criteria for recognition. The title lapsed some time later and it had to be revived in 1870 in favour of the Saverio De Piro.


Footnote#3: The title was later succeeded in Spain. We find record of an Application for a Royal Licence for the use of a Foreign title in Great Britain was filed by Adelina De Piro in 1914 [Ref. HO 45/10702/237247] in respect of the ‘Title Marquis conferred by Philip V of Spain in 1742 and renewed in 1870 by the Regent of Spain’ described as “Title of Marquise granted to applicant by King of Spain on the death of her father”. In her application, she attached a memorandum as to the recognition in Britain of titles officially recognised in Malta, then a Colony. The application was refused by the office, giving the reason “No special circumstances alleged”. See also http://www.heraldica.org/topics/britain/TNA/HO_45_13725.htm


Footnote#4: It appears that the title of Marquis de Piro lapsed yet again some time after 1870 and that the right of Anthony Buttigieg de Piro to the rank and style of Hereditary Marquis in the kingdom of Spain was proclaimed by official decree of the Ministry of Justice of that Kingdom, 28th October 1987. Following the 1742 grant and documents described above, succession is reckoned as follows: Gio Pio De Piro (1st Marquis), title lapsed, Francesco Saverio De Piro, (2nd Marquis, revived 1870), Giuseppe Lorenzo De Piro (3rd Marquis, succeeding his father F. Saverio), Adelina Macpherson (4th holder as Marquise, succeeding her father), title lapsed, Anthony Buttigieg de Piro (5th holder, revived 1987). Also refer to his Obituary, written by the Baron de Giorgio.


Titled, De Jures and Heirs.

* * * Titled: Anthony Buttigieg de Piro, as the Marquis de Piro in the Kingdom of Spain.

  • Heir (his brother) Capt. Joseph Buttigieg de Piro
  • * Special Conditions: See Spanish Law






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