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Don Carlo d'Evoli, (1761 Madrid - 1815 Naples) 4th Duca di Castropignano, Duca di Campomele, some time mistress, Nobile Maddalena Vassallo., with her brother Salvatore Vassallo as chief Guardian, with illegitimate issues.

Don Carlo d'Evoli spent time in Valletta with the British Government where he met with Maddalena Vassallo, whom followed him to Palermo and Campomele. Don Carlo's wife had died some years before though due to his position in the royal court of  Palermo ended up taking Maddalena on as a mistress and her brother standing in as godfather. In his will a legacy giving his sons Cesare and Vincenzo an education with the British establishment. Though his children in Malta never took his surname of d'Evoli Vassallo, keeping it to Vassallo instead. The will of Duca Carlo d'Evoli is the only shred of evidence that gives the link only acknowledging his Sicilian daughter.

1.1. Dr Cesare Federico d'Evoli de Vassallo JUD., (1800 Valletta -1882), Archaeologist, Historian, and Chief Librarian of the National Library of Malta., married 1829 at San Paolo, Valletta to Gaetana Bugeja (daughter of Poalo and Antonia Pulis). (1801-93), with issue.

1.1.1. Harry Vassallo (1843-1928), married 1873 to Camilla Mifsud., with issue. Professor Enrico Harry Vassallo LLD., (1874-1945)., married to Hilda Gatt, with issue. Dr Charles Vassallo LLD., married with issue. Dr Harry Enrico Vassallo LLD, (1955-., Chairman of Alternativa Demokratika (1999-2008), married to Susan N, with issue. Sebastian Vassallo. Nina Vassallo. Anna Lucia Vassallo. Francis Vassallo. George Vassallo, married to Hilda de Domenco, with issue. Maddaline Vassallo. Harry Vassallo. John Vassallo. Martin Vassallo. Anna Vassallo. Laura Vassallo., married to Edward Refalo. Dr Frank X .Vassallo, LLD, married to Mae Moore with issue Alexandra Vassallo married to Dr Norman Formosa Claude Formosa married to Michaela Francesca Formosa married to John Dandria Camilla Formosa married to Benji Psaila Alek Psaila Dr Jillian Formosa married to Dr Matthew Attard Nichy Formosa Jacqueline Vassallo married to Paul Mercieca Ramona Mercieca Greta Mercieca Dr Enrico Cesare (Harry) Vassallo b.1955 married 1994 to Susanna Bonello Sebastian Vassallo Nina Antoniamaria Vassallo Mary Vassallo married to Godwin Zammit A&CE Roger Zammit Veronica Zammit Gerrard Vassallo married to Marika Sullivan Jeremy Vassallo Helen Louise Vassallo b 1960 married to Dr Anthony Fiorini Luke Fiorini Tessa Fiorini Albert-Edward Vassallo AC&E., married to Nobile Bice dei Baroni Parlato Trigona., with issue. Raymond Vassallo., married to Mariella Ellul. Leonard Vassallo., married to Marie Vassallo. (See Below). Bernard Vassallo., married to Lucia… Dorothy Vassallo. Married NN. Rizzo. Mary Vassallo, married to Roberto Ganado. Charles Vassallo, married to Laura Woods. Gustave Henry Vassallo, (Later added to his surname Vassallo Stranger Ford), (1889-1985), married to Winifred Mary Stranger Ford, with issue. Rita Stranger Vassallo Stranger-Ford, (1921-), married to George Norman Hillier. Patricia Mary Vassallo  (1919-1924)., d.inf. John Louis Vassallo. Elizabeth Vassallo, married Joseph Gatt, with issue. Patrick Gatt. Phyllis Gatt., married to Frank Zarb.    Edward Vassallo, married to Paolina Aquilina, with issue. Phillip Vassallo, (1928-2000), married to Mary Helen Portelli., with issue. Mark Vassallo., (1954-, married to Theresa Pace., with issue. Nicholas Vassallo, (1982-. Christina Vassallo, (1985-. Simon Vassallo, (1990-. Patrick Vassallo,  married to NN. Sultana. Victoria Vassallo, (1955-., married to Michael Falkingham (d. 2000), with issue. Sam Falkingham. Catherine Vassallo, (1971-, married to Ivan Azzopardi. Monica Vassallo. Marcel Vassallo., married to George Mallia, with issue. Simone Mallia. Angela Mallia. Robert Mallia.   Alfred Vassallo, married Mary O’Dea, with issue. Mary Vassallo, married to Leonard Vassallo. (See Above). Robert Vassallo. William Vassallo, (d. 1980), married to Aida Antignolo, with issue. Carmen Vassallo,. (1934-., married to Godfrey Dingli. Robert Vassallo, married to Dorothy Dingli., with issue. Roberta Vassallo, married to Dennis Camenzuli, with issue. Olivia Camenzuli. Alexandra Eve Camenzuli. Julian Vassallo, married to NN, with issue. Monty Vassallo. Lauchlan Vassallo. Grace Vassallo. Josephine Vassallo, married 1956 to Gaetan Briffa., with issue. John Briffa., (1957-., married (1) to Alision Warner,  married (2) to Clare Arneman, with issue. (First Marriage) Georgina Briffa., (1992-. (Second Marriage) Gabrielle Briffa., (1996-. Henry Briffa, (1958-, married to Emily Castle, with issue. Gemma Briffa., (1991-. Ethan Briffa, (1995-. Mark Briffa, (1964-, married to Susan Cartland. Marie Briffa,  (1962- married 1997 to Gregory Hyland, with issue. Madelyn Hyland., (1997-. Sophie Hyland, (1998-. Emma Hyland, (2000-. Julia Vassallo, (1891-1982), married to Dr Wyndham Levi Grech LLD.

1.1.2. Nicola Vassallo, (1840-1929), married 1871 to Emilia Mifsud., with issue. Cesare Vassallo, (1871-1946), married 1896 to Elen Preskei, with issue. Eleanore Vassallo, married to Joseph Calleja., with issue. Roger Calleja. George Vassallo, (1874-). Giuseppe Vassallo, (1876-1940) married to NN., with issue. Victor Vassallo. Arthur Vassallo. Maria Gulia Vassallo., (1878-). Filippo Vassallo, (1883- 1953), married 1919 to Florence Oliver, with issue. Alice Emily Vassallo, (1920-2002), married 1940 to Philip Hammond, with issue. Judith Mary Hammond, (1941-. John Oliver Hammond, (1946-. Victor Nicholas Vassallo, (1922-98), married 1942 to Elsie Mason, with issue. Stuart Victor Vassallo, (1946-, married 1970 to Patricia Ayris, with issue. Teresa Louisa Vassallo, (1972-. Philip Stuart Vassallo, (1978-. Diane Vassallo, (1949-, married 1975 (Div 1986) to Alistair McPherson, married (2) 1992 to Michael Spencer, with issue. (First Marriage) James Alexander McPherson, (1976-. Kathryn Anna McPherson, (1978-. Denise Rosemary Vassallo, (1954-, married 1973 to John Hart Gatliffe, with issue. Marie Kate Gatliffe, (1975-. Gavin Hart Gatliffe, (1979-. Heather Marie Vassallo, (1957-, married 1984 to Ian Sault, with issue. Kristofer Lee Sault, (1985-. Jason Ian Sault, (1987-. Margaret Olive Vassallo, (1925-1930), with issue. Vittorio Vassallo, (1886-). Federico Vassallo, (1886-). Gulia Vassallo, (1887-). Pietro Vassallo, (1873-1941), married 1915 to Nobile Annette Debono., with issue. Carmen Vassallo, (1920-72), married 1945 to Cyril Franks., with issue. Joseph Victor Alfred Franks, (1949-., married 1979 to Ann Henderson., with issue. Eleanor Edwina Jennifer Franks, (1980-. Ian James Franks, (1982-. Alan Michael Peter Joseph Franks, (1945-. Robert Vassallo, (1915-70), married to Adelle Alice Magri, with issue. Peter John Vassallo,  married (1) to Sue.., married (2) to Kerry Joy…, with issue. Luis Vassallo. Edward Vassallo. Edward Vassallo, (1917-82), married (1) to Giselle Choukri,  married (2) to Charlotte …, with issue. (First Marriage) Ronald Vassallo. (Second Marriage) Peter Vassallo. Teresina Vassallo, (1880-). Maria Vassallo, (1882-).

1.1.3. Antonia Vassallo (1838-1929).

1.1.4. Dr Filippo Vassallo LLD., (1831-96), Librarian and Artist, dunm.

1.1.5. Cesare Federico Vassallo, (1845-46), d.inf.

1.2. Vincenzo d'Evoli de Vassallo (1796 -),  married 1828 at Porto Salvo, Valletta to Anna Leone (daughter of Pietro Paolo and Angela Zammit), with issue.

1.2.1. Pietro Paolo Vassallo, married to Carmela Casolani, with issue. Camilla Vassallo, married 1892 Valletta to Chev. Edgardo Bonavia.

1.3. Carmela d'Evoli de Vassallo., (1798 -).

1.4. Nobile Anna d'Evoli, (1806-66), married 1823 to Nobile Giustino Dusmet Desmours, with issue.

1.4.1. Nobile Rosa Dusmet Desmours, (1826-1907), married 1856 to Conte Don Francesco Gaetano dell'Aquilina d'Aragona, with issue. Donna Sofia Gaetano dell'Aquilina d'Aragona. Conte Don Giustino Gaetano dell'Aquilina d'Aragona, (1864-), married 1890 to Nobile Adele de Tschudy dei Marchesi di San Pasquale, with issue. Donna Maria Sofia Gaetano dell'Aquilina d'Aragona, (1892-.

1.4.2. Nobile Giuseppe Dusmet Desmours, (1824-1863), married 1854 to Donna Ida della Posta dei Duchi di Civitella Afedena, with issue. Nobile Giustino Dusmet Desmours, (1857-1909), married 1877 to Maria Anna Tommasi dei Marchesi di Casalicchio, with issue. Nobile Alfredo Dusmet Desmours, (1879-1963), created Marchese in the Kingdom of Italy 1926, 1929), married 1904 to Edith Olivier, with issue. Marchese Giacomo Dusmet Desmours, (1905-1986), married 1934 (Div) to Donna Elena dei Principi Borghese. Marchesa Maria Francesca Dusmet Desmours, (1907-), married 1929 to Conte Francesco di Campello, with issue. Pompeo, Conte di Campello, (1930-, married to Principessa Vittoria Borghese, with issue. Guilio, Conte di Campello, (1961-, married to Chiara Sbardella, with issue. Conte Francesco di Campello, (1991-. Conte Livio di Campello, (1965-, married to Federica Tedeschi, with issue. Nobile Vittoria Campello, (1996-. Conte Ugo di Campello, (1966-, married to Princessipa Elena Imperiali, with issue. Conte Rovero di Campello. Nobile Guendalina Campello, (1957-, married to Francesco, Marchese Malvessi Campeggi, with issue. Marchesa Desideria Malvezzi Campeggi. Nobile Editta Campello, (1959-, married to Carlo, Conte di Manzano, with issue. Conte Giorgio di Manzano, (1991-. Nobile Camilla di Manzano, (1985-. Nobile Guilia di Manzano, (1987-. Nobile Sibilla Campello, (1967-, married to Carlo Diana, with issue. Tommaso Diana, (1992-. Matteo Diana, (1995-. Agnese Diana. Conte Flavio di Campello, (1970-, married to Benedetta Marcelli Flori, with issue. Nobile Giacinta Campello, (1999-. Nobile Eleanora Campello, (2002-. Nobile Donatella Campello, (1931-, married to Peter Fielding Elser, with issue. Marco Massimiliano Elser, (1958, married (1) to Donia Pagagergiou, married (2) to Flaminia Cuturi., with issue. (First Marriage) Peter Elser, (1992-. (Second Marriage) Lavina Elser, (2003-. Henry Fielding Elser, (2006-. Massimo Fielding Elser, (1962-. Marina Elisabeth Loving Elser, (1962-, married to Tarek Kettaneh. Nobile Flavia Campello, (1933-. Nobile Manuela Campello, (1937-, married to Alessandro Nonis. Marchesa Edith Maria Dusmet Desmours, (1909-1999), married 1933 to Don Filippo dei Duchi Lante della Rovere, with issue. Donna Amelia dei Duchi Lante della Rovere, (1934-, married 1953 to Principe Don Alessandro Odescalchi, with issue. Principe Don Carlo Odescalchi, 11th Principe Odescalchi of the Holy Roman Empire, 11th Duca di Bracciano, 11th Duca di Sirmio, Principe di Bassano, Conte di Pisciarelli, Conte e Signore di Palo, Nobile Romano, Grande di Spagna, (1954-, married 1989 to Lucia Nalli, with issue. Principessa Donna Sofia Odescalchi. Principe Don Baldassare Odescalchi Principe Don Innocenzo Odescalchi, (1956-, married 1991 to Princess Lyda Radziwill. Principe Don Filippo Odescalchi, (1958-1990), dunm.l. (illegitimate issue by Fiamma Mameli) Cristallo Odescalchi, (1981-. (illegitimate issue by Fiamma Mameli) Andrea Odescalchi, (1983-. (illegitimate issue by Fiamma Mameli) Ginevra Odescalchi, (1985-. Principe Don Federico Odescalchi, (1963-, married 1999 to Margherita Flaimini, with issue. Principessa Donna Georgia Odescalchi. Principessa Donna Isabella Odescalchi. Principessa Donna Giulia Odescalchi, (1963-, married 1989 to Roberto Biliotti Ruggi d'Aragona. Donna Lavinia dei Duchi Lante della Rovere, (1937-, married 1960 to John Harding. Nobile Giovanni Dusmet Desmours, (1882-1917), married to Principessa Guilia Pignatelli Aragona Cortes, with issue. Nobile Giustino Dusmet Desmours, (1908-1938). Nobile Diego Dusmet Desmours, (1909-, married 1946 to Maria Martello, with issue. Nobile Giovanna Dusmet Desmours, (1947-, married 1970 to Francesco Natoni, with issue. Nobile Carlo Dusmet Desmours, (1948-, married 1974 to Matilde Natoni, with issue. Nobile Alfredo Dusmet Desmours, (1975-. Nobile Maria Dusmet Desmours, (1911-, married 1941 to Pietro Pistolese. Nobile Luigi Dusmet Desmours, (1912-, married 1937 to Nobile Irene Naryskine. Nobile Ida Dusmet Desmours, (1916-, married 1936 to Don Luigi Caracciolo dei Principi di Torchiarolo, with issue. Don Gianfranco Caracciolo dei Principi di Torchiarolo, (1937-, married 1961 to Elisa Cuomo, with issue. Donna Stefania Caracciolo dei Principi di Torchiarolo, (1962-. Donna Flavia Caracciolo dei Principi di Torchiarolo, (1968-. Don Guiliano Caracciolo dei Principi di Torcharolo, (1942-1987), married to Adele Maiorano, with issue. Don Alessanro Caracciolo dei Principi di Torcharolo, (1971-. Donna Barbara Caracciolo dei Principi di Torcharolo,, (1974-. Donna Viviana Caracciolo dei Principi di Torcharolo, (1984-. Donna Maria Rosaria Caracciolo dei Principi di Torcharolo, (1945-, married to Claudio Onorati, with issue. Massimiliano Onorati. Riccardo Onorati. Gianluca Onorati. Nobile Enrico Dusmet Desmours, (1914-1957), married 1941 to Nobile Elisabetta Folchi Vici, with issue. Nobile Patrizia Dusmet Desmours, (1942-. Nobile Bianca Dusmet Desmours.



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