Title of Count de Vella-Clary (1919 Papal)

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 1) " The Count was of Maltese stock who had settled in Alexandria in Egypt. He was a prominent lawyer and Barrister who, as the only Maltese lawyer in Alexandria dealt with most of the legal problems of the Maltese community in that city. He was the President of the Maltese Benevolent Society of Alexandria."The title was created on 6th October 1919 by Pope Benedict XV of Count. In remainder of "singularly to all his descendants in the male primogenial line born in lawful wedlock and not separated from the Catholic Religion." Source: Gauci, C.A., 'The Genealogy and Heraldry of the Noble Families of Malta, 1992, P.E.G Publishing, Malta. Page: 141. 


Claudio Vella of Malta, (Migrated to Egypt c. 1840's),. married 1845 Alexandria, Egypt to Maria Anna Clary (see below), with issue.


1. Paolo Fortunato de Vella Clary - See below.


Paolo Fortunato de Vella Clary, married 1861 Alexandria, Egypt to Costanza Manuh, with issue.


1. Dr Guido Mario Vella - see Below.

Dr Guy (Guido) Mario de Vella-Clary LL.D, Created (6 October 1919) Conte by Pope Benedict XV, married 1894 Alexandria, to Susan Benet (d/o John Benet and Carmela Madori) of Alexandria Egypt, with issue

1. Count Guido de Vella-Clary, 2nd Count de Vella-Clary., married  Vasiliki Constatinidis, with issue.
1.1. (Only Child) Susan Maria Regina de Vella-Clary, married Wallace George Anderson., with issue.

1.1.1. Philip Anderson, married with issue. Steward Anderson., with issue. Esther Anderson. Stephanie Anderson., with issue. Seth NN. Michelle Anderson., with issue. Micalleh NN. Luke NN. Benjamin Anderson. Rachel Anderson.

1.1.2. Peter Anderson, married with issue. Jessica Anderson. Emily Anderson. Daniel Anderson.

1.1.3. Kathleen Debra Anderson., married Ian Charles Russell., with issue. Ashleigh John Russell. Erin Russell. Amy Russell.

2. Costanza de Vella-Clary, (d. 1938)., married Don EnricoVergara Caffarelli dei Duchi di Craco e Marchese di Camignano e di Savochetta, with issue.

2.1. Don Mario Vergara Caffarelli dei Duchi di Craco, (1925-1964), married 1948 to Giuseppina Petrina, with issue.

2.1.1. Donna Maria Daniella Vergara Caffarelli dei Duchi di Craco, (1951-, married to Luca Giurato.

3. Count Edgar de Vella-Clary, married a Jewish Lady., dsp.



Footnote The 1919 title of Conte Vella Clary was obviously granted after the conclusion of the 1878 Commission. Therefore there can be no reference to that title in the 1878 report. It should be remembered that the purpose of that report (as the report reads) was to identify those titles which were granted or recognized by the sovereign authorities of Malta during the Government of the Knights of Saint John. Some may argue that this title is not one of those titles "recognised by the British Monarch". That argument is flawed because the purpose of the 1878 Commission was not to "recognize" but to "identify" those titles which had already been granted or recognized during the Government of the Order (1530-1798). This is better explained by the terms of reference to the Commissioners that "the Secretary of State for the colonies decided that the heads of the families who, before the annexation of Malta to the British Dominions, obtained tiles of nobility, should in accordance with a precedent during the administration of the late Governor, Sir Henry K. Storks, have precedence of the Chamber of Commerce, and in order to ascertain (etc)". In this case, the title of Conte Vella Clary is simply not one of those titles that were obtained during the Government of the Order. See: Correspondence and Report of the Commission appointed to enquire into the claims and grievances of the Maltese Nobility, May 1878, presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of Her Majesty (C.-2033.): see letter of Chief Secretary to Government to Commissioners dated March 8, 1877 (page 52) and http://www.saidvassallo.com/SME/referencegrants.html.



The Clary family.

1. Joseph Clary, (1693-1748 at Marseille, France)., married Francoise Agnese Ammorie (1705-76)., with issue.

1.1.     Francois Clary, (Wealthy Merchant in France), (1725-94 Marseille, France)., married (1) to Gabriella Flechon. Married (2) to Rose Francoise Somis., with issue.

1.1.1.           Francois Clary, (1752-.

1.1.2.           Jeanne Clary, (1754-1815)., married (1) 1775 to Honore le Jeans., married (2) 1815 to Matthieu Pezenas, Barone de Pluvinol.

1.1.3.           Catherine Clary, (1755-., married 1781 to Guillaume le Jeans. (Descendants are French Nobility)

1.1.4.           Etienne Clary, (1757-1823), married 1785 to Marcelle Guey., with issue. Francois-Joseph-Marius Clary, Comte Clary, (1786-1841), Officier de la Legion d?Honneur, Chr de Saint-Louis, dunm. Joachim-Charles-Napoleon Clary, (1803-56), married 1833 to Julie  Blait de Villeneufve., with issue. Joseph-Adolphe-Marius Clary, (1837-77), Cr: 1870 Comte Clary, married 1870 to Melle Marion.

1.1.5.           (Second Marriage) Desiree Clary, (1777-1860), married Jean Baptiste Bernadotte, Marshal of the French Imperial Army, was selected as Crown Pr of Sweden 21.8.1810, and was adopted by King Carl XIII; he succeeded as King CARL XIV JOHANN of Sweden and Norway (5.2.1818-8.3.1844)., with issue. (Royal families of Europe)

1.1.6.           Maria Julie Clary, (1771-1845)., married Pr Joseph of France 1804, King of Naples and Sicily (30.3.1806-6.6.1808), King of Spain and the Indies (6.6.1808-11.12.1813), assumed the title Cte de Survilliers 1815., with issue. (French and Italian Nobility)

1.1.7.           Nicolas Joseph Clary, (1760-1823), Created 1815 Comte Clary., married Anne Jeanne Rouyer, with issue. Joachim Charles, Comte Clary., with issue. Marie Victorine Clary, (1834-60)., married 1857 to Alexandre Leopold, Vicomte Berthier. Dsp. Zenaide Francoise Clary, (1812-84)., married 1831 to Napoleon Alexandre Berthier, 2nd Prince and Duc de Wagram., (Descendants are of French nobility) Louis-Philippe-Marie-Alexandre Berthier, Prince e Duc de Wagram, (1836-1911), married 1822 to Baroness Berthe-Claire de Rothschild, with issue. Alexandre Berthier, Prince de Wagram (1883-1918)
. [illegitimate by Marie-Louise Salivas] Monique Berthier de Wagram (1914-2000), m.1st 1933 (div 1946) Pedro Eyzaguirre del Carril (*1914), m.2nd 1947 (div 1967) Pedro Eyzaguirre del Carril (*1914), m.3rd 1980 Christian Dufaure (1908-1982)
. Elisabeth Berthier de Wagram (1885-1960), m.1904 Henri, Prince de La Tour d'Auvergne-Lauraguais (1876-1914), with issue. Marguerite Berthier de Wagram (1887-1966), m.1905 Prince Jacques de Broglie (1878-1974), with issue. Col. Justinien-Nicolas Clary, (1816-., Vicomte Clary., married 1849 to Therese-Leopoldine Berthier. Francois Clary, Comte Clary, Senatore of France., with issue Jeanne Clary., (1853-1912)., married George, Comte Duffour de Raymond, (Descendants are of French Nobility)

1.1.8. Catherine-Honorine Clary, (1769-1843), married 1791 to Henri-Joseph-Gabriel Blait de Villeneufve.

1.1.9. Marie-Anne- Mathilde Clary, (1764-1843), married 1786 to Antoine-Ignace Antoine, Barone de Saint-Joseph.

1.2. Pietro Clary, married to Francesca N, with issue.

1.2.1. Pietro Vittorio Clary, (Migrated to Malta then later Egypt), married 1817 Valletta to Emmanuela Laferla, with issue. Maria Anna Clary, married (c. 1845 Egypt) to Claudio Vella, (See above).   




1.  Supplement to the London Gazette : http://www.london-gazette.co.uk/issues/34766/supplements/74/page.pdf. 

2. The marriage to Costanza de Vella Clary - click link.


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