Eynaud family.

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Stefano Giacinot Eynaud, married to Rosa.., with issue.
1. Etienne Giacinto Eynaud of Brest France., Merchant in Valletta., (killed by the Valletta Militia on the arrival of Napoleon Bonaparte in
Malta)., married 1777 to Paula Saveria Gonzi., with issue.

1.1.  Maria Eynaud., married 1811 Valletta to Carlazzo Micallef. Comdr delli Uspdali Civili, with issue.

1.1.1. Stefano Micallef Eynaud., Consul for Mexico and member of Borsa in Malta., married 1850 to Teresa Micallef., with issue. Stefano Micallef Eynaud., Member of Gozo Legislative Assembly. (1851-1927)., married 1880 to Anna Floeck., with issue. Herbert Maximilian Micallef Eynaud., (1884-1918)., married 1917 to Teresina Tortell., with issue. Amy Micallef Eynaud., “Nun”. Major Maurice Micallef Eynaud MBE., married 1947 to Lilian Debono., with issue. Mark Micallef Eynaud. Martin Micallef Eynaud., married Serena Debono., with issue. Caroline Micallef Eynaud. Lisa Micallef Eynaud. Alice Micallef Eynaud. Peter Micallef Eynaud. Paul Micallef Eynaud. Stefanie Micallef Eynaud. Marigold Micallef Eynaud, married 1961 Sliema to Vincent Bonnici, with issue. Martin Bonnici, married to Gail N. Nicholas Bonnici, married to Denise N. Peter Bonnici. Philippa Bonnici., married to Richard Mifsud. Helen Micallef Eynaud, married to Godwin John Lowell, with issue. Roslyn Lowell, married to Raymond Casolani. Susan Lowell, married to N. Rizzo. Christopher Lowell, married to Joanna N. Ian Lowell. Giuseppa Micallef-Eynaud., married 1831 Valletta  to Giuseppe Francesco Naudi.

1.1.2. Virginia Micallef-Eynaud, married 1837 Valletta to Saverio Spiteri.

1.1.3. Antonio Micallef-Eynaud.

1.1.4. Maria Concetta Micallef-Eynaud.

1.1.5. Annetta Micallef-Eynaud.

1.1.6. Giuseppe Micallef-Eynaud.

1.2.  Camilla Eynaud., married 1810 to Giuseppe Montanaro.

1.3.  Rosaria Eynaud., married 1808 to Giuseppe Pulis., Consul for the USA and later Denmark.

1.4.  Antonio Eynaud., married 1813 to Caterina Giammalva., with issue.

1.4.1. Saverine Eynaud., married 1841 to Giuseppe Papagiorcopulo.

1.4.2. Maria Eynaud., married 1838 to Aloiseo Eynuad.

1.4.3. Luigi Eynaud.

1.4.4. Francesco Eynaud.

1.5.  Pietro Paolo Eynaud, (died 1840)., married Anne.., with issue.

1.5.1. Pietro Eynaud., dunm off the Coast of Liberia serving US. Navy Patamac.

1.5.2. Sophia Susan Eynaud., (1818-95).

1.5.3. Louisa Emilia Eynaud., (1829-.

1.5.4. Matilda Frances Eynaud., (died 1893).

1.5.5. Anna Georgina Eynaud., (1826-90)., married 1848 to Gabriel Johnston, with issue. William Queade Johnston, (1851 Malta -). Georgina Ann Johnston, (1853 Malta -). Louise Grace Amelia Johnston, (1865 Plymouth Devon UK -). Charles Eynaud Gabriel Johnston, (1863 -). Francis Lewis Johnston, (1864 -).

1.5.6. Carlo Breed Eynaud., (died 1891), married 1864 to Isabella Staples of New York, USA., with issue. Maud Emily Eynaud., (1865-.

1.5.7. Charlotte Eynaud., (1822-.

1.5.8. Dorcas Smith Eynaud., (1830-.

1.5.9. Francesco Edwardo Eynaud., married 1865 to Camilla Eynaud.

1.6.  Luigi Eynaud., married Maria …, with issue.

1.6.1. Camilla Eynaud., married 1865 to Francesco Edwardo Eynaud.

1.7.  Andrea Eynaud., married 1811 to Teresa Giammalva., with issue.

1.7.1.  Aloiseo Eynaud., married 1838 to Maria Eynaud.

1.7.2.  Stefano Eynaud., married (1) to NN Montanaro, married (2) 1840 to Filippa Portainer.

1.7.3. Filippo Eynaud.

1.7.4. Luigi Eynaud.

1.7.5. Marianna Eynaud.

1.7.6. Francesco Eynaud.

1.8.  Santoro Eynaud., married 1821 to Giuseppa Churcop, with issue.

1.8.1. Santorio Eynaud.

1.8.2. Riccardo Eynaud.

1.8.3. Giorgiana Eynaud.

1.8.4. Camilla Eynaud.

1.9.  Giueppe  Eynaud, dunm.

1.10.  NN. Eynaud.

2. Maria Eynaud, married 1771 Valletta to Gisueppe Latis of France.


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