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Nicola de Fava, Manumesso, married 1678 Qormi to Giovanna Magro , with issue.

1. Giuseppe Fava, married 1712 Qormi to Maddalena Xerri, with issue.

1.1. Maria Fava, married 1743 Valletta to Alberto Zammit, with issue.

1.1.1. Giovanna Zammit, married 1781 Qormi to Ignazio Debono.

1.1.2. Rafaela Zammit, married 1780 Qormi to Paolo Debono.

1.1.3. Rosa Zammit, married 1768 Qormi to Saverio Ellul.

1.1.4. Michele Zammit, married 1764 Valletta to Antonia Zammit.

1.1.5. Andrea Zammit, married 1784 Qormi to Caterina Barbara.

1.1.6. Giovanni Zammit, married 1786 Qormi to Giuseppa Casha.

1.1.7. Felice Zammit, married 1786 Qormi to Antonia Cutajar.

1.2. Nicola Fava, married 1747 Qormi to Rosa Ciantar, with issue.

1.2.1. Giovanna Fava, married 1782 Valletta to Matteo Camilleri, with issue. Pasqua Camilleri, married 1809 Valletta to Cristoforo Dacoro. Rosa Camilleri, married 1812 Valletta to Bernardo Pace.

1.2.2. Michele Fava, married 1779 Qormi to Rosa Briffa.

1.2.3. Giuseppe Fava, married 1798 Valletta to Maria Mizzi, with issue. Michela Fava, married 1815 Valletta to Salvatore Ladimi de Giorgio. Giuseppe Fava, married 1826 Valletta to Anna Attard.

1.3. Salvatore Fava, married 1751 Valletta to Caterina Felice, with issue.

1.3.1. Grazia Fava, married 1781 Qormi to Salvatore Catania, with issue. Giuseppe Catania, married 1812 Valletta to Maria Sammut. Maria Catania, married (1) 1803 Qormi to Felice Piscopo, married (2) 1805 Valletta to Antonio Cauchi.

1.3.2. Antonio Fava, married (1) 1788 Qormi to Lorenza Borg, married (2) 1792 Valletta to Barbara Borg, with issue. (Second Marriage) Giuseppe Fava, married 1822 Valletta to Francesca Debono. Carmelo Fava, married 1832 Valletta to Carmela Azzopardi. Pietro Fava, married 1837 Valletta to Maria Bonello. Maria Anna Fava, married 1812 Valletta to Pietro Borg. Dianora Fava, married 1810 Valletta to Gaetano Fiteni.

1.4. Anna Fava, married 1737 Qormi to Geronimo Bugeja.

1.5. Giovannella Fava, married 1753 Qormi to Gregorio Schembri.

1.4. Giovanni Fava, married (1) 1757 Qormi to Anna Mangion, married (2) 1768 Qormi to Teresa Sammut.
2. Gio Maria Fava, married 1717 Qormi to Benedetta Cilia, with issue.

2.1. Giovanni Fava, married 1740 Mdina to Grazia Briffa, with issue.

2.1.1. Anna Fava, married 1779 Qormi to Angelo Grioli, with issue. Giuseppe Grioli, married 1818 Vittoriosa to Orsola Darmanin.

2.2. Angelo Fava, married 1753 Valletta to Maruzza Azzopardi.

2.3. Giuseppe Fava, married 1759 Qormi to Antonia Conti, with issue.

2.3.1. Clara Fava, married 1787 Qormi to Battista Xiberras.

3. Battista Fava, married (1) 1720 Qormi to Maria Schembri, married (2) 1747 Qormi to Speranza Schembri, with issue.

3.1. (First Marriage) Grazio Fava, married 1751 Valletta to Maria Alunna.

3.2. Saveria Fava, married 1749 Qormi to Giuseppe Marziello.

4. Teresa Fava, married 1710 Valletta to Giuseppe Mizzi.

5. Barbara Fava, married 1728 Valletta to Gio Domenico Schembri.





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