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1. Nicholas di Franco, Created Barone 1399.,  married to Caterina Murina., with issue.
1.1. Eleanora Franco, married Arnaldo Gueraldi.
1.2. Bernardo Franco., 2nd Barone,  married Antonia de Calafato., with issue.

1.2.1. Antonia Franco, 3rd Baronessa married to Gio Maria Attardo.
1.3. Gerardo Franco, Married c.1415 to Maria Mundellus., with issue.

1.3.1. Laura Franco, married to Stefano Attardo.

1.3.2. Niccolo Franco (Migrated to Sicily), married to Vittoria Franco (Cousin), with issue. Maria Franco, married to Filippo Franco (Cousin).

1.4. Oliverio Franco,(Migrated to Sicily) married 1418 to N. Zaccaria, with issue.

1.4.1. Niccolo Franco, (c. 1450 Catania), married with issue. Filippo Franco, (c. 1480 Catania), married  to Maria Franco, with issue. Niccolo Franco, (c. 1520 Catania), married with issue. Giuliano Franco, (Settled in Birgu, Malta),  married 1559 Birgu to Giovannella Rosso dei Signori di Cerami, with issue. Filippo Franco, married 1604 to Argentina Famagosta, with issue. Francesco Franco, married 1630 to Vittoria Falzon, with issue. Maruzzo Franco, married 1658 to Isabella Desira. Gio Antonio Franco, married 1670 to Ubaldesca Faglion. Bartolomeo Franco, married 1645 to Lorenza Bezzina, with issue. Giacobo Franco, married 1680 to Maria Caruana. Matteo Franco, married 1646 to Anna Castelli, with issue. Giuseppe Franco, married 1670 to Clara Calleja. Erasma Franco, married 1609 to Gio Francesco Verso.
1.4.2. Vittoria Franco, married to Niccolo Franco.

1.5. Francesco Franco. , Abbott., dunm.
1.6. Caterina Franco., married Guglielmo Fanato.
2. Marzia di Franco, married Bartolomeo I di Capua., Signore di Caprio of Naples.
3. Matteo di Franco, married Nicola Caracciolo of Naples.
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