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Updated 19-10-2017.

Giuseppe Gatt, (His ancestors Click Here), married 1654 Lija Malta to Domenica (Libertina - Ex Slave), with issue.

1. Gio Maria Gatt, married 1702 Vittoriosa to
Rosa Formosa, with issue.
1.1. Giacomo “Sives Giacobo” Gatt, married  1739 to Teresa “Sives Tecla” Darmania, with issue
1.1.1. Antonio Gatt, (a Chemist), married 1 to 1772 at Porto Salvo Valletta to Catarina Cousin, with issue. Married 2. 1785 San Paolo,
Valletta to Concetta Xuereb, with further issue. (First Marriage) Dr Francesco Giovanni Luigi Gatt, LL.D, married 1797 to Rosa Farrugia. Aloisio Gatt, dum. Dr Giuseppe Calcedonio Gatt JUD, married to Maria Farrugia, with issue. Giovanna Gatt, married 1825 Valletta to Felice Mirabella. (Second Marriage) Salvatore Gatt, (1786-1868), married 1807 to Angela Micallef (Daughter of Saverio and Barbara Cachia), with issue Major General Saverio Gatt CMG, (1808-1900), married (1) 1826 to Baroness Rosina di Carrascosa (daughter of Lt.General Barone Michele di Carrascosa of Naples), married (2) 1846 to Angelica Gatt, (cousin-see below), with issue. (First Marriage) Arthur Gatt, (Served in the Crimean War 1856), married to Vincenza Tagliaferro, with issue. Amelia Gatt, married to Francis Xaverio Vassallo. Walter Vassallo Gatt. Mary Vassallo Gatt. Elisabetta Gatt, (1828-1916), married 1854 to Sir Salvatore Naudi (Second Marriage) Antonio Gatt, (1846-1912), married 1875 to Giulia Scerri, with issue Godfrey Gatt, (1887-), married 1926 to Olympia Merlo Simpson. Roberto Gatt Rosina Gatt, (1850-1932), married 1872 to Robert Finlay-King, with issue Adelaide Finlay-King, (1874-), married 1896 to Harry Jackson Lucy Finlay-King, (1875-), married 1908 to Albert Micallef Olga Finlay-King, (1876-), married 1896 to Joseph Gatt, (Cousin-see below) Ida Finlay-King, (1878), married 1905 to James. A. Galizia Amy Finlay-King, (1881-85), died an infant. Arthur Finlay-King, ( 1888), married 1917 to Catarina Gasan. Camillia Gatt, (1853-1912). Mary Gatt. Giulia Gatt, (1856-1937) Antonia Gatt, (1859-), died an infant. Concetta Gatt, (1860) Alfredo Gatt, (1864-1930), married 1. 1885 to Giovanna Azzopardi, with issue. Married 2 to 1913 to Giovanna Muscat. (First Marriage) Roberto Gatt, (1886), married 1912 to Muriel Esposito Edward Gatt, (1889) Maria Gatt, (1893) Lt. Comdr. William Gatt RMA, (1811-77), married 1840 to Giuseppa Montanaro, with issue Federico Gatt, (1841-92), married 1873 to Elisabetta Ferro, with issue Mary Gatt, (1875-1959) Bice Gatt, (1876), married 1900 to
Alfredo Falzon-Sant-Manduca William Gatt, (1878-1932), married Hortense Flores Caroline Gatt, (1879-1927) Brig. Alfred. J. Gatt RMA, OBE, MC, (1882-1950), married 1906 to Gertrude Turnbull dei Conti Preziosi
, with issue. William Claude Gatt, (1908-1996), married 1931 to Blanche Tonna-Fabri, with issue. Gerald Gatt, married 1962 to Ann Mary Lowell (d. 2013), with issue. Simon Gatt, (1963-, married 1994 to Beatrice Cachia, with issue. James Gatt, (1996-. Julian Gatt, (1998-. Blanche Gatt, (1964-. (issue from N. Micallef) Sophia Micallef, (1989-. Paul Micallef, (1991-. Jennifer Gatt, (1966-. Michael Gatt, (1969-. Caroline Gatt, (1980-. Clarissa Grace Gatt, (1934-., married 1963 to Anton Mercieca, with issue. Katherine Mercieca. Peter Mercieca. Teresa Mercieca. Joseph Gatt, (1909-1980), married 1941 to Mable Tabone-Mula, with issue. Rita Gatt, (1942-., married 1961 to Arthur Mizzi (d. 2002), with issue. Alan Mizzi. Patricia Mizzi. Jacqueline Mizzi. Nickola Mizzi. Anthony Joseph Gatt, (1945., married to 1969 to Sally Ericka Staddon, with issue. Simon Gatt. Susan Gatt. Nicole Gatt. Sarah Gatt. Nicholas Gatt.. Percy Gatt Frederick Gatt (1910-1986), married Florie..., with issue. James Gatt Dione Gatt James Gatt, (1912-2008), married 1938 Mdina to May Helen Formosa., with issue. Pamela Gatt, (1941-. Neville James Gatt, (1939-., married 1963 to Marguerite Mercieca, with issue. Greta Gatt, (1964-., married 1996 (sep) to Philip Bugeja Viani, Baron of Tabria. (from N. Borg) Sarah Borg, (2001-. Christopher Gatt, (1966-. Claire Gatt, (1973-., married 2001 to Kurt Arrigo. Diane Anne Gatt, (1944-, married 1963 Mdina to Vanni Ganado. Major Henry Gatt, married Maria Frendo Randon, (d. 2016), with issue Carrol Gatt. (1948-2004), married Mark Samut-Tagliaferro., with issue. Anthony Gatt., married Juliette…, with issue. Francesca Gatt. Michael Gatt. Nicholas Gatt. Mary Gatt, (d. 2001), married to Major Victor Tonna. Connie Gatt. Victoria Gatt, (1915-2013)., married 1940 to Louis Galea, with issue. Anthony Galea, (1941-), d.inf. Grace Galea, (1942-. Joanne Galea, (1944-., married 1965 to Albert Xuereb, with issue. Anne Xuereb, married 1990 to Stephen Paris, with issue. Timothy Paris, (1994-. Nicholas Paris, (1996-. "Male" Paris. Katherine Xuereb, (1966-., married 1995 to Peric Zarko, with issue. Luka Zarko Christopher Galea, (1944-., married 1982 to Marian Pace, with issue. Jennifer Galea, (1983-, married 2009 to Andrea V. Cesareo. Alan Galea, (1984-. Stephenie Galea, (1986-. Theresa Galea, (1945-. Elisabeth Galea, (1947-, marrieds 1967 to Baron Robert von Brockdorff. Edward Galea, (1949-, married 1974 to Sandra Pullicino, with issue. N. Galea, married 2002 to Pierre Mifsud, with issue. Nicola Galea, (1977-., married 2007 to Ian Fenech, with issue. Nina Fenech, (2008-. Edward Fenech, (2010-. Gillian Galea, (1982-. Peter Galea, (1953-., married 1978 to Clarissa Marich, with issue. Michael Galea, (1979-., married 2007 to Triscia Cuschieri. Louisa Galea, (1981-., married 2010 to Marco Buttigieg. Simon Galea, (1987-. Julian Galea, (1989-. Rosemary Gatt, (d. 2017), married 1960 to Herbert Cook, dsp. Lina Gatt (1927-., married 1953 to Ralph Brook., with issue. Anthony Brook, (1954-., married 1979 to Lily Chan, with issue. Carla Brook, (1982-., married 2007 to Sean Patrick Menley, with issue. Nyla Menley, (2009-. Gerald Anthony Brook, (1985-, married to Stephanie N, with issue. Edith Brook, (2013-. Henry Geoffrey Brook, (2016-. Christine Brook, (1956-., married 1993 (Div) to Robert Francis Pearse, with issue. (First marriage) Daniel Pearse, (1996-. Geoffrey Brook, (1957-., married 1988 to Fiona Davis. Arthur Brook, (1961-, married to Debbie N, with issue. Alexander Brook, (1996-. Natasha Brook, (1998-. Elisabeth Brook, (1963-, married (1) 1994 (Div) to Ian Thomson, married (2) 2006 to Robert Styles, with issue. (First Marriage) Sarah Thomson, (1994-. Danielle Thomson, (1995-. Harvey Thomson, (2003-. Margaret Gatt, married to Francis Manduca Azopardi, 8th Count of Mont'Alto. Grace Gatt. Carmela Gatt, (1843-1920), married 1869 to Luigi Ganado. Maria Gatt, (1849-1883), married 1881 to Silvio Bonavia. Antonia Gatt, married 1810 to Rosalbo Scicluna. Vincenzo Gatt, married 1809 Valletta to Antonia Regnaud, with issue. Luigi Mirabel Gatt, (1810 - d in Egypt). Luigi Giuseppe Gatt, (1812-), married 1839 to Antonia Dimech, with issue Alfredo Gatt, (1842) George Gatt Maria Carmela Gatt, (1846) Carmela Gatt, (1815-82), married 1838 to Alexander Davidson Camilla Gatt, (1817-45), married 1833 to William Humphries-Davenport Maria Humphries. Angelica Gatt, (1819-89), Married her Cousin 1846 to Saverio Gatt. (See Above) Luigi William Gatt, (1821-) Elena Gatt, (1823-), married 1841 to Salvatore Caruana, with issue Emma Caruana, (1844-) Eurica Caruana, (1845-) Camilla Caruana, (1846-) Alexander Caruana, (1847-) Giuseppe Caruana, (1849-) Robert Caruana, (1855-) Elizabetta Gatt, (1825-91) Francesco Gatt, (1827-died in Tunis). Emilia Gatt, (1830-1902), married 1851 Valletta to Giuseppe Bonavia. Edward Gatt, (1832-), married 1859 to Mariella Pizzuto, with issue
Teresina Gatt, (1860-) William Gatt, (1861-) Joseph Gatt,married his Cousin, Olga Finlay-King Henry Gatt, (1860-) Albert Gatt Louisa Gatt, (1793-1877)., Giovanni Gatt, (1795-1863) Giuseppe Gatt, (1797-1881) Saverio Gatt, (1803-80), married 1826 Valletta to Vincenza Salamone, with issue Camillo Gatt,
Accountant General of Malta (1832-) married Laura Montanaro., with issue. Hilda Gatt, married Dr Harry Vassallo LLD. Ida Gatt, married Baron Ulich von Brockdorff. Tecla Gatt., married 1806 Valletta to Carlo Micallef.

1.1.2. Silvina Gatt, married to Daniel Hoyt of Pennsylvania USA, dsp.
1.1.3. Maria Gatt, married 1775 to Gabriele Grima.

1.1.4. Aloisio Gatt, married 1773 Valletta to Maria Grech, (d/o Magco Baldassare and Anna), with issue. Sylvia Gatt, married 1824 to Gaetano Brignone.

1.2. Margherita Gatt, married (1) Valletta to Antonio Felici, married (2) 1739 Valletta to Salvatore Sant.

1.3. Angela Gatt, married 1727 Valletta to Salvatore Xerri.

1.4. Francesca Gatt, married 1737 Valletta to Felice Mifsud.

1.5. Giuseppe Gatt, married 1741 Birkirkara to Caterina Borg, with issue.

1.5.1. Maria Gatt, married 1788 Zejtun to Giuseppe Borg, with issue. Caterina Borg, married (1) 1804 Zejtun to Vincenzo Delia, married (2) 1809 Zejtun to Salvatore Mifsud. Marianna Borg, married 1815 Zejtun to Gio Batta Adamo.

1.6. Gio Batta Gatt, married 1751 Mdina toi Anna de Battista, with issue.

1.6.1. Antonio Gatt, married (1) 1778 Valletta to Anna Bugeja, married (2) 1797 Valletta to Maria Teresa Dalli.

1.7. Gio Maria Gatt, married (1) 1810 Valletta to Vincenza Borg., married (2) to Margarita Borg-Gatt, with issue.

1.7.1. (Second Marriage) Carmela Gatt, married 1854 Valletta to Spiridone Zammit.

1.8. Felice Gatt, married 1754 Mdina to Modesta Bugeja, with issue.

1.8.1. Michele Gatt, married 1790 Valletta to Maria Fava.


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