Redemptus Gauci, (1920-78), Bishop of Chiquibamba,

Titular Bishop of Mauritania, (1967-77)

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Michele Gauci, married 1760 Xewkija Gozo to Maria Rosa Gauci, with issue.

1. Salvatore Bartolomeo Gauci, married 1783 Valletta to Caterina Spiteri, with issue.

1.1. Antonio Gauci, married 1849 Zabbar to Maria Anna Cassar, with issue.

1.1.1. Salvatore Gauci, married (1) 1878 Valletta to Vincenza Pulo, married (2) 1882 Valletta to Raffaella Pulo, with issue. (Second Marriage)  Redemptus Gauci, (1920-78), Bishop of Chiquibamba, Titular Bishop of Mauritania, (1967-77)
1.2. Francesco Gauci, married (1) 1820 Valletta to Orsola Falzon, married (2) 1824 Gudja to Maria Caruana.

1.3. Teresa Gauci, married 1808 Valletta to Tommaso Castagliola.

2. Giuseppe Gauci, married 1796 Matrice Gozo to Giovanna Debrincat, with issue.

2.1. Maria Gauci, married 1829 Matrice Gozo to Pietro Attard.

3. Alonza Gauci, married (1) 1786 Rabat Gozo to Michele Abela, married (2) 1799 Rabat Gozo to Salvatore Vella, with issue.

3.1. (First Marriage) Giuseppe Abela, married 1817 Rabat Gozo to Rosa Sultana.

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