"The Barony di Ghajn Rihani"

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The Barony was created about 1360's to a Don Orlando d'Aragona, Bastard son of the King Frederick II of Sicily and Malta (r1296-1337), also King of Aragon in Spain.Orlando's Mother was a Sibilla Sormella, She was a Mistress to the King .Orlando was also granted the titles or Fiefs of Marnesi, Bahria, Delimara, and several fiefs in Sicily.
Orlando died in 1369, and was succeeded by one of his sons, called Gio'Azzurro d'Aragona, Baron di Ghajn Rihani and etc. Gio'Azzurro's mother was Beatrice Mazzara, from Noble Sicilian Stock. He married to a Widow Called Giovanna d'Aragona (not for certain if she was married to a bastard of King Peter II of Sicily or she was a Bastard of Peter !. Their Son Giovanni d'Aragona Succeeded to all the titles and fiefs in Both Islands.
Giovanni was the third Baron and had a mistress called Leonora N.N. and sired several children (Alfonso, Pedro and Beatrice) Pedro became the Baron di Avola in Sicily and he's descendants became Dukes of Terranvova in Sicily, and still survive today. The Daughter Beatrice inherited the Maltese Titles of Ghajn Rihani, Marnesi, Bahria, and Delimara, AFTER the death of Alfonso and became Fifth Baroness.
Beatrice married to a Simon Mazzara, a distant cousin.They sired Several children as well, The Sixth Holder was a Pier Giovanni Mazzara, who married in 1434 to a Margherita del Carretto of the Marquiate of Savona.. The Next Inheritor was a Giovanni Mazzara, the 7th Baron, His son , Perio Mazzara, became 8th Baron of the Sicilian and Maltese Fiefs., But moved to Sicily and sold the Fiefs to his first cousin's husband Judge Bartolomeo Vassallo, who in turn became the 9th Holder
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* Titled: Principe Giuseppe Said, 33rd Barone di Ghajn Rihani.
* Heir: (son) Conte Charles Said-Vassallo


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