Gimech family

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Gimaa, Emir from Rama, Syria (Migrated to Malta), married to Maria N.. (Died in Malta 1610), with issue


1. Gio Paolo Gimaa, "sives GIMACH" died 1692.,  educated by the Grand Masters of Malta. Offered the BARONY OF TABRIA in 1636 but refused it. Leased the Lands of Tabria from the Knights,  Another very interesting thing that is contained in this declaration is the mentioning of a certain Gio Paolo Gimach,( for whom I notice you have a family tree.) This Gio Paolo Gimach was referred to as "il suo guarda mangia".. This is the first time I came across this terminology. This means that this Gio Paolo Gimach was the "guinea pig" of the grand master Lasacaris, since his "job" was that of "ensuring and eating" from the food that was to be consumed by the Grand Master himself to ensure that the food contained no poison. As you well know Lascaris was known for his heavy hand with which he administered his authority and was not well seen by other members of the Order., married in 1643 to Paolina Sartre, daughter of Pierre Sartre and Marguerita Aquilina ,(Migrated to Malta from La Rochelle in France)., with issue.                                                                                          
1.1. Claudio Gimach, .                                                                                                           
1.2. Ignazio Gimach, .                                                                                                                                  
1.3. Carlo Gimach, (1651-1730), Architect and Poet. Awarded the Portuguese Knighthood of the Order of Christ in 1716. died in Rome.  

1.4. Nicholas Gimach (1663-80)

1.5. Elena Gimach., married Casimiro Alexandri.

1.6. NN. Gimach     


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